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Barbarian [Masquerade Reveler] 9

[HP: 78/97] [Rage: 25/25] [AC: 21 | T: 14 | FF: 18] [25% Fort] [F: +10 | R: +7 | W: +3] [Perc: +11] [Init: +3] [CMB: +14 | CMD: 27]







Special Abilities

Suli racial traits; Masquerade Reveler abilities


Chaotic Evil


The Unseelie Court


The Abyss, Maximum Security Prison 14, en-route to the Tomb of Horrors


Aquan, Auran, Common, Draconic, Ignan, Sylvan, Terran


Unseelie Troubleshooter. When there's trouble, she shoots it.

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Strength 18
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 8
Charisma 14

About Jeneva

Ever wonder what happens to those children in fairy tales?

You know the ones, how every fey trickster bargains with the desperate heroine for her first-born child in exchange for whatever miraculous event she requires to escape her current plight?

Sure, in the story, the heroine always finds some weakness in the dastardly fairy to exploit and wriggle out of the plot. Use his true name to send him running off, or bribe him with something of greater worth, or learn the magic spell to control him, or find the single object or metal or poison or whatever that makes him vulnerable and scare him away.

That's not how it works most of the time, but most people don't know that. They want stories where the heroine wins, the fairy gets chased off or doublecrossed or hoodwinked, and Mommy and Daddy and Baby live happily ever after. There's a reason fey still try this bargain, offering powerful magic and impossible services for first-born children.

Because more often than not, they get what they want.

Jeneva was one such child.

She never knew her family, or what bargain they had made in exchange for her, though she knew why the fey had accepted so freely - the elemental power in her blood was undeniable, even from birth. The fey who had stolen her away, a rather disagreeable redcap known as Koranava, hauled her away to the deep recesses of the faerie world, the realms of the Unseelie, where she would spend the majority of the rest of her life, raised as one of their mortal pets.

Truth be told, Jeneva doesn't have a whole lot of complaint about her lot in life. She took well to the raising the Unseelie gave her, and learned at a young age to appreciate Koranava's brand of "bonding time", usually involving a great deal of bloodshed. Jeneva soon learned to revel in destruction, chaos, and pain, enjoying the suffering of others, and as she aged the world of the fey turned that feral, bestial nature into living flesh, called forth by bloodlust and rage.

This is not to say that destruction and disaster were her only skills; nothing could be further from the truth. Like any child of the fey, Jeneva's tongue was gilded silver from the earliest age, tutored in social mores under the bloodletting claws of the baobhan sidhe Ravvi and mentored in more scholarly pursuits by the black nymph Xofiakead. She learned to listen, move, and survive amidst the wood from the dryad Asaderi, and of seduction and cunning from the twisted satyr Sicor. Her education in the ways of the Unseelie was nothing more than all-encompassing, but above all yet was her training with the blade at the hands of Koranava and her learning of the feral dance.

As she reached adulthood, her shadowy masters and mistresses began sending the violent child on various tasks, missions in the name of their enigmatic plans, usually involving death and destruction of a target or vicinity, often without reason or purpose revealed. Jeneva was a beast on a leash, content to rampage in the name of her handlers but prone to going above and beyond the requested mayhem if not restrained. It was this tendency that eventually led to her discovery by mortal authorities, reports from the scarce survivors of her various slaughters eventually pooling enough information that those with the power to do so could arrange for her capture.

Stripped of her weapons and bound behind bars and walls that her feyborn fury could not break, the predator bides her time, waiting for the opportunity to shed blood again, and for the support and security of a pack as thirsty for slaughter as she....