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Lynx wrote:

hope the family is well and your getting some sleep (been there done that)

Was wondering if a new release would be coming soon and if it would incorporate all new classes since the final playtest for the advanced player guide pdf is out?

Again, thanks for all the excellent work

Do remember that the PDF is still a playtest version and could be changed (either a little or a lot) between now and the final version prior to publication. So while it is nice to have the playtest classes in the form, minuscule changes can be overlooked if we depend on the way we look at them now.

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mavikfelna wrote:
Erian_7 wrote:

Ah, I should have covered LSJ support in my statement for what I'm looking for in v.0.8 as well...

I'd like to get all of the LSJ classes in place and working if possible. I'll look into the issues you note above, and also aim to get some of the other classes in over the next week.

That would be a godsend. I play a Cleric of Sorena/Human Paragon and there's just no way to get it to work at the moment.

will you be adding deity adjustments for cleric at some point? Things like, as a cleric of Sorena I gain heavy armor and all shields proficiencies, 4 cast level adjustment for channel vs. undead and the sunbeam spell 1/day per 4 cleric levels.

Also, I have some campaign certs for bonus HP and a bonus feat but I cannot figure a way to add it and use the existing automation.

If there's something I can do to help with all of this I'd be happy to help.


Hit points can be adjusted on the Front Page tab in the little green box that says "HP Mods". Bonus feats, I imagine, would be something that's down the road a little bit. Let's get all the material that's currently in the Campaign Guide in the sheet and then we can deal with extra stuff. :) Thanks.

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A couple things that I've noticed:

When selecting the Noble class, it gives me the information for the Aristocrat class.

DataClasses: within cell R44 should say B44 (instead of B45), likewise cell R45 should say B45 (instead of B46). Also, the entire line 45 lists the name file of lvl_ari instead of lvl_nob.

I figure that the Noble class isn't fully automated. It's missing the Noble Archetype options. When making those options go live, don't forget that a couple of them are minor spellcasters and should be set up accordingly.

Just curious, will there be an option to adjust font size for the Abilities section on the Feats & Abilities page? When you get into multiple classes at higher level, the "cup" runneth over. :)


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Shem wrote:

Another issue is for a Half-Elf I added the extra HP and SP on the character ability sheet and it also lit up red - although it does add things correctly on the sheet. Just saying...

Are the added HP and SP gained from classes as selected as Favored Classes? The Half-elf get two favored classes. If, however, you advance in one (or more) classes not of the half-elf's favored class, then you won't get the bonus.

Of course, you still have to actually select the favored class(es) so that she sheet knows what classes are bonusable.

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erian_7 wrote:

Hey, just wanted to let y'all know we went into labor today and Eden Marie came into the world at 6:42 PM! 7 lbs. even, and 19 inches long. Everybody is healthy and we'll likely be home by Sunday at the latest. So, probably not a big interruption in the sheet updates, but just in case consider this "official notice."


Indeed! Congratulations!


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erian_7 wrote:

The following should be in cell D9 on the Domain tab:

Charming Smile (Sp) - Swift Action, cast charm person (Will save DC "&10+FLOOR(A1/2,1)+Wis_Mod_Current&"), for up to "&A1&" rnds/day (dismiss as Free Action)"

Is this not present in yours? If so, that's very odd. I've confirmed it definitely shows up in the build currently being worked, so I know it'll be good by tonight (when I publish this version).

Actually I found it. The problem was that the LSJ Domains aren't fully automated. So the description for the 8th level ability for the Sensation domain was simply copied whereas in the Charm domain it was limited to the cleric level (the sheet is setup as a cleric 5/tempt 5).


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Phil Ridley wrote:

I also don't see the same bugs you're getting with the condition dropdowns and armour special materials. I'm using Excel 2007 so I wonder if you're seeing a bug caused by using Excel 2010 beta?


That's exactly what the problem was. I'm now on 2007 and everything is working fine and where it is supposed to be. Thanks!

I did, however, find an omission. The 8th level granted ability for the Charm Domain is missing. There's a blank area on the Abilities and Feats page (where it probably could go as all other aspects of the class is continuous), but it isn't there. I checked the Domains tab and it isn't there either.


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Okay. I just got the latest version. Moving and an online convention has kept me pretty busy and this is the first opportunity to check things in a while. :-)

Had a problem initially inputting stats on the Character Options tab. I had to resave the sheet in 2007 (actually, I'm working in 2010 Beta).

You have to actually input feats and stat ability increases. These used to be drop down menus.

On the front page, the drop down menu for conditions_1 is appearing as a Character_Name option. You can't input your character name. Likewise with conditions_2 and Player_Name.

Can't seem to get the "Not Wielded" words to change to the proper Total Attack Bonus. Is there a check box or something that I'm missing here?

On the back page, same problem with the armor special materials drop down appearing for the XP_Total.

Some of the feats and class abilities no longer wrap on the Abilities & Feats page.

I know you are working hard on the Beta Test stuff, but I was curious as to what I could do to move along the rest of the LSJ stuff into the sheet (Prestige Classes, cleric class adjustments, etc.).

Thanks! :)

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erian_7 wrote:

Okay folks, this is my last big push before declaring this "Version 0.7" and sending it over to the Pathfinder Database as the latest official version. I've fixed all the errors noted to date, and also done some work to help usability, including cell-by-cell instructions on the Character Options main section, "red flags" on all the selectable/changeable cells on the Front and Back tabs, and the addition of a What Is This tab to give folks the basic idea and discuss customization. I'd definitely like feedback on this particular change. I'll be finalizing the Shaman over the weekend and getting it in place, but barring catastrophic issues that prevent testing I won't release another version before hitting v.0.7 (incorporating the Shaman change and any bugs noted up to next Monday). So, test away and let me know what you find!

Thanks, as always...

Hmm. For some reason the feats no longer appear on the Abilities & Feats tab.

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erian_7 wrote:

Do you want me to remove the aasimar and tiefling from the LSJ section since they are now core?

Sure, I have no problem with them being moved to Core.

Also I noticed on the Front Page tab under the Saving Throw boxes ... for some reason there is a "1" listed in each of the Race Boxes for all three saves. This is with Human being selected for the PC's race.

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erian_7 wrote:
Jay Fisher - LSJ Coordinator wrote:
Grin. Good thing that I made sure I consulted the Bestiary as well when doing some of the LSJ races. :)
I did notice the aasimar and tiefling are nearly identical, except for the favored classes. I'm assuming the renaming with an LSJ tags works okay? That's how I've handled things like duplicate Domain names as well. I was wondering on the feats--it looks like some are now duplicates of the Bestiary feats. Should I tag those as LSJ-specific or remove them in favor of the core feats?

Don't worry about the favored classes any more. Those rules were a missed holdover from BETA and favored classes are exactly as mentioned in the PFRPG Core Rulebook.

Go ahead and label the tags LSJ-specific. It makes things a lot easier. We haven't looked at the Bestiary feats yet. I'll let you know which one takes precedence for any duplications.

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Jay Fisher - LSJ Coordinator wrote:

I know that the LSJ PrC "Temptress" is not ready, but the cells to calculate the BAB and Saves have a Value Error problem from the related Custom PrC cells.

Err, that's on the DataClasses tab.

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A few more errors I have found:

Error on the front page tab under the SENSES section (the Perception modifier). Here is the corrected formula: =VLOOKUP("Perception",Table_Skills_Known,24,0)

I know that the LSJ PrC "Temptress" is not ready, but the cells to calculate the BAB and Saves have a Value Error problem rom the related Custom PrC cells. Under the Class Abilities tab, the Godly Gift ability should be >3 (not >4).

That's all for now. :)

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erian_7 wrote:
Fiddling around while I wait for feedback on the latest version and so I added the "easy" playable races from the Bestiary.

Grin. Good thing that I made sure I consulted the Bestiary as well when doing some of the LSJ races. :)

I did want to say that I very much like the way the tabs are reorganized. It is definitely easier to add new material as it is now.

One thing I did notice is that you have things getting ready for fields to be influenced by magic items. I certainly can't wait for this option to go into effect. However, I no longer seem to be able to input the armor type/name on the back sheet. I assume that there might be plans for a future "combat" tab as in HeroForge in which you input your weapon and armor information?

For feats when selecting Weapon Focus (or any other feat that has a required specific designator), I get not only the "Weapon Focus []" on the Feats section, but the same "Weapon Focus []" after selecting the type of weapon for the focus on the Character Options tab.

For some reason in the Class Abilities section, Druid Spell/Orison information appears when the Cleric class is selected.

Also, the Aura of Despair (8th level ability for the LSJ Sensation Domain) appears at 1st level.

BTW, can you make a 4th hit point option for the Character Option tab? Max HP for levels 1-2 and 3/4 HD (round down) for level 3 and beyond.


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azhrei_fje wrote:

Erian, you may want to consider a method to allow people to expand on the datasets without messing up your existing sheet structure.

For example, if each PrC were on a separate sheet then a single sheet could be exported and read back in by someone else -- without losing any of your basic sheet functionality. What I'm thinking of is someone who's done a lot of work extending your sheet only to find out that they're 3 revisions behind and they want to update!

I agree. As it is now you can select the PrCs as you advance levels, but you don't gain any abilities, feats, etc. yet. Granted you probably just haven't gotten that far, but it is something to keep in mind. And then you can have it set up so that accessing the different PrCs are located on one page similar to your setup for the core classes.

BTW, what is the "Use alternate class ability" for? Am I missing something from the PFRPG or is this a PFS thing?

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addy grete wrote:
Any chance of including the LSJ campaign feats (from the campaign guide in the Paizo store)?

I'm definitely willing to work with Erian to get this done. And not just the feats, but ALL aspects of the campaign guide. :)

Erian, contact me offlist at if you would.


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erian_7 wrote:

I definitely have problems with the abilities in 6.2. I'm using Excel 2007 with the latest updates. I re-downloaded the file to make sure I had not accidentally changed anything.

1) Can't get Ability Bump to be applied (the abilities in the Front tab don't change). I tried this with a variety of races, classes, and levels.

This is an odd one--perhaps I fixed the error some time after uploading the file and forgot about it...In any case, try out the new version below and see if that helps. I created a human monk, ran him up through the levels just to make sure, and it seemed like everything worked fine.

The first ability bump works fine. The remaining ones don't register into the equation. Perhaps because the abilities (Str, Dex, etc) are spelled out at the level 4 option and are abbreviated in the remaining options.

Also, would it be possible for you to include customization of ability bumps for all levels as well? This could help incorporate the use of specific magic items and/or other campaign (or even future) options.

(I'm using version 0.63)


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One thing that I noticed was the exclusion of special materials in the process of magic item creation. While there are specific pre-made items of adamantium, mithril, cold iron, etc., there isn't any updated rules based on these materials for Pathfinder. Will this be included at a later date or are these rules fine as they are and do not need any change?


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J. Cayne wrote:

This strike me as kind of weird. Say a werewolf gets in your bloodline, does this mean you can only ever be Chaotic Evil? What happens if you change alignments?

I'd suggest taking a page from the changes Paizo has made to the polymorphing spells and just have the same set of bonuses for all the different hybrids. In fact no mechanical differentiation and just have whichever werecritter got busy with your ancestors be a matter of fluff.

If I'm reading it right at level 15 you can gain the shapechanger subtype for 1round/level 1/day? That seems terribly weak. Ought to go ahead and add some stats or DR in there and just have either an increase to those or a totally seperate ability as the capstone.

Right now, it is only an IDEA. While constructive criticism is welcome, there must be a beginning point for discussion, right? :)

1 round/level at 15th level is 15 minutes this bloodline power can be used each day. It is a preview for when the Sorcerer finally gains shapechange spell at 18th level. Think of it similar to the 15th level undead bloodline power. Shapechange is a very powerful spell. Allowing more than this would unbalance what is already offered for the other bloodlines.

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J. Cayne wrote:

Not to point out the obvious, but some of the hybrids are much, much better than others.

[edit: Also survival seems like it might be a more appropriate class skill.]

That's correct. But the bonuses are based on the original animals and the lycanthropy rules from the Monster Manual. Of course, a PC never normally had a choice before as if lycanthropy was contracted, they got stuck with whatever attacked him. But also, alignment (based on the above table) would be a limiting factor as well. The alignment of the sorcerer would determine which lycanthrope bloodline he had.

And also remember, this is a level 20 ability. So it wouldn't be in effect until then.

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First off, I would have to say that I love the Sorcerer Bloodlines. That said, I felt that while many were made available to us, one category was left out: Lycanthropes. Here is my idea on what it could look like based on the trend of the other bloodlines. Enjoy.

Jay Fisher

Lycanthrope Bloodline
At some point in your family's history, a lycanthrope interbred with your bloodline, and now its power flows through your veins. The type of lycanthrope would be determined by the alignment of the sorcerer based on the chart below.

Class Skill: Knowledge (nature)

Bonus Spells: cause fear (3rd), bull's strength (5th), rage (7th), charm monster (9th), animal growth (11th), summon nature's ally VI (13th), summon nature's ally VII (15th), animal shapes (17th), shapechange (19th).

Bonus Feats: Blind-fight, Combat Reflexes, Diehard, Endurance, Lightning Reflexes, Mobility, Self-sufficient, Skill Focus (Knowledge (nature)).

Bloodline Powers: Lycanthrope sorcerers show increasing signs of their wild heritage as they increase in level. While these traits are simple to hide, a sorcerer can choose to show her traits at any time.

  • Claws (Ex): Starting at 1st level, you can make two claw attacks as a full-attack action. These claws are treated as natural weapons, meaning that you are always considered armed and you do not gain additional attacks for a high base attack bonus. These attacks deal 1d6 points of damage plus your Strength modifier (1d4 if you are Small). At 5th level, these claws are considered magic weapons for
    the purpose of overcoming DR. At 7th level, the damage increases to 1d8 points of damage (1d6 if you are Small). At 11th level, these claws deal an additional 1d6 points of damage of your energy type on a successful hit. This is a supernatural ability.
  • Damage Reduction (Ex): At 3rd level, you gain damage reduction 5/silver. At 9th level this damage reduction increases to 10/silver.
  • Strength of the Were (Ex): At 9th level, you gain a +2 inherent bonus to your Strength. This bonus increases to +4 at 13th level, and again to +6 at 17th level.
  • Lycanthrope Hybrid Form (Su): At 15th level, you can wildshape and become a lycanthrope hybrid for 1 round per caster level. While in this form, you gain the shapechange subtype and are affected by spells that are normally targeted for those creatures. You can use this ability once per day.
  • Soul of the Were (Su): At 20th level, the bloodline is fully realized. The sorcerer gains a +2 to his Wisdom ability score. In addition, when in hybrid form, a lycanthrope' s physical ability scores improve according to its kind, as set out by the table below.

AL - Lycanthrope - Hybrid Score Adjustments
LG - Werebear ---- Str +16, Dex +2, Con +8
NG - Werelion ---- Str +10, Dex +6, Con +5
CG - Wereraven --- Dex +4, Con +2
LN - Weretiger --- Str +12, Dex +4, Con +6
TN - Wereboar ---- Str +4, Con +6
CN - Werebadger -- Dex +6, Con +4
LE - Wereleopard - Str +5, Dex +8, Con +4
NE - Wererat ----- Dex +6, Con +2
CE - Werewolf ---- Str +2, Dex +4, Con +4

(Note: Yes, there are some non-standard weres listed. Just trying to fill out the list.)

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Considering that the differences between Good and Poor save bonus is basically a +2, I'm inclined to the idea of a Racial Bonus as opposed to an additional feat or superimposing the Good save progression over established class info. Besides, this also allows the racial bonus to be applied to a class with a good progression as well.

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Post Haste! :)

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Erik Mona wrote:


I've read every post in this thread. I agree with some of the criticisms, and I can assure you that Jason will review the original post in this thread and all of the follow-ups when we get to that point in the playtest.

Feel free to keep this thread going with suggestions, but please, let's see an end to the following:

1. Stop crying for Frank Trollman. The guy is welcome to come back whenever he wants now that his cool-off period has ended. This sort of rehashing by proxy of old flamewars is so tiresome. Enough, please.

2. Everyone involved in the flap over Josh's moderating, please drop the subject. Josh is getting on a plane (with me and Bulmahn) in a few hours to go to Gen Con UK. He will neither be able to read or respond to complaints about his moderating for hours and hours and hours.

Let's keep the topic focused on feedback to help the Pathfinder RPG be a better game.

I know that was the point of the OP's thoughtful (if brusque) opening salvo.

In the honor of the original post, let's keep things focused on criticisms of the current rules, and not on all of this peripheral b@!#&*!&.


Hear hear. And above all remember that while criticism is okay when trying to find areas in which to be dealt with, CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is preferred as possible solutions are offered in addition to recognizing the potential problem(s). It's not what you say, but how you say it. And if posts contain snide or rude remarks, this will turn the reader off immediately and the real purpose of the post might be overlooked. We are all here for the same reason: to help make the Pathfinder RPG the best game ever. But we all need to work together and be professional about it or we'll all end up just spinning our wheels.


Jay Fisher

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Laithoron wrote:

Hey all. I just thought I'd drop by and mention that I've got an ability score calculator I whipped up in Excel if anyone needs one:;topic=304.0;attach=1 588

Hmmm. For some reason, it is taking the adjustments (for all races) and using it throughout all the ability scores (that is, it isn't differentiating between the different bonuses/penalties for the different ability scores). Only the strength modifier(s) is being used for every ability score.


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Insert Neat Username Here wrote:
Ace Smith wrote:

Is Paizo going to support the Pathfinder RPG as some kind of living campaign similar to LG or LFR?

If so, are the adventure paths going to be part of it?

It's called the "Pathfinder Society." There's a link to it near the top left on every page on this site.

The APs likely won't be converted, but the modules may.

The living campaign Legends of the Shining Jewel will be using the Pathfinder RPG ruleset as well. So we are waiting just as patiently as the rest of you for the BETA release. :) Information about LSJ can be seen here at our website. Go to Legends of the Shining Jewel


Jay Fisher
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