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Jarl Darkwolf







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Age 38
240 lbs
Slightly overweight, but in good general health.
Current job: Maintenance
Fears: Falling (heights make me nervous but it's the actual fall that scares me.
Allergies: Hay fever, minor but irritating in the right season.

Blue Eyes, Dark Blond hair.
Wearing blue jeans, t-shirt, steel-toed boots, leather jacket with Harley emblem on back, pocket knife, Blackberry cell.

Language (English only)

Drive: car, motorcycle, forklift, man-lift, scissor-lift, commercial vehicles (buses, 18 wheel trucks).

No formal hand-to-hand training, but long time brawler in my younger years with a touch on back-yard Judo from a Black Belt fried of mine.

Medical skills just shy of EMT level, I am a first responder at work and undergo constant training updates and on-the-job experience from patching up machinist's cuts, bruises and occasional serious injuries.

Firearms: Rifles and handguns from a young age. More experience/better shot with handguns. I have a concealed carry license... Thanks for putting us in a no-carry state. :-/ Luckily, my rig would still be in my luggage.

Some carpentry, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and HVAC skills. My job requires me to be proficient with all these, but I am not highly skilled with any of them in particular.

Computer (basic skills)

Basic cooking skills (very basic).