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Bennies: 2 Wounds: 3/3 PPE: 12/15 Status: [NONE] Pace: 6, Parry: 4, Toughness: 9(4), Size: 0, Charisma: +2 (+4 while speaking)


Female Human Techno-Wizard


5' 1" 115 lbs



About Jaquline "Jaq" Cho

Jaq's Stats:

Name: Jaqueline "Jaq" Cho
Race: Human
Iconic Framework: Techno-Wizard
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d8, Spirit d4, Strength d6, Vigor d6
Skills: Climbing d6, Driving d4, Fighting d4, Healing d6+2, Knowledge: Arcana d6, Knowledge: Computers d4, Knowledge: Cybernetics d4, Knowledge: Electronics d4, Knowledge: Engineering d6, Knowledge: Science d6, Lockpicking d4, Piloting d4, Repair d6, Shooting d6, Stealth d4, Weird Science (Arcane) d8
Pace: 6, Parry: 4, Toughness: 9(4), Charisma: 2, Max Strain: 4, Current Strain: 0
Gear: TK Revolver (TW) d6 (2d6+2, 12/24/48), Unarmed Strike d4 (Str+d4+2), Adventure Survival Armor (TW), Camouflage Fatigues, Camouflage Fatigues, Climbing Kit for 4, Clothing (Normal), Clothing (Normal), Communications Band (Enhanced) (TW), Computer, Field I, Hiking Boots, NG-S2 Survival Pack, Toolkit, Winter Boots, Winter Gear
Special Abilities:
•Enemy (Coalition): Someone is out to kill you
•Enemy (Federation of Magic): Someone is out to kill you
•Quirk (Hums as she works): Minor humorous foible
•Arcane Weird Science: Gain the Weird Science arcane background
•Attractive: +2 Charisma
•Brawler: +2 to unarmed damage rolls
•Gadgeteer (TW): Create one-shot gizmo with half Power Points (1/sess)
•Healer: +2 on all Healing rolls; 5 companions gain +2 natural healing
•Martial Artist: Considered armed, +d4 unarmed dmg
•Power Armor Jock: No penalty while wearing power armor.
•Wizard: Each raise on Spellcasting roll reduces cost by 1 Power Point
•Arcane Background (Wierd Science): Techno-Wizards begin with three powers, each in a gizmo of their own design as with all Weird Science types. Unlike other Weird Scientists, Techno-Wizards have 15 PPE of their own and their gizmos have none. Their PPE pool is used to activate all of their own gizmos, as well as use Techno-Wizard (TW) devices. These sorcerer-scientists start with the Techno-Wizardry skill at d8 (which is equivalent to the Weird Science skill). Anyone who can use a TW device (page 76) can also use a Techno-Wizard’s gizmo, but must spend PPE/ISP to power it as usual. Gizmos are unique items and cease to function after 2d6 days without attention from their creator.
•Arcane Machinist: Techno-Wizards begin with a variant of the Gadgeteer Edge which grants enormous flexibility. As an action (instead of 1d20 minutes), the character produces a magical gadget replicating any power available to Techno-Wizards.

To make the device requires a successful Techno-Wizardry roll at −2 per Rank the power is above her own. The device has its own pool of PPE equal to half the Techno-Wizard’s normal maximum PPE pool (round down). With a raise, the device gets +5 PPE. The item can only be activated with its own PPE and once used up (or at the end of the session), the device burns out or otherwise becomes unusable.

A Techno-Wizard can use Arcane Machinist up to half her Smarts die per session.
•Device Dependent: The Techno-Wizards requirers a physical device to use his/her magic
•Enemies: Mages have a lot of enemies
•Gearhead Geek: This character REALLY likes machines
•Machine Maestro: Techno-Wizards are great with machines
•Required Knowledge: A Techno-Wizards has to meet some standards
•Education: Healer: Your character is a talented medic and a huge boon for any group he runs with. He has the Healer Edge and the Healing skill at d6.
•Enc. Items: Communications Band: When it’s time to negotiate with strange visitors just arrived through a new Rift, your character’s Communications Band is a vital asset. This upgraded item also enhances the user’s vocal output, granting him a +2 Charisma whenever he is speaking or otherwise using his voice.
•Mag. and Mys.: Wizard: Conservation of magical energy is a subtle, yet incredibly powerful talent to develop. Your hero knows how to do the most with the least, granting him the Wizard Edge.
•Training: Climbing (Add): There are a lot of broken elevators and overgrown mountain trails across the world, making trained climbers a valuable addition to any group. Your character is one of those folks who knows his way around ropes and clamps, granting him a d6 Climbing, or +2 to the skill if he already has it. He also has a good set of climbing gear for a party of four.
•Training: Martial Arts: Whether via formal training in a dedicated school, learning at the hands of a master, or just surviving a dangerous world, your hero’s picked up some serious fighting skills. He’s got the Martial Artist Edge (or Improved Martial Artist, if he already had the former), as well as the Brawler Edge.
Arcane Powers:
•Darksight: Target halves any darkness penalties, negates all darkness penalties on a Raise
•Deflection: Attacks are at -2 (or -4 with raise); Serves as Armor against area effect weapons
•Speak Language: Gain ability to speak, read, and write a language

Jaq's Personality and Appearance:

Jaq stands at a mighty 5 feet 1 inch and 115 lbs soaking wet. She has long black hair that is pulled back in a braid or ponytail most of the time. Her dark eyes are haunted by the things she's seen in her short life while fair skin and calloused hands speak of hard work indoors.

Despite the depression of losing her home and her family, she keeps an upbeat attitude and is always ready with a joke or silly saying to bring a smile to someone's face. While it hasn't come out in Castle Refuge yet, she was the instigator of more than one prank war while growing up in Wayland's Hollow. She hums as she works or studies, often getting songs stuck in people's heads in the process. She also has a compulsion to paint any and every blank surface that isn't guarded or owned by someone, with evidence of her handiwork cropping up from time to time around Castle Refuge.

The only exceptions to her generally genial personality are when facing members of the Federation or the Coalition that have fallen into the Tomorrow Legion's hands. Her smouldering hatred for the two groups that destroyed her home and rent her family asunder flares to life and more than one legionnaire has had to step in and pull her away before things turned uglier.

Jaq's Background (Short Version):

Jaq grew up in a small town under the influence of Tolkeen. the town was built around a research and development complex for developing new technologies and gear to be used by Tolkeen and her allies. Jaq's family had lived there for several generations, with her parents wedding uniting two of the more prominent families involved in the town and its myriad engineering and arcanoneering projects, including prototype aircraft that were more like fortresses that could hover and move than anything else.
Sadly, when the Coalition attacked, Weyland's Hollow, the town, was on the list of targets. Despite the numerous attempts, the town held out longer than Tolkeen did, even becoming a staging ground for the evacuation efforts from the main city. The final blow came when the Federation of Magic, not wanting to lose such a valuable resource, stepped in and divided the dwindling forces attention. Fierce, door-to-door fighting followed and razed Wayland's hollow to bedrock. The last survivors attempted to flee in the flying fortresses and the prototype cargo vehicles meant for long-haul trade routes, but each of them was chased and shot down.

Jaq was one of those survivors, helping her family until the end. She scrambled out of the hull after the crash landing, her siblings on her heels when a missile hit the unarmed cargo hauler and killed everyone onboard. Jaq was flung into the air and knocked out when she landed hard on the cold ground.

She woke up some time later in Castle Refuge, having been found by the Tomorrow Legion. She's been looking for any of her family that may have survived, but has so far found no success. Her hatred of the Coalition has grown in the time since, as has her equally disquieting hatred of the Federation of Magic. Anytime she sees a prisoner from either come in, her hand twitches at the grip of her TK Revolver as she stares daggers into them. She only ever asks one question, though. "Were you at Wayland's Hollow?"

Story hooks:

Just some ideas for the GM to throw in if he wishes.

- Most of Jaq's immediate family was on the transport that was destroyed. Not all of the passengers were accounted for, so her siblings that were following her may have survived.
- Jaq has been asking anyone from the Federation of Magic or the Coalition if they fought at Wayland's Hollow. So far none of them have, but some worry about what the young woman will do if she finds someone that was there.
- Perhaps someone in the Federation or the Coalition realizes how valuable a resource like Jaq could be if properly guided and harnessed.
- Jaq is a helpful sort and while not particularly skilled in anyone field, she does have a pretty good breadth of knowledge and a friendly personality. She could be tapped as a junior liaison or assistant for any number of reasons.