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James Woodville






Computer Programmer/Robotics Engineer

About James Woodville

Full Name: James Woodville
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Occupation:Computer Programmer/Robotics Engineer

Attributes - Option 4
Experience Pts: 10

STR 4;
CON 4-1=3;
AGL 5;
INT 7;
EDU 7+1+1=9;
CHA 6;
PSI 4-1=3;

Native Language: English (10)

First Childhood Career:
Strict Education Program.
Prerequisite: SOC 7+.
Skills (8): Acrobat (1), Economics (1), Fine Arts (1), Physical Science (1), Social Science (1), Technician (2), Unarmed Martial Arts (1)
Contacts: Academic. On a 1D10 roll of 9+, this contact is foreign.
Special: +1 EDU, -1 PSI, and a -1 CON.

Undergraduate University:
Prerequisites: EDU 5+.
Skills: Total skill levels equal to character’s Education attribute from any combination of the following,but no more than level 3 in any one skill: Physical Science, Economics, Engineer, Social Science, Fine Arts, Computer, Language, Leadership.
Contacts: One per term, either academic or journalist. On a 1D10 roll of 8+ the contact is foreign.
Special: +1 EDU (after all skills have been awarded). No commissions, promotions, or special assignment rolls are made. Characters receive no income while attending undergraduate school. The character is awarded a BS/BA degree as a result of graduation.

Computer Operator/Programmer: Computer operator or programmer includes the roles of system administrators and web programmers in addition to the traditional application programmers.
Prerequisites: Technical school or undergraduate degree, Computer Operation 2+.
First Term
Skills: Economics 2, Technician 4.
Subsequent Terms
Skills: Economics, Technician, Interaction. Total 5.
Special Assignment: 8+ for Carousing, Language, Ground Vehicle, Intrusion.
Promotion: 7+, DM +1 if INT 7+.
Contacts: One specialist (Computer or Electronics) per term. On a 1D10 roll of 9+, the contact is foreign.
If a special assignment is rolled, add an extra contact of any type. This represents a person met through an electronic network, email, messaging, blog, post, etc. The character may know this person only through electronic communication, and it is highly likely they have never laid eyes on each other.
Special: Computer operator/programmers are allowed two secondary activities per term.

Skill List:
Acrobat 1
Business (Economics) 3
Computer (Technician) 3
Computer Operations (Technician) 3
Electronics (Technician ) 2
Fine Arts 1
Instruction (Social Sciences) 1
Physical Science 2
Languages, Hindi 1
Research (Social Sciences) 1
Robotics (Technician) 4
Unarmed Martial Arts 3
Slug Weapon 2

4*7*$1000 (Mike) = 28,000

Academic (Domestic)
Academic (Domestic)