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178 posts. Alias of John Petherick.

Full Name

Corporal James "Flatfoot" Nicholls


UPP: 969866; Armor: 1; Wounds: 0





About James "Flatfoot" Nicholls

Skills: Admin 1, Advocate 1, Astrogation 1, Broker 1, Carouse 0, Comms 0, Deception 1, Drive 0, Explosives 0, Flyer 0, Gun Combat (Slug Pistols) 1, Investigate 1, Mechanic 1, Melee (unarmed) 1, Persuade 1, Pilot (spacecraft) 1, Seafarer 0, Steward 0, Streetwise 2, Survival 0, Tactics (Naval Tactics) 1, Vacc Suit 1. Total Skill Levels: 15

Equipment: Protec (armored clothing); Combat Armor (TL-12)

Enemies (2):

  • Julia "The Cat" Ilelishaam, noted pirate (she destroyed his Free Trader)
  • The Quiet Man, a professional assassin.

Contacts: Luis Marakov, organized crime boss on Aubaine.


    [1]"Mascot" - As an undercover cop, "Flatfoot" cooperated with "Mascot" to take down a smuggling ring connected to the Aubaine Marines.
    [2]"Bypass" - During the disaster at Lote, "Flatfoot" aided "Bypass" in getting his ship clear from the pirate attack.

Events/Mishaps in Previous Career:
1st Term - Failed entry to Scholar, Drafted into Merchant Marines. Gambled his future and lost.
2nd Term - Became a Free Trader, but his ship was destroyed in a battle with pirates. Lost everything.
3rd Term - Law Enforcement on Aubaine. Helped Mascot nail smuggling ring. Gained crime boss as contact.
4th Term - Law Enforcement on Aubaine.Learned something he shouldn't have - gained "The Quiet Man" as an enemy.
5th (RCES) Term - Life Event: Travel. Aided Bypass is rescuing ship at the battle of Lote.

GM Connections:

    [1]During his first RCES term, "Flatfoot" served under Horace "Teatime" Titan, the brilliant, ambitious and difficult Oriflammen captain of RCS Alarm.
    [2] "Flatfoot's" best friend from his merchant days, Lance Corrigan, has been missing for years, along with his ship the Duke Craig. He was last seen in Promise subsector.