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About Jak Taboran

    HP 40/40
    weaves per day
    Lvl 0: 3/3
    Lvl 1: 3/3
    Lvl 3: 3/3
    light crossbow bolts 20/20
    Dark One's Own Luck 1/1
    Heroic Surge 2/2

Jakwin 'Jak' Taboran
aka "Mad Jak" or "Laughing Jak"

Ebou Dari traveler, scoundrel, ladies-man, gambler, and 'entrepeneur'
Wanderer 3/Wilder 2
Languages: Common (Ebou Dar), Common (Midlands), Common (Illian)

Age: 27
Height: 5'10"
Dark skin, eyes, and hair

    Meet Jak. He's tall, handsome, and athletic-looking, and something about the way he moves speaks to quickness and action. His skin is dark, as is the unruly mop of wavy nearly-black hair, which in turn frame a face with large, equally-dark eyes and a quick, easy smile. While he's approachfully handsome, its the eyes and smile that draw most people in. Welcoming and friendly but with a hint of complexity… or is it mischief? Either way it's obvious that it usually works, and he has a casual confidence that most people find disarming. His clothes reflect his casual nature, as well. From day to day they tend to change styles, cuts, and colors, but somehow usually retain a careless, oft-slept-in look. He doesn't carry much with him. A few daggers you can see, including one very expensive looking dueling dagger on one hip and a shortsword on the other. Other than that there are a few odds and ends that he's picked up, but he's rarely without cards and gambling dice.

HP: 40 (5d6 maxed + 10 con)
Initiative +6
str 12 dex 18 con 14 int 14 wis 16 cha 14
Reputation 4 (1 + 2 masterpiece + 1 masterwork)

AC 19 (10 + 4 dex + 5 defense)
---> Dodge pushes this up to 20

Fort +4 (+9 after a failed Overchannel attempt)
Reflex +10
Will +8

BAB +3

    Masterpiece shortsword [dice]1d20 + 9[/dice]; Damage [dice]1d6 + 1[/dice]
    Mwk Dagger [dice]1d20 + 8[/dice]; Damage [dice]1d4 + 1[/dice]
    Dagger [dice]1d20 + 7[/dice]; Damage [dice]1d4 + 1[/dice]
    Lt. Crossbow [dice]1d20 + 7[/dice]; Damage [dice]1d8[/dice]

Illicit Barter: +5 competence bonus to buy/sell illicit or illegal goods
The Dark One's Own Luck: re-roll 1/day
The One Power
Overchanneling: +5 competence bonus on concentration checks to Overchannel & on fort saves after a failed overchannel attempt.
Cross-Talent Weaves: 0, 1st, or 2nd level weaves of any common talent, regardless of knowing it.
Block: Adrenaline/Fear
Bonus Channeling Feat

Duelist (background), Heroic Surge (1), Dark One's Own Luck (Wanderer 2), Weapon Finesse: Dagger (3), Multiweave (Wilder 2), Dodge (5)

SKILLS (76 total)

    +10 Acrobatics (6)
    +7 Appraise (5)
    +10 Bluff (8)
    +8 Composure (5)
    +10 Concentration (8)
    ---> +14 to Overchannel
    +10 Diplomacy (5) + 2 feat
    +9 Disable Device (5)
    ---> +13 w/ tools
    +7 Escape Artist (3)
    +7 Innuendo (4)
    +6 Intimidate (4)
    +10 Perception (7)
    +7 Sense Motive (4)
    +8 Sleight of Hand (4)
    +11 Stealth (7)
    +3 Weavesight (1)


Affinities: Spirit
Talents: Elementalism

DC = 13 + weave's level

Lvl 0: 3/day
Lvl 1: 3/day
Lvl 2: 3/day

Disguise - 1st
Folded Light - 1st
Arms of Air - 1st
Create Fire - 1st
Eavesdrop - 1st
Tool of Air - 1st
Fiery Sword - 2nd
Heal - learned


Mwk Thieve's Tools
Masterpiece Shortsword
Mwk Dagger
Dagger x8
Playing cards, deck
Belt Pouch x2
Flint & Steel
178mk asp (Will probably make this something else by the time we start)

Lt. Crossbow
--> bolts 20

Light Warhorse
Military Saddle
Silk Rope (50ft)
Torch x5

    Waterskin x2
    Bell x2
    Caltrops x2
    Candle x3
    Flask (oosquai)
    Mirror, small steel
    Rations (10 days)
    Sack, empty x2
    Merchant's Scales
    Traveler's Clothes x2
    Courtier's Clothes

A couple of key moments:
First Contact and leaving home: While Jak had dreamed of having his own world-roaming adventures his whole life, there was more to his finally deciding to leave than simple wander-lust. It was him realizing he was a channeler. He was up to his usual trouble in Ebou Dar nine years ago (when he was 18). He'd spent a week wasting some recently 'earned' money around some of the gambling houses and had butted heads with a local minor noble more than a few times. He'd been winning more and more money off the boy, and a duel was on the horizon. When Jak began hitting on the boy's girl… well, it was all but a sure thing. Jak, being the cocky prat that he is, decided to really stick it to the snotty rich kid and sought him out. finding him at one of their local haunts, he immediately began flirting with the girl again. (You see where this is going.) A duel nearly happened, but one of the noble's friends talked him down, 'this merchant trash isn't worth it' might have been said. The short version is that the noble decided not to let it go, and they jumped Jak and his friends later. What should have been a simple duel became a midnight alley fight. All Jak remembers was that his adrenaline was SERIOUSLY pumping during the fight, and he felt all but invincible. Jak got too caught up fighting his rival to notice that one of the noble's friends had stuck his own friend pretty good, and it became a 3 on one fight. Adrenaline and fear roared and mixed into a strange giddy exhilaration. Realizing he was seriously out-numbered, he dove to take down his rival, grabbing him even as he took a blade across the ribs. Jak would take this kid out. Where Jak touched the noble, bones popped and muscles and tendons tore. The next few minutes are lost in a haze, but he remembers becoming aware of himself carrying his friend back towards their house. He felt weak, sick, and a bit drunk. His friend didn't have the cuts he knew he'd taken, but Jak looked like he would die.

After sleeping off the sickness for a day at a random dockside tavern, he soon realized he'd gotten in way too deep. He left a note for his parents and left, taking only what he had on him… his blades, his cards, his dice, and the clothes on his back.

He's lived the last 9 years or so with this life. Seeing the world, constantly moving, living off what he could win, beg, or steal. His horse, Chance, his clothes, his weapons, and whatever merchandise he thinks will find a buyer in another town (usually small, portable, but high-priced items). He avoids going home in general, and when he does he keeps his head down and rarely visits his parents. It tends to be tense. The law's not really after him, but there are people who remember who he is who haven't necessarily forgotten that fight.

Double-dealing: Jak has found himself in a very strange place in life in one aspect. During one stint in Tear, he gambled with a slumming noble who got drunk, showed off his money, and basically started being an ass to everyone in the place. Light-blinded Tairen nobles thinking they own everything and everyone! So Jak got to know him, acted like he was his friend in order to get close to him, lost enough gold to the guy to make the man think him honest, then got himself asked back to the guy's place for some drinks and smokes. Long story short, he ended up relieving the guy of some of his family's jewels. He returned to the tavern where the guy had been such an ass that evening thinking he'd pass on some of his own money to make the people feel better after such a rotten evening, and ended up getting drunk and staying at the place. The noble, realizing he'd been robbed knew he needed help, but the city watch had no clue how to help him. The noble vouched for Jak, so he was off the hook, which meat the watch had no leads to get the money back. Remembering that Jak had bragged about all his connections and skillz, he came to find Jak to hire him to get his jewels back. Jak agreed and - after an appropriate amount of 'hard work' - completed the job for an amount of money that he convinced the noble was worth it (over the price of the jewelry - 'they are, in fact, family heirlooms… they're worth more than just their weight in crowns, my friend').

If that were the end of the story, that would be one thing. But the noble just couldn't' help but brag on his friend, and Jak found that he ended up having to take on another job to track down another guy's stolen stuff. In total, he's had to do a similar job three or four times, hunting down stolen merchandise or the people who stole them. From con man to thief-taker in one stupid decision.

quirks and stuff:
Arrogant and sarcastic, but genuinely fun-loving.
Talks/mumbles to himself - especially when stressed, thinking, etc.
Comes up with nick-names for everyone.