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| AP 2/5 BP 20/23 MBP 0/3 MP 0/7 Glit 0/1 X-Ret 1/1 Insp 0/1 LM 0/1 Chnl 2/3 Fvr 7/8 DS 3/3

Bard (CL 8; cn +13) 1st 3/6 2nd 1/5 3rd 1/3 Clr (1;+2) Mag (3;+5) Rng: SI


Acro +16 Bluff +22 Dipl +28 Dis +22 K(hist/any/untr.) +11/+10/+6 Ling +14 P(ora/act/sing,wind/danc) +26/+22/+20/+18 Ride +5 S Motive +26 Splcrft +14 Stealth +21 UMD +17


Female aasimar brd 8/clr 1/mag*/Bound 3 THP 0 HP 99/99 | Init +7 Percpt +26/+30 | AC 23/15/19 CMD 21 CMB +6 | Fort +9 Ref +14 Will +12 (+4 comp/chrm); (+4 vs. brd/lang/sonic, +3 vs. rune)










Common; Elven, Sylvan; Celestial, Abyssal, GSL, Hallit, Tien, Auran, Draconic,Dwarven,Infernal

Strength 11
Dexterity 18
Constitution 14
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 12
Charisma 20

About Isilme

Female aasimar brd 8/clr 1/mag*/Bound 3 THP 0 HP 99/99 | Init +7 Percpt +26/+30 | AC 23/15/19 CMD 21 CMB +6 | Fort +9 Ref +14 Will +12 (+4 comp/chrm); (+4 vs. brd/lang/sonic, +3 vs. rune)

AP 5/5 BP 23/23 MBP 3/3 MP 9/9 Glit 1/1 X-Ret 1/1 Insp 1/1 LM 1/1 Chnl 3/3 Fvr 2/8 DS 3/3

Bard (CL 8; cn +13) 1st 6/6 2nd 5/5 3rd 3/3 Clr (1;+2) Mag (3;+5) Rng: SI

Acro +16 Bluff +22 Dipl +28 Dis +22 K(hist/any/untr.) +11/+10/+6 Ling +13 P(ora/act/sing,wind/danc) +26/+22/+20/+18 Ride +5 S Motive +26 Splcrft +14 Stealth +21 UMD +17

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Tactics (updated Level 9/Tier 3):

Runic Enhancement: Knowledge (Gain extra spells, see list below), Formless (alter self at-will, +3 to disguise checks above normal bonus)


  • First Round: Start performance unless an audible performance would risk attracting the attention of other enemies. Use Arcane Pool, move into combat if Hina/Ary engaged.
  • Saving Finale: Use if Isilme is performing, and a player would be disabled or otherwise taken out of combat by a failed save, and the group doesn't have an obvious advantage in the battle.
  • Gallant Inspiration: Use on any failed skill check that could result in serious injury or death (acrobatics, athletics, fly, escape artist, etc...).
  • Confusion If 3 or more mook level enemies are a gathered together and the group isn't obviously winning, use confusion on the group, assuming no allies would be targeted.


  • If MP full, and level 2 spell available, if Val's going into any scouting situation where we might reasonably expect combat, cast Mythic Heroism on her. Same if we have time before a combat we know is coming, and the sound of casting wouldn't attract attention.
  • When scouting, perception check at doors, then check to see if unlocked.
  • If ambushing enemies and planning to cast (e.g. using silent image), stay at least 60' away if visiblity allows.
  • Unless otherwise noted, Ring of Spell Knowledge I is always set to cure light wounds when regaining spells in the morning.
  • message at all times, priority goes to the six players, then any NPCs who we're actively protecting or whose input is needed to accomplish some goal, then any other cohorts (alphabetical), then any non-cohort NPCs.
  • If searching a room in a non-time-constrained situation, Isilme always uses Word Caller in each room.
  • Fluff:


    The old Isilme bore a striking likeness to Li'an, redyed hair notwithstanding. Not at all surprising considering she was hosted within the elven girl's body. But having regained her ability change shape, Isilme's form has now changed to match her prefered identity prior to her being sealed within the blade.

    She wears a black hooded cloak embroidered with a gold border. Just inside the golden border are a series of stars and constellations, the order of which seems to change from day to day. Just beneath where the hood hangs back is a crescent moon, appearing almost silver which similarly changes to match the phase of the current moon, varying from a complete silver circle to being totally absent. The remainder of the otherwise black cloak changes dramatically when night falls, becoming filled with silver pinpricks representing the stars above, a feature Isilme makes use of on cloudy days as she prays to the Song of Spheres for her spells. Her long, blonde hair flows down her neck into the hood of her cloak, pooling there as if it were the source of the embroidered thread upon it.

    Underneath the cloak: the same short-sleeved white blouse and purple vest she'd been wearing since Kenabres, the blouse's sleeves now banded with gold armlets to keep them in place. Similarly, the bottom of her white blouse is trimmed with rings of golden thread, matching the armlets above. Purple folds of cloth drape over her dark grey trousers which tuck into a pair of sturdy brown leather boots, now decorated with runes from the enchantment Ehren had placed upon them. Isilme's right forearm bears the bracer she affixes her buckler to, and the right hand bears the mark of her goddess that appeared there within the cell in Drezen that she and Valaria had been led to by a swarm of butterflies.

    Just inside her cloak at her left hip, rests a starknife with a pitch black blade of obsidan, with points shorter than one would expect for a weapon of its kind. The handle in the center is asymmetric, looking as though it had been stolen from a sword and repurposed. At the hilt of the sword, strands of obsidian seem to flow outward from it, first twined together and then fanning out as if they were the source of the blade itself. Similarly, the hilt's pommel is now set with an onyx, to which obsidian threads return, completing the circle. Unlike typical starknives, the points of the star are shorter, and the circular edge of the blade is sharpened along with the points, giving the weapon a chakram-like appearance.


    Isilme is even more outgoing than Li'an or her father, and when relaxed and among friends she enjoys joking or sharing stories and songs. She is always interested in meeting new people, and like many of her kind, is forever coaxing more stories out of her new friends. She was once relatively untroubled by worries or doubts, however now when alone she's noticably less cheerful. The loss of Elan and the burden of knowing she somehow managed to usurp Li'an's body weigh heavily upon her. She had no time to cope with his death before she was imprisoned, and while she spent much time thinking on matters while trapped in the depths of the blade, his absence is still fresh to her. She finds her possession of Li'an's body to be sadly ironic since Isilme had given her life in order to save her from the cultists. It pains her greatly given that she sees it as having failed Elan, and also due to the nature of the relationships she displaced with her arrival.

    Having traveled the world with Elan, engaging in various adventures before coming to Kenabres, she has a fairly open mind and relaxed worldview. She's rather trusting of strangers, occasionally to the point of appearing naive. This is partly because she feels it's best to give everyone a chance, but primarily because she's confident in her ability to understand the motives of others.

    Reason for Fighting
    Long before Li'an was born, Isilme and Elan travelled the world, exploring and adventuring together. They were essentially inseperable, and if asked she'll openly state that they were both lovers and companions. Elan's family and life in general complicated that, but for the most part they did as they pleased, enjoying each other's company and their freedom to travel. When the worldwound opened, they traveled to the area to provide aid, and came back repeatedly to assist the crusaders against the demonic incursions. She (and Elan) didn't do so out of any pressing desire to fight demons, but primarily out of curiosity and the thrill of doing something new. It was during these vists that she and Elan first met Aravashnial. While Elan and Aravashnial were initially slow to become friends, Isilme had no such problems, breaking down any resistance seemingly through sheer force of will. Thereafter, when she and Elan were in the area, they always sought out Aravashnial, and the crusaders came to see the three of them as a small unit that, while hard to control, was quite useful to have around.

    During the First Crusade, however, this changed. The battle against Minagho resulted in Isilme being nearly destroyed, body and soul. Though she still is unsure what magic was involved in her death, she knows quite well what was used to save her: a wish. The end result of it wasn't the restoration of her corporeal form as intended, but instead the creation of a weapon in which to house Isilme's soul. Despite working with Aravashnial to attempt to research a way to undo the effects of the wish, they were unable to find a solution eventually gave up hope. Instead, Isilme and Elan became obsessed with revenge on Minagho. They devoted themselves to the crusades, and though they travelled a few times again in the lull between the crusades, the sense of freedom and thrill of exploration was gone. Though Elan and Aravashnial remained close in the time that followed, Isilme withdrew into the blade, only ever really talking to Elan, although she would answer Aravashnial if he addressed her.

    During her imprisonment in the depths of the blade, she spent a considerable amount of time reflecting on this desire for revenge. Despite what they'd often said, their real reason for fighting was exact payment for what they'd lost, Isilme's freedom. With her freedom returned, and perhaps because of the cost incurred, her rationale for fighting has changed. Though she still desires to defeat Minagho, she sees her original dreams of vengeance as something that ate away at her and Elan until nothing was left. Instead she has taken up Li'an's mantle, the one she herself demanded Li'an swear to uphold: To aid the people of Kenabres and the crusaders in their fight against the demonic forces of the worldwound to her dying breath. Given her nature as a Raelis, this also means giving those future generations a chance to have their own stories told, something she truly values.

    Why Mythic?
    The wish that created the bronze blade that bore Isilme's name and bound her soul into it was something more than just a simple wish. Whether it was because the magic that had destroyed Isilme was of a different kind, or because the wish spell was subject to divine interference, the end result was that Isilme gained a divine spark. It was this spark that allowed her to possess and save Li'an, and the same spark was responsible for unravelling the magic involved in the reincarnation of Li'an, subverting it to free Isilme from her prison and bind her to Li'an's body. That spark remains within her still, an ember awaiting something to kindle it.

    Class and Weapon
    Born, if you can call it that, as a Raelis Azata, Isilme has always had a love of learning, books, knowledge, and the arts. While prior to her binding she relied primarily on her natural abilities, she had dabbled some in the bardic arts. She truly enjoyed traveling as a performer before she met Elan, and it provided a good cover for her to be able to interact with many people, especially artists who might give rise to some great work.Despite the blade that held her, Lleuad-a'r-Sêr, shattering during the reincarnation, the hilt survived intact. She keeps it with her for now, a reminder of all that has befallen her, and the loss of those important to her. She hopes to get it restored at some point, should she find someone able to forge a new blade for it.

    Isilme is a devotee of Desna, much like Li'an and her father. Though her beliefs came from her time in Elysium, though she now remembers almost nothing of it. What she does remember now though is that she's always had a close relationship with Desna. During her travels throughout Golarion, her thoughts would inevitably turn to the great Starsong when night fell, and she'd offer her obediance gladly. On those nights, especially when far afield, she would dream of an beautiful elven woman, shining like the moon, drifting forward with an arm outstretched to her. She would place a hand on her shoulder and lean in to whisper something, though Isilme could never quite make out what was said. Her form would dissolve into a swarm of butterflies and leave, at which point she would awaken to find it morning.Her remaking into a blade by Elan's wish changed her outlook significantly with respect to Desna. From that day forward both she and Elan were jaded by the wish backfiring, and though he still offered prayers, he never truly returned to worshipping Desna. Isilme herself was greatly troubled by her loss of freedom and wondered why her lady would allow such a thing. Unable to go through her obedience physically, she eventually ceased even thinking of it. Though she didn't realize it at the time, her dreams also ceased during that time as well.In the years following Elan's death and her imprisonment into the depths of the blade, her attitude changed again. Though it pained her to admit it, she came to believe that what had happened was truly the result of her departure from her calling to stay by Elan's side, and their arrogance in thinking they were blessed by the goddess. Before her conciousness faded away, she had begun to come to terms with her punishment, wishing only that Li'an and Elan hadn't suffered so for it.

    Alignment (Chaotic Good)
    Isilme is Chaotic Good in a way most mortals aren't. She began life as a Raelis Azata in Elysium, and eventually came to Golarion to wander and experience the myriad of stories out in the world. She believes strongly in the necessity of the triumph of good over evil, and like her bretheren is willing to work around the rules to do so. The two things that she feels most strongly about are imprisonment and slavery. Not simply the physical enslavement of people, but manipulation or domination via magic or other similar powers. Her experience witnessing Li'an murdering her father while dominated only served to further kindle her hate of such magics, and she personally refuses to use enchantments to deprive others of free will.

    While she has no specific oath or code, she feels she has lost the favor of her lady, Desna, and hopes one day to regain it. As such, Isilme is sensitive to things that might be viewed unfavorably by her goddess.

    Lleuad-a'r-Sêr was her name from the moment she came into being as an Azata in Elysium. Back then she even remembered some of her life before her rebirth, though it was no more than a hunch now. She dwelled in Elysium for some time, but her memories of it today are little but fleeting glimpses of its natural splendor. Curiosity eventually brought her to Golarion, and in her travels there she met many people, wandering among them in a variety of identities and making friends and lovers among them as she went. All of that seemed to fade into the background when she met Elan Va'ardalia, however. The eldest son of some minor elven nobles in Iadara, he was truly a kindred spirit to Lleuad-a'r-Sêr. His wit, intelligence and wanderlust were easily a match for her own, and he was one of the first mortals to see through her guise. It was Elan who gave her the name that she kept ever afterwards, Isilme, the elven word for "moonlight" and a play on her own celestial name. They adventured together for nearly a century before the opening of the worldwound, both learning stories and making them as the went. The first crusade, however, changed all of that...


    Isilme Va'ardalia (Lleuad-a'r-Sêr)
    Female Aasimar(Azata-blooded) Bard/Unchained Cleric|VMC Magus 8/1 Bound 3
    CG Medium Outsider (Native) Humanoid (Elf)

    Init +7; Senses Darkvision 60ft.; Perception +26

    AC 23, Touch 15, Flat-footed 19 [4 armor + 1 enh armor + 1 shield + 1 enh shield + 4 dex + 1 deflection + 1 enh nat armor]
    HP 99/99 [9d8 hd + 18 con + 9 mythic]
    Fort +9, Ref +14, Will +12 (+5 vs charm/compulsion) Mods +4 vs Lang Dep & Sonic, +2 vs Runes and Glyphs
    SR 14/Evil Immunities None

    Speed 40 ft.

    Melee Starknife +13/+8 (1d4+7, 19-20/x2)
    Range Short Bow +10/+5 (1d6, 20/x3)
    Melee Modifiers Perform (Inspire Courage) [+3 hit; +3 dam], Arcane Pool (+2 enh) [+2 hit; +2 dam]

    Special Attacks
    Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.

    Spell-Like Abilities (CL 9):
    constant -- pass without trace (boots)
    1/day -- glitterdust (DC 17), expeditious retreat, longstrider (CL 5), know direction, flare (DC 11)

    Bard Spells Known (CL 8, concentration +11):
    3rd (2+1/day) (DC 18) -- confusion (M), haste, symbol of healing (r), beast shape I (k), <masterpiece slot>
    2nd (4+1/day) (DC 17) -- gallant inspiration, heroism (M), invisibility, symbol of mirroring(r), detect thoughts (k), <masterpiece slot>
    1st (4+1/day) (DC 16) -- hideous laughter (Will),grease (Ref), saving finale (M), feather fall (k), <masterpiece slot>, <masterpiece slot>, <Ring of Spell Knowledge I> (See Header/Tactics)
    0th (at will) -- detect magic, mending, message, prestidigitation, read magic, summon instrument, detect poison (k)
    (M)-Mythic Spell; (r)-Bonus spell from rune mastery; (k)-Bonus spell from Knowledge rune

    Cleric Spells Memorized (CL 1, concentration +2):
    1st (1+1/day) (DC 11) -- anticipate attack, positive pulse // expeditious retreat (d,s)
    0th (at will) -- guidance, light, stabilize
    (M)-Mythic Spell; (d)-domain spell; (s)-spontaneous

    Magus Spells Memorized (CL 3, concentration +5):
    1st (3/day) (DC 13) -- shield, blend,duelist's parry
    0th (at will) -- arcane mark, dancing lights, mage hand, ray of frost

    Magus Spellbook (0th) All cantrips (1st) blend,color spray, duelist's parry, enlarge person, expeditious retreat, floating disk, hydraulic push, jump, keep watch, magic missile, returning weapon, secluded grimoire, shield, silent image, true strike, unseen servant, vanish (2nd) bull's strength, frigid touch, minor image, mirror image, raven's flight
    (M)-Mythic Spell;

    Str 11, Dex 19, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 11, Cha 20
    Base Atk +6/+1; CMB +6; CMD 21

    Feats Divine Fighting Style (Desna's Shooting Star), VMC Magus (Arcane Pool), Lingering Performance, Leadership, Additional Traits (M), Endurance, Iron Will
    Mythic Feats: Mythic Spell Lore
    Mythic Path Abilities: Mythic Bardic Performance
    Racial Traits Exalted Resistance, Scion of Elvenkind
    Traits (c) Touched by Divinity (Desna, Exploration); (f) Inspired; (F) Irepressible; (F) Redeemer; (s) Savant
    Drawbacks Attached (Lleuad-a'r-Sêr's Hilt)
    Advancement +2 resistance, +1 toughening, +2 enh. weapon (Cold Iron Rapier), +1 enh. armor (masterwork buckler), +1 enh armor (mithril chain), +1 deflection, mental prowess +2 (charisma), physical prowess +2 (dexterity)
    Skills (50 class, 18 int, 18 bkg) Acrobatics +16, Bluff +22, Diplomacy +28, Disguise +22, Know(Hist/Trained) +11/+10, Know(Any) +6, Ling. +14, Perf(Oratory) +26, Perf(Wind) +20, Perf(Dance) +18, Perf(Act) +22, Perf(Sing) +20, Ride +5, S. Motive +26, Spellcraft +14, Stealth +21, Use Magic Device +17 Racial Modifiers +2 Diplomacy, +2 Perform
    Languages Common; (int) Celestial, Elven; (ling) Abyssal, Aklo, Auran, Draconic, Dwarven, Group Sign Language, Halfling, Hallit, Ignan, Infernal, Sylvan, Tien
    Leadership Cohort: Level 7; Followers: 25 1st, 2 2nd, 1 3rd
    SQ Runic Enhancement(Knowledge,Formless), Word-Caller (20 ft.), Rune Mastery +2
    Limited Use 5 AP, 23 PR, Lore Master 1, Base MP 7, BoD 1, MPR 3, Favor 8, Channel 3

    Carrying Capacity 173/346/520
    Combat Gear See Inventory
    Other Gear See Inventory
    Coinage See Inventory
    Treasure See Inventory

    Special Abilities (Race/Trait/Feat/Other)
    Exalted Resistance: Gain HD+5 SR versus spells or SLA's that are either evil, or cast by evil outsiders.
    Scion of Elvenkind:: Count as Humanoid(Elf) and Outsider(Native). Pass as an elf without disguise skill.
    Divine Fighting Style (Desna's Shooting Star): Add Cha to hit and damage on attacks with a starknife.

    Attached (Lleuad's Hilt): -1 will saves and -2 vs fear effects if hilt is out of Isilme's possession.
    Inspired: (free act, 1/day) Roll skill or ability check twice and take better result.
    Irrepressible: Use Cha on will saves instead of Wis versus compulsion or charm spells and effects.
    Redeemer: When providing aid to an evil character trying to redeem themselves, your bonus to their will save is +3 instead of +1.
    Savant: +2 trait bonus to Perform (Act).
    Touched by Divinity: (Desna, Travel/Exploration) May use expeditious retreat 1/day as SLA, CL = character level.

    Blessing of Desna: +2 bonus to one skill, +2 trait bonus to Reflex Saves. (1/day, free act) Reroll Acrobatics, Bluff, Disguise, Sleight of Hand or Stealth check if failed. (1 MP, No Act) Take 20 on Acrobatics, Bluff, Disguise, Sleight of Hand or Stealth without increasing the time required to make the check.
    Boon of the Crusader Queen: +1 sacred bonus to initiative.
    Deific Obedience (Desna): Perform obedience daily to gain +1 luck bonus to initiative and +4 sacred bonus to perception to avoid being surprised.

    Special Abilities (Bard)
    Bardic Knowledge: Make all knowledge checks untrained, and +1/2 lvl bonus to all knowledge checks.
    Bardic Performance: (Cha + 4 + 2 per lvl rounds per day) Std. Act to start performance.

  • Inspire Courage: (performance, allies in range, lvl 10.5) +2 competence on attack/damage rolls, +2 morale vs charm and fear
  • Inspire Competence: (performance, one ally within 30 ft., lvl 8) +3 competence bonus to skill checks with a single skill.
  • Dirge of Doom: (performance, 30' range, lvl 8; fear effect) Enemies within 30' gain shaken if they can see/hear bard.
  • Countersong: Make a perform check with instrument or song. Any ally (including self) within 30' may use in place of saving throws vs sonic or language-dependent magical attacks. If already failed, may make new save with bard's check against effect each round of performance.
  • Distraction: Perform check with act,comedy,dance or oratory. Any ally (including self) within 30' may use in place of saving throws on illusion (pattern) or illusion (figment) magical attacks. If already failed, may make new save with bard's check against effect each round of performance.
  • Fascinate: (Will DC 19; enchantment (compulsion), 1 target) Target(s) within 90' of bard who can see and hear him must save or be fascinated as long as the bard plays. If save succeeds, may not be fascinated for another 24 hours by bard.
  • Suggestion: (Std Act, Will DC 19) May make a suggestion (as the spell) to a fascinated target. Does not interrupt fascination.

    Versatile Performance: Perform(Oratory) may be used in place of Diplomacy, Perception, and Sense Motive. Perform(Act) may be used in place of Bluff and Disguise.
    Well-Versed: +4 to saves vs bardic performance, sonic and language-dependent effects.
    Lore Master: (at-will) Take 10 on knowledge checks. (1/day, std act) Take 20 on a knowledge check as std action.


  • Triple Time: (Wind, 1st lvl slot, 1 min cast; 1 hr duration) Grant +10 enh. to move to level allies for 1 hour per round of performance.
  • Pageant of the Peacock: (Act, 2nd lvl slot; 1 std act, 1 rnd performance; 10 min duration) +4 circumstance bonus on Bluff, Bluff in place of Intelligence check or Intelligence-based Skill check.
  • Genre Genesis(Oratory): Add Perception as a skill to Versatile Performance(Oratory). +4 to cha-based skills when interacting with people trained in Perform(Oratory)
  • Symphony of the Elysian Heart: (Wind, 3rd lvl slot, 1 rnd act; 1 rnd performance per round) You plus 1 ally per bard level (8) within 30' gain freedom of movement except does not grant ability to move freely under water.

    Special Abilities (Cleric)
    Aura (Ex): A cleric of a chaotic, evil, good, or lawful deity has a particularly powerful aura corresponding to the deity’s alignment (see detect evil for details).
    Deity's Favor: (8 max) Max points equal to 3 + the cleric’s Charisma bonus. Gain 1 point for obedience each day, 1 point for rite of faith (travel).
    Divine Brand (Ex): Gain mark of Desna on hand, functions as holy symbol. Treat Aura as 1 level higher.
    Deity's Favored Weapon: Gain proficiency with starknives.
    Devoted Domain (Exploration) - Gain +10 ft move

  • Door Sight (Su): You can lay your hand upon any surface and see what is on the other side, as if using clairvoyance. Using this power takes 1 minute, during which time you must be touching the surface you want to see through. You can keep looking for as long as 10 minutes with each use of this power, but must touch the surface and take no other action the entire time. The surface cannot be thicker than 6 inches plus 1 inch per cleric level you possess. You can use this power a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.
  • Spontaneous Insight (Su): (swift act, 5/day) As long as at least one favor left, cast guidance; (1 favor; free act) Increase the bonus of guidance by +1 per 5 levels.
  • Channel Energy (Su): (Std Act, 3/day, Will DC 15) Channel positive energy to heal living or harm undead for 1d6 in a 30' radius. (1 favor, Std Act) Use Channel Energy again even if out of uses for the day.
    Domain Spontaneous Casting: Convert prepared spells into domain spells of the same level.

    Special Abilities (Magus)
    Arcane Pool (Su): (5 AP/day) Gain arcane energy pool with points 1/2*(level-2) [minimum 1] + int. Refreshes 1/day. (Swift act., 1 AP) Grant +2 enhancement bonus to wielded weapon for 1 min.
    Magus Spellcasting: Cast as a magus of 1/3 your level.

    Mythic Abilities (Bound Tier 3)
    Amazing Initiative: Gain bonus to initiative equal to half mythic tier; (Free Act, 1 MP) Add surge to initiative.
    Hard to Kill (Ex): Auto-stabilize below zero, die at neg hp equal to double con score.
    Recouperation (Su): Heal to full after 8 hours rest. (Half remaining MP + 1, 1 hour) Rest to regain class abilities and spells, along with half your HP. Do not regain mythic power.
    Mythic Power (Su): Gain MP pool equal to (tier * 2 + 3), regain 1 MP per day.
    Surge (+1d6): (1 MP, Imm. Act.) Add +1d6 to a d20 roll you just made.
    Eldritch Wish (Sp): (Std, Mv, or Swift Act; 1 + 1/2 lvl MP) The spell may be from the cleric, shaman, sorcerer/wizard, or witch spell list. It must be of a spell level less than or equal to your tier. Your caster level for this spell is equal to your character level. The save DC is equal to 10 + spell level + your tier. You cannot choose the same spell twice in one day.

    Mythic Feats: Mythic Spell Lore (Heroism, Saving Finale, Confusion); Mythic Additional Traits (Endurance, Iron Will)

  • Mythic Bardic Performance: (1 rnd/day) Start any bardic performance as a free action or immediate action, maintain even if other performances are active. Affected by lingering performance.
    Rune Mastery (Ex): Add explosive runes, glyph of warding, greater glyph of warding, sepia snake sigil, and all symbol spells to the bard spell list, and increase their DC by 1. Gain a bonus spell known from the above list for each level of spells known of a level she can cast. Gains an untyped bonus to saving throws versus any magical traps or effects that utilize runes or symbols equal to tier.
    Word-Caller: (Mv Act) Attempt to sense the presence of books, scrolls or other writings within 10' per tier radius. She becomes aware of all such writings (including scrolls and spellbooks), and for non-scrolls/spellbooks their general topics. (Std Act) Gain a deeper understanding of one detected text, treating up to 100 pages of non-magical writing as if read, or treating one magical spell or scroll as if read with read magic.
    Runic Enhancement: (Std Act; 1 MP, -1 Max MP, 2 Rune Max) Inscribe a rune upon Isilme which calls upon a portion of the Raelis's power. These runes function as magic effects whose type is determined by the rune, with a caster level equal to Isilme’s level + mythic tier. If a rune is successfully dispelled, it becomes extinguished. An extinguished rune provides no benefits, but may be recharged with a standard action at no cost. If not recharged, an extinguished rune fades after one minute, refunding its cost in mythic pool capacity, but not in available points. Isilme may voluntarily extinguish any number of runes as a free action.
  • Strength: Gain nat armor equal to 1 + tier, and tier to str to determine carrying capacity. This bonus does not stack with mule cords.
  • Language: (Imm Act, 1/day) Gain the benefits of comprehend languages with caster level equal to mythic tier. Isilme imbues herself with a fragment of an Azata’s innate understanding of speech. She may gain the benefits of comprehend languages once per day as an immediate action with caster level equal to her mythic tier. If she does this in response to speech she is treated as if it had taken effect before the speech began, so long as she begins it within the same round as the speech. She gains an additional use per day at 4th tier, and another every 2 tiers after that. At Tier 6 this ability may instead function as tongues if she so desires.
  • Formless: Gain alter self as an at-will spell-like ability. Gain bonus of 10+tier to disguise checks to appear as a member of the specific race you are disguised as.
  • Knowledge: Gain one Raelis spell per bard spell level known. Once chosen, these choices cannot be changed. Add one cantrip per two tiers from Raelis list. Choices: detect poison, feather fall, detect thoughts, beast shape I

    Gear Abilities
    Scale of Terendelev: It's a shiny scale!
    Eternal Night The Hilt of Lleuad a'r Ser worked into a starknife made of obsidian.
    Ring of Spell Knowledge I: Treat spell stored in it as one of spells known. (Std Act, DC 20 spellcraft) Swap out spell from observed, active or written spell.
    Clear Spindle Ioun Stone: No need to eat/drink. Continual flame effect.
    Subtle Slippers: +5 competence bonus to stealth; continual pass without trace. (1/day) +5 competence bonus for up to 4 others for up to 1 hour, must stay within 30'.
    Cloak of the Night Sky: +8 str carrying capacity; endure elements while sleeping (1/day) flare, know direction, longstrider. May redecorate cloak at-will to match stars above.
    Shifter's Headband III: All polymorph effects function as +1 caster level, and provide DR 5/silver for 1 minute after changing shape. (1/day) May assume additional shape without recasting current polymorph effect.
    Vard's Prize: It's a horn from Soltengrobbe! Start Bardic Performances as if 6 levels higher (+1 to inspire competence or courage)

  • Maths:

    Str: 11 = 11 roll + 2 size (alter self)
    Dex: 19 = 14 roll + 2 racial + 1 lvl adj + 2 enh
    Con: 9 = 14 roll
    Int: 14 = 14 roll
    Wis: 11 = 11 roll
    Cha: 20 = 14 roll + 2 racial + 2 enh + 1 lvl adj + 1 mythic

    Skills (87 ranks; 52 class + 18 int + 18 bkg + 1 favored)
    Acrobatics +16 [9 ranks + 3 class + 4 dex]
    Bluff (Act) +22 [Act Ranks + 3 class + 5 cha + 2 racial (perform) + 3 competence]
    Diplomacy(Oratory) +28 [Oratory Ranks + 3 class + 5 cha + 2 trait (perform) + 2 racial (diplomacy) + 2 untyped (perform, desna) + 2 racial (perform) + 3 competence]
    Disguise(Act) +22 [Act Ranks + 3 class + 5 cha + 2 racial (perform) + 3 competence]
    Knowledge(Any) +6 [2 int + 4 bard]
    Knowledge(Arcana) +10 [1 rank + 3 class + 2 int + 4 bard]
    Knowledge(Dungeoneering) +10 [1 rank + 3 class + 2 int + 4 bard]
    Knowledge(Geography) +10 [1 rank + 3 class + 2 int + 4 bard]
    Knowledge(History) +11 [2 ranks + 3 class + 2 int + 4 bard]
    Knowledge(Local) +10 [1 rank + 3 class + 2 int + 4 bard]
    Knowledge(Nobility) +10 [1 rank + 3 class + 2 int + 4 bard]
    Knowledge(Planes) +10 [1 rank + 3 class + 2 int + 4 bard]
    Knowledge(Religion) +10 [1 rank + 3 class + 2 int + 4 bard]
    Linguistics +14 [9 ranks + 3 class + 2 int; Languages: Sylvan, Abyssal, Group Sign Language, Hallit, Tien, Auran, Aklo, Halfling, Ignan]
    Perception (Oratory) +26 (+30) [Oratory Ranks + 3 class + 5 cha + 2 trait (perform) + 2 untyped (perform, desna) + 2 racial (perform) + 3 competence (+ 4 sacred vs Surprise)]
    Perform(Act) +22 [9 rank + 3 class + 5 cha + 2 racial (perform) + 3 competence]
    Perform(Dance) +18 [5 ranks + 3 class + 5 cha + 2 racial (perform) + 3 competence]
    Perform(Oratory) +26 [9 ranks + 3 class + 5 cha + 2 trait + 2 untyped (desna) + 2 racial (perform) + 3 competence]
    Perform(Sing) +20 [7 ranks + 3 class + 5 cha + 2 racial (perform) + 3 competence]
    Perform(Wind) +20 [7 ranks + 3 class + 5 cha + 2 racial (perform) + 3 competence]
    Ride +5 [1 rank + 4 dex]
    Sense Motive (Oratory) +26 [Oratory Ranks + 3 class + 5 cha + 2 trait (perform) + 2 untyped (perform, desna) + 2 racial (perform) + 3 competence]
    Spellcraft +14 [9 ranks + 3 class + 2 int]
    Stealth +21 [9 ranks + 3 class + 4 dex + 5 competence]
    Use Magic Device +17 [6 ranks + 3 class + 5 cha + 3 competence]

    Bardic Performance 23 [4 base + 14 lvl + 5 cha]
    Arcane Pool 5 [3 lvl + 2 int]

    Init: +7 [4 dex + 1 sacred + 1 mythic + 1 luck]

    Fort: +9 [5 base + 2 con + 2 resist]
    Ref: +14 [6 base + 4 dex + 2 resist + 2 trait(Desna's Blessing)]
    Will: +12 (+16 vs charm/compulsion) [6 base + 1 wis + 2 resist + 2 (+ 5 cha vs charm/compulsion)]

    Melee Starknife [+13/+8 (6/1 BAB + 5 cha + 2 enh); 1d4 + 7 (5 cha + 2 enh), 19/x2]
    Ranged Short Bow [+10/+5 (6/1 BAB + 4 dex + 0 enh); 1d6, 20/x3]
    Modifiers (lvl 11.5) Perform (Inspire Courage) [+3 hit; +3 dam], Arcane Pool (+2 enh) [+2 hit; +2 dam]

    CMB +6 [6 BAB]
    CMD 21 [10 + 6 BAB + 4 dex + 1 deflection]

    Favored Class Bonuses (Bard)

    1: +1/2 level to Inspire Courage
    2: +1/2 level to Inspire Courage
    3: +1/2 level to Inspire Courage
    4: +1/2 level to Inspire Courage
    5: +1/2 level to Inspire Courage
    6: +1/2 level to Inspire Courage
    7: +1/2 level to Inspire Courage
    8: +1 skill point
    9: N/A

    Leadership Cohort: Level 7; Followers: 25 1st, 2 2nd, 1 3rd
    Leadership (Cohort): 17 [9 lvl + 5 cha + 2 renown + 1 power]
    Leadership (Followers): 16 [9 lvl + 5 cha + 2 renown + 1 power - 1 mv a lot]