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Full Name

Isat Vastra




Cleric 4










Zoroaster/Persephone (Fire and Earth domains)




Koine, Greek, Latin, Persian



Strength 10
Dexterity 12
Constitution 10
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 15
Charisma 15

About Isat Vastra

Game mechanics


AC 11, BAB +3, Init +2
Fort +4, Ref +1, Will +6
HP 36/36

Basic melee attack: +4, 1d4 damage

Weapon - dagger (or more likely scalpel)
Equipment - Balm of Ills ointment (6/7). Component pouch, copper wire, wool, wax, teardrops, oil, sand, bandages, brass weights, small scoop, flint, whetstone, dried herbs (including pennyroyal), dried yeast, ink, paper, needles, fine good thread, leather thongs, cauterising blade, beeswax, barley, small pot containing yoghurt culture, Amulet of Ahura Mazda, small flasks x 3 (3/3 full of aniseed water), 1 flask containng possibly healing sweat drops, 1 empty flask, small bags x3 (containing lavendar), 2 empty bags, scalpels various sizes x3. Also Bonesaw. Tourniquets. Clamps. Tweezers. Pliers. Razor. prosthetic disks of copper or brass. Splint. Oil lamp for cauterisation. Belladonna. Garlic extract. Salt. Mercury. various barks and roots, including birch bark. Black tar. Opium. Cannabis. Alcohol 70%. Leeches in jar. Leather strop for patients to bite. Manticore venom. Booby trapped tube.

SP 121 CP 8

Special: Channel positive energy x7 per day (including feat bonus). 2d6 damage to undead/healing to living. Requires Holy Symbol.

Skills (skills in bold are class skills)
Acrobatics +1
Appraise +3
Bluff +2
Craft (Alchemy)+7
Diplomacy +8
Disable Device +1
Disguise +2
Escape Artist
Heal +16 (inc feat bonus)
Intimidate +4
Know(arc) +8
Know(eng) +3
Know(geo) +3
Know(his) +3
Know(nat) +3
Know(nob) +3
Know(pla) +7
Know(rel) +8
Perception +6
Perform +2
Profession(Doctor) +10
Ride +1
Stealth +1
Survival +5 (inc feat bonus)

2 + Int mod (+3) per level

Feats - Persuasive(+2 Deception and Intimidate)
- Skill Focus (Healing)
- Extra Turning (channel positive energy twice more per day)
- Self sufficient (+2 to healing a survival checks)



Orisons - Resistance (MC pebble)- +1 saving throws
Stabilise (MC quartz crystal) - dying creature stabilises.
Bleed (MC drop of blood)- stabilised creature goes on dying
Create water (MC liquid) - up to 6 gallons pure water (2 per caster level)

1st level -
CLW (MC teardrop)- 1d8+3 hp restored

Bless (MC honey) - Allies +1 on attack rolls and fear saves

Hide undead (MC cloth) - undead can't perceive one subject/level (i.e. can hide four of us).

2nd level -
Calm emotions (MC lavendar) - 20 foot radius, 1 round per level. Suppresses morale bonuses, fear effects and removes confusion for duration.

Restoration (lesser) (MC holy symbol, chant) - touch, 3 round casting time, instantaneous effect. Save (Will negates - harmless). Dispels any magical effects reducing one of the subjects ability scores or cures 1d4 of temporary ability damage to one of the subjects ability scores. Also eliminates fatigue or improves exhausted to fatigued. Does not restore permanent ability drain.

Earth domain
Acid dart - as a standard action you can unleash a acidic dart targeting any foe within 30'as a ranged touch attack. The acid dart deals 1d6 of acid damage + 1 for every two caster levels you possess. (MC vinegar)

Magic Stone 1/day per two caster levels: up to three pebble sized stones strike with greater force when slung or thrown (+1 to att/1d6+1 damage, or 2d6+2 v undead).

Fire domain
Fire bolt - as a standard action you can unleash a fire bolt targeting any foe within 30'as a ranged touch attack. The fire bolt deals 1d6 of fire damage + 1 for every two caster levels you possess. (MC ash)

Burning Hands 1/day per two caster levels. Range 15ft. Cone of fire from fingertips doing 1d4 fire damage per caster level (so 3d4 in this case).

Isat Vastra comes from an established Zoroastrian family. Formerly from Ctestiphon, they fled when the city was sacked by Carus, re-settling in Antioch. Here Isat found his vocation as a doctor. To him the duality of his faith is epitomised by the balancing necessities of his profession.

Unknown to many, Isat seems to have access to some kind of arcane power. He doesn't understand it himself, but he needs to know more. He took part in the Eleusian mysteries and was overwhelmed, sweating the milk of Persephone (which was made into an astonishing healing ointment).

So far he has used his abilities only for the benefit of others and mostly by accident but he fears discovery. No longer feeling safe among his own family and fearing that he might accidentally harm them, he has wandered, finally coming to Constantinople where he met Modius and Hrothgar. Wanderers like himself, he feels comparatively safe in their odd non-judgemental company. They don't know he's anything other than a very good medic.


Isat is finer boned than most Romans, and shows his Persian heritage clearly in his bearing. He is dark haired, blue eyed, pale skinned. He has charming manners and expensive tastes, can appear arrogant and he has a caustic tongue. Oh - and he's not very good at outdoor skills. He gets clumsy and confused, followed shortly afterwards by short-tempered.