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Full Name

Omble (


AC:28/29| HP: 119/119|Fort + 17 (E), Ref + 20 (M), Will + 17 (E); Perception: +20 (+1 trap);Darkvision|Speed: 40ft


Male Half-orc (Thief) (Pathfinder agent)(witch dedication:Baba Yaga)|Spell active: None ,

About Inonotusoblitus

Thorought report type:


- awakened tree
- Axiomite
- basilisk
- bear
- Belker
- Biloko
- blodeuwedd
- Boggards
- brine shark
- cairn wights
-cristal dragon
- cinder rat
- culdewen
- daeodon
- dandasuka rakshasa
- dhampir
- drainberry bush
- Dryad
- elananx
-Earth elemental
- Effreeti
- flesh golem
- giant frilled lizard
- giant gecko
- giant slug
- giant stag beetle
- gnome
- gorilla
- grimstalkers
- guardian dogu (earth construct)
- Human
- Janni
- Jinkins
- Krooth
- mandragora
- Marid
- megalania
- megaprimatus
- midges
- mist Stalker
- mortic dwarf
- Nixie
- orc
- plague zombie
- qxal
- redcap
- robotic construct
- sea sovereign dragon
-Shadow demon
- skeletons/Skeletal giants
- Snapping Flytrap
- Sod hound
- technic zombie
-Troll Cavern
- voidworm protean
- wind malevolent
- Witchwyrd
- wyrwood
- zephyr hawk
- zombie brutes

buying. (+1 striking ghost touch runes) and dirupt undead., trible of reavealation and thing that give a +1 in thievery.) and acid flasks! (5)

Encounter mode:

+1 striking frost cold iron short sword +18 2d6+4+1d6[agile,finesse]
+1 striking ghost touch Silver light mace
Short bow (with potency cristal talisman on it)
Sneak attack 2d6

Special Actions
Battle Assessment Single ActionFeat 4
Source Core Rulebook pg. 184 2.0
With careful observation during battle, you identify an enemy’s strengths and weaknesses. The GM rolls a secret Perception check for you against the Deception or Stealth DC (whichever is higher) of an enemy of your choice who is not concealed from you, hidden from you, or undetected by you, and who is engaged in combat. The GM might apply a penalty for the distance between you and the enemy. The enemy is then temporarily immune to your Battle Assessment for 1 day.

Critical Success The GM chooses two of the following pieces of information about the enemy to tell you: which of the enemy’s weaknesses is highest, which of the enemy’s saving throws has the lowest modifier, one immunity the enemy has, or which of the enemy’s resistances is highest. If the event of a tie, the GM should pick one at random.
Success The GM chooses one piece of information from the above list to tell you about the enemy.
Critical Failure The GM gives you false information (the GM makes up the information).

Discerning Strike Single ActionFeat 6
Source Pathfinder Society Guide pg. 119
Archetype Pathfinder Agent
Prerequisites Pathfinder Agent Dedication; Thorough Reports
Requirements You have successfully identified the target with Recall Knowledge during this combat.
Identifying a creature is the first step in finding its weaknesses. Attempt a Strike against the target; if successful, you deal an additional 1d6 precision damage. If you have succeeded on a Recall Knowledge check against the target during this combat and their creature type was previously recorded using Thorough Reports, you also deal 1 point of persistent bleed damage. The creature is then temporarily immune to Discerning Strike for 1 day.

Opportune Backstab ReactionFeat 8
Source Core Rulebook pg. 187 2.0
Trigger A creature within your melee reach is hit by a melee attack from one of your allies.
When your enemy is hit by your ally, you capitalize upon the distraction. Make a Strike against the triggering creature.

Skill feats:

1=Trick magic item
2=multilangual (abyssal)
3=Assurance (nature)
4=Thorough report
5=Assurance (occultism) (From school), Automatic knowledge (nature)
6=kreiton shaine identification (occult, nature)
7=Quick identitification
8=Recongnize threat
9=Diverse Recognition

General feats:


ancestry feat:

5=Orc ferocity
9=multitalented Witch (baba yaga)

Athletics: +13 = 0 (str) + 13 (prof) + 0 (item) [e]
Acrobatic: +16 = 4 (Int) + 11 (prof) + 1 (item) [T]
Arcana: +17 = 3 (Int) + 13 (prof) + 1 (item) [e]
Deception: 11 = 0 (Cha) + 11 (prof) + 0 (item) [E]
Diplomacy: 11 = 0 (Cha) + 11 (prof) + 0 (item) [E]
Lore (Pathfinder): +16 = 3 (Int) + 13 (prof) + 0 (item) [E]
Lore (library) and academia: + 15 = (Int) + 15 (prof) + 0 (item) [M]
Lore (sailor and scribing): + 14 = 3 (Int) + 11 (prof) + 0 (item)
Nature: +18 = 3 (Wis) + 15 (prof) + 0 (item) [M]
Occultism: +19 = 3 (Int) + 15 (prof) + 1 (item) [M]
Religion: +18 = 3 (Wis) + 15 (prof) + 0 (item) [E]
Society: +18 = 3 (Int) + 13 (prof) + 0 (item) [e]
Stealth: +15 = 4 (Dex) + 11( prof) [Q]
Survival: +15 = 3 (Wiz) + 11 (prof) + 1 (item) [T]
Thievery: +17= 4 (dex) + 13 (Prof) [E]

[spoiler=Scroll and potion]
and Nectar of purification
Elixir for protection
2x Eagle eye elixir, lesser
Sea touch elixir

Jade Cat

3x potency crystal

Scroll magic weapon
3x Heal niv 1
Comprend language.
False life
See invisibility
Remove Paralysis
Resist enery
Restaure sens
Fairie fire
Water breathing
Air walk
2 knock
2 Spider climb

wand of longstrider.

Rope of climbing
Sneaky key
congitient moderate muatgen.
Silver tongue mutagen
Broch of shielding

Invested Item:
2. Armor
3. Boot of elvenkin.
4. Brooch of shielding
5. Hat of the Magi
6.Pendant of the occult, greater
7. Wayfinder
8. Ioun stone
9. Coyote cloak

[dice=discerning strike vs Mist 2]1d20+18[/dice]
[dice=damage+cold+discerning strike+sneak attack]2d6+6+1d6+1d6+2d6[/dice]

[dice=strike vs Mist 2]1d20+18-4[/dice]
[dice=damage+cold+sneak attack]2d6+6+1d6+2d6[/dice]

[spoiler=Reaction:TriggerA creature within your melee reach is hit by a melee attack from one of your allies.]When your enemy is hit by your ally, you capitalize upon the distraction. Make a Strike against the triggering creature.`
[dice= attack vs Green]1d20+17[/dice][dice=cold iron slashing+cold]2d6+6+1d6[/dice]add [dice]2d6[/dice] precision if flat-footed.