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Peet wrote:

Anyone have any recommendations?

Yes, let the Paladin enjoy his chance to shine.

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davidernst11 wrote:
Yeah I would so do all of those things if this was a home game, but seeing as this is a Pathfinder Society game, I have to strictly abide by the stats for the encounters as written. Unfortunately, the barbarian and paladin are twin brothers new to Pathfinder, and they had an experienced veteran help create their characters for power-gaming, so they are more like fourth or fifth level characters instead of level two, but I'm still restricted to the "Tiers 1-2" monsters. They're power gaming without even realizing it, and since they're so new, they don't think of it as a bad thing. But the other two players were pretty much useless, since the monsters were already dead before the fight began.

Having a spear and hitting someone before they hit you is power gaming? Really?

Here is my advice if this situation comes up in the future: Let Them, that is what spears are for after all.

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slade867 wrote:

Fundamentally, it comes down to the fact that someone will come to the party asking them to do some difficult task for little to no reward. And the good guys will do it. But the evil one, in my mind, would think this was stupid. Why would he/she go along?

Maybe the Evil guy has some other motivation other than money. What if the known bad guys happen to be a group/race/things that the evil guy has a grudge against? Maybe the Evil guy just likes killing things?

If the character is Lawful Evil it’s even easier; “Sure they are a bit sentimental but you have to stick together, besides I am sure that they will come around with me here as a good example”.