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Full Name

Ilona Ebonblade


Human (Sarcosan)


Fighter 2/ Chaneller 3










Colonial,Erenlander (3),Orcish (1), Norther (1) Trader's tongue



Strength 14
Dexterity 16
Constitution 12
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 8
Charisma 22

About Ilona Ebonblade

Human Female Sarcosan Fighter/ Charismatic chaneller
5'9 140lbs
Beloved of Death Path
Max HP:52 Current HP: 37
STR 14(+2) DEX 16(+3) CON 14(+2) INT 15(+2) WIS 8(-1 ) CHA 22(+6)

AC: 17
Touch: 14
Flat footed: 13



Black Studded Leather armor +3 max dex +5 pen –1 failure chance 15%

Speed: 30

BAB: +4

Melee: Requiem Attack +12 damage 1d12+7
Melee: Cedeku Attack +6 damage 1d6+2 19-20

CMB: +5 CMD:18

Initiative +7

Fort: +6 Reflex: +5 Will: +4

Special Abilities


Bonus feats
Fighter talent (Eldritch Knight)
Art of Magic
Bonus spell energy
Raven's speech (Oooh Shiny) DC 21
Wolf's howl (Howl of Doom) DC 21
Valkyrie's Cry (Cry of Courage)
Shade of Death
Inspiring 4/day +2
Blackblade (Requiem) (stores enlarge person)
Spell strike (deliver touch spell as free melee attack)
Channelled combat (free action) ( use 1 spellpoint gain +2 to att / 1 rnd)
Tradition Gift (Inspire Rage)
Infernal Eyes: Crimson 1/day Charm Person DC 18 swift action



Bluff +16*
Athletics +4
Diplomacy +19*
Jump +6
Intimidate +17 (Shade of Death)
Perception +1
Knowledge Arcana +8
Ride +7
Sense Motive +8*
Spellcraft +8
Stealth +4
Swim +6
Survival +3

Craft (Blacksmithing)+4
Knowledge Shadow +8
Linguistics +3
Perform (Music) +8



Weapon focus (Verdatch), Magecraft, Dodge, Spellcasting (Transmutation), Improved Initiative, Daunting strike (DC 27)

Bonus background feat:
Spellcasting (Enchantment)

3000 post bonus:
Dazzling Display

Torc bonus feat:



Spell energy: 9 current:9
Requiem spell energy capacity: 10 Current:4 Spell pool: 2

0-level DC 16
Prestidigitation, Detect Magic, Light, Mage hand

1st level DC 17 (19)
Charm Person

Spellcasting spells

0-Level DC 15 (17)

1st Level DC 16(18)
Joyful Speech, Inspiration, Assist, Magic Weapon, Enlarge Person

2nd level DC 17(19)
Eagle's Splendor, Touch of Idiocy, Alter self, Daze Monster

3rd level DC 18(20)
Hold Person, Haste



Weapon bond (Verdatch) Charisma to attack and damage, use as martial weapon.

You gain a +2 bonus to Charisma and a –2 penalty to Wisdom. While you can manipulate others, you tend toward self-absorption.
Special: If you spend both of your trait selections on this trait, you gain the +2 Charisma bonus but ignore the associated Wisdom penalty.

Infernal Gaze: You exert a strange influence over others, as your unusual ancestry shines through inflaming their passions. Your voice takes on a sonorous tone for a brief moment, or a maddeningly arousing scent briefly wafts through the room. The phenomenon grants you a +4 bonus to Diplomacy checks.



Humans: Sarcosans
•+2 Charisma, +2 Intelligence, -2 Wisdom
•Base land speed 30 feet.
•1 extra feat at 1st level.
•4 extra skill points at 1st level and 1 extra skill point at each additional level.
•Weapon Familiarity: Sarcosans may treat cedeku and Sarcosan lances as martial weapons, rather than as exotic weapons.
•+1 racial bonus on Reflex saves and on attack rolls with light melee weapons.
•Sarcosans may begin play with a Sarcosan riding horse or a Sarcosan war horse (at one-quarter normal cost).
•Automatic Languages: Colonial and Erenlander. Bonus Languages: Courtier, Halfling, Norther, Orcish, and Trader's Tongue.
•Favored Class: Any
Urban Sarcosan

•Favored Region: Special. Rather than choosing a specific area to be their favored region, urban Sarcosans have a special affinity for all urban environments. Rather than gaining Knowledge (local) as a class skill and a bonus to Survival checks, these characters instead gain a +2 racial bonus on Gather Information checks when in cities and may make Knowledge checks untrained so long as the topic involves a city.
•+2 racial bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, and Sense Motive checks.

Equipment (lbs)


50ft rope
Regular clothes (Shirt & breeches)

White bone item


Elaborately detailed torc

Level 1 - Skilled: The bonebearer gains +2 bonus to any 3 skills *.
Level 2 - Gifted: The bonebearer gains a feat of his choice.
Level 3 - Armored Arcanist: You can cast spells even while wearing light armor. Medium and Heavy armor still incurs a chance of spell failure.
Level 4 - Spellstrike: You gain Spellstrike ability as Magus.
Level 5 - Channeled Combat (Su): At 5th level, the character may spend one spell energy as a free action to grant his weapon a bonus on attack rolls equal to one-half his character level until the beginning of his next turn. The warrior arcanist must decide to use this ability before making any attacks.
At 8th level, the character may spend one spell energy point as a free action to grant himself a deflection bonus to AC equal to one-half his character level until the beginning of his next turn. The channeler must decide to use this ability before taking any action for the turn.
At 11th level, the character may spend one spell energy point as a free action to grant his weapon a bonus on damage rolls equal to one-half his character level until the beginning of his next turn. The channeler must decide to use this ability before making any attacks.
The channeler may spend spell energy points on all three types of channeled combat in a single round, but no more than one spell energy point per type of channeled combat



Light: lbs
Medium: lbs
Heavy: lbs

Beloved of Death

Level Ability
1 Raven Speech
2 Howl of the Wolf
3 Valkirya's Cry
4 Charisma increase
5 Shade of Death
6 Raven Speech
7 Howl of the Wolf
8 Charisma increase
9 Valkirya's Cry
10 Howl of the Wolf
11 Raven Speech
12 Charisma increase
13 Howl of the Wolf
14 Circle of Death
15 Valkirya's Cry
16 Charisma increase
17 Raven Speech
18 Finger of Death
19 Murder of Ravens
20 Valkirya's Cry
Raven Speech: Ravens are tricksters. Beloved of death has learned the secrets of their speech and her words may now cloud the minds of those who listen to her like black wings. Each time she gains this ability, she chooses one effect from the following list:
• These are not the halflings you are looking for: BoD may make a Suggestion as per the spell of the same name.
• Look into my eyes: BoD gains Fascinate ability, like the Bard. This is limited to only one person, unles she takes this ability again.
• Your eyes are heavy: BoD can cause a creature to fall asleep as deep slumber, but with no HD limit. Otherwise, this ability functions like Suggestion.
• Oooo, shiny!: BoD can steal spells from her foes and add them to his list of her spells known. By looking into another creature’s eyes and using raven speech the BoD can steal a prepared spell or a spell known from another creature with a touch attack as a standard action. The target receives a Will save (DC 10 + the BoD’s character level + the BoD’s Cha bonus) to negate the effect. The BoD can choose any spell that the creature may cast if the creature is lower CL than her, and if it is equal or higher level, the spell is chosen at random and then cast using the creature’s caster level.
• Listen to me: BoD’s knowledge of raven speech allows her words to make a greater impact. She may choose 3 Charisma related skills and gain +2 bonus to them.
• Silent Screech: BoD can make Ear-Piercing Scream, as per the spell.
Howl of the Wolf: Wolf howl has many meanings. Listening to the wolves, BoD has learned to channel her battle-wrath. Each time she gains this ability, she chooses one effect from the following list:
• Howl of Doom: By howling, BoD can cause her enemies to become shaken. To be affected, an enemy must be within 30 feet and able to see and hear BoD, and fail ST. The effect persists for a number of rounds equal to BoD’s Cha modifier, as long as the enemy is within 30 feet.
• Howling for You: Once per day the BoD may inflict double damage with any successful melee as if she had succeeded at a critical hit with a x2 multiplier. If a Howling for You is applied to a confirmed critical hit, the damage is not doubled; instead, damage is dealt as if the critical multiplier of the weapon were one higher. The BoD must decide to use Howling for You after the attack roll is made but before damage is rolled.
• Howling for Blood: BoD becomes filled with bloodlust, gaining +1 bonus to all weapon damage roles. This bonus increases by +1 for every 3 character levels that she possesses.
• Howling for Pack: Once per day Bod may cast Summon Monster IV, but limited to Dire Wolves and common wolves. Otherwise, the ability functions as the spell.
• Ghost Howl: Once per day BoD may summon Ghost Wolf as per the spell. Casting time is changed to one round.
• Strength of the Pack: BoD gains Aspect of the Wolf, as per the spell. Her appearance changes in a following way: Her fangs become elongated, her ears become slightly pointed and her eyes become silver in color (like those of a Siberian Husky). Each time BoD uses this ability there is some chance that the changes to appearance will become permanent.
Valkirya's Cry: BoD is so close to Death, that sometimes she may act as his handmaiden. Each time she gains this ability, she chooses one effect from the following list:
• Cry of Courage: BoD’s battle cry inspires her allies. They gain +1 morale bonus on saving throws against charm and fear effects and a +1 competence bonus on attack and weapon damage rolls. At 5th level, and every six BoD’s character levels thereafter, this bonus increases by +1, to a maximum of +4 at 17th level.
• War Cry: When BoD confirms a critical strike, she can use this ability as an immediate action to gain hit points equal to her Charisma modifier. These temporary hit points remain until the combat ends.
• Cry of Victory: Once per day, as a swift action, BoD can grant a competence bonus equal to her Charisma modifier on attack and damage to one ally within 30 feet. This bonus lasts for 1 round.
• Cry of Retribution: BoD can take retribution on those who dare to strike her. When an enemy makes a successful melee attack against her or an adjacent ally, the enemy provokes an attack of opportunity from BoD.
• Cry of Challenge: BoD challenges the enemies within 30 feet of her. She gains +4 circumstance bonus on attack rolls made to confirm critical hits against them. This bonus lasts for 1 round.
• Cry of Solace: Once per day, as a full-round action, BoD may grant all allies within 60 feet temporary hit points equal to 1/2 her character level. The temporary hit points last for 10 minutes or until depleted, whichever occurs first.
Shade of Death: Beloved of Death is followed by a shade of her love. It stands just behind her left sholder, invisible to all but her. Even she can see it only in the corner of her eye, no matter how fast she turns. The others feel the cold presence of the shade. Whenever BoD makes Intimidate check, she adds a bonus equal to ½ her character level to the check.
Finger of Death: Once per day, BoD may use Finger of Death as a spell.
Murder of Ravens: BoD has become so close to the harbringers of death that she may now assume their shape. Bod can transform herself into a murder of crows, gaining a fly speed of 40 ft. with good maneuverability. She can cease or resume flight as a free action and transform back and forth into crows. Murder consists of 1 crow per her hp.
Born to a rich family of Sarcosan collaborators, Ilona’s life was one of unusual privelige. Remarkably beautiful, capable and intelligent, her ebullient spirit often got her into trouble with her parents, especially her propensity for getting out at night, a dangerous practice if not outright suicidal. When she caught the attention of the local Legate, it was much to her parents' relief and honor that the was selected for membership into the military. Unbeknownst to her the interest was sparked by her heritage. Her family's history of working with the shadow included her greatgrandfather's relationship with a succubus, spawning an infernal bloodline that lay dormant until manifesting in her unusual ability to affect people's emotions.

Excelling at every challenge put before her, young Ilona was fast-tracked to become a candidate for the Sisterhood of Tender Mercies, gaining the acclaim of each and every trainer. It was rumored that one of higher sisters was the source of the information about the girl's bloodline. It was during her indoctrination into that most feared and respected arms of The Shadow, that the young woman's life would take a severe turn.

Always a bold and willfull one, Ilona chose to spurn the advances of a lecherous old visiting Legate, a "mistake" that in an instant found her stripped of position and status, and relegated to being the bedslave of the local Orc battle lord. Brutal and vicious beoynd imagining, Girrukk took great pleasure in making it abundantly clear that the firece warrior would eventually break under his ministrations.

Finally her eyes were opened to the truth and reality of a human's life under the existing regime. In one moment she foreswore the Shadow, pledging her soul to fighting the darkness she once hoped to champion, her mind to finding freedom, and her body to revenge.

With this decision canme something else that had long since abandoned her. Her smile.

The permanent scar across her face stands as a permanent testament to Girrukk's brutality, and determination to establish dominance. The fact that his life ended with his throat being slit with a broken mirror while he panted above her in bed was a testament to his failure.

Escaping in the dead of night, Ilona took the Orc's life, his horse, and as a special souvinir, his sword.

Many would have broken under what she suffered, others would be filled with hate, jaded and twisted beyond recognition, but not Ilona. She understands that the world under the shadow is a dark and terrible place where one might die at any given moment.

But she'd be damned if she wouldn't meet it with a laugh.



With flawless skin unusually pale for a Sarcosan, long lustrous black hair and scintillating hazel eyes, Ilona is mind numbingly beautiful, a fact that is paradoxiclly enhanced, rather than hindered by the scar dominating the space below her right eye and traveling to across her cheek. The scar seems to add a certain warrior fierceness to her countenance that would otherwise be too perfect. In reverse of normal Sarcosan fashion, intricate flowing patterns are artfully stained along the entirety of her face, limbs and body, serving only to further entice the eye.

Her physique itself is equally eye catching, well toned muscles stretching along a supple yet curvacious torso kept fit through countless hours of combat training. It is a warrior's body that moves with a predator's lope enhanced by a confident swagger, at once alluring and intimidating. Usually clad in form fitting black leather armor, designed to display as much as protect her body, she still carries a hint of her former career path.



pp gp sp cp

Future progression


Charismatic chaneller, prestiging to Arcane Warrior.




5 fate pt (finding portal, figuring dwarven ritual, surviving the world below, battle with undead dwarf and librarian)

Spell details


Joyful Speech
Enchantment [Language-Dependent, Mind-Affecting]
Level: Cha 1
Components: V
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./levels)
Targets: Any number of targets, no two of which may be more then 30 ft. apart
Duration: Up o 1 round/level
Saving Throw: Will negates (harmless)
Spell Resistance: No

By speaking or singing, you rally or otherwise bolster the subjects, provided they can hear you. The attitudes of unfriendly, indifferent, and friendly NPCs automatically improve by one step (from indifferent to friendly, for example). Subjects that are shaken (such as from doom) are unshaken. Subjects gain a +4 morale bonus against fear effects so long as they can hear you. This spell is maintained each round so long as you can and do speak, and do not cast any other spells except enchantment spells that further support the subjects or allies.

You can use this spell to appease two parties in a negotiation, with a +10 bonus to your Diplomancy check.

This spell amplifies genuine sentiment, making it clear even without skillful poetics. If used to bluff, betray, or trick the targets, the spell automatically fails.

Joyful speech counters and dispels woeful speech.



+1 Midnight black Clouded steel modified verdatch.

More slender and elegant than any sword of its size, the back edge is serrated, the front edge a razor sharp curve. Amethysts line the length of the blade adding to its beauty.

Int 11 Wis 7 Cha 7 Ego 5
Saves Fort +6 Ref +5 Will +4
Bonus feat: Alertness
Blackblade strike extra+1 to damage using 1 pt from Requiem's pool.
Languages: Erenlander

1) Return to the hand: Requiem responds to Ilona's will as guided by her hand. This ability functions as Mage Hand spell.

2) Bright is the death: Requiem's blade burns with dark purplish flames. They are small in size, looking like the natural gas burning. They shed the light equal to that of a torch. This ability functions as Light spell.

3) Kiss of death: Whenever Requiem ends a life in the heat of battle, it drains a piece of the slain person's soul. Requiem absorbs 1d4 points of spell energy from the killed being, as long as it is alive and not undead, construct or similar creature. Requiem can store an amount of spell energy equal to his wielder's spellcasting ability modifier plus the wielder's character level (10)