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NG F Ranger 2/Fire Cleric 2/Tribal Psionicist 2 | HP 21/24 | PSP 83/93 | AC 2 | PPD 10 RSW 14 PP 10 BW 16 S 15 | Reaction Adj +0| Status: none

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Female Neutral Good Thri-Kreen
Ranger 2 (2554)/Cleric (Fire) 2 (2554)/Psionicist 2 (2554) round up? Down? Track the remainder? 2 remainder.
HP 24/24

Str: 14
Weight Allowed: 55, Max Press: 170, Open Doors: 8, Bend Bars/Lift Gates: 7%

Dex: 17
Reaction Adj: +2, Missile Attack Adj: +2, Defensive Adj: -3

Con: 18
HP Adj: +4, System Shock: 99%, Resurrection Survival: 100%

Int: 14
Proficiency: 4

Wis: 19
Mag Def Adj: +4, Bonus Spells: 3x1st, 2x2nd, 2x3rd, 1x4th, Spell Imm: Cause Fear, Charm Person, Command, Friends, Hypnotism

Cha: 10
Hench: 4

THAC0: 19

AC: 2

Saving Throws: +3 bonus vs dodgeable, +2 bonus vs enchantment/charm spells and the like.
Para, Pois, Death: 10
Rod, Staff, Wand: 14
Petr, Poly: 10
Breath: 16
Spell: 15

PSP: 93/93
Wild Talent: Daydream, Mindlink, Contact
Primary: Psychometabolism
Secondary: Telepathy
Psychometabolism: Metamorphosis
Psychometabolism: Photosynthesis, Enhanced Strength, Chameleon Power, Biofeedback
Telepathy: Psychic Crush (The Silt Horror)
Defense Mode: Mind Blank (The Void)

Fight two handed with no penalty
Move Silently: 26
Hide in Shadows: 20
Favored Enemy: Elves
Animal Handling

Fire Cleric
Heat, burning, or obsidian weapons
Major access to Fire
Minor access to Cosmos
Turn Undead
5x1st level spells
Cure Light Wounds x2, Detect Magic, Bless x2

Race Qualities:
Exoskeleton: Base AC is 5, cannot wear armor, rings, girdles, cloaks; can use wands, rods, staves, weapons, shields, and misc magic
Vestigial Antenna: Lessen darkness or blindness penalty by 1 or 5%, except for ranged.
Movement Rate 18
Four claw attacks 1d4
One bite 1d4+1

Weapon: Claw, Bite, Gythka, shortbow
Non-weapon: Thri-Kreen, Common, Tracking, Cooking, Rejuvenation, Direction Sense, Weather Sense, Hunting, Herbalism, Healing

obsidian bastard sword, obsidian short sword, obsidian battle axe, obsidian dagger, 1 & 10/14 units water, 2 units food, obsidian gythka, Tavric's femurs (2x bone clubs), obsidian chunk (holy symbol)

Vital Stats
Height: 7”, Weight: 460, Age: 6