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Full Name

Icarus Ras'Drexel




Factotum Lvl 4; Hp15/28, Perception4 Int2, Fort2 Ref5 Will4, AC16 T12 F13,








Common, Abyssal, Celestial, Draconic, Sylvan

Strength 12
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 19
Wisdom 7
Charisma 14

About Icarus Ras'Drexel

Favored class: Factotum +1 Skill pt/lvl
HP 28
Initiative +2
BAB +3

Strength 12 +1
Dexterity 14 +2
Constitution 12 +1
Intelligence 19 +4
Wisdom 7 -2
Charisma 14 +2

Fort 2 (1+1Con), Ref 6 (4+2Dex), Will 2 (1-2Wis+1Indomnitable Faith+2Iron Will)

AC 16 (10+3AC+2Dex+1Amulet of Natural Armor)

CMB +4, CMD +16

Masterwork Dagger +5 (1d4+1 19-20/x2, 10ft P/S), Throw +7 (1d4+2 if < or = 30ft)
Longbow +5 (1d8 19-20/x2, 80ft P), +6 (1d8+1 if < or = 30ft)

Inspiration points/encounter 3

Prepared spells Color Spray (lvl1) Detect Magic (lvl0)

12 skill pts/lvl
Acrobatics 9 (1+2Dex+4Int+3Class-1Armor)
Appraise 4Int
*Bluff 9 (4+2Cha+3Class)^
Climb 8 (1+1Str+4Int+3Class-1Armor)
Craft 4Int
Diplomacy 2Cha
Disable Device* 12 (4+2Dex+4Int+3Class-1Armor)^
*Disguise 9 (4+2Cha+3Class)^
Escape Artist 2Dex+4Int-1Armor
Fly 2Dex+4Int-1Armor
Handle Animal 8 (3+2Cha+3Class)
Heal -2Wis
Intimidate 2Cha
Knowledge(arcana) 8 (1+4Int+3Class)
(dungeoneering) 4Int
(engineering) 8 (1+4Int+3Class)
(geography) 8 (1+4Int+3Class)
(history) 4Int
(local) 4Int
(nature) 8 (1+4Int+3Class)
(nobility) 4Int
(planes) 8 (1+4Int+3Class)
(religion) 8 (1+4Int+3Class)
Perception* 5 (4+-2Wis+3Class)^
Perform -2Wis
Profession(Driver)* 5(9) (4-2Wis+3Class)+4Land
Ride 9 (1+2Dex+4Int+3Class-1Armor)
*Sense Motive* 5 (4-2Wis+3Class)^
Sleight of Hand* 10 (2+2Dex+4Int+3Class-1Armor)
*Spellcraft* 11 (4+4Int+3Class)^
Stealth* 10 (2+2Dex+4Int+3Class-1Armor)
Survival -2Wis
Swim 1Str-2Armor
Use Magic Device* 10 (4+2Cha+3Class+1Dangerously Curious)^

Masterwork Dagger
Coldiron Dagger
Dagger 2gp/ea 1d4 19-20/x2 P/S - (4)
Quarter Staff - 1d6/1d6 x2 B 4lb
Long bow 75gp 1d8 x3 100ft P 3lb
Arrows 1gp/20 (40) 3lb/20
Short Sword 10gp 1d6 19-20/x2 P 2lb
Studded Leather Armor 25gp +3 5 0 20lb

Backpack 2gp 2lb
Bedroll 1sp 5lb
Blanket, winter 5sp 3lb
Case, map/scroll 1gp/ea (2) 1lb
Chalk (10) 1sp -
Flint and Steel 1gp -
Pouch, belt 1gp/ea (2) 1lb
Water skin 1gp 4lb
Rope, silk 10gp 5lb

Spell book 15gp 3lb
Disguise kit 50gp 8lb
Masterwork Thieves tools 100gp 2lb
Wooden holy symbols (all?)

Travlers outfit -

Wand of CLW 50charges

311gp 3sp

Inspiration: Gains number of inspiration points at the beginning of each encounter according to level.
Cunning insight: Before an attack roll, damage roll, or saving throw an inspiration point can be spent to add Int bonus as a modifier to the roll
Cunning Knowledge: Adds Factotum lvl as modifier to skill check
Trapfinding: As a rogue
Arcane dilettante(2 spells, lvl 1): Spend an inspiration point to mimic a spell as a spell like ability
Brains over Brawn: Gain Int bonus as a modifier to Str checks, Dex checks, and checks involving skills based on Str or Dex.
Cunning Insight: You can spend 1 Inspiration point to gain your Int mod as a dodge bonus to AC against 1 opponent for 1 round. Free action. Can be used multiple times to gain the benefit against multiple opponents but it does not stack against the same opponent.
Cunning Strike: You can spend 1 Inspiration point to gain +1d6 sneak attack damage.

Point-Blank Shot: You get a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls with ranged weapons at ranges of up to 30 feet.
Skilled Driver(Land): Gain +4 bonus on driving checks with made with one vehicle.
Iron Will +2 to will saves

Dangerously Curious: You gain a +1 bonus on Use Magic Device checks, and Use Magic Device is always a class skill for you.
Indomitable Faith: +1 Will Saves

Icarus Ras'Drexel grew up the son of a farmer, when he was young he helped his father plow the fields, fix things around the farm, and drive the wagon into town to sell their goods. One day while in town some ruffians came through and started trouble in the market place. Icarus stepped up and confronted the men first using diplomacy and when that failed switching to fighting the men off from the woman that they where harassing. After the men fled another man who had watched the whole thing approached Icarus giving him a book with no explanation and then leaving. As Icarus read the book he learned about a group of people that could do anything they put their minds too, casting a spell or fighting as well as a fighter. He found the book interesting but did not put much stock into it. Less then a year later a band of orcs and goblins rolled through destroying his families farm and causing his parents to decide to move to the city on their savings. This did not sit well with Icarus and he decided strike out on his own.

during his travels Icarus was digging though his bag one night and again came across the book that was given to him. At this point every town that he stopped in he would assume the guise of a certain traveler that matched one of the buildings in the town. A acolyte if there was a church or a apprentice if there was a wizard tower learning something at each place that he went to, perfecting his disguises and stories as he passed from town to town, working odd jobs for money. Until he saw a tattered add nailed to a post...

Icarus is very secretive, not telling people his real name or abilities, he can drive a carriage and knows his way around a few weapons and armor. He keeps mainly to himself mostly because he doesn't stay in one place or disguise long enough to make friends. His goals are simple, looking for knowledge and abilities and enough gold to keep himself clothed and fed. He is also interested in magical items and will obtain them through questionable means if necessary.