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If you have traps, those also have CR ratings as well.

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how about if you have a -10 to profession (cook) then you might be able to set water on fire.

there is we be goblins, we be goblins too, and we be goblins free all as free downloads on this site (full pdf).....is the kobolds a different company?

actually if you talking about the bomb class feature, it specifically says you can

"A bombchucker doesn’t get in the way of preparing and throwing a bomb created with the bomb class feature."

As I understand it, you have to move into flanking position unless its something the animal would normally do (wolves are known to flank for hamstringing), or teach it a trick.

Otherwise there is the teamwork feat "pack flanking" (don't know how to link) from the ACG that makes you and your pet flanking if you are sharing the square or adjacent to each other.

I use it on my goblin riding mantis, he grapples, I hit, we both get the overflank bonus :).

remember you share your teamwork feats with your companion as a hunter at level 3 (hunter tactics).

This I know for base class, don't know about the archtypes.

Clear the basement of rats for old lady higgins...oh she forgot to mention that they are dire rats. And a demon is going to blow up the world, enjoy.

Don't forget that your weapon is still masterwork even if it is no longer magical so you still get the +1 to attack while inside the AMF.

Junayd Ibn Sabbah wrote:
Check out http://rockymountainpfs.com, if you haven't so far. It's a pretty active community there.


Game every Friday at heroes and dragon on Academy from 2-3 tables, sometimes more. If your military, there is one on Fort Carson that does it every Thursday.

Pretty much its a lot of skill boost items. I'm not that well versed in the making of magic items but it requires a masterwork tool (shovel) and then enchant with say profession farmer or whatnot. Same thing with the beer (creates it faster or gives the employees higher chance and makes more expensive (masterwork) beer).

With your pomp nobleman, that sounds like a prestidigitation enchantment. Which I think there might be an item.

But for the everyday stuff, a skill bonus will be the cheapest route, although still more expensive than a normal farmer, butcher, smith can probably afford unless they have some heft contracts or owners.

Check the CRB, I believe it has item creation in there, if not, there is a revised version in Ultimate campaign, and I think descriptions in ultimate equipment along with some examples (cloak of elvenkind is +5 stealth for 2500g, or 1250g if you craft it, as an example).

Quintain wrote:

Challenging psionics characters is no different than challenging a gish or straight caster type character. It will all depend on what they have selected for powers.

You must always remember the golden rule of Psionics: The number of power points a character can spend on a power is equal to or less than his manifester level for that specific power. This is an absolute rule that cannot be broken.

There are ways of artificially increasing your manifester level, but those are feat/class specific.

Moreover, psionic powers are more resistable due to the power's DC being based on the level of the power, which is not increased when it is augmented. (Feats can modify this).

It is also more prone to dispels for the same reason. A inertial armor power that is augmented to provide +10 to AC at really high level still gets dispelled as a level 1 power, regardless of the manifester level. (There are currently no feats that modify this aspect of psionic powers).


Have the enemies spread out to avoid the aoe abilities, use tactics, cover, energy resistance is an iffy since some powers can change (with feats) on a whim otherwise its chosen at the beginning of the day.

Manifester level is their psionic levels from classes. So a level one power costs 1 power point. At level one, the character can only use one power point for that power and can't augment it (in the powers area augmenting makes different abilities duration etc, for more power points) But at level 10 he can spend up to 10 power points on a power. A lot of GM's don't know that since psionics is kinda niche 3PP material (dreamscarred press has the majority of these books).

So the best way is to get his references and do a little study. But it can be combatted with the normal means you would use against any other caster/melee caster type. Spread out the combatants to avoid aoe or the awesome bouncing energy ball. Make a decision if magic is the same as psionics (are they separate powers or are they the same as divine/arcane is in standard PF) Also pay attention to his power points, that's where a lot of people mess up giving themselves more power than necessary.

It also depends on if you are running psionics as a different power source than magic. If so then you will need some of the beasts from the psionic bestiary as they will have methods to negate and dampen psionic prowess.

If you have them as being the "same" power, then your beasts with spell resistance and what not will also be useful.

But definitely forcing them to either use more tactics or more resources will help in making it more challenging. also, mind effects...depending on his psionic type many abilities require the opponent to have a mind.

Tangaroa wrote:
There are no Core games being run in my particular part of Colorado, due to lack of interest. There is no real interest in replay. I cannot speak as other areas of this (relatively large) state.

Where is that at? I'm in the springs

My neighbour totoro, anime by same guy who did "howls moving castle" and "Princess mononoke"

TimD wrote:
Hzardus wrote:
The question I have is Grenadier. It is legal in the Field guide, but not listed as authorized in the monster codex although everything about it is the same minus the initial title that states "The following archetype is common among hobgoblin alchemists, who wish to maximize their destruction."

... or, as an alternate phrasing to the Powers-That-Be: as the text of the alchemist grenadier archtype in the Monster Codex appears to be exactly the same text as that appearing in the Pathfinder Society Field Guide, save the specification that hobgoblins often take the archtype, would you please look at the Monster Codex Grenadier again for inclusion in additional resources, or advise why it is illegal when it is mechanically the same archtype?


This ^ and if there is other portions that pop up that are similar (like other items or archtypes etc.) circumstances. Mainly to avoid purchasing a whole different book for that one thing if the player already has a resource available but was overlooked for whatever reason. Its understandable those that put the additional resources together might miss some specifics like this from multiple sources.

I would like a clarification on the use of authorized material, one from a fully legal book (field guide) compared to the segment in one that isn't fully listed (Monster Codex).

The question I have is Grenadier. It is legal in the Field guide, but not listed as authorized in the monster codex although everything about it is the same minus the initial title that states "The following archetype is common among hobgoblin alchemists, who wish to maximize their destruction."

So it is stated in a fully authorized source, but not part of the list in the other segmented source. Can I use the segmented source as proof of resource? And will this work for other items that are worded the same?

(if I misread the class then please correct me and I'll take the lashes).

Alright I'll move this too the additional resource thread. That seems the best option for an overall. Because my gm wasn't sure either. I'm hoping it was an oversight. I got the book for a birthday gift, so just wondering.

claudekennilol wrote:
You need to have the source on hand and the additional resources saying its legal. So if you don't have the field guide, your GM has no way of knowing whether or not the text is the same in the Monster Codex or not.

So if someone else has the field guide there, and it matches up word for word, is my source viable (monster codex in this example). That is what I'm asking, if nothing else is different but the book.

Especially considering the GM has the field guide there saying it is legal from that resource.

If there is material in multiple areas, but one of the books does not have it listed in the reference authorized list, can I still use that book as a reference for the subject.

I ask because the grenadier archetype is in the field guide and the monster codex, but it is not listed in the authorized section for the monster codex (hobgoblin) and I do not own the field guide.

So unless I read them differently they have the same wording.

I'm asking if I can use the monster codex as my reference guide instead.

Bump...Anybody :)

Hi all, just got positioned here for a 6 month rotation, and was wondering if there was any PFS games going on at smith barracks.

Merchants (traveling/stall)

All the above, but maybe reskinned to different locales (osiron, cheliax, tianxia etc.)

Are you asking for the actual setting, or the game itself?

For the setting, Kasmud hit it pretty well. Then there is the locale specific, what type of area do you like more.

Far north viking. Egyption, african, regular medieval.

If 3.5 is allowed (since this isn't a pfs forum thread)There was the grey paladin from complete scoundrels, and there is another off class that makes it a CG paladin instead of LG, forgot the name and book of that one.

I think your just having fun looking for merisiel pictures rak :)

a spell or cursed item that saved the warriors life but in turn forces him to obey the wizard (lesser geas maybe).

Heh "pours a potion of curelight wounds (that he just found in the rubble) down the warriors throat not realizing it carried a curse.

Dang those old wizards and their sense of humor.

along the lines of above, make a new spell or ritual that binds them...whether voluntary or not...or make some sort of surgical process to put a bomb into the warrior that explodes whenever the wizard wants. Some other homebrew item that is cursed that causes agonizing pain to the warrior if they disobey or try to take it off (with or without help by anyone but the wizard).

I'm thinking that the wizard might be evil because of the enslavement detail

very beginning of all the books it has a recommended area for levels, I generally went by that as a guideline.

like I said miss marvel :)

edit:but did not know there were that many captain marvels, yeesh.

yup, I think OP mean miss marvel?

that is the problem with some casters at low level.

A wizard can fill all of his spell slots with the same spell if he wants, and then change it again when he rests for the day. But yes, he can run out of spells in one encounters. But remember, you can still use scrolls, wands, and whatever melee/range weapon you have. Also, you have unlimited use of your lvl 0 spells that you have memorized for the day.

well, that would explain why, says it can't be used for other publishers stuff.

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dreamscarred press ultimate psionics :) just cause...well...its psionics baby.

galahad2112 wrote:

@ XMorsX

Right, I'm not saying that wis is unimportant, just that the only thing it has over dex is ki (which is very important, so he should still put points into it). While wis CAN affect your attack rolls, dex already does, and will continue to do so, so no harm, no foul there...As for the Stunning Fist, doesn't the Zen Archer give that up for Perfect Strike?

@ Hzardus

Actually, the requirements for rage prophet are:
1) BAB +5
2) Oracle's Curse class feature
3) Moment of Clarity rage power
4) Knowledge (religion) 5 ranks
5) Ability to cast 1st level divine spells

They also gain a 3/4 caster progression with ANY divine spellcasting class they possess (prior to gaining the PrC), but only that one class. Thus you could have an Oracle/Barbarian/Cleric/Druid go into this PrC (why they would, I don't know, but it is a legal combo), and they could choose to increase their Druid casting OR their Cleric casting OR their Oracle casting...but only 1 casting class gets the increase.


True, been a minute since I actually looked at it, knew that it dealt with some actual part of the oracle. And unless for flavor, there isn't any reason to go into any of the other ones because as it is stated, the levels of RP stack with curse/revelation/rage power abilities. So it would do more harm than good to multiclass more than necessary.

I would suggest basic barbarian unless they will be leveling more barbarian levels later, when PrCing, you don't get high enough in the class to really benefit from their later on abilities. Rage prophet gains lvls in oracle/barb for revelations/curses and ragepowers, not other special class abilities (from what I recall) such as the invulnerable ragers damage reduction. And it has to be an oracle class not a cleric (requirement is revelation for the prc)

I went life oracle for a chaotic paladin feel, rage with falchion not bad. Another good few are battle/metal/wood, using a great club while raging and shelelagh means pain. And remember, some revelations can only be had at higher levels (combat healing I think is a good one, but lvl 11 oracle if I remember correctly)

Monk is definitely and advanced class to understand and use properly, they are in a way a great battlefield controller, but I've seen the zen push out some massive damage.

sometimes the basic class is as powerful as any of the archetypes and usually less confusing. So base druid wouldn't be bad, can make it any way they want and still use the wolf companion. Magic fang is your friend.

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Any limb attachment should be viable with a qualified crafter, maybe make one with changeable attachments like capt. hook from peterpan. Hook, punching dagger, poison vial, claw hand. lock pick attachment, things like that.

Flask of grease or oil, (acts as grease spell for one square), caltrops, using objects around (table, chairs). Marbles. Smashing the wooden floor (if available, and deepenough to make difficult terrain...my dog (no seriously, she is always underfoot).

It was a roll for ability style and she got lucky with her roles, hence why most are pretty dang high. Thanks for all the advice guys, I will look into it a bit more and try to work with her to tailor it to how she wants more.

I (gm) gave her destruction cause she seemed to like it. I like the reach cleric variant. I have Ultimate magic/combat, APG, ARG, core and 1001 spells for reference for them.

I'm now considering
1.selective channel (just cause hitting your party sucks)
3.combat reflexives
5.power attack
7.either quicken channel, or command undead, depending on how she is liking it.
Don't know if it will get too much higher

putting lvl 4 and 8 boost into wisdom. With magic items I'm expecting a balanced character type.

Most of the spells I'm looking into will be more buffs witha few utilitarian spells, again, spellcaster not my forte

I would like a layout on maybe what feats to go for later on, and what spells would be beneficial at the level later, along with gear, as she plays I'll explain why these specific things are chosen and how it benefits her, like I said, brand new to the game for her.


Catfolk (stats already adjusted
STR 16
Dex 16(+2)
Con 14
Int 13
Wis 14(-2)
Cha 16(+2)

Destruction domain

She wants to be more frontline, I'm just bad at casters, but she liked the idea of coming up and slapping them with an inflict spell.


Hi all, I have turned to the good people at paizo to help out one of my brand new to rpg players evil cleric. This is for Way of the Wicked AP.

She wants to be kinda in your face with the inflict spell slapping.

I'm not good with spellcasters, or hybrid spell/fighter like so thats why I'm coming to you guys for help. A good balanced class would be decent, keeping it cleric for the sake of confusion. Gear and spell selection along with feats would be helpful. Cleric of asmodeus (vanilla to the setting).

Blood of moon #23

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Thank you very much mikaze, and like I said, I'm gifting it to my wife for christmas :)

Blood of the moon #13 :) good number

Mysteries of the dead side for my wife...evil spellcasting woman, and book of heroic races:reapers please.

And happy holiday(whichever you celebrate)

MightyK wrote:

How could anybody suggest anything?

Its up to her.
She is new to RPGs, that means its all about getting her hooked!
Let the veterans fill a role that is needed by the party.
The newbies need to be able to play what they feel like playing.

Try to explore her interest: Fighting with Weapons or with Magic?
Brute or Dex? / Divine or Arcane?

Or just ask her about fantasy characters she likes!

Or let her tell you a backstory she comes up with and you go together exploring what class this person she tells about might have become.

this too

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simple melee like fighter would be good, or the rogue as long as someone is willing to help without taking control of the character, the rogue will give a good base for understanding different concepts while giving some rp flair.

"Search for traps pooky"

This is a great website for random rolls of...well...almost everything.

It wasn't her choosing it, I said I would build it for her so not to dissuade her from learning how to make characters and becoming overwhelmed with the choices. I'll see if she would like any other animal, but like I said, she really pressed unicorn.

I'm hoping to at least get her to enjoy it a bit. Might just give her a unicorn with waterwalking as a constant ability. she's not very imaginative so I don't think she would find a way to exploit it.

Again, this is a homebrew game, and there will probably only be about 3 players and a gmnpc

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