I need a really short campaign idea!!


So my cousin has been interested in D&D and Pathfinder for a while apparently, and when once he found out that I play it he started begging me to play with him. Any ideas for a short campaign I could go through with him? I'd prefer an Urban setting but really any is fine.

Mmh, yeah, there's a free DND one that might work... The (Something) Signet...

Basically: you are tasked with recovering a nobleman's signet. You need to get information on where it might be. One path that I remember leads you to this woman who tells you where the signet is in exchange for a secret about the PC's life - if your PC tells her something that she might consider valuable, she'll tell you that a pair of burglar brothers have the ring, and that they are in this pub. After that, you follow her lead and you get ambushed in an alley by two muggers. After you drive them off/kill them/get mugged by failing at combat, you continue to the pub where the burglar brothers who have the signet are. The pub is pretty crowded and the guys don't want to get into a fight, so they challenge your PC to a series of games to see who gets the signet - the games are arm-wrestling, walking across a narrow railing on the second floor of the pub, and something else I forgot. You can do Perform checks while you do those stunts to rally up the crowd in your favor even if you don't do that well in the check itself. If you win enough challenges, they'll give you the ring. Otherwise they'll leave and you'll fail the mission but get XP anyway.

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The Beginner Box is a fine introduction.

Solo games really have to be tailored to the PC. My luck has been best heavily improvising, using challenges appropriate to their abilities.

Make sure they always have an out and/or their enemies have a reason to KO not kill. A dead PC kills the story, an unconscious PC sets up the next chapter.

It all depends on what they want to do and can do.. At 1st level it could be their final test to graduate from their class's school, recovering an appropriate object from a structured course or nominally safe area.. Or getting out of hand celebrating, waking up naked, and having to track/investigate their gear and their forgotten adventures while hungover.. Returning to their village to see it burnt and looted by goblin raiders, and either going to the closest Garrison for help and/or tracking them down and avenging their village.. Travel through difficult territory to get to a mercenary or adventure guild recruiter before the recruiting season ends..

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Campaign idea:

The king has been kidnapped by NINJAS.

Are your party members bad enough dudes to rescue the king?

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Kobolds stole all the animals on the farm! Heroes are needed to follow the trail of chicken feathers, cow pies, and kobold tracks to find our missing animals and return them! But wait when you find their trap laden lair, and slay some kobolds, the heroes learn that the kobolds are being bullied by others to steal them some food (could be lizardfolk, orcs, a younger dragon, something else? Your choice), will the heroes slay all they encounter or can will they negotiate a truce to deal with the true villains?

Youre in prison, your best friend, father or favorite cat is about to be executed next week.
Whats you plan?

tsuruki wrote:
favorite cat

If he sais "But all my cats are my favorite" reply "And all of them are headed for the gallows"

Clear the basement of rats for old lady higgins...oh she forgot to mention that they are dire rats. And a demon is going to blow up the world, enjoy.

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First Steps can be run by a newbie in 3 hours, and teaches all of the basics of the game. It's actually designed for just that.

Thanks everyone!!!! I'll be sure to look through the Beginner's Box and First Steps, then if he likes it I'll run the other ideas for him afterwards if he enjoys it. As trivial as this question seems, it helps me out a lot~ Thanks again!

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PC(s) hungry.
Orcs have pie.

Not an Urban setting, but We Be Goblins is a short, fun campaign. You can find it free on paizo's site.

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Campaign, or module/adventure?

A great mini-campaign is Dragon's Demand. Can download PDF from Paizo at a reasonable price.

It start at level 1, ends at level 7, has some fun comic relief, some interesting battle scenarios, some moral quandaries, puzzles, and hey you get to fight a dragon :-)

Everybody plays halflings. :P

I had one idea that could be pretty fun. your group of party members take on a quest from a talking Otter. the Otter says that an evil witch turned him into an otter and he needs an adventurers crew to take him to the witch and force her to turn him back. he says that he's rich and he'd give them all of his money if they could turn him back.

they go to the witches home but the door is locked and magic is cast on it so the only way around is the back enterence. cue dangerous alleyway with thugs, sewer with monster rats and dungeon basement with whatever you want in there.

adventurers finally find the witch and discover that the witch is only 12. she agrees to turn the otter back and it turns out the otter is her 10 year old brother. he gives them all his money which amounts to a child's savings and the whole party feel embarrassed as f*%+.

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