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Radu the Wanderer wrote:

At level 12, destroying a +1 magical weapon is piffling. Even had we sold it it's only 250 gp a piece.

Why 250 gp?

It should be 50% of market price, which means with a +1 weapon 1150 gp + half the base price of the weapon. Even at lvl 12, that is not negligible.

So yes, I think using sunder to destroy magical armor or weapons is not too clever and I can understand that the players in your group are complaining.

Avistan is too small for my taste.

Sangalor wrote:

But I dare say that when the intention is to build a "survivable" character and the OP consistently has problems surviving with his builds, recommending a minus to one of the two most important saves in the game is not advice to furthering that end :-)
In our campaigns you would be dead pretty quickly with those minuses - even with the paladin bonus. :-/

Sure, every character rolls perception. But the encounters where enemies are immediatly in close combat range should be the excepetion. In environments, where ambush is likely, scouts can be employed.

A low will save is not pretty, but if a Wis 7 Paladin with his +5 or more to all saving throws will be "dead pretty quickly" in yor campaigns beacause of his lacking Will save, I assume a Fighter, Rogue or Barbarian won't be a feasible choice at all, right? Since, unless they have Wis 16 or more (highly unlikely), their Will save will be even worse....

stringburka wrote:
SunsetPsychosis wrote:
If you are consistently getting ambushed without the opportunity to have buffs up, then your party is doing it completely wrong.

Saying that they're doing it wrong is unhelpful and without knowing the campaign, a little disrespectful. Depending on situation and character level, it can be more or less impossible to prepare properly.

** spoiler omitted **...

Anyway, claiming that a Sor or Wiz with Wsidom 7 is not "survivable" is a little outlandish. I have a Wizard and a Paladin with Wis 7 in my group, use the rules as written as far as ambushes / initiating encounters / Will-saves are concerned and the characters so far (lvl 9/10) had little trouble.

wraithstrike wrote:

It is all up to the GM and playstyle. Failing Will saves is a bad thing, and so is failing perception checks, at least in my games. Now if the DM does not bother with such things then I would agree to dump them.

But this is true for all characters and at least Sor & Wiz get good Will save progression.

As for perception: Usually it is enough if one or two characters in the party have good perception (often druids or rangers). If they detect an ambush / enemies, they can alarm the rest of the party.

BigNorseWolf wrote:

I strongly believe no. Armor for a velociraptor isn't any harder to enchant, its just harder to make.

For raw support

Armor, shields, weapons, and items with value independent of their magically enhanced properties add their item cost to the market price.

So you simply add the value of masterwork tiger armor or whatever to the cost of a +2 enhancement and get +2 studded leather armor fit for a tiger

I'm slightly less sure about the masterwork armor component being doubled or not.

A masterwork suit of armor or shield costs an extra 150 gp over and above the normal cost for that type of armor or shield.

That sounds to me like large masterwork plate mail or masterwork Horse plate mail is still only 150 more than regular old plate mail.

Thanks for the input!

What about the cost for mithral / adamantit etc.?

The rules state that barding costs two or for times (depending on the size of the mount) as much as the corresponding humanoid armour.

Does this multiplicator extend to the cost of enchantment?

james maissen wrote:
Hyla Arborea wrote:

One of my players plays a Gnome Paladin (lvl 9) with a medium size boar mount.

He plans to have reduce person cast permanently on his Gnome.

Will this affect his ability to ride his mount?

As others have said he won't be able to fast mount/dismount if the boar is medium sized.

Now if you could have some way for the Paladin to cast Reduce Person on the boar, then it could be made permanent (say via a scroll of it UMD'd by the paladin).

But perhaps you don't need to bother with fast mount/dismount,


Thanks all, that was helpful.

The boar will stay size medium of course. It has been very effective in melee so far.

sieylianna wrote:
You don't make a survivable arcane caster by having a 7 Wisdom

Why not? Wisdom is pretty much a dump stat for Sorcerers and Wizards.

LazarX wrote:

What, small weapon damage isn't bad enough for him? Remeember if he does that he'll be reduced to using Tiny weapons which go one die step smaller in damage. And you don't even want to think about how far south his CMD will go.

Is having a +1 size AC worth that much?

He does this for the +2 Dex, which he needs for Improved Precise Shot. He does almost all of his damage with smite evil and deadly aim anway - the tiny weapon will not bother him much.

One of my players plays a Gnome Paladin (lvl 9) with a medium size boar mount.

He plans to have reduce person cast permanently on his Gnome.

Will this affect his ability to ride his mount?

Abraham spalding wrote:

Are they neutral? Are they part of any neutral?

Why yes, yes they are. Same as LN and CN.

Ok, that was my opinion too. In older versions of the game the alignments were explicitly spelled out: d20 SRD

The change to the wording "any neutral" raised some doubts with some people.

They could make a (weak IMHO) case with the fact that:

"any evil" = three aligments
"any lawful" = three alignments

Only "any neutral" encompasses five alignmenmts.

Allowed alignment for druids: "any neutral".

Does this include NE and NG?

c873788 wrote:

When I GM, I make all the rolls of the dice visible to my players. I don't hide any rolls behind the screen. If they get a critical against them that could kill their character, so be it. This gives the game an edge making it a real challenge and the players know I'm not being soft on them.

I believe that this is the best way to handle the game. Fudging is not for me.

I meant the PFS "scenarios" of course.

The modules are always 32 pages as far as I know (page count is always stated on their product pages in any case).

I own about 75% of them I guess (including the older 3.5 ones), and thought about looking at the PFS scenarios additionally. I won't be playing PFS though.

I downloaded the free intro scenarios and will take a look. If I like them I might buy a few additional scenarios.

Thanks for your help!

How many pages does an average PFS module have?

This information is not provided on the product page.

samerandomhero wrote:

She has a planehopping ship and leads pirate raids on the heavens, hells, city of brass and other elemental attractions of note, and so much more.
She is the scourge of everywhere there is a sea, whether it be one of water, fire, shadow, blood, souls, you get the idea.

Ok, I'm sold. That sounds really cool.

Besmara, Goddess of Piracy?

I guess it was inevitable, that Golarion would approach a FR - like amount of gods someday.

OberonViking wrote:


can you Sneak attack on an AoO?


OberonViking wrote:

Such as when flanking and the foe casts a spell?


OberonViking wrote:

Can you SA when you have concealment?


OberonViking wrote:

When the foe has concealment?


OberonViking wrote:

When you both have concealment?


OberonViking wrote:

Can you SA when the foe or you have cover?

Hm. Not sure. Yes, I think.

You rode towards the thing in open field, and then the encounter starts at 60 feet distance? And the guy is flatfooted?

You should have rolled Ini as soon as you were able to see each other, which would have been more like 1000 feet (or more). Then go round by round (movement, spells, ranged attacks). Yes, the JW is flat footed if you beat it in Ini, but at 1000 or so feet distance, not at 60ft. This is ridiculous.

How many pages does an average PFS module have?

Gabriel Albasombria wrote:

. You must to cast defensively to make a touch attack.

Really? I don't think so.

EDIT: You're right. I've done this wrong since 3.0 it seems.

Quantum Steve wrote:

Because Greater Magic Weapon is balanced around weapons, and the Amulet of Mighty Fists is balanced around Flurry of Blows and Natural Attacks.

NA sure, flurry of blows - no way.

Otherwise: What Grae wrote.

Quantum Steve wrote:

Because it's a spell. Spells don't work the same as items, nor should they have to.

Why then is:

"Because its flurry. Flurry dioes not work the same as TWF, nor should it have to."

NOT a valid argument in your view?

Balance-wise I think there can be no doubt that an amulet of mighty fists with its price halved would not make the monk an uberclass at all, but instead help a class thats arguably one of the weakest in the game.

Quantum Steve wrote:

If a Temple Sword is superior, despite not getting the Monk's bonus damage, then use it and take your free money.

The reason unarmed Monks pay 25% more to TWF is not because they get good damage. Weapon using Monks get 50% off because they don't get good damage.
The reason unarmed Monks pay 25% more is because of the unique advantages they get with unarmed attacks. They don't have to hold their weapons, you can't take their weapons away, they get full Str and PA on offhand attacks, etc.
Maybe 25% more to enchant is too much to pay for a Monks unique weapons, but unarmed Monks aren't so worthless that they need great weapons with great unique benefits and great damage, AND free money.

Why then can one enchant a monks unarmed strike with greater magic weapon? This is not consistent with your view of flurry as TWF. Why? Because flurry ISN'T TWF, but a unique monk special ability, for which he shoulnd't be penalized.

Quantum Steve wrote:
Hyla Arborea wrote:
Quantum Steve wrote:

Why are Monks the only class that need free money to TWF?

There is absolutely no need to nerf or penalize flurry by making it insanely expensive to enchant unarmed blows.

A Monks unarmed blows are a lot better than their armed attacks, that's why Monks use them.

How is a 25% increase to cost "insanely expensive"? Especially considering all the advantages unarmed attacks get.


Question: Do you feel Fighters should pay more for their weapon echantments, because the get Weapon Specialization, Weapon Training and an bucketload of Combat Feats?

Quantum Steve wrote:

Why are Monks the only class that need free money to TWF?

There is absolutely no need to nerf or penalize flurry by making it insanely expensive to enchant unarmed blows.

Lathiira wrote:
Cloistered cleric. You give up some of your armor proficiencies, most of your weapon proficiencies, one domain, and one spell of each level from your daily allotment. In exchange, you get better Knowledge skill checks, better saves vs. a limited set of spells, an expansion on Aid Another checks, and Scribe Scroll for free. The problem is that now you have serious problems functioning in melee without multiclassing, yet your spellcasting gets a serious punch in the kidneys too, leaving you with little to do in battle.

I think this archetype is meant more for NPCS.

Quantum Steve wrote:

Monks have full Bab when flurrying.

Oh, youre right of course. Still, do you really want to compare a TWF Fighter at say lvl 15 or 20 to a flurrying monk at the same lvl (both can invest the same amount of money into their weapons / amulet of mighty fists) and claim the monk will have any change to come close in dmg?


Since most damage comes from STR, then I'm sure you won't have any problems with my Rogue duel wielding large great clubs. They're only 2d8 20/x2.

You can do what you like in your game. :)

What I meant is that 2d10 or 1d8 isn`t that big of a difference if +1d6 energy damage, +3 enhancement damage, +6 STR bonus, +8 power attack bonus are added. (Of course, a Fighter will add +4 from improved weapon spec. & +4 weapon training to that!)

2d10 + 1d6 + 14 19-20/x2 (monk with unarmed strike & improved crit)
1d8 + 1d6 +22 15-20/x2 (fighter with scimitar * improved crit)

Still think the dmg dice are that big a deal?

Quantum Steve wrote:

That's because a Monk gets a significantly better damage die with his unarmed attacks than any other TWF character can ever hope for with their weapons.
The more you get, the more tax you pay. It's simple math.

No, its not so simple. There are a few BUTS you have not taken into account, if you compare the monk to a TWF Fighter:

A d20 sounds great for damage, but its only 20/x2 and most of the damage is done from STR bonus at high levels anyway.

3/4 BAB.

LazarX wrote:

Because it's like being able to enchant a double bladed or triple bladed weapon all parts at once for the price of one. The amulet affects any part ofyour body that you use to make an unarmed attack whether it's hand strike, foot strike, or head butt.

That is fluff reasoning, but makes no sense when you look at it from a game balance perspective. The monk can flurry with just one weapon, you know?

Our new houserule: starting at level 4, a monk is treated as if he had greater magic weapon (CL = monk class level) active as long as he has a ki point left.
Amulet of mighty fists can add further enchantments (holy, flaming...), which justifies its price tag.

hogarth wrote:
Because it could apply to three or more attacks, potentially (e.g. a monster with a claw/claw/bite attack routine).

Ok, and because of dragons, the monk has to suffer (even more).

The cost was lowered from three times to two-and-a-half times as a magical weapon with the equivalent bonus in PF, but its still insanely expensive.

Why? Please give me a reason, I can`t think of one.

ciretose wrote:
Interplanetary Portal Adventure Path

This. Possibly starting at higher lvl (5 for example), and going all the way to 17 or 20. It would be awesome if it contained sandboxy / exploratory elements.

I would dislike anything that massively restricted options at character creation (all casters path for example).

I recently reactivated my Campaign setting Subscription, after suspending it because of the upcoming Inner Sea setting book. I simply did not want to spend 25$ (or was it even more, like 40$? I cannot remember the exact amount) for shipping to Germany.

As far as I know there are no new Hardcover books scheduled in this product line. Or are there?

If yes, would it be possible to exclude them from the subscription somehow? I am sure I am not the only European who would welcome this option.

Aeshuura wrote:

Actually, I was planning to have them include much better secrets,

If you'd be willing to share your ideas, I would be grateful!

neal Arango wrote:
Check out the Pathfinder module, Godsmouth Heresy. I ran is as a side adventure for CoTCT, during History of Ashes while my group was traveling to the Cinderlands. It fits in well if your planning on the group stopping in Kaer Maga and also drops some subtle info on the Runelords.

Ok, thats nice to hear, since I ordered that module recently and it should be on its way. I suspect I will have to modify it heavily for a 8th/9th lvl group though.

I read City of Strangers for a second time yesterday and today, and I think its awesome. You made such an evocative and unique place out of it, one could run entire campaigns there.

There really should be a "Kaer Maga - The Boxed Set", with loads of maps, booklets and handouts.

Hm, I have to say that I was underwhelmed by the scrolls the black monk carries. I mean, a bunch of stan dard spells and the pw to the library. I think in the scrolls could be something much much cooler and meaningfuller for the campaign.

My group heard of Kaer Maga and decided to visit this awesome location. We finished HMM at this point. I have several questions:

It's deep winter. The group wants to travel from Turtleback Ferry to Kaer Maga. That shouldn`t be easy... I thought about throwing in a werewolf / worg attack in Ashwood. Any other, perhaps more creative, ideas?

My main question however is what kind of information can be aquired from the library in the Therassic spire.

Certainly information about the Runelords, the Sihedron rune, Sin Magic, the Fall of Thassilon. What about the Runeforge? The location of the Runeforge / Xin-Shalast? That information normally becomes available only much later in the AP. Do you think it would be very harmful to the campaign if the PCs aquired it at this point ( assuming good Knowledge rolls while studying the library)? Btw. what kind of bonus to the Knowledge rolls should the library grant? Would +5 or +10 be appropriate? What kind of entrance fee would you ask for the Therassic Spire in your campaign?

Nullpunkt wrote:
I didn't realize what pure gold RotRL is when it first came out so I don't own a copy of Burnt Offerings which, here in Germany, is sold at ridiculously high prices (around 100$). Even though I am currently playing in a RotRL campaign I would buy a reprint or anthology the moment it came out. I'd only hesitate to spend 50 bucks on shipping for a hardcover but should it become available at amazon or in my FLGS a major gap in my collection would be filled in a heartbeat.

70€ / 100$ is the amazon marketplace price, these prices are almost always completely ridiculous.

Was the number of printed copies of RotR ever disclosed by paizo?

I know the question has been answered / you bought the book and liked it, but I wanted to chime in and say that G&M ist probably my favourite PF Setting book. Its also very useful for any conceivable campaign in Golarion.

"The Great Beyond" ist also totally asewome. I usually take three setting books for quick reference to my sessions: Gazetter, G&M, The Great BEyond.

I like the idea, kind of, but I think its too early right now.

There are extensive RotR stat conversions on, and with .pdf RotR IS available very much right now.

So, to PLAY, no one would need the HC RotR. To OWN, and put into ones shelve, okay that would be nice.

But I think just now there are so much things in PF and Golarion left to explore that the people at paizo really shouldn't direct their efforts at reworking RotR.

Please cancel my Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscription.

Thank you!

Of course I do. I use the rules that are in the PFRPG core book for availability of magic items.

Ok! But are you sure that it worked? In my sidecart only the 15% subscription discount seems to be applied.

Thanks for your swift support!

Ok, thats great! I am not sure how to apply the promotion to my side cart though.

I just bought Bestiary 2 print + pdf. I applied a promotional code to this order which gives me 10% discount, valid only until the end of January.

I selected "ship with next subscription" during checkout, this will be on mid-february. Will the 10% discount still apply, or do I have to select "ship immediately" for this?

Please cancel my Pathfinder Companion and Pathfinder Campaign Setting subscriptions (but NOT my Pathfinder Adventure Path subscription). Thank you!

I think the rogue is not really needed to successfuly play most published adventures. For social encounters a CHA based caster will often be better suited, effects of traps are often very minor and negated by a few channel energy uses or other healing magic. Sneak attack is nice, but a well-built Fighter will always deal out more damage than any rogue.

A rogue can do a lot of things, but either he is not the best at a specific task, or it is not totally central to party survival.

You absolutely NEED healing magic, arcane magic and someone who can suck up and dish out melee damage. Everything else is nice to have but not essential - and so is the rogue.

gbonehead wrote:

So, at any point, at any location, a player with this spell can insist on a 50-mile radius map of the area showing all known locations and major landmarks in that area, including known ruins.

Yeah. That doesn't bring the game to a screeching halt.

I can see that this is highly problematic due to the amount of improvised information that the GM is forced to produce. I have to admit that I'd probably disallow this spell in my game.

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