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Hurgah the Unrelenting

Psion (Kineticist) – Level 1

Character Level: 1
EXP Points Gained: 0
EXP To Next Level: 1000
AC 10
CMD 12
HP 9 (1d6+2+1)
Fort (+0) +2, Ref (0) +3, Will (2) +4
Init + 3
Speed 30 ft
Power Points – 6
CMB -1
Ranged (+0 BAB, +3 dex) +3
Melee (+0 BAB, -1 str) -1

Strength: 8 (-1)
Dexterity: 16(+3)
Constitution: 13(+1)
Intelligence: 18(+4)
Wisdom: 14 (+2)
Charisma: 10 (0)
Acrobatics-- Dex +3

Autohypnosis Wis (1) +6
Bluff------Cha (1) +1 (Free ReRoll)
Climb--- y--Str+
Craft-- --Int
Diplomacy-- --Cha (1) +1 (Free ReRoll)
Disable Device (1) +8
Disguise-- 0
Escape Artist-- 0
Fly-- 0
Handle Animal-- y-- 0
Heal-- --Wis+2
Intimidate-- y-Cha 0
Knowledge – Arcana --Int (1)+8
Knowledge – Dungeoneering --Int 0 (+1 Underground)
Knowledge – Engineering --Int +4
Knowledge – Geography --Int +4
Knowledge – History --Int +4
Knowledge – Local -- ----Int (1) +8
Knowledge – Nature --Int +4
Knowledge – Nobility --Int +4
Knowledge – Planes --Int +4
Knowledge – Religion --Int +4
Linguistics - --Int 0
Perception—Wis +4
Perform - 0
Profession ---Wis
Ride----Dex+ 3
Sense Motive----Wis +2
Sleight of Hand-- +3
Spellcraft --- y +4
Stealth—Dex +3
Survival—Wis +2 (+3 Underground)
Swim - --Str -1
Use Magic Device--- Cha 0
Feat Name & Description:
Psionic Talent: +2 PP
Psionic Meditation - Move Action to become Psionically Focused)
Bonus Feat: Expanded Knowledge
Favored Class: Psion
1stlvl: +1hp
Lone Wolf: Whenever you are dying, your chance of stabilizing is 50%. Your vigorous health also grants you a +1 bonus on Fortitude saves.
Focused Mind: (+2 Concentration),
Racial and Class Skills & Abilities:
Detect Psionics: All psions, regardless of their chosen discipline, gain the ability to use detect psionics at will, as long as they maintain psionic focus. This does not require any power point expenditure, and the power cannot be augmented.
Base Speed: The lacertals have a base speed of 30 ft.
Cave Dweller: the lacertals gain a +1 bonus on Knowledge (dungeoneering) and Survival checks made underground. (1 RP)
Emissary: Once per day, lacertals can roll twice when making a Bluff or Diplomacy check and take the better roll.(1 RP)
Keen Senses: Lacertals receive a +2 racial bonus on Perception checks. (1 RP)
Sprinters: The lacertals are descended from a group of cursorial hunters that do sprint. They gain a +10 foot racial bonus to their speed when using the charge, run, or withdraw actions. (1 RP)
Natural Weapon: because of their claws on their feet, lacertals can kick with them and can do 1d4 points of damage. This is a secondary attack if a weapon is in hand, or a primary one without a weapon. (2 RP)
Naturally Psionic: The lacertals are a psionically active race. A lacertal gains the Wild Talent feat as a bonus feat at 1st level. If a lacertal takes levels in a psionic class, she instead gains the Psionic Talent feat.
Languages: Lacertals begin play speaking Draconic, Common, Dwarven, Goblin, Sylvan, and Aklo.
Equipment & Gear
Weight of Equipment:
Discipline Talents:

Far Hand:
Range Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Target A non-magical, unattended object weighing up to 5 lb.
Duration Concentration, up to 1 min.
Saving Throw None; Power Resistance No
Power Points psionic focus or 1

My Light:
Range Personal
Effect 40-ft. cone of light emanating from you
Duration 1 rd../level (D)
Power Points psionic focus or 1

Concentration +7
Control Object:

Range Medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./ level)
Target One unattended object weighing up to 100 lb.
Duration Concentration, up to 1 round/level
Saving Throw None; Power Resistance No
Power Points 1
You telekinetically “bring to life” an inanimate object. Though it is not actually alive, the object moves under your control. Live vegetation cannot be controlled in this fashion, nor can already animated objects or undead. The controlled object moves like a puppet, with jerky and clumsy movements, at a speed of up to 20 feet. If its form is rigid, it makes creaking, groaning, or grating sounds as you control it. A controlled object can attack an opponent if you direct it to do so. It has one slam attack, at a base attack bonus equal to your base attack bonus plus your Intelligence modifier. If the attack hits, it deals points of damage equal to 1d6 plus your Intelligence modifier. A controlled object has its usual hardness and hit points. You can use this power on a non-magical lock, making it move in such a way as to attempt to unlock itself. If another character makes a Disable Device check to open a lock in the device that you are concentrating on controlling, the character gains a +4 bonus on the check.
Augment You can augment this power in one or both of the following ways.
1. For every 2 additional power points you spend, you can control another object at the same time.
2. For every 2 additional power points you spend, the weight of the object you can control increases by 100 lb.

Expanded Knowledge
Astral Construct:

Range Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Effect One created astral construct
Duration 1 round/level (D)
Saving Throw None; Power Resistance No
Power Points 1
This power creates one 1st-level astral construct of solidified ectoplasm that attacks your enemies. It appears where you designate and acts immediately, on your turn. It attacks your opponents to the best of its ability. As a free action, you can mentally direct it not to attack, to attack particular enemies, or to perform other actions. The astral construct acts normally on the last round of the power’s duration and dissipates at the end of its turn.
Astral construct are not summoned; they are created on the plane you inhabit (using ectoplasm drawn from the Astral Plane). Thus, they are not subject to effects that hedge out or otherwise affect outsiders; they are constructs, not outsiders.
Augment For every 2 additional power points you spend, the level of the astral construct increases by one.

Energy Ray:

Range Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Effect Ray
Duration Instantaneous
Saving Throw None; Power Resistance Yes
Power Points 1
You create a ray of energy of your active energy type (cold, electricity, fire, or sonic) that shoots forth from your fingertip and strikes a target within range, dealing 1d6 points of damage, if you succeed on a ranged touch attack with the ray.
Cold A ray of this energy type deals +1 point of damage per die.
Electricity Manifesting a ray of this energy type provides a +3 bonus on your attack roll if the target is wearing metal armor and a +2 bonus on manifester level checks for the purpose of overcoming power resistance.
Fire A ray of this energy type deals +1 point of damage per die.
Sonic A ray of this energy type deals –1 point of damage per die and ignores an object’s hardness. This power’s subtype is the same as the type of energy you manifest.
Augment You can augment this power in one of the following ways. 1. For every additional power point you spend, this power’s damage increases by one die (d6). 2. If you expend your psionic focus when manifesting this power, the cost of the power is reduced by 1 (to a minimum of 0), but the damage is reduced to 1d3 and it cannot be further augmented.
Special A kineticist does not need to select an energy type for this power when he gains psionic focus. He may choose the type of damage at the time the power is manifested.

Entangling Debris:
Range: Long (400 ft. + 40 ft./lvl.)
Area: Matter in a 40-ft.-radius spread
Duration: Concentration, up to 1 min./lvl. (D)
Saving Throw: Reflex partial; see text; Power Resistance: No
Power Points: 1
You use telekinetic force to manipulate matter in the affected area, including wood, metal, grasses, bushes, and even trees, to entwine creatures in the affected area or those that enter the area, causing them to become entangled. The individual pieces of matter affected must weigh less than 25 lbs each and either cannot be permanently affixed or must be able to sufficiently reach creatures within the area. Affected creatures can break free and move half their normal speed by using a full-round action to make a DC 20 Strength check or a DC 20 Escape Artist check. A creature that succeeds on a Reflex save is not entangled but can still move at only half speed through the area. Each round you concentrate, you may once again direct the debris to attempt to entangle all creatures that have avoided or escaped entanglement.
Augment: This power may be augmented in one or more of the following ways.
1. For each additional 2 power points spent, this power can affect an area 5 ft. larger in radius.
2. By spending an additional 4 power points, this power causes 2d6 points of damage per round to creatures that failed their Reflex save.
In addition, for every 2 additional power points you spend to achieve any of these effects, this power's save DC increases by 1.

Money: 105 GP