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About Howard Andrew Jones

I’m the author of Through the Gate in the Sea, Beyond the Pool of Stars,
Plague of Shadows and Stalking the Beast, not to mention a few stories featuring Elyana and others for the Pathfinder setting. When I'm not playing in this sandbox I'm writing for St. Martin's, for whom I've written two Arabian fantasy novels, The Desert of Souls and The Bones of the Old Ones.

I’m proud to have been the driving force behind the rebirth of interest in Harold Lamb’s historical fiction, and have assembled and edited 8 collections of Lamb’s work for the University of Nebraska Press. I served as Managing Editor of Black Gate magazine from 2004-2012.

When not helping run my small family farm or spending time with my amazing wife and children, I can be found hunched over my laptop or notebook, mumbling about flashing swords and doom-haunted towers. I’ve worked variously as a TV cameraman, a book editor, a recycling consultant, and most recently, as a writing instructor at a mid-western college.