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YeuxAndI wrote:
I decided that since she was/is so incrediably beautiful she would stick in an artist's mind for a long time. Therefore, the statue of Desna in the Cathedral looks just like her. That way, when the PCs find the journal they're like WTF? Desna is a succubus?

I like this - I like this a lot. I was wondering the same thing about Nualia. It also hooks up nicely with a bit of added fun I was going to throw in. I have decided that the cathedral is complete in the usual way builders say something is finished - i.e. there have a month or so of further work to do tidying up and removing scaffolding. This way the fight sequences at the head of the scenario can have the added excitement of scrambling up scaffolding to catch a couple of goblins. Maybe the goblins try to squish the PCs by pushing the new statue of Desna / Nualia onto them. Or maybe the opening ceremony includes the revealing of the temple portico with attendant statuary.

Either way - nice red herring