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Full Name

Hobwise Hornblower


Treasure Hunter (7) | HP: 46/46 AC: 15 Spd: 25ft| Init: +4 Perc: +9 PP:15 | Short Bow: +7 (1d6+4), Broadsword +7 (1d8+4) | Inspiration: Yes





Strength 10
Dexterity 18
Constitution 13
Intelligence 11
Wisdom 16
Charisma 14

About Hobwise Hornblower

Culture: Hobbits of the Shire (+2 Dex)
Family Tie: Harfoot (+1 Wis)
Standard of Living: Prosperous
Shadow Weakness: Dragon-sickness
Height: 3'3"
Weight: 43 lb.
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Permanent Shadow Points: 2
Temporary Shadow Points: 1

== Combat ==

Initiative: +4
Hit Points: 46 (d8)
Armor Class: 15 (11+4)
Speed: 25

Leather Jerkin (AC 11)

Short Bow (+7, 1d6+4 Piercing), 20 Arrows
2 Daggers (+7, 1d4+4 Piercing)
Broadsword (+7, 1d8+4 Piercing)

Small Folk Virtue
Cunning Action
Sneak Attack +4d6 (when advantage on attack roll or if enemy is flanked or incapacitated)

Inspiration: no
Proficiency Bonus: +3
Passive Perception: 15

Saving Throws:
Strength 0
*Dexterity +6
Constitution +1
*Intelligence +2
Wisdom +3
Charisma +2
Corruption (Adv)

== Level Features ==

1st: Skill Expertise (Persuasion, Stealth), Night vision (60 ft)
2nd: Cunning Action (Bonus action during each turn - choose from Dash, Disengage, or Hide)
3rd: Class Archetype (Agent)
4th: Small Folk Cultural Virtue
5th: Uncanny Dodge
6th: Expertise (Perception, Thieves Tools)
7th: Avoidance

== Skills ==

*Acrobatics +7 (Dex)
Animal Handling +3 (Wis)
Athletics 0 (Str)
Deception +2 (Cha)
History 0 (Int)
Insight +3 (Wis)
Intimidation +2 (Cha)
Investigation 0 (Int)
Lore 0 (Int)
*Medicine +6 (Wis)
*Nature 3 (Int)
**Perception +9 (Wis)
Performance +2 (Cha)
**Persuasion +8 (Cha)
Riddle 0 (Int)
Shadow-Lore 0 (Int)
Sleight of Hand +2 (Cha)
**Stealth +10 (Dex)
Survival +3 (Wis)
*Traditions +3 (Int)

== Other Proficiencies ==

Thieves' Tools
Light Armor
Simple Weapons, Broadsword, Short Sword, Short Bow
Cook's Utensils
Disguise Kit
Forgery Kit

== Weapons & Equipment ==

Leather Jerkin
Short Bow
Quiver, 20 Arrows
2 Daggers
Thieves' Tools
Pocket handkerchief
Herbalism Kit
Reedmace, 1/2 sackfull
Reedmace salve, 3 doses
Fur-line cloak
Sack (for vegetables, fruits, seeds, etc., and other edible or medicinal plants)
Dwarf-made pots and pans
Cook's utensils
Pipe and pipeweed

14 copper coins

Encumberance: 52.5 lb.
Carrying Capacity: 120 lb.

== Racial Traits ==

Hobbit Nimbleness: May move through the space of any creature that is at least one size larger (Medium)
Unobtrusive: May attempt to hide even when obscured only by a creature at least one size larger (Medium)
Resilient: Advantage on Saving Throw vs Corruption
Noble Pursuits: Proficiency with Shortbows, Pipes, and Cook's Utensils
Hobbit Elusiveness: Proficiency in Stealth skill

== Virtue ==

Small Folk
You have learnt how to gain an advantage in a fight from being smaller than most of your opponents. When you are being attacked in melee combat by a creature bigger than you (very often), you can take a bonus action to step into the same square as your opponent. You have advantage on your attack rolls against that opponent, until your opponent chooses to take a step back to attack you (which will provoke an opportunity attack).

== Class Traits ==

Class Archetype: Agent

"But it appeared he was nobody’s friend, and nobody could recollect when he had joined their party."

The Agent relies on charm as much as stealth or wit. As such, while the Agent still knows a lot about getting into places normally barred to outsiders, they can often do so in the open by simply convincing people that they should be allowed to pass.

Bonus Proficiencies
You gain tool proficiencies with the disguise kit and the forgery kit, and gain proficiency with the Traditions skill if you don’t possess it already.

Secrets Gleaned
You are adept at observing the plans and weapons of your enemies. Starting at 3rd level, if you spy on an enemy without being detected for at least 10 minutes, you may pick one of the following benefits:

• The Loremaster gives you a clue about the enemy’s plans or destination
• You spot a potential weakness in the enemy, giving you (or an ally you advise) advantage on the first attack you make against foes of that kind
• You gain a +1 bonus to AC against attacks made by enemies of the kind you are observing. This benefit lasts until you next take a short rest
• You gain advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) ability checks made against enemies of this kind. This benefit lasts until you next take a short rest
• You closely observe the enemy and can describe their appearance, gear and tactics in sufficient detail that when you give your report, other playerheroes gain advantage on checks to obtain more information about the enemy through ability checks like Intelligence (Lore) or Intelligence (Traditions)

== Background ==

Reluctant Adventurer
Feature: Pathetic and Bedraggled
You can take on the mien of a sad, desperate and despondent figure. As long as you are not threatening, strangers will take pity on you and give you a warm place to sleep for the night, hot food and a bit of comfort. Every time this happens you promise yourself that you will just stay home, yet you always soon find yourself back out in the Wild, living off of roots and berries, without any handkerchiefs.
Distinctive Quality: Clever
Specialty: Cooking
Hope: "I shall have such stories to tell when I return home!"
Despair: "I am ill-suited for adventure. One day my friends will let their guard down and I won’t be able to defend myself."

== Personal History & Traits ==

Ambitious and resourceful, Hobwise once craved adventure as a boy. His mother came from Took blood, and was herself a free spirit, often at odds with his father's pragmatism. It was only after her tragic death that he receeded to the predictability of the family vineyards on the south-facing slopes near Tuckborough. His father withdrew, and his elder brothers branched off to start small wineries, leaving Hobwise to manage the farm. It was natural that the vineyard and winery operations would integrate, and as business boomed, he was able to hire workers to tend to the vines.

Handsome, tall (for a Hobbit), and personable, he became the public face of the Root of the Vine Winery. He and his brothers built a festival hall and party room, and quickly it became necessary to promote activities and arrange ceremonies, and Hobwise fequently traveled throughout the Shire, to Longbottom and Hobbiton and Buckland, and occassionaly as far as Bree.

As his youth ebbed, so did his wanderlust, and now he has fully embraced the busy life managing the vineyard and the winery's activities. He has mellowed, and more recently the idea of accepting the advance of one of the many lovely ladies who have cast eyes at him from across the festival hall has taken more weight. Perhaps...

Surely it was providence when the Mayor of Tuckborough declared Bilbo Baggins Day in honour of the fifth anniversary of the most famous Hobbit's expedition to the East. Hobwise arranged for Root of the Vine to host the evening ceremony. Mr. Baggins' treatment of his adventures was both awe-inspiring and frightening, and all were enthralled by his presence. As the beer and wine flowed well into the night, Hobwise eventually found a rare private moment with the most esteemed Hobbit.

"I believe I knew of your mother," Bilbo began, recalling the fiery redheaded matron. "I was too much younger than her, of course, and she was married and with three boys, but ne'er has a more vivid soul intoxicated my mind." The time with Bilbo was indeed bittersweet. And far from rekindling Hobwise' wanderlust, the encounter instead made him truly grateful, for the first time in many years, for the familiarity of Home.

Thus, it was with great reluctance when a chance encounter in Bree with a Barding envoy compelled him to test his mettle and travel East along the same path as had Bilbo, years earlier...