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Im good with doing a letter or something polyfrequencies.

I also support Nex jumping back in as a PC. He stepped up and took over after our last GM abandoned us. No reason I can think of not to let him if he is interested in jumping back in.

Dude! You are my savior! This was my 3rd or 4th attempt at this AP and never finished the first book until GM Nex took over. Im so looking forward to the next part!

Ok, well that's depressing so far. Trying to bump this up for one last chance...

Greetings! Two companions and I have been slogging through the Iron Gods campaign for a few years now, and our GM has found he no longer is inspired by PF1 and has moved on to PF2nd Ed. Our characters have just defeated Hellion and are now bereft of a GM, and all three of us wanting to continue into the third book with PF1.

The game is currently in Discord, but did originate here on the Paizo PbP boards. We are more than willing to move back or stay in Discord.

If you are a GM and may be interested in our little group, please feel free to respond here or send me a PM and I will get back to you all as soon as I can this weekend.

The three characters are:(@Gestalt 7th Level)

Keldor Whisthawk: Male 1/2 Elf Unchained Summoner(Synthesist)/Paladin of Erastil <-ME!

Basil NaN: Female Android Gunslinger(Siege Gunner)/Inquisitor

Thawm Uhturj: Female Human Wizard(Thassilonian Specialist: Conjurer)/Cleric(Ecclesitheurge of Nethys)

Thank you for your time and attention here, and please let me know if you have any questions.

Here are my character's answers to the questions. She's basically done, but I sent her by PM to the GM for approval of the 'Not Annoying or Problematic' character concepts before I post here here.

Hell's Rebels Questions::

1. What drove you against the current rulership of Kintargo?
Answer: The Church of Calistria in Kyonin sent her to investigate and possibly help the local worshipers of Calistria there who sent a secret message for aid. Anything to stick a thumb in Thrune's eyes is seen as a plus here as far as Calistria’s church is concerned. Merelda knows she’s being sent on a possible suicide mission, and she understands success is unlikely. Sounds like fun!

2. What stops you from simply leaving for a better nation like Absalom, Andoran or Varisia?
Answer: To take vengeance upon the uptight Devil-Worshiping rulers of Kintargo, for the minor Calistrian congregation in Kintargo is something she relishes the challenge for! Helping the rebels is just a huge fun bonus!

3. A loved one has been captured. You were promised their safe return in exchange for betraying your comrades. What form will your betrayal take?
Answer: ‘Love’ is a construct to Merelda...and anyone who loves Merelda must understand her own wants and needs come first. However, she won’t hesitate to try and turn the tables on the enemies involved in some way too with her comrades, giving them the Calistria ‘kick’ of vengeance she often desires. Anyone who ‘loves’ her is just taking their chances...and will end in inevitable heartbreak in almost all cases. While intentionally cruel, Merelda is always upfront with her lovers. Nothing is permanent with her, except her faith.

4. You are transporting a cartload of contraband in a public street when a pair of bored guards stop you talking about passage fees, potential fines and a requirement to search your cart. What do you do?
Answer: Ask if the men wouldn’t mind ‘taking it out in trade’ instead in the alley nearby...then try and turn the tables on whichever one is alone with her! She get the idea.

5. Someone you fancy has finally agreed on a day out on the town just you and them. However an important meeting in your organization is being held at the same time and you found out after the date was set. What do you do?
Answer: She goes to the meeting. Again, to Merelda...’fancy’ is about all she wants in the end really and there are always others to look forward to. She will attempt to ‘ask for forgiveness’ or ‘punishment’ later in a very physical sense if she can.

6. Your life’s nemesis is at your mercy. But his close family nearby begs for his life. Do you spare him? Or is some other outcome more favorable?
Answer: Vengeance comes in many forms, and life itself can be punishment to some and death a a gift to others! Sometimes vengeance is the loss of an eye or an ear...or some other body parts! She’s flexible. Very...VERY...flexible.

7. Without describing their job, name, or appearance tell me who you're character is.
Answer: A woman who appears to always know what she wants, and is never afraid to ask for it. Beautifully joyful in all things, she is both fun and cruel, her laughter is both joyful and unhinged to some. Like an animal stalking prey, she follows Callistria’s will whenever she can, and never lets a truly deserving target get away if she can help it.

I have an Elf Inquisitor of Calistria that I could adapt to this. Let me see if I can re-make her properly for the game.

Heck...I just found this. 1 Day to build a 1st level character? Maybe...

Anything PF1 is good for me. I'm not a fan of PF2 and don't know D&D5th very well yet.

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Isn't the wolf listed Fang?

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Greetings everyone!

I'm in one of Spazmodeous' other games, and he invited me in. I'm putting together an Oracle of Flame(Seeker), which will hopefully kind-of cover both of the Divine and Arcane aspects for the group. Once I have more, I will post it.


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No problem. Take care of yourself.

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With a half-orc I could go either way on either table. Whatever happens it will be interesting...

I think starting from the beginning on the 'monster' group would be easiest for the character Idea i am working up.

Cole Burrns, CN, Pyrokinetic and renegade from the River Kingdoms. He REALLY likes to burn things.

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Getting this out of the way early...

Main: 10 + 2d4 ⇒ 10 + (2, 2) = 14
Main: 10 + 2d4 ⇒ 10 + (2, 3) = 15 <
Main: 10 + 2d4 ⇒ 10 + (3, 3) = 16 <

Mid: 10 + 1d6 ⇒ 10 + (5) = 15 <
Mid: 10 + 1d6 ⇒ 10 + (3) = 13
Mid: 10 + 1d6 ⇒ 10 + (6) = 16 <

Sub: 14 - 1d6 ⇒ 14 - (6) = 8
Sub: 14 - 1d6 ⇒ 14 - (5) = 9 <
Sub: 14 - 1d6 ⇒ 14 - (3) = 11 <

I'm thinking a half-orc (Unchained) Monk or Pyrokineticist?

I already have a Pyro that I could adapt easily enough...

Question: Are you allowing the 'Hero Point' alternate rules or Variant Multiclassing?

Thanks for the chance!

Shadow_Fox wrote:

He’sdeadjim: concept noted.

Thanks. If there are any questions or problems with my submission, just let me know.

No offense but can you guys spoiler your larger posts? Im trying to read this on my phone and the longer ones are killing me.

Here's the basics: (Note: I live in Texas, so I'm Central time zone.)

Hoss’r Stonekind - Crunch:

Male human (Osirian) Ranger (Infiltrator) of Anubis 6/Living Monolith 6
LN Medium humanoid (human)
Init +2 ;Senses: ‘deathwatch’ and ‘detect undead’ at will (Concentration); Perception +15 (+4 vs. Undead and +2 vs. Aberrations)
AC 24 , touch 14, flat-footed 21 [Details: +1 Deathless Mithral Elven Chain w/+1 Heavy Darkwood Shield of Bashing, +1 Ring of Prot., +1 Dodge (Feat), Dex +2(Enhancement Bonus: Snakeskin Tunic)]
At 5th level, a living monolith becomes immune to all diseases, including supernatural and magical diseases (such as mummy rot).

Hp 126(6d10+18; 6d8+18; +12 Favored Class Bonus; +12 w/Toughness Feat)*
*DR2/-; +20% fortification against criticals; A living monolith automatically stabilizes when at negative hit points and is immune to continuous damage from bleed attacks (including weapons with the wounding special ability) and ability damage from blood drain.
Fort +11, Ref +9, Will +8; +2 vs Poison, +2 bonus on saving throws against death effects, mind-affecting effects, effects that grant negative levels, and on saves to overcome negative levels
Speed 30 ft.(30 ft. in armor)
Base Melee +14/+9
Base Ranged +12/+7
Special Attacks
Ranger Spells Prepared (CL 3rd; concentration +)
. . 4th— 0
. . 3rd— 0
. . 2nd— 0
. . 1st— Entangle, Liberating Command

Spell-Like Abilities:
*Meld into Stone (At Will)
*Invoke the Power of his Soul Stone(Ka stone): 3/per day as a swift action, enabling him to grow in size as if using Righteous Might-DR gained is Good Aligned(against Evil); When a living monolith uses his soul stone to increase his size, his normal DR and Fortification defenses temporarily increase by an additional +1 DR and +10% Fortification.In addition, when a living monolith uses his ka stone to increase his size, his base attack bonus from his living monolith class levels is equal to his living monolith level.

Str 16(18), Dex 12(14), Con 16, Int 13, Wis 14, Cha 12
Base Atk (BAB) +10; CMB +14; CMD 27 (+4 vs. Bull Rush or Trip while standing on the ground.)

Feats: Exotic WP(Kopesh), Dodge, Two-Weapon Fighting, Iron Will, Endurance, Improved Shield Bash, Shield Mastery, Shield Slam, Improved Critical (Kopesh), Weapon Trick (Weapon and Shield Tricks), Toughness

Traits: Killer (Combat); Osirionologist (Region)

Skills:(*Ranger Prof/**Living Monolith Prof.)
**Acrobatics 10(-2 w/armor)
*Climb (Str) 10(-2 w/armor)
*Intimidate (Cha) 10
*Heal (Wis) 10
*Perception (Wis) 15
*Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int) 9
*Knowledge (nature) 9
**Knowledge (religion) 13
*Ride (Dex), 9
*Stealth (Dex) 12 (-2 w/Armor)
*Survival (Wis), 10 (A ranger adds half his level (minimum 1) to Survival skill checks made to follow tracks.)
*Swim (Str) 9(-2 w/armor)
**Sense Motive(Wis) 11

Background Skills:
*Profession (Soldier) [Wis] 9
*Knowledge (geography) 8
**Knowledge (History) [Int] 9
**Knowledge (Engineering) [Int] 9
**Linguistics(Int) 8
*Handle Animal (Cha) 8

Languages: Osiriani, Ancient Osiriani, Common, Sphinx, Gnoll, Aklo

Special Abilities (Ranger): 1st favored enemy (Undead +4), track, wild empathy, Combat style feat(1st), Endurance, Infiltrator Adaptation (Undead), Hunter's bond (Party Companions), 2nd favored enemy (Aberrations +2), Combat style feat(2nd)

Special Abilities (Living Monolith): Soul stone (Ka Stone), Stone blood, Stability, tombsight, Fortified flesh (DR 2/-, 20% Fortification), immune to disease, greater Ka stone, Attunement to stone, Toughness


Equipment and Magic Items GP Cost (108,000 gps max)
Ranger Kit* 9gp
*backpack, a bedroll, a belt pouch, a flint and steel, iron pot, mess kit, rope, torches (10), trail rations (5 days), and a waterskin.
Undead Slayer's Kit** 402gp
**wooden holy symbol, a necklace of garlic bulbs, a hammer, a wooden stake, 2 flasks of holy water, one sunrod, a potion of lesser restoration, and a potion of protection from evil.
2 daggers 4gp

Handy Haversack 2000gp
Ring of Feather Falling 2200gp
Amulet of Grasping Souls (Source: Tears at Bitter Manor pg. 54) 21000gp
Belt of Mighty Hurling (Lesser) 14000gp
Cloak of the Hedge Wizard (Transmutation) 2500gp
Snakeskin Tunic (Ultimate Equipment pg. 222) 8000gp
Feather Token (Bird) x2 600gp
Feather Token (Tree) 400gp
Potion: Gaseous Form 750gp
Wand of Cure Light Wounds (50ch) 3rd lvl caster (1d8+3) 2250gp

+1 Mithral 'Called' Flaming Sibat (Death’s Reach) [Effective +3] 19002gp
+1 Adamantine Kopesh of Impact (Anubis' Touch) [Effective +3] 21020gp
+1 Darkwood Heavy Wooden Shield of Bashing (Death's Door) [Effective +2] 4407gp
+1 Deathless ‘Mithral Elven Chainmail’ [Effective +2] 9150gp

Final Spent gps Total: 107690
Remaining gps: 306

Hoss'r was born into a Osirion soldier family, the 7th son of a common general. He was raised a worshiper of Anubis by his father, and one of those commanding the Osirian army protecting the capital. Hoss'r grew disillusioned with normal army life quickly, and eventually set out to help explore the Half-Dead city of Wati as soon as he could. Meeting with both failure and success there, he found a scroll depicting an ancient process that would allow him to become a protector of life made of living stone. Since he had nearly died in Wati of mummy rot, this transformation really appealed to him since it would make him immune to such diseases. He sought out and successfully convinced a sphinx named Beltur'Nos to help him transform himself. The Sphinx forced Hoss'r to perform a series of deadly tasks in the deep desert, then swore him to extreme secrecy as the only other condition for his help. Once he received his transformation and returned home, Hoss'r was soon sought out by a powerful group of people in the distant country of Ustalav. That group calls itself the 'Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye' and claims to have connections in Osirion that go back millennia. They fight the undead plaguing their homeland and wanted to gain his unique aid after hearing from their contacts about Hoss'r and his unique abilties. They offered him gold, magic, and a chance at the extreme adventure he well as rampaging undead he could crush to honor his grim god. How could he refuse? Upon arrival, Hoss'r disliked the place immediately. It was cold, damp, and constantly foggy. Almost the antithesis of his homeland. To compensate him for his long journey and placate his hatred, the group gifted him with a magical set of armor so light it almost felt like nothing was weighing him down, and it was enchanted to protect him from the negative energy the undead use way too effectively. Unfortunately so far, Hoss'r has merely been waiting patiently to be set loose upon the group's enemies.

Hoss'r is a standard golden-skinned Osirian male, with a shaved head and severely spiked (Egyptian-style) beard pointing out from his chin of mostly black hair, shot through with streaks of silver. He generally only wears a simple cotton kilt and snakeskin tunic with sandals when he can get away with it, preferring less restrictions to his movement. However, he has been forced to deal with the cooler climate in Ustalav by wearing his new silvery armor with light cotton padding underneath with northern boots to help keep him warmer when traveling outside. Wearing the armor outside seems to please his allies too, which amuses Hoss'r to no end.

My guy is almost done! It's a lot of stuff to put together.

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This is an intriguing concept to try for. Would you be interested in...

Hoss'r Stonekind, Human(Osirian)Ranger(Infiltrator)/Living Monolith?

Probably go with LN for alignment.

I've being trying to build something like this for a Mummy's Mask game a few years now on PBP recruitment, but I usually try with an Oread.

Quick Basic History:
Born and raised a worshiper of Anubis by his father who is a General in the Osirian army protecting the capital, Hoss'r grew disillusioned with normal army life and set out to help explore the Half-Dead city of Wati. Meeting with some success there, he found a scroll depicting an ancient process that would allow him to become a protector of life made of living stone. He sought out and successfully convinced a sphinx to help him transform himself. Not long after his transformation, he was sought out by powerful people in Ustalav that belonged to a cult that fought undead rising in their homeland and wanted to gain his unique aid. They called themselves the 'Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye.' They offered him a chance at the extreme adventure he craved, and rampaging undead he could crush to honor his god. How could he refuse?

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mellowgoth wrote:


my time has been really fragmented lately as well. Whatever time you can give to this is good with me. No pressure.

Happy Thanksgiving to the Americans among us...


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I just noticed Greenly is still showing as 4th level. Is that a typo?

No takers yet? I was hoping someone might bite at least...

Greetings! Our last GM had to drop out due to personal issues and we are trying to find a new one who might be interested in picking up where he left off. This game was started 5 years ago and a few of the players have changed a few times, but we are steadfast in trying to find a new GM to keep going.

We are all 7th level and I think near the end of book 2 in the AP?

Our characters are:
Lirotha Karsani - Female 1/2 Elf (Varisian) Witch 7 (Cartomancer) = This is me!
Rocco Hardweather - Male Halfling Spiritualist 6/Rogue (Unchained) 1
Elurius Parthreon - Female half-elf Oracle 7
Oren Mitabu - Tien Female Mutagenic Mauler 7

Feel free to look over our game and see if you might be interested in picking up where our last GM had to leave us.


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Dro'gan doesn't care if he's liked. That's part of who he is. He's very goal oriented.

Can you be specific on your judgement? Or is it Greenly's judgement specifically? I look at my idea as nothing more than a magical version of an electronic ankle-bracelet a general sense.

I was trying to prevent Mag's death and/or physical torture by putting her to work helping the town and surrounding area that she herself has preyed upon for years. Rehabilitation and recompense are normal punishments even in our society today. Technically people used to be sentenced to 'Join the Army' or go to jail. That sounds like forced rehabilitation to me too, although I'm unsure if such things till happen.

Now, I'm not claiming my idea was perfect, but it seemed the 'lesser' of evils in my distinction, and a waste of possible resources by Dro'gan's opinion. I was not expecting it to work without support from the other players, and I welcomed other ideas to make it better. Amandine has made her choice now, and I can't say I can argue with her ideas that mine are nay better.

Feel free to PM me if you would rather answer in that format.

I am already in a game by DM Nex and also playing in one with him.

Truthfully, I've been having a hard time getting into Pathfinder 2nd edition, due to multiple constraints.

This would make a good dive into it, and force me to take a strong look at it. Thanks!

I'm thinking a Half-Orc Monk or a Half-Orc Druid possibly?

Does that work?

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Count me interested.

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What Pathfinder language is that?

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Lirotha's Memorized spells for Arson Fun! (Patent Pending!)

Spellcasting: *=Memorized
Level 0(4/day) *Detect Magic, *Message, * Touch of Fatigue, *Spark
Level 1(5/day) *Mage Armor, *Obscuring Mist, *Mount, *Burning Hands,*Ear Piercing Scream.
Level 2(4/day) *Glitterdust, *Summon Monster II, *Flaming Sphere, *Detect Thoughts
Level 3(3/day) *Dispel Magic, Fireball (x2)

(Familiar/Harrow Deck) 1st lvl: Air Bubble, Cure light wounds, Mage Armor, Burning Hands, Charm Person, Identify, Obscuring Mist, Command, Comprehend Languages, Mount, Adhesive Spittle, Remove Sickness, Shocking Grasp (Patron Spell), Ear Piercing Scream. 2nd lvl: Stricken Heart, Glitterdust, Status, Flaming Sphere(Patron), Touch of Idiocy, Summon Monster II, Detect Thoughts, Inflict Moderate Wounds; 3rd lvl: Detect Thoughts, Vampiric Touch, Swarm of Fangs, Dispel Magic, Lightning Bolt, Fireball(Patron Spell), Paragon Surge

Send me a Post if you ever need another person to jump in an open slot.

I have a Skinwalker (Wereshark Blooded) Bard I would love to play for this particular AP.

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He is Prone, Grappled (Flat-footed), and also incapacitated from Hideous Laughter. I would think a '20' would hit somehow. But yeah, that was a crappy damage roll...


I'm thinking:

Mitescrape Blightclaw
Unchained Rogue? Alchemist?
CG Blue-Scaled Kobold

Let me put some things together and see what comes up.

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Hold person works on any Humanoid: 'Target one humanoid creature' Giants are Humanoid (Giant) creatures. It SHOULD work?

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Rojava Brishen wrote:
My apologies again for the long absence. I'm still in the process of buying a house and the number of chores involved doesn't seem to ever get any shorter. It will be over soon though. The deal will be closed and I'll have keys in hand on 10/31. After that things will be getting back to normal.

Ooooh. Halloween house! Excellent!

Dotting! Sending the GM a PM on an idea...

Sorry. Personal delays.

I will get something up tonight if I can.

Name: Ewewit Wat'evr. ("You-it...Whatever" = What the wizard usually called him)
Race: Homunculous (Evolved)

Not interested GM? Should I back out?


OK, Homunculi cannot speak...although a master can add such to make an "Improved Homunculi".

See HERE for details on add-on abilities at the bottom of the page.

I was thinking...with permission...that he was improved by his master: Given an actual voice and maybe acid spit or a spell-like ability (or two) to make him a +1 CR.(An added spell-like ability must be from a potion so I was thinking Cure Moderate Wounds and/or Invisibility)

While it would be interesting to try and role-play a non-speaking character, I'm not sure I'm up to the task! And only the creator can add these abilities so...if the Wizard is dead (I would know with a telepathic link) then he can't be modified later technically.

I was thinking of simply taking sorcerer or oracle levels later if we get to that...but I need to be able to speak to cast most spells.

But taking a look at Doll #23...I may be underselling my +1CR abilities!

I may be arriving late to this one...

Would you allow an evolved Homunculus of some sort? They are Tiny Constructs (CR1)?

Maybe add a template or class level to get the full CR2?

Ohhhh...count me in.

No guts, no galaxy!

You had me at Battlemech.

I'm unsure how to implement this in PBP however.

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Awesome! I'm definitely interested.

My ideas...Would a Half-Orc Fire Kineticist called 'Cole Burrns' work?

Or...maybe a Dhampir Bard?

I would love to do something like this. I love Minotaurs and Gnolls especially. I've played a Fire Drake and other monsters already in PBP...

I'm already in a Kingmaker and Skull and Shackles game...Legacy of Fire is good.

I ran an albino Gnoll (Desert Druid) though that, and had a great time.

The Azlanti AP game might work too...although the beginning might start out a bit differently. The Serpent AP (where you crash on a froreign shore?) would make sense too.

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Having played through most of Kingmaker's first book with a character I really liked, I would love to recreate her here again.

1/2 Elf Magus(Kensai) VMC Sorcerer.

That sound OK to you guys?

I have a shark-blooded skin-walker I built for this game months ago that died suddenly. I would love to update him for this. I originally built him as a Bard Archeologist, but if you need major healing, I could definitely do a Cleric or Inquisitor. Maybe of Besmara? I will have to think on this.

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I just found this recruitment...and I never heard of Falcon's Hollow until this.

I don't know if I have a lot time to do it, but I would love to submit a new version of a character I originally built for a Kingmaker game that died out.

A Female Half-Elf Magus (Kensai). Do you allow for Varient Multi-Classing(VMC)? Although that is not required for he build.

She would probably use either a Katana or some other exotic melee weapon.

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Hey guys!
FYI: If anybody is looking to pick up a new game, my GM wants to hear from you.

GM Fez for our Ironfang Invasion game!

We are down to three people and are looking to find a melee special of some kind. Just send him a PM with your Forum name and probably an idea for a character. We are just starting out and are still just 1st level. So NO pressure! =)

I was super excited about this game from the previous discussion thread, but I just got accepted into another game and I really don't like the automatic bonus progression rules, so I'm going to bow out of this so someone with full interest and time can get it.

Thanks for the chance DM Nate!

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Staring am the half-orc suddenly, Ashlei snaps her fingers in front of his face then stalks off. Her 'assets' on full bounce and display.



That sounds like exactly what I was thinking about.

Looking forward to this then.

Ugg. Now I'm afraid I will miss out on the REAL recruitment post.


Question @GM: Would you require full write-ups? 11th level gestalt with Mythic ranks is a lot of paperwork. Or is just pitching our ideas with decent background info the plan?

GrinningJest3r wrote:
If you're going darkness/shadow/necromancy, I'd recommend Jet or Onyx as your gemstone.

Jet or Onyx is BLACK.

She's HALF drow. I feel the Amethyst symbolizes the path she takes between the world of darkness and light: The path of Shadows, half-truths, and hidden urges (Oni blood) vs. her need to follow and honor her chosen knight's path.

In the end, it is up to the GM as far as I'm concerned, but I have a good idea of what I'm going for.

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