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Greetings! Two companions and I have been slogging through the Iron Gods campaign for a few years now, and our GM has found he no longer is inspired by PF1 and has moved on to PF2nd Ed. Our characters have just defeated Hellion and are now bereft of a GM, and all three of us wanting to continue into the third book with PF1.

The game is currently in Discord, but did originate here on the Paizo PbP boards. We are more than willing to move back or stay in Discord.

If you are a GM and may be interested in our little group, please feel free to respond here or send me a PM and I will get back to you all as soon as I can this weekend.

The three characters are:(@Gestalt 7th Level)

Keldor Whisthawk: Male 1/2 Elf Unchained Summoner(Synthesist)/Paladin of Erastil <-ME!

Basil NaN: Female Android Gunslinger(Siege Gunner)/Inquisitor

Thawm Uhturj: Female Human Wizard(Thassilonian Specialist: Conjurer)/Cleric(Ecclesitheurge of Nethys)

Thank you for your time and attention here, and please let me know if you have any questions.

Greetings! Our last GM had to drop out due to personal issues and we are trying to find a new one who might be interested in picking up where he left off. This game was started 5 years ago and a few of the players have changed a few times, but we are steadfast in trying to find a new GM to keep going.

We are all 7th level and I think near the end of book 2 in the AP?

Our characters are:
Lirotha Karsani - Female 1/2 Elf (Varisian) Witch 7 (Cartomancer) = This is me!
Rocco Hardweather - Male Halfling Spiritualist 6/Rogue (Unchained) 1
Elurius Parthreon - Female half-elf Oracle 7
Oren Mitabu - Tien Female Mutagenic Mauler 7

Feel free to look over our game and see if you might be interested in picking up where our last GM had to leave us.


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OK, I would love to hear opinions here on my work. Good/Bad, as long as they are constructive!


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How does this work exactly?

It supposedly works like the Spell Refection Magus Arcans, which IT says it is like the Spell Turning spell.

However Spell Turning does not work on Area of Effect or Range Touch Attack (RTA) spells. So which Elemental spells are I being protected from exactly?

So...Is it only unique spells of the Elemental subtype that target a single person without a RTA and Melee touch elemental attacks? (Watch out for that Spark Spell!)

If it does work that way only, that is a severely limited power to take. Regardless of the potential help it "might" do, why spend a limited Magus Arcana choice at 12th level on this, especialy when there are more useful and powerful Arcana you can take instead (IMHO).

Personally I would like to see if this was originally meant to work against Elemental RTAs? That would make more sense, but would take an official Errata.

What do you all think?

Look I have two separate orders "pending." I was wondering if they are ever gonna charge and ship to me?

Order #s: 847064

I was kinda hoping to get them before christmas...since one at least was ordered last month.

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