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KAC 18 | EAC 18 | F4 R11 W6 (+1 Fort vs disease or poison, evasion, immunity to flat-flooted, fire resist 7) |


Init +9 | Perc +10 | Sneak +12 | Acro +18 ]


Human Zoomer (Battle Medic) 7 [ Stamina 58/63 | Hit Points 49/49 | Resolve 8/9 |

About Henri Patineur

Henri is a young human man with a wiry build and soft, androgynous features that have caused him to be mistaken as a young lady more than once. His shoulder-length brown hair is pulled loosely back with a tie to keep it out of his face. He carries himself like he's been in the military, with his athletic look and rigid posture, but he is not the massive musclebound type you would build your defense around so much as the constantly moving, constantly looking around sort you would send in first. His dark brown eyes are in constant motion, even as he talks to you - looking at your face, at your hand motions, over your shoulder, back to your face, to your left, over his shoulder, always looking, always scanning.

Stamina Points (7 + CON Mod (2))*7 = 63
Hit Points 7*7 = 49
Resolve Points Half level (3) + DEX Mod (4+2) = 9
Armor Class KAC 18 EAC 18
Resistances Fire 7
Immunities Uncanny Agility

STR 10 DEX 22 (Mk 2) CON 14 INT 18 (Mk 1) WIS 13 CHA 10
BAB +7
Speed 50' (ignore up to 20' difficult terrain, can guarded step into difficult terrain)
Initiative +9
Languages American English, Southwestern American Spanish, French, New Navajo

Ranged Attacks
Static Arc Pistol +11 (1d6+11 E, Range 50', Stun, Cap 20)
Tactical Baton +11 (1d4+11 B, Thrown 20')
Survival Knife +11 (1d4+11 S, Thrown 20')
Tactical Needler Pistol +11 (1d4+11 P, Range 40', Inject Medicine, Cap 8 darts, Critical Injection DC +2)
Medic Injector Pistol with conserving weapon fusion +11 (Level 3, 1d6+11 P, Range 40', Cap 10 darts, Critical Injection DC +2)

Melee Attacks
Tactical Polyclub +11 (1d6+11) (bludgeoning, swift action once a round to switch to morph to slashing or piercing)
Tactical Baton +11 (1d4+11 B, Thrown 20')
Survival Knife +11 (1d4+11 S, Thrown 20')

Ranks per level (6 + 1 + INT Mod (4))*7

Acrobatics* 19, Athletics* 10, Athletics to jump* 18, Bluff 6, Computers* 14, Culture 7, Engineering* 14, Life Sciences* 14, Medicine* 14, Perception* 11, Physical Science* 14, Piloting* 19, Sleight of Hand 9, Stealth 12, Survival 7
* Class skills

Synaptic Accelerator (Tech) Mk1 (Intelligence), Synaptic Accelerator (Tech) Mk2 (Dexterity), Basic Medkit, Medical Inhaler (Resistance +1 to next save vs inhaled afflictions, reduces effect of fatigued or exhausted), 6 refills for Medical Inhaler, Chemalyzer (Cap 20, 2/use, +4 to identify drug, medicinal, poison, other chemical), Industrial Backpack (treat STR as +2 for determining capacity), Hygiene Kit, Standard battery (2) (Cap 20, fits Static Arc Pistol)

Medicinals (Tier 1)
Analgesic (8 doses), Antitoxin (2 doses), Sedative (10 doses), Coagulant (2 doses), Antibiotic (2 doses), Counteractant (1 dose), Cytoguard (2 doses), Emetic (1 dose), Prismilitate (4 doses), Sal Volatile (2 doses)

Vesk Brigandine I armor (Light, Level 2, EAC +2, KAC +2, Max Dex +5, No ACP, No Speed adjustment)

Nimble Moves (human racial bonus), Skill Focus (acrobatics) (class feature), Skill Focus (piloting) (class feature), Skill Synergy (Life Sciences, Computers) (1st level), Mobility (class stunt), Weapon Specialization (basic melee) (class feature), Weapon Specialization (small arms) (class feature), Shot on the Run (3rd level), Medical Expert (5th level), Enhanced Resistance (Fire) (7th level)

Armor proficiency Light
Weapon proficiency Basic melee, grenades, small arms

Battle Medic Reduce DC of any Life Science or Mysticism check to recall knowledge about disease or poison by 5.
Deadly precision +6 to damage (small arms, thrown, operative melee) and +6 for weapons with weapon spec; +12 for weapons with both
Jitters +3 insight to initiative checks
Zoom Dash +20' land speed
Zoomer's Edge
Weapon Specialization (small arms, basic melee)
Zoomer Stunt (4th level stunt: Mobility)
Racing Attack
Zoomer's Advance (Half move)
Zoomer Stunt (6th level stunt: Incredible Initiative)
Uncanny Agility


Source Starfinder Armory pg. 104
Level 8; Price 8,500
Capacity 20; Usage 1/10 minutes
Hands —; Bulk 1
These stylish boots contain antigravity circuitry that, when activated, suspends you approximately 1 inch off the ground. You do not count as flying when using hoverskates; you move at your normal land speed when wearing them. You can walk both overland and over water (but not underwater), and you can ignore difficult terrain. When you take a move action to move your speed, you can increase your land speed by 20 feet by overcharging your hoverskates. This extra movement is treated as an enhancement bonus. The hoverskates must cool down for 1 minute before you can overcharge them again.

Hoverskates do not function if you’re encumbered or overburdened.


Deadly Precision (Ex) You gain a bonus to damage rolls made with small arms weapons, thrown weapons (except grenades), and operative melee weapons equal to your Dexterity modifier (minimum +0). This bonus cannot exceed your zoomer level, regardless of your actual Dexterity modifier. At 3rd level, if you have Weapon Specialization with small arms or operative melee weapons, you add your zoomer level to damage with those weapons types plus half your character level in all other classes.
Additional damage from this ability does not stack with the additional damage from attacks made as part of a class feature, such as an operative’s trick attack.
Doctor You gain a number of special abilities related to the Medicine skill and healing, as noted below.
* Whenever you use equipment or one of your abilities to restore Hit Points to a creature, any surplus healing beyond that required to restore the creature to its maximum Hit Points restores that many Stamina Points to the creature.
* You can tend up to 20 patients with long-term care.
* When you use the long-term stability task of Medicine, if you succeed at the Medicine check by 10 or more, the patient heals 1 HP and regains consciousness.
* You can use Medicine to treat disease in only 1 minute instead of 10 minutes.
Evasion (Ex) If you succeed at a Reflex save against an effect that normally has a partial effect on a successful save, you instead suffer no effect. You gain this benefit only when unencumbered and wearing light armor or no armor, and you lost the benefit when you are helpless or otherwise unable to move.
Incredible Initiative (Ex) You are able to prepare to take multiple actions when certain triggers occur. Whenever you ready an action, you can decide on two actions (standard, move, or swift) and a trigger for each. You take the action you chose when its corresponding trigger occurs. You can use this ability to ready two move actions if you wish, but you can’t ready more than one standard action or one swift action at a time. At 8th level, you can ready three actions as described above.
Jitters You are always ready for action, and your quick thinking allows you to react to dangerous situations before most. You gain a +1 insight bonus on initiative checks. This bonus increases by +1 at 3rd level and every 4 levels thereafter.
Racing Attack (Ex) As a standard action, you can make a charge attack without the charge penalties, and you can substitute any combat maneuver of your choice for the melee attack at the end of the charge. When you gain the zoomer’s onslaught class feature, you can make two attacks or combat maneuver attempts instead of one at the end of your charge, both with a –4 penalty. When you gain the incredible advance class feature, you can make three attacks instead of one at the end of your charge, all with a –6 penalty.
Weapon Specialization You gain Weapon Specialization as a bonus feat for each weapon type this class grants you proficiency with.
Zoom Dash You possess some means of moving much faster than usual—either a piece of special technology called a “zoomgear” or a supernatural gift bestowed upon you in a freak accident or by some unseen force. You choose the source of your zoom dash ability at 1st-level—once chosen, it cannot be changed.
If you choose zoomgear, this item takes the form of a hover board, a pair of jet skates, or some similar technological item that merges with your footgear when not in use. Donning or stowing a zoomgear requires no action, but you cannot do so while you’re asleep, dazed, helpless, paralyzed, stunned, unconscious, dying, or dead. Zoomgear doesn’t limit or restrict what kind of equipment you can use or wear, and if destroyed you can replace it for free after 24 hours of uninterrupted work. If you don’t have at least 1 rank in Engineering, you can only replace your zoomgear in this manner within a civilized area of at least 1,000 people.
If you choose supernatural gift, this ability is a supernatural ability and is subject to all effects that suppress or negate supernatural abilities.
While you are benefiting from your supernatural gift, your land speed increases by 10 feet. At 3rd level, your land speed instead increases by 20 feet, at 9th level your land speed instead increases by 30 feet, and at 15th level, your land speed instead increases by 40 feet.
Zoomer Stunt As you gain experience, you learn to perform sick stunts using vehicles or your incredible speed, optimizing your momentum to incredible effect. Some stunts function only when you are using your zoomgear or piloting a specific kind of vehicle.
You learn your first zoomer stunt at 4th level, and you learn an additional zoomer stunt at 6th level and every 2 levels thereafter. If a zoomer stunt allows a saving throw to resist its effects, the DC is equal to 10 + half your zoomer level + your Dexterity modifier. If a zoomer stunt requires an opponent to attempt a skill check, the DC is equal to 10 + 1-1/2 × your class level + your Dexterity modifier.
Zoomer's Advance (Ex) You can quickly advance across the battlefield, setting yourself up in the perfect location. You can spend 1 Resolve Point to move up to your speed as a swift action. At 13th level, you can spend 2 Resolve Points to move up to double your speed as a swift action. At 17th level, you can spend 2 Resolve Points to move up to triple your speed as a move action.
You cannot use this ability while wearing heavy armor or powered armor, or while encumbered or overburdened.
Zoomer's Edge (Ex) You are inherently gifted at movement and momentum, both on-foot and when piloting a vehicle or starship. You gain a free skill rank in Acrobatics and Piloting at each zoomer level (this does not allow you to exceed the maximum number of skill ranks in a single skill). In addition, you gain Skill Focus with both skills as a bonus feat. The insight bonus that you gain from your Skill Focus feat increases by +1 at 11th level land every 4 levels thereafter, to a maximum of +6 at 19th level.
Uncanny Agility You are immune to the flat-footed condition, and your opponent doesn’t gain any bonuses to attack rolls against you from flanking you or attacking you when you’re prone.
Furthermore, covering fire and harrying fire don’t provide any advantages against you.


Interesting Feats:
Deadly Aim - -2 to attack for +half BAB damage
Double Tap - As a standard action, you can take a single attack action to make a double-tap attack with a small arm. This attack gains a +1 bonus to the attack roll, and your bonus to damage from Weapon Specialization is equal to your character level (rather than half your character level). The small arm used cannot have the blast, explode, flexible line, line, unwieldy, or wide line weapon special properties, or any other property that allows it to attack multiple targets or an area in a single attack. This attack cannot benefit from the boost, guided, or variant boost weapon special properties, or any other ability or effect that is a move action and alters the effect of your attack or damage. This expends ammunition equal to two attack rolls, and if you cannot expend that ammunition, you cannot use this ability.
Enhanced Resistance - DR/BAB for one type of kinetic or energy damage
Far Shot - Range penalty -1 rather than -2 per increment
Free Runner - +2 circumstance to climb, balance, tumble in constructed environments; ignore first 5' of difficult terrain in such
Great Fortitude
Jet Dash - run 6x speed and don't become flat-footed
Parting Shot - Make single ranged attack when withdrawing (not eligible until 7th level)
Quick Draw
Quicker Trickler - administer serums as standard action instead of full action
Sidestep - take guarded step as reaction to missed melee attack
Skill Synergy - Make two new skills class skills or gain insight bonus if already class skills
Sky Jockey - Increase fly speed (not magical or natural flight)
Slippery Shooter - +3 bonus to AC against AoO from ranged attack (not eligible until 7th level)
Spring Attack
Tailored Serum - customize serum to provide additional healing to specific creature
Wary Withdrawal - During total defense, can also withdraw as move action up to speed (only eligible at 6th)
Weapon Focus (small arms)

So I want to know what basic melee operative weapons there are
Level Price Damage Bulk Special
Baton, Tactical 1 90 1d4 B L Analog, operative, thrown (20')
Knife, Survival 1 95 1d4 S L Analog, operative, thrown (20')
Sword Cane, Tactical 1 250 1d4 P/bleed 1d3 L Analog, operative
Idaran Force Training Baton 2 400 1d4 B L Operative, powered (cap 20, usage 1)
Sap, light 2 450 1d4 B L Analog, nonlethal, operative
Switchblade, Tactical 3 1300 1d4 S L Analog, conceal, operative
Handaxe, Tactical 4 1825 1d6 S L Analog, thrown (20')
Inferno knige 4 2100 1d4 S/burn 1d6 L Analog, operative
Red Star Plasma Kukri 4 2450 1d4 E & F L Operative, powered (cap 20, usage 1)
Sword Cane, Advanced 4 2100 1d4 P/bleed 1d4 L Analog, operative
Polyclub, Tactical 6 4200 1d6 B L Analog, operative, polymorphic
Sap, Medium 6 3900 1d6 B L Analog, nonlethal, operative