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In fairness to the original OP, how do people handle this combination of rules lawyering and overpowering magical coolness in relation to the creative & clever player? Sounds like Punishment is the choice so far.

Since I think I am the creative player (sometimes), I would take offense to a GM making an arbitrary POST-spell casting change to his world like other posters have suggested. The "well, the magic fails/is altered/doesnt work like that in my world" reasoning to keep it fair simply isn't in the ruleset. If I can be countered on other aspects of the rulebook, that's fine, but I am trusting in the playtesting strength of the PF Nation for published rules and material and therein "Working as Intended."

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Sioul thats a quick way to lose your spellcasters in your game. Why play a Mage if I can't oneshot something? Almost every damage or control spell over 4th level can be a "miss or die" save against NPCs OR PLAYERS. Intensified maximized fireball, piercing/dazing suffocation, dazing anything really.

Your homerules are wierd. So, if one of the players in your game dies elsewhere, they trundle him back to town, and a Resurrection spell isnt going to work in the Church of Holyness because its simply too much a drain on the citys magic reserves? Do we need to have a vote? But out in a dark cave, that same spell works GREAT. Ridonkulous.

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This would have been a whole different story if the Orc mothers killed their own children before the barbarian could get to them, instead of leaving them to him to kill or pervert with his wholesome goodness. It might be a horror story orc women tell their children. "Behave, or the Paladins will take you away to an orphanage and make you wear clothes and bathe."
Its how you tell the story.

Stop humanizing the orcs, they are fabricated evil monsters. Maybe in orc culture its survival of the fittest, and the children are off and running from birth like sharks.

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See, and thejeff makes my point about pit bulls (orcs), you can either be soft and fuzzy or realistic. "It depends on how they were raised and socialized."

Reality says: Pit Bulls will kill some of the people who piss them off including their own family/children, there really doesn't need to be a good reason, it's just Homicide Tuesday. "And he never bit anyone before he killed little Junior, he was such a good dog."

S&F says: We should just hug it out with them and everything will turn out ok. And forgive them. And let them play with the other children.

Nature is a cruel Mother.

I will agree that pit bulls are dogs, however the true test is to go to any animal shelter in America and adopt one that you trust out of the 40 killers awaiting execution. Its very sad, they dominate the kennels in population.

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Nice try Roger, you arent escaping that easy.

Not to murderhobo this any more, but turn "orc" into "trained killer psycho pit bull" and "orc toddler" into "untrained killer psycho pit bull puppies". The game dehumanizes them by their nature so we dont have to live with all that sadness.

They are MONSTERS, why deny them their nature? If a twenty seat wagon with eighteen orcs went over a cliff, I am sad there were two empty seats, and am gonna miss those horses.

Sure, they are cute when they are little, but look what they grow up to be...

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This was a huge discussion before it was a discussion here, relating to the ROTRL initial scenario where goblin babies are found as part of the crawl. Goblins, Orcs, same difference.

IN EVERY INSTANCE, Paizo has flavor text of the innate violence of the goblins as a race, including their cannabilism and infanticide on their own race. They certainly have no qualms sacrificing their own, and expect the strongest to survive. Goblin high comedy involves pain and fire.

You can play the game two ways. Soft and fuzzy or hard and realistic.

Soft and fuzzy sends all evil progeny off to a mystical orphanage where they become soft and fuzzy. Lots of S&F roleplaying. Thats ok, too.

Hard and realistic means a hard choice, do you leave toddlers to the caprice of nature or a sword of mercy? Will your social blinders fix the problem or cause that particular goblin to become a larger force of destruction? Will that goblin grow up to throw the torch that burns down grandma's house? Are hard-bitten fighters capable or delicate enough to become babysitters? What would Conan do?

Again, people equate modern day morales to fantasy. Look at how early Americans treated the native tribes, "Here's a nice soft blanket full of small pox, make sure you keep your children warm with that." Fire and disease have been weapons of war for centuries, I think it hypocritical to play a combat game and not accept spilled blood.

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You can only have one Contingency at a time, choose wisely. I like the idea of the Plane Shift, but a Getaway is good also. The Mythic version offers a little more but still limits you to one at a time.

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I have played both a summoner and a master summoner. Way overpowered for all the reasons stated throughout the post already.

A Summoner plus eidolon plus spells is twice the character than any other player, its simply master/blaster. Haste, damaging spells, buffs, the only limitation is action economy. They arent as blatantly nasty as the master summoner or synthesist.

A master summoner. Haha, at 7th level, with my MS maxed out with all the good summoning addon feats(augment/extra summons), I summoned 12+ aurochs that repeatedly stampeded over my opponents for 200+ damage per round, my record was 458. I just kept resummoning if they died and it was horrible. Broken.

One of our other guys played a synthesist and he went multi-arm shredder, and he had to pull his punches also, they are campaign wreckers.

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Mr Jade wrote:
Heimdall666 wrote:
Goblin with bouncy, roll with it, and class skill in acrobatics = immune to damage, or nearly so. Plus you get all the cool goblin songs and its ok to play with fire.
How does that work?

Carry a longspear, or lance/horsechopper.

Bouncy: You can convert 10' of falling damage into 1d4 non-lethal.
Roll with it: As an immediate action, versus a melee attack, you make a DC 5 + damage roll check and if successful you instead move (in your choice) of directions that many feet away. Up being a direction. You end up staggered, but you can charge from staggered, right back into the fray on your turn.
If you are a class with acrobatics as a class skill, your base with maxed dex(22) is 6+3+1=10, on average you can absorb at 1st level a 16 hp attack with no ill effects. With a ring of feather falling, you can death from above. You just have to plan AOO avoidance.

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Easy solution:

Get his email address, then link him this thread.

And, you lucky SOB to have a PF game at work. AND you get paid?
Also, GMs have an unlimited supply of Purple Flaming Cows of Doom that can hit any player, anywhere, auto-crit. Use them!

Be ready for the work repercussions of this jack-hole telling management what you lads are up too, so get a manager to play too before the fecal matter hits the rotary ossillator. Or at least make a plan to neuter his exclusion.

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I would prefer to roleplay out the transaction. Sure, you get a +20 on the roll, you and the wizard bond on some level, but at the end of the day he has a familiar to feed, and he knows his profit margin BECAUSE HE IS ALL BRAIN. He may get asked on day 2 for the item, and in return say, sure, Ill work on that for you, but I need you to solve a little street gang issue we have in the neighborhood thats distracting me from my work, a Good Friend like you could do that right?. He is getting something in addition to coins spent in the form of barter.
Why do people insist on turning the social aspects of this game into a MMO cha-ching that they hope to monetize into a repeatable formula?

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We use them at a one point per level or special reward. Our cleric was split in two by an ogres axe, critical hit to double negative con. I caught him as he fell, and as a paladin of Iomedae, i burned 2 Hero points to save him (via left for dead), versus myself, and the GM rp'ed it that a bolt of light hit us both, raising the dead guy as if touched by the Goddess. He got an instant conversion to Iomedae and we both got our hair shocked white. Some days, it's good to be Good.

Mostly they are used for saves and left for deads.

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"Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son."
Unless you become a GAWD!

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We have this come up all the time, nothing addresses it. Fly spell accounts for it slightly in slower climb speed and increased descent speed, as my little mage butt pootpoots me up and down in the clouds. FAQ

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Adamantine Dragon wrote:
This reminds me of the old Everquest noob trick of leaving a pile of copper coins somewhere to root the noob to the ground after picking them up.

Haha I remember doing that, "You're in LOCKDOWN bish!"

Masterwork Backpack capacity is 2 cubic feet. Assuming 20 quarter sized coins to the cubic inch, that's 1728 x 20 quarters per cubic foot, x2, for a capacity of 69120 coins at /50 = 1382 lbs.

So, assuming slightly better than normal materials, the backpack straps would equate to leather/rope, figuring +1 for masterwork. Rope Hardness:3, dc to burst 24, hitpoints 3. To pick up the backpack, you need a 29 strength to shift/drag that much weight. On average, a yank from a 29 strength pack baboon is going to do 1 point plus 9 strength damage, or 7 points over hardness per yank. So 10 points damage vs 3 hardness + 3 hit points = burst straps. Reverse mapping the item to see how much it really can carry without shredding: 4 hps damage vs MW backpack (3 hardness + 1.5 hp to be unbroken with 1.5 hp left) = 18 strength = 300 lbs heavy load x 50 coins/lb = 15000 coins per backpack. So, you could put more in it but be limited to scooching it across the floor until it abraids the materials and shreds, for 1.5 hps damage.

Sorry, I love math.

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I see an initial problem. Poisoning the only water supply is going to inconvenience everyone, including your players(unless they create water), the slavers, the slaves, and any locals afterwards, as well as camels, horses, etc...Better include an after the fact antidote with the poison.

Socially, diplomacy is better than bluff as that's more than a one shot conversation. Maybe modify the diplomacy check by things they discover prior to infiltrating by scouting out the camp, for every successful tidbit they get a +2 on the check. For example: Sense motive checks, knowledge local, perception, disguise, etc let them know the slavers have a secret handshake, are all fond of dark haired women, and each wear their hats like gangstas, and love to show off tattoos. They use each of these they learn and now they have a RP way to get into camp. Your "face" player, usually a bard or paladin (probably not since they are poisoning people) should have the best chance at this, with bluff as a get out of trouble card to escape. As a counter to the players rolls, for every screwup or obvious thing they forget to disguise, add to the bad guys sense motive to figure out things aren't exactly as they seem. Really you want them to succeed but make it close.

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Loved your post GMFrank

My GM brutality was renowned. In some extreme cases I felt sorry for the PC because they really hadn't done anything to deserve their heinous demise, but they usually made a colorful corpse. My players got to the point that if I threw a light encounter their way, they became instantly suspicious because they knew it was a feint on my part to set them up for Big Momma. Every fight should feel like its the end for your character otherwise it isnt really a fight. There is also risk versus reward, take chances, do crazy stuff, and sometimes you get a GM pass when you need it.
I like to be entertained as much as the next guy.

We just finished up a game where we have one player who always dies the stupid death. Always. (As a PC)I had just cast a Spiked Pit with a Grease spell slip&slide entry, which we as the party had planned in advance to draw some monsters ahead of us into. Who ends up falling in the pit? Skippy. He was warned before he did it, he was part of the plan, and still went idiot on us. I threatened to throw oil on him. Then he tried to climb out by himself. Some people, you just cant reach.

Lake Geneva was a silly place. Gygax was a dweebie old dude who smelled like mothballs and pee.

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212. About to camp for the night, the party encounters a tinker's wagon loaded with pots, pans, and sundries set up for the night in a good campsite. Two sketchy looking men vend materials, and will warn the party that "Them man-wolves are about, best you get some silver weppins" If the party states they need some, well, they sure are in luck. At a substantial inflation, the men will offer quality simple weapons, actually "silvered" with cheap gilt, but will make note of any PCs that already have silver or magic. A perceptive PC might detect a clue, an odor of wet dog, a glint of reflective eyes, party animals shying from the men, etc... The men will offer to share their site, or to travel with the party or hire them as guards if they look like they might move on. They will offer to stand a watch or if they are refused as part of the company, the men will track the party, sneak in to camp and steal the magic and real silver weapons, and then turn werewolf and attack, or simply do it on the weakest watch. And restock their wagon.

213. The party comes upon a ruined cottage near a riverbank, suitable for camping. Several 5-6' high termite mound looking mounds of sun-baked fresh clay/terra cotta stand near the riverbank. Closer examination reveals something with large lizard-like paws made the mounds from local river clay, which was then flash-baked by some tremendous heat source. Cracking open the hardened earth reveals a baking pot of a humanoid body, placed there by the young red dragon to store his "meat" in a locker. Some of the bodies would have the melted remains of the dragons "loot", or possibly a survivor. The owner may show up when his ez-bake is disturbed.

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Always caused by one miscreant in the party.

As a GM, playing Shadowrun in the Harlequin module (excellent if you can find one by the way) in one scenario the players achieve the final goal of the adventure, have the item literally in hand, as coincidentally one of the scout PCs gets discovered by an armed guard. I ask the PC scout, "What do you do?" He says, "I detonate my C4 charge" which he had in hand, and was about to arm and place on a helicopter. The helicopter was the theoretical escape vehicle, but the interesting part we discovered was that the PC was also carrying an additional 18 KILOS of C12(a condensed form of c4). The ensuing crater could be seen from orbit, needless to say no one within 3/4 of a mile survived.

As a player, we were in the Underdark and we encountered a beholder in a short narrow stone hallway. The party wizard at the rear of the party cast a lightning bolt through the party and it rebounded (old rules D&D) about 40 times, blasting all of us, including the beholder, instantly to dust. It was intentional for some reason, this person is broken.