150 campsite events


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123. The PCs find an old shrine decorated with crumbled but still beautiful statues of a certain type (d4: 1=women, 2=men, 3=hermaphrodites, 4=a non-human race of the DMs choice) around a fountain that still bubbles with bright pure water, with a small horde of coins at the bottom of the fountain (DM decides how much). Attempting to make wishes by dropping money in, nothing happens. However in the morning anyone who has touched the water has transformed into whatever the statues represent (if women that gain +2 dexterity and charisma, if men +2 strength and intelligence, if hermaphrodites +2 constitution and wisdom, if non-human, they gain the attribute bonuses of that race). If the afflicted drop their coinage (DM decides how much), they will revert back in 24 hours and lose the bonuses they gained.

124. As above, but the fountain is decorated with animals and appears to be druidic in nature. Any animals drinking from the water become permanently awakened.

125. As above, but the fountain heals wounds and restores lost attribute points and negative levels overnight, unless money was withdrawn from the fountain in which case they do not heal at all for resting.

126. As the party set up camp, they hear a hunting horn in the distance and the baying of hounds. A white hart races through their camp, pauses and says in Common: "Please don't let them catch me!" before racing on. 2d6 rounds later the huntsmen and their hounds appear (they are Evil, whatever they are). If they prevent the huntsmen pursuing the hart, it provides advice for them on their quest, truthfully and completely answering three questions. After the third is asked it can speak no more, but will lead the party to an item that can aid their current quest.

127. An old knight (cavalier) rides up as the party are setting camp, and asks to join them. He is formidable but amiable, and appears to be hunting a magical beast he can never catch.

128. As the party set up camp a particularly bold creature (animal, monster) approaches the camp, acting oddly. if the party do not kill it the creature manages to scratch 'help' into the ground. It's been transformed, but who or why or how it can be helped is up to the DM.

demontroll wrote:
Lincoln Hills wrote:
49. One misty night, sinister bestial shapes are seen moving out in the fog. On closer inspection (or after the PCs start blazing away), they are revealed to be sheep.
And then, when the party lets their guard down, it turns out the sheep are actually evil were-sheep.

Two words to deal with these: mint sauce.

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SOME excellent ideas. And then there's...

129) Three deities appear out of nowhere and squash the PCs into a thin, meaty paste for daring to camp.

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130. 3 men, garishly dressed in matching rhinestone costumes and wide-brimmed round hats, arrive at the edge of camp. They gyrate in unison delivering some kind of ritualized greeting. One of them, calling himself "Lucky" asks the party if they know the way to the "Singing Bush." Regardless of the PCs' answer the 3 friends hurl themselves into the saddles of their horses and ride off.

131. The PCs all fall asleep and dream of being a group of fellows, playing a game around a table using dice, books and their own imaginations. A dark figure in a long coat and black, reflective glasses looms in the corner. When the party turns to regard their "host" he proclaims: "Welcome...to the REAL world." and then they wake up.

132. Somewhere in the distance after nightfall the party hears an ominous, echoy voice utter the words "Klatu! Verata! Nictu!" followed by a long string of other nonsensical words. There is a sudden force; a PRESENCE in the woods around them; the trees buckle and this force seems to pursue the party, shattering trees and heading straight for them. Should the party attempt to run they spy a tentacled tree with a sinister, gaping maw, an undead woman dancing with her own decapitated head in her arms and the force EVER at their heels. Up ahead they spy a cabin...

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133.) Shortly after setting camp in an out of the way wilderness location, the party needs no perception check to notice a bedraggled, wild-eyed man burst noisily out of the bushes. "What are you doing here?!!!" he wails, "The moon...the MOON!" He runs off into the woods making inarticulate growling noises. It is a full moon. (He thinks he's a werewolf.)

134.) In the middle of the night, two small humanoids dressed in green and blue motley and carrying large sacks will run around the camp. Attacks do no damage, but for every strike, a red healing potion is knocked from the sack of the green humanoid, and a blue potion is knocked from the sack of the blue. The blue potion will replenish the last spell cast for any spellcasting class, but must be drunk immediately following the casting. They are nimble little buggers though, and will disappear once three potions are distributed. If the players return to the campground or mention the occurance at the next town, Lawyers will appear bearing cease and desist orders.

135) the pcs awaken to a triggered alarm spell. They find nothing. Did they even set an alarm spell? As the party settles in to sleep, the character with the lowest will save is targeted with a sleep spell. From this point:
A- all loose gear is taken and buried outside the camp. Perception or survival (track to find it).
B- any familiars, pets, companions, or small sized party members have been kidnapped and hog tied up the trail a ways.
C- breakfast is made and all bags are packed and saddled with a note left behind saying their security needs work
D- the "alarm" triggers again a couple more times throughout the night

136) somebody talks in their sleep...

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137. While moving up the road in an area of wilderness the party happens upon a boy with a peg leg calling himself "Nart." He offers them some minor magic item at a terrible price. If asked where it came from, he claims he "snuck into" a dungeon nearby.

138. A herd of wild cows stands on the side of the road; one of them wears boots. Beneath the cow costume are a pair of goblins, one of whom identifies itself as "La Trine" in a thick accent.

139. PCs awaken in the morning to find their campsite and the path out lined in skulls; each has a sigil drawn in soot on the brow. None of them radiate magic.

140. The sound of music can be heard from the surrounding hills, which are alive.

141. The second PC on watch hears a sound in a nearby tree. Glancing up into the dark the PC notes a cat with an ENORMOUS grin, too large for its body, lounging on a branch. The cat chats inanely and speaks in riddles; after a time it turns invisible save for the grin, which slowly fades. If attacked the thing goes completely invisible and flees.

142. The PCs note on their way through the area that this is an area of recent battles and skirmish. Knowledge: Local or History (DC 10) reveals that wizards and rangers were employed on one of the sides to control the battlefields in such skirmishes. If the party continues without much preparation or caution, their path wanders into one of these "controlled" fields; dozens of concealed traps were left behind from the conflict. These traps are CR appropriate; simple covered pits to elaborate crop circle-style explosive runes.

143. Passing through a marshy area the PCs hear music; something to do with a "Rainbow Connection." Sitting on a log in one of the bogs sits a grippli with a stringed instrument singing merrily.

144. The party begins noticing signs, painted poorly on broken planks, and written in common. They state: "Spooky Forest" "Keep Out" "Turn Back Now" and "This means you". If the PCs don't leave, a final sign says "I warned you". Insert whatever encounter you'd like.

145. As the camp settles in for the night a series of crashing sounds draw ever closer, culminating in a creature roughly the size of a hill giant but with purple skin and wearing torn and ragged green pants dropping out of the sky into the middle of the site. It screams "Bulk CRUUSSSHHHH!!!" and slaps its hands together; this attack counts as a Bull Rush attack against the entire party (CMB +20). Anyone affected by the attack must also make a DC 20 Fort save or be knocked prone. The creature then roars "Puny People in funny clothes: LEAVE BULK ALONE!!!" and with that the purple menace leaps skyward as if it could fly (this leap carries the creature 3 miles). An hour later a troop of soldiers from a neighboring settlement arrives, chasing the creature; their leader is a grizzled old warhorse named Thunderbolt Voss.

146. Having set up camp in underground caverns, the party is completely surprised by a sudden breach in an underground river (perhaps some time before, they noticed a faint murmur behind a thin wall). Extinguishing the campfire and leaving them in the dark, soaking the party, the room quickly starts to fill with water.

Several ways to make it more interesting:
- perhaps the water isn't lifeless, but contains fierce underwater adversaries;
- perhaps the breach was caused by a light earthquake, which also opened up a new cavern in the ceiling, through which air is escaping - and so may the party!;
- perhaps the camp isn't in an isolated cave, but instead the water rushes the party down a dangerous corridor or into a pit;

147.) In the middle of the night, a screaming gnome ranger runs through the camp, swiftly pursued by an enraged giant skunk he horribly botched a wild empathy check on. If rescued he may award the party some minor magic item/potion for their efforts on his behalf. If the party helps the skunk there will be no reward except for a face full of hot stink.

The Exchange

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148. Unable to find a decent campsite while crossing the desert, the PCs have had to make do with a hollow in the dunes. A terrible two-day sandstorm strikes; when the winds fade shortly before the third dawn, the PCs discover that they are now encamped on the roof of an ancient ruin exposed by the withdrawal of the sands.

149. During a midwinter encampment, the PCs hear a strange rumbling-and-crunching in the distance and cries of "hup! hup!" Before long two bands of goblins appear in the middle distance, each straining with all their might to enlarge snowballs which are already over twenty feet in diameter and have incorporated several stones, shrubs, and careless goblins into their mass. For reasons obscure to a non-goblin, these two rival goblin bands have decided to settle a dispute by seeing who can create the largest snowgoblin, and things got a bit out of hand. Each band cries out to the PCs to come help them (they may be evil, but they really need more people Aiding Another on this Strength check): needless to say, taking either side results in a goblin-against-goblin battle royale in the snow with the PCs stuck in the middle.

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150. 2 words: Rot Grubs

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151) The night passes peacefully, the PCs sleep well. Damn it, I guess that's one too many...

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Ha ha...we've pushed into the BONUS ROUNDS! Keep the thread going...

152. PC's find a Diminutive blue humanoid in white clothing on the ground as they're scouting the site. "That cat...finally stopped toying with us...warn, the 99...la, LA, la la...la...laaaaa..." it gasps before expiring.

153. The PC on watch spies a shaft of moonlight filter down, onto something obscured by distance and flora, but despite these complications whatever the light is hitting glows preternaturally.

154. A spectacle of uniquely beautiful butterflies arrives at dusk and settles on one specific tree or perch, ignoring all others.

155. Giant honey bees hum through the area, searching for a field of massive flowers just beyond. They ignore the party unless provoked or the PC is brightly colored.

156- In the midle of the night a strange colour descends from the sky, shining with greenish blue hues. When it senses the PCs, it glows redish-yellow and charges the resting PCs. It doesn't attacks in a proper way, but when it touches the PCs they must save FORT DC 15 or take 1d2 STR damage. The colour occupies 4 squares in any direction and format. Only force spells can halt the colour (like incorporeality). If it receives 5 points of damage from a force effect, it withdraws to space.

157- The night goes troubled for the PCs, with dreams filled with terrible nightmares. In the morning, the PCs note that the last PC on guard looks different: spooked eyes, the hair is more whitened (as an effect of aging) and he seems unaware of his surroundings. He doesn't remember anything for last night, but is fatigued.

158) As the players begin to fall asleep they notice a meteor shower in sky. Any player making a DC 20 survival check will realize that the meteors will impact about 2 miles from the camp. If the players investigate they discover that the meteors are actually monsters which have been frozen in ice and fallen from some great height. Although the monsters mostly have died from the freezing and impact, there are two very badly injured trolls among the menagerie and the players have an opportunity to kill them before they grow too strong. If the players do not investigate several hours into the night one fully regenerated troll (he took out the other one) attacks the camp.

The Exchange

159. The camp attracts the attention of cows. Every hour, 1d4+1 more cows arrive, until the entire herd of 28 cattle is milling around the edges of the camp in their bovine way. Shortly after dawn, an irritated rancher appears and asks the PCs to help him get the cows back through a hole in their fence. The amount of money he offers for the help is fair by his standards, but quite insignificant to adventurers accustomed to piles of gold.

160. One of the horses slips its tether and wanders into the night. An hour or two later it ambles back into view and placidly allows itself to be recaptured. In actuality, the "horse" that came back is a mimic; concerned that its disguise might not hold up in daylight, it waits for a character to mount, activates its adhesiveness and races off at a full gallop, taking full advantage of its mutable shape to evade pursuit while carrying its victim along.

161. The heat of the fire causes an egg-shaped stone at the fire's edge to crack audibly: on opening, the PCs discover that the interior is a geode with 1d4 gem-quality, uncut quartz or amethyst-stones inside. The usual rules for polishing and cutting gemstones can be used to raise these stones to full market value.

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Byrdology wrote:
136) somebody talks in their sleep...

162) And it's actually the verbal components to the highest level spell they still have prepared/know. Target and cause for the sleep-casting are up to the GM.

163) The campfire becomes a tiny fire elemental and begins snarking at whoever is on watch. It probably won't attack unless attacked or attempted to be put out.

i didnt read every one of them, so i wont add a number, but the most horrifying and deadly Campsite encounters i ever had was this:

a pair of bandits attack the camp at night while everyone (except one) is asleep. no perception check (they move magically silently) and the caster uses pyrotechnics on the campfire. a few of the sleeping members will likely fail the high dc save with a penalty for being asleep and be blinded or stunned (i would just choose one as the DM) for a few rounds, but everyone is awakened. the caster is INVISIBLE and has darkvision. both the rogue and the caster have Gaz Masks (its an item, i remember seeing that negates the effect of things like smoke and obscuring mist as well as 1 hour (can be broken up) of waterbreathing per day) and the rogue runs in and sneak attacks you with 1 attack per round then uses spring attack and runs away. eventually the pc's will defeat the rogue and the caster will run off or they will convince the pair to leave with bribes or something, and it should be TOO deadly as long as you dont target the same pc every round and they all heal up well. its a really chaotic fight and is super fun. the pair dont fight to the death btw, and if they are found and captured or their plan doesnt work otherwise they give up quickly and offer to pay the pc's in exchange for their lives.

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164. A panicked goblin rushes in and puts out the campfire before running away screaming.

165. A Dryad slaps one of the PCs for breaking a dead limb off of her tree.

166. A Graveknight enters the camp and begins whistling a cheerful ditty as he roasts some marshmallows for s'mores. He attacks if the PCs don't have chocolate.

167. A pixie uses a twig that's smoldering at one end to poke another pixie. The two proceed to have an argument that swiftly devolves into a slap-fight, which then takes the rather odd turn of who's better at esoteric trivia from other worlds, before they start having a pranking competition, using the PCs as impartial judges.

168. The BBEG strolls through camp whistling. He is naked as the day he was born. If the PCs are awake, he only gives them a simple howdy-do before continuing.

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169. a brownie sneaks into camp, risking the PC on watch seeing him. If he is seen he flees; the encounter is over. If not, he makes off with ALL the liquor the PCs have (again; until he's spotted). Should he manage to swipe every last drop, he turns invisible and then expertly mends every rip, tear, crease and loose button on every piece of gear the PCs have. He also leaves behind a fantastically crafted Small sized wooden mug. It's shaped from Darkwood, Bloodoak, or another valuable wood in the setting; it is braced with a pair of beaten copper rings and handle. The handle is shaped like a beautiful woman, scantily clad, her lips fairly parted with her eyes closed. Should anyone blow into the mouth the handle makes the sound of a Wolf's Whistle. The miniscule tankard is considered a masterwork for the purposes of enchantment.

170. Soon after dark a disgusting smell rises from a nearby pond. A DC 15 Perception check reveals that the stench is emanating from a runestone just breaking the pond's surface and concealed by thick reeds. Removing the cattails to fully uncover the stone forces a DC 16 Fort save or the victim is Sickened. The stone also bears an oddly placed quartet of runic eyes etched on it's surface and seemingly aglow with some dull inner light. The stone generates heat roughly the temperature of body heat. Soon after uncovering the stone whispers chaotic thoughts into the minds of all assembled. Should the party strike the stone a gout of black, sap-like ichor sprays from the wound, quickly becoming tendrils like webbing (attacker must make a DC 16 Ref save or become entangled). Those entangled take 2d6 acid damage every round they remain in that condition. The stone is actually a Iathavos Qlippoth called Proteavosc; it is spiked in place by a cold-iron spike blessed by an avatar of Pharasma; it only survives in this state by use of it's own imprisonment power on itself.

The Exchange

171. The PCs encamp near a small pond with a highly reflective surface. During the long slow watches of the night, each PC gets a Perception check to notice that his reflection in the pool is acting several seconds prior to the actual PC's shifts, paces, and so forth. This effect - the result of some naturally occurring divination magic - is eerie but helpful; a guard keeping an eye on the reflection gets +20 to Perception checks to avoid any surprise round on encounters that night.

172. The PCs make camp and begin settling down for the night. Unfortunately they happen to be on the belly of an huge giant that is a thousand feet tall.

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173. After finding shelter from the wind and rain in the lee of a bluff with an overhanging rock-face, the party sets up camp and nominates sentries as usual. During the night each sleeping PC has the same dream, involving a savage yet beautiful woman wearing ancient tribal regalia, who stares intently at them across a campfire as she speaks in a long-forgotten language. The next day the storm has cleared, and as they each compare their dreams, the morning sun falls full upon the rock face nearby, revealing a panoply of faded, ancient rock-paintings depicting some sort of shamanic ritual.

174. A large rabbit bounds through the camp before anyone can react. A faint voice is heard, "Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!" Following the rabbit is an easy DC 11 survival check, and leads to a large hole in the ground. The PCs can enter if they wish.

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175. After an exhausting search of the tangled thickets and fungus-infested hollows that passes for a forest here, the PCs find a nice patch of dry, flat ground. Said ground is in fact a group of mimics making themselves appear as carpets of sod.

176. If the PCs are foraging or hunting they come across a patch of rare, wild mushrooms. Knowledge: Nature or Survival DC 18 reveals them to be Vittlebox Sorrels; not only edible but a delicacy. They have a coffe like flavor which is at once bitter and sweet. If the PCs harvest any and eat them, roughly an hour after dinner they hear loud grumbling as a trio of vegepygmies tromp to the edge of camp and begin hurling mud and obscenities.

177. As dawn breaks a lone crow arrives over camp. As the sun rises, each minute 1d6 more arrive until the area is teeming with them, cawing and waking the entire party. The rest of the day's travel the murder of crows seems to keep pace with the PCs until they either destroy the swarm or cross a stream several miles away.

178. A trio of sprites have gathered several kinds of small, thin pine cones and enjoy how they explode when fire consumes them. They choose midnight to sneak in, put them in the coals, then stoke the embers to have their fun. The PC on watch must roll a DC 20 Perception to notice the prank; otherwise as the sentry's attention is elsewhere sudenly the fire sputters, flares, and explodes loudly for no reason, disturbing the whole camp.

179. As the party is bedding down for the night a wild dog runs up to the edge of camp. It barks insistently, as if pleading with the party. Should anyone cast Speak With Animals it turns out that "Timmy" is stuck in the old well and the dog is looking for help.

180. In the last rays of sunshine as the PCs are still setting up camp a sudden rumbling alerts them. A lone fox darts into camp, looks one of the PCs dead in the eye and screams "Run for your life! They're CRAZY and they're after me!" it then turns and sprints off unless restrained in some way. The rumbling is now accompanied by the sounds of horns. Moments later a herd of centaurs dressed in red coats, tiny hats and accompanied by several Small sized tauric dog-people tramples through camp; one of them shouts out "Tally HO!"

181. The party find a strange building made apparently of very thick leather. It has no door, just an opening into a single large room, with five short passageways leading off, ending in dead ends. In the morning the ground shakes as a giant comes looking for his glove...

182. Foraging in the area of camp one of the PCs finds an ossuary; a small shrine crafted entirely of human bones. This ossuary is like a shelf built into the side of a stony hummock. Close inspection reveals a number of religious symbols - the thing is a marker for a war grave left behind by the Pharasmin.

183. Upon making camp and assigning watches for the night, one of the sentries will eventually notice (Perception DC10) something metallic glinting in the moonlight or light from the campfire nearby, possibly under some brambles or in mud at the edge of a pond, depending on where the PCs have camped. Upon inspection the glinting object proves to be an old brass lamp, miraculously uncorroded by age and etched with arcane symbols, and will detect very faintly of magic. Rubbing the lamp elicits no reaction however. The faint magic is the result of a Magic aura spell made permanent upon the item by a huckster magician, who sold it to a foolish adventurer years ago as a 'genuine wishing lamp'. By the time the adventurer discovered the deception, it was too late to catch the huckster, and the fake 'wishing' lamp was thrown away here in disgust.

The Exchange

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184. An unexpected windstorm seems to sweep up out of nowhere. PCs using blankets and bedrolls in the open have a 75% chance to lose these items as they are whisked off into the sky, while tents have a 60% chance of collapsing and a 10% chance that part of the tent simply tears off. Flying bracken and bits of greenery forces everybody to shield their eyes: coals are hurled from the campfire and anybody who was downwind of it has a small risk of catching on fire (as do any piles of unattended bedding or other flammables). The ferocious gale drops in strength after a few minutes, but the wind continues strongly for the rest of the night, and the chance of an encounter with some out-of-control flying creature is doubled for any checks made that night. Only determined investigation by the PCs will reveal that this gale was the side effect of a control weather spell; the PCs were not within the area proper, but sudden changes in air pressure brought on by the spell caused uncontrolled freak winds all over the area.

185. While gathering firewood, a PC unexpectedly encounters the rare dire phasmid (walking stick); although ordinarily a peaceable type for a giant bug, it objects to being picked up.

186. During the day of travel prior to camping, the PCs meet travelers on no less than three occasions - all females, traveling in ones and twos. After moonrise, a bonfire starts to burn a couple of miles away. A great drum begins to pound, and male characters feel a trembling, as if a magical compulsion were at hand but no commands were forthcoming: female characters feel no such influence. Cautious investigation reveals that a great moonlit sabbat is in progress, with hags, mortal witches and even a witchfire in attendance. The great drum, made of a giant's skin and played by a night-hag freshly arrived from Hades, is a magical lure ordinarily used by the hags to summon meals/potential husbands; however, its magical properties are not being used at the moment, so there's no more than the sense of uneasiness already noted. Unless the PCs are ready for a fairly epic struggle, they may wish to quietly creep away again.

187. A ball rolls through the middle of the camp followed a few seconds later by some strange metal contraption that is bouncing along after it. Light emits from its head and wiggles like a small dog wagging its tail when it notices the PCs before it goes bouncing off again.

188. A group of squirrels enact King Lear in the branches of a tree at the edge of the camp.

189. A group of Pixies enact Romeo and Juliet, as a slapstick comedy.

190. An ogre strolls into camp and asks the party if they have any recipes they'd like to share. (He's actually a charming fellow and a really good cook.)

191. A small owl flies around camp before settling down on one the PCs head. All he says if Speak with animals is employed is "hoo."

192. A dimensional door opens beneath one of the PCs, draging him in an instant, in front of his terrified comrades. The PC rolls a save for FORT, REF and WILL, all of them at DC 15. Seconds later another rift opens and the PC emerges 1d10 years older. For each succesful save, the PC has a cumulative 25% chance of gaining a level. For each failed save he adds another 1d10 years to his age. The PC has distant memories, like those of a dream.

The Exchange

193. A distant smell of roasting meat and vegetables comes to the nostrils of the PCs - far better fare than the PCs have been able to enjoy on the road. After considerable searching, the PCs track the appetizing scent to a tiny hole in a nearby cairn of stones. A door about eight inches tall is built into one side of the cairn. If the PCs attempt to parlay with the occupants, the GM can make the cairn a home to brownies (if feeling benevolent), mites (if feeling cranky), or pugwampis (if he's secretly hated the players for years.)

194. The forlorn call of a horn echoes across the landscape in the coldest, darkest hours of the night. It is answered by a similar horn of different pitch, from another direction. Though this might cause the PCs to experience some tension, the horn-blowers do not attack... at least, not that night.

195. While encamped in a highly enchanted or haunted region, the PCs see the open approach of a solitary figure in antiquated armor. He hails the camp and says he seeks directions. In antiquated Common, he introduces himself, identifies himself as a legionary in the third regiment of Regent (Name Here), and says he got lost in the mist. A knowledgeable historian in the group can determine that this man is really lost: his home kingdom hasn't even existed for over 300 years. While the PCs are likely to suspect a lie, a trick, or at least that the man is a ghost, he really is just what he seems.

196. It rains... frogs. (Or other small aquatic animals.)

197. A tall grey anthropomorphic rabbit pokes his head out of a hole that just appeared. He asks " Eh, pardon me, sir, but could you direct me to the shortest route to the Coachella Valley and the big carrot festival therein?" No matter what the answer he then says " Hmm, I knew I should've taken that left turn at Albuquerque." Then quickly disappears back down the hole, which collapses behind him.

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198. A human male with an overly large, bald head walks into the party's camp asking, "Where is dat wascolly wabbit?!"

199. A black anthropomorphic duck sneaks into camp and grabs the most expensive piece of loot the PCs have obtained and keeps going, "It'smineminemine! You hear me! All mine! I'm a happy miser."

200. A miniature tornado tears through the surrounding forest before stopping at the edge of the PCs camp revealing the source to be a badger spinning at improbable speeds.

(I think I got the rest of the major Looney Tunes that inhabit the woods.)

201. A blur moves through the camp, and a faint Beep-beep is heard as it passes. It is followed shortly by a coyote with a knife and fork in its front paws.

With the first rays of sunlight, an animal wanders into the party's forest campsite, having not yet detected them. Only the PC on watch notices. The PC is essentially "hidden ". A single failed bluff, handle animal, slight of hand, stealth, etc skill check and the animal bolts.

One of the PCs talks in his/her sleep, and is overheard by whoever is on watch.

204. The PC on watch glances up to notice a red bird, perched in a tree, staring directly at them at dawn. "Identify, for Retina Scan" it states blandly in a very human voice. Regardless of the PC's reaction it begins sounding an Alarm spell.

205. An ancient fire ring already exists in this location. As soon as the fire is lit here, it erupts into a blaze. In the heart of this can be seen strange images of a beautiful city made purely of brass.

205a. alternately the fire is an elemental weird of fire; an open link to the elemental plane that enhances fire spells; summons an anthropomorphic bear wearing a grey-green hat, pants and a pair of boots who advises wisely "Only YOU can prevent forest fires" before vanishing.

206. Raucous laughter and other noises disrespectful to the sanctity of the wild can be heard nearby. A blaze FAR too powerful for the temperature can also be noticed. If the PCs investigate they travel for roughly a hundred yards before coming upon a camp of similar adventurers but obviously of less experience than the party. Each of the rival NPCs appears "generic" to their class and race; a dwarf fighter with an over-large axe and a long beard holds a tankard in one hand and rock in the other while flexing, an elf archer stands vigilant (but looking the other way) with a pony tail of blond hair and forest green clothes while holding a bow, a male human cleric with a tonsure in white robes painted with a large red cross, etc.

207. A Diminutive anthropomorphic bear with yellow fur and a red shirt wanders up to camp asking if the PCs have any honey to spare. If they have none he mutters "Oh bother". He then exits after predicting it will be a blustery day.

208. As the PCs are about to settle into their camp they hear something buzz overhead. Miles away, written in the sky they can make out letters written in smoke, seemingly spelled in some direction intended of other readers besides the party. They state: "Bring me the girl Dorothy, or else". A raucous cackling can be heard from far away.

209. The PCs spot a little man in red robes with a balding pate of long, white hair lounging on a boulder. "Remember heroes," he advises wisely, "sometimes the way back is REALLY the way forward." He grins and hops down off his rock, circling around behind it, disappearing from sight.

210. A swarm of harmless lizards invades camp, looking for warmth.

211. Sometime during the night, a bear wanders into camp before lying down and using one of the PCs like a child would a stuffed bear.

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212. About to camp for the night, the party encounters a tinker's wagon loaded with pots, pans, and sundries set up for the night in a good campsite. Two sketchy looking men vend materials, and will warn the party that "Them man-wolves are about, best you get some silver weppins" If the party states they need some, well, they sure are in luck. At a substantial inflation, the men will offer quality simple weapons, actually "silvered" with cheap gilt, but will make note of any PCs that already have silver or magic. A perceptive PC might detect a clue, an odor of wet dog, a glint of reflective eyes, party animals shying from the men, etc... The men will offer to share their site, or to travel with the party or hire them as guards if they look like they might move on. They will offer to stand a watch or if they are refused as part of the company, the men will track the party, sneak in to camp and steal the magic and real silver weapons, and then turn werewolf and attack, or simply do it on the weakest watch. And restock their wagon.

213. The party comes upon a ruined cottage near a riverbank, suitable for camping. Several 5-6' high termite mound looking mounds of sun-baked fresh clay/terra cotta stand near the riverbank. Closer examination reveals something with large lizard-like paws made the mounds from local river clay, which was then flash-baked by some tremendous heat source. Cracking open the hardened earth reveals a baking pot of a humanoid body, placed there by the young red dragon to store his "meat" in a locker. Some of the bodies would have the melted remains of the dragons "loot", or possibly a survivor. The owner may show up when his ez-bake is disturbed.

The Exchange

214. While gathering water for the camp, one of the PCs comes across a skeleton with its head and upper body fully immersed in the stream. It appears that this earlier traveler slipped and fell into the stream, but a character skilled in Survival or Knowledge (nature} will note that local scavengers have left the body totally untouched. The stream may be poisonous to animal life; the skeleton may have been dragged here as planted evidence; or this skeleton may be a skeletal warrior with an unusual way of relaxing.

215. As the PCs scout for a campsite some innocuous local fauna is sitting up an watching them, mechanically, as if in some kind of fiendish trance. There is absolutely no magic at work here; some naughty fey pranksters have trained a bunch of squirrels/prairie dogs/lizards/crows/whatever to act like this.

216. The PCs happen upon a roadside vendor on the side of the road; the humanoid vendor is partially enclosed in a booth. Said vendor offers a cool, refreshing drink. If a PC takes it, they find they cannot take the mug or let go; they are stuck like an insect to flypaper (Fort save DC 17). At this point the "booth" peels away to reveal a Huge aberration, the humanoid puppet acting as it's tongue. It attempts to swallow the victim whole.

217. A child wanders by; breadcrumbs tumble from their pocket as they go.

218. An old, abandoned smelting oven overgrown with weeds from some ancient mine in the area has become home to a swarm of bats. The oven might be used by enterprising PCs as a starting point to locating the mine.

219. Loam pits, roughly 3m deep surround some ancient, decrepit ruin. One wall of the ruin is still intact enough that it has been used as shelter recently. In one of the pits a corpse has been preserved.

220. A massive, concave steel disk, roughly 20' high and fitted with a leather lining on the "inside" also sports a pair of straps holding it fast to 2 trees. A campsite appears to have been hastily abandoned recently in the lee of the device (a giant's tower shield).

The Exchange

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221. A strange odor becomes perceptible as the night progresses, growing stronger and stronger; characters with the right experience or Knowledge will recognize the musk of a basilisk. Distant shuffling in the night is all that comes of this, although when dawn arrives, PCs who conduct a search will discover a perfectly sculpted stone squirrel not far from the campsite.

222. While encamped in the woods, the party's camp is slowly surrounded by webs woven from tree to tree by giant spiders. Under the direction of an ettercap, the vermin are careful not to get close enough to the camp to be spotted; but regardless of which direction the PCs depart in, they must roll a Perception check or their leader walks right into the hard-to-see strands, triggering the attack of the ettercap and its allies.

223. Giant ticks come upon the encampment; they will slip in as stealthily as possible, preferring Large targets such as mounts to PCs. Should their presence go unnoticed, their victims will suffer fatigue the next day in addition to the usual effects of blood drain.

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224. A man runs through camp screaming, "I am not a number!" He is pursued by a large featureless ball that captures him, engulfing him, before bouncing away.

223a. While searching for a campsite on a hot day one of the PCs has left their head exposed; they are infested with normal ticks. Fort DC 17 or Lime Disease.

225. The PCs bedding becomes infested with fleas. DC 17 Fort or Fatigued until a Remove Disease or flea bomb is used.

226. The PCs contract head lice; DC 17 Fort save to resist.

227. The PCs find a grove of 2d6 fruit trees appropriate to the climate. Each tree has 1d4 ripe fruit.

227a. the trees are tended by an angry druid

227b. the trees are awakened and don't like their fruit to be picked; PCs are pelted by fallen, rotten fruit and told to leave.

228 The party comes upon a man and a boy; the boy is standing, back to a tree, with an apple on his head and abject terror in his eyes. The man stands several paces away with an arrow knocked, aiming.

229. As night falls a gentle snoring draws the PCs attention. In the crook of a tree they find a man w/a long beard and archaic clothing fast asleep. Etched into a bag next to him is a name: "Winkle". Nothing the party does can rouse him.

230. A crazed old man offers the PCs a small pouch filled with 3 beans. He's looking to sell them for cheap, but claims them magical. No magic is detected on the ordinary looking seeds. If they are purchased, planted and watered, roll on the wand of wonder effects table or simply create the outcome spontaneously.

The Exchange

231. While digging a small hole for... some business that will involve the use of a small hole, one of the PCs sees the head of some helmeted head peering at him/her from under a nearby bush. On closer inspection, the 'head' is part of a smashed clay statue - most of the rest of the statue can be found with some digging under the surrounding sod.

232. While camped along a well-travelled road, the PCs note that the low stone wall that divides the campsite from the road has accumulated all kinds of graffiti over the years. They may recognizes a few initials or names of NPCs they've met in the past, and this is a good place for the GM to drop in any cryptic poems, mysterious glowing glyphs, or directions to nearby hidden dungeons (all of which might have had corrections or additions made by later visitors.)

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233. The PCs stumble across the remains of an old cottage, now little more than a weathered hearth and a bit of wall, with a mud floor. As soon as they step inside, a small fire kindles in the hearth. If they stay and look around, they also notice a small pool of clean water forms in a small hollow in one of the rocks, the biting wind outside calms to a pleasant breeze, and if they stay long enough, the floor of the place sweeps itself, revealing the old, half-rotten wood beneath.

The cottage might be possessed by a friendly kami, the remains of the house of a powerful wizard, or perhaps attended by some benevolent invisible creature.

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234. A small fairy flits into the camp, asking if there are any children in the party who have recently lost teeth. If told there are none, she seems sad, but will stay for a brief chat before she leaves. She knows the locations of all nearby farms and settlements within two days ride, but is reluctant to share such information if she feels the party may mean to harm any children.

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235. Angry squealing becomes audible, slowly growing louder. Finally a looming shape appears in the firelight: a foraging ogre, his chin smeared with raw egg-yolk and a large, squealing pig clutched firmly under each arm. With a satisfied grunt he says, "Humans tasty, but pork is better! I take this fire to cook piggies! You go away!" If the PCs use Diplomacy to improve the ogre's attitude to unhelpful, he will 'allow' them to remain: upon which he will set one pig in the high crook of a nearby tree (where it spends the rest of the scene gazing helplessly downward in a porcine panic). He then sets about messily slaughtering, cleaning and roasting the other pig with casual disregard for the cleanliness of the camp. Diplomacy checks will improve his attitude to no better than neutral, although volunteering the use of salt or other 'fixings' grants a +10 to this check. The ogre eats messily, refusing to share. Under ordinary circumstances he will then shoulder his second pig, stamp the campfire out and stroll off; should he be lulled with strong drink or music, he might drop off to sleep, allowing the PCs to take whatever action they see fit.

I love that last one, Lincoln.

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