I want the most overpowered, broken, horrifically twisted build.


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one could consider replacing gunslinger 5 with trench fighter 3 if they're looking for dex-to-damage and guns.

also remember that myrmidarch's ranged spellstrike specifices a ranged attack but not what weapon, so guns are A-OK for it.

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Mr Jade wrote:
Heimdall666 wrote:
Goblin with bouncy, roll with it, and class skill in acrobatics = immune to damage, or nearly so. Plus you get all the cool goblin songs and its ok to play with fire.
How does that work?

Carry a longspear, or lance/horsechopper.

Bouncy: You can convert 10' of falling damage into 1d4 non-lethal.
Roll with it: As an immediate action, versus a melee attack, you make a DC 5 + damage roll check and if successful you instead move (in your choice) of directions that many feet away. Up being a direction. You end up staggered, but you can charge from staggered, right back into the fray on your turn.
If you are a class with acrobatics as a class skill, your base with maxed dex(22) is 6+3+1=10, on average you can absorb at 1st level a 16 hp attack with no ill effects. With a ring of feather falling, you can death from above. You just have to plan AOO avoidance.

Shadow Lodge

im a big fan of sensei builds for broken characters. giving your team truestrike, + 9 to ac, restoration as a SLA, and dimension door as a swift action can really change combats.

if you add drunken master and monk of the four winds to it, you can give all melee in your group 3 extra standard actions for attacking, and ive learned that it stacks with haste, making the 2 buffs an insane boost to dpr. enlarge person, strong jaw, and vital strike are very powerful in this build.

the only issue is that it takes level 12 to get the build going. you wont do insane dpr by comparison, unless you factor your dpr contribution from your monk of the four winds ability which could be over 1k damage if your group is good enough.

another stupid over powered character is a wizard 10 arcane archer 2. shoot antimagic fields at people.

abyssal bloodragers, if the play test versions are allowed, are just stupid broken as written.

champion of the enlightened are crazy hard to kill, if not impossible. pally 2/monk 3 champion of the enlightened 10. heal like a pally and aoe smite people. plus hit touch ac when you need to.

Druid 4/Wild Stalker Ranger 5.

Rage-Pounce-Smite with 5 attacks at level 9 with a 30(+) str and character level in additional damage, all ignoring DR.

Mine pretty much ENDS all combats.

And they won't see it coming.

I'm a huge fan of the "Dread" Psionic class from Dreamscarred Press. You do melee touch attacks that deal 1d6+class level. Get the power that let's that tick for multiple rounds, and the Terror/Feats to let you do it at range. Oh, and the feat that adds your cha to the damage.

Plus, you pick up the psionic powers to negate attacks made against you.

Also, you can affect things normally immune to fear, like Paladins.

Play the creepy little girl who just causes people to die of fright. Do the whole "Village of the Damned" thing.

BTW, are you sure it's not 4d4+4? That was an old rolling method for Dark Sun back in the day, gives you a range from 8-20. I can't see anyone who would do just straight 4d4 to see 4-16 ranges.

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This is the bullshittiest build, from 1-20, that I am aware of. It is the only straight ass-kicker (no save or die, gives no f*!~s about what dice are rolled) to thoroughly whoop on Beastmass. It is virtually unkillable, won't really fail saves, and pretty my teleport-gibs anything in about 1 turn.

Build: Half elf Synthesist (16), Oath of Vengeance Paladin (4)
Laaaaame Stats (20 point buy): 7/7/7/8/18/18+2
Half elf class bonus goes to summoner for +5 evolution points.

S1: Extra Evolution + SF(Perception), Fused Link
S1/P1: Smite
S1/P2: Improved Initiative, Divine Grace, Lay On Hands
S3/P2: Extra Evolution
S5/P2: Power attack
S6/P2: Maker's Jump
S7/P2: Dimensional Agility
S8/P3: Extra Evolution
S8/P4: Channel Wrath
S9/P4: Dimensional Assault
S11/P4: Extra Evolution
S12/P4: Greater Shielded Meld
S13/P4: Extend Spell
S15/P4: Quicken Spell

YOUR EIDOLON'S BUILD: (Final Points: 21 base, 4 feats, 4 HE favored class bonus)
1 (4 Points): Quadruped (Bite, some limbs), Improved Natural Armor (1), Head (2), Pounce (1)
4 (5 Points): 1 Spare
5 (7 Points): Head (2), Improved Natural Armor (1), 1 Spare
6 (10 Points): Head (2), 2 spare.
7 (11 Points): 3 Spare.
8 (12 Points): 4 Spare
9 (13 Points): Improved Natural Armor (1), 4 Spare
10 (15 Points): 6 Spare
11 (16 Points): 7 Spare
13 (18 Points): 9 Spare Improved Natural Armor (1)
14 (19 Points): Huge (10)
15 (21 Points): Head (2)
16 (22 Points): 1 spare
17 (23 Points): Improved Ability Score (Dex) (2)
18 (25 Points): Head (2)
19 (27 Points): Improved Ability Score (Dex) (2)
20 (29 Points): Improved Ability Score (Dex) (2)


Here's the basic thing. At level 1, you take Mage Armor and some healing. Your AC is 10 (base) + 2 (Dex) + 2(Improved Natural Armor) + 4(Mage Armor). You can pounce and you do reasonable damage with your two heads. Most importantly, if you're not in that form, you can cast Summon Monster 1 like...oh...6 times in a day.

This is your weakest level. Your attack, AC, and saves go crazy over the next few levels, as you gain the ability to heal yourself a ton (lay on hands), get +5 to all saves.

In the end, with equipment, you end up looking like this:
Initiative is at 17, we have 65/37/52 AC, 44/38/43 saves, and we have 6 attacks at +52, so we only miss anything on a natural 1. We have reach and teleport-pounce, so we’re full attacking every round. When we get to attack, we do 275 damage which ignores all DR.


Obviously, you should never actually play this character, as it's complete bullshit. Not sure that you can't make a stronger level 1 character, but, I think, on average across all levels, this is altogether the most bullshit build in Pathfinder.


Sczarni RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 16, RPG Superstar 2015 Top 32

Argue that Pathfinder is backwards compatible, that he did give you access to all books, and that both mean you can use 3rd ed material.

Then created Pun-Pun the kobold.


What exactly does broken mean?

If you mean insane DPR, I suggest a musket master gunslinger with a double barreled musket. It doesn't really get ridiculous until mid levels, but it is the easiest way to reach the insane levels of DPR.

Even with extremely stinky cheese, it's pretty hard to beat Wizard 20, even if they just have core.

deuxhero wrote:
Even with extremely stinky cheese, it's pretty hard to beat Wizard 20, even if they just have core.

Yeah. The problem with wizards is that they function extremely well in the best case scenario (when prepared), and extremely poorly in a worst-case scenario (when unprepared).

The above build functions extremely well in all scenarios, which is neat.


Make a fairy spell caster your so small they can't hit you can you can still cast spells, oh and everytime you cast a spell you get sent flying backwards (still within your 5 ft square and mostly for rp)

Be funny to see

Or be a vampire anything (I like bard mostly from lestat queen of damned)
Turn your HD worth of vampires they turn their HP worth of vampires and so on
plus negative lvls. Damage
and you can sing to boost the damage put out by your vampire army of awesomeness.
And you win flat out

Hear ye hear ye!

Try at level 10 here ye.


Takhisis wrote:

@Mysticly Inclined & the OP: Or be even better then a straight wizard. Be the half-elf paragon surge abusing oracle mentioned before and be a wizard with medium armor and a shield, 3/4 BAB, a bloated OP animal companion, cha to AC, reflex and initiative and spontaneous access every spell on both the wiz/sorc list and cleric list. Pure wizard is strong, but if your going for a broken "caster" then nothing beats the paragon surge abuser oracle as through paragon surge abuse they ARE a wizard, who happens to be able to spontaneously cast EVERY spell on the wiz sorc list...and have all those other goodies mentioned before. Not saying wizards are't OP, and before paragon surge + improved eldritch heritage (Arcane) comes on line the wizard will be equally competitive(and stronger before paragon surge + extended arcana comes on line), but once it does the paragon surge-absuer oracle comes out ahead of the wizard for all the reasons mentioned.

However, if you know the game is not going to reach level 11+ when that trick comes online then straight wizard is certainly a viable choice and is competitive with the paragon surger oracle in spellcasting and totally blows it out of the water before it gets access to paragon surge.(Though the paragon surger may still be slightly ahead once it gets paragon surge as a spell due to basically being a better cleric then the cleric at that point via paragon surge + expanded arcana)

@OP: As for OP races, yeah, there are some pretty...nasty ones out there. Oh, also, one more question, does your DM allow 3rd party content? If so, then there is some REALLY ridiculous stuff you can do. First of all, there is the infamous cheese that is the dragonrider dip. Literally for one class level you get a dragon pet that levels up with you despite the fact you only have one level in dragonrider. Also the eldritch godling, as the name suggests, is literally the most broken spellcaster class printed for pathfinder. If you want to be broken without any unique build, simply play that class and...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't see anything that said that. At best you can multi class into specific other classes and your dragon would still level up with you, but 2 levels lower than normal and it wouldn't work with the paragon surge oracle at all.

I have returned form the dead to take over the worl- oh, holy craaaaaap! *its head rolls off the side of the screen*

Joking aside, I'd be interested to know if the advice has changed within the last two years, due to FAQratta and similar. :D

EDIT: word choice and emoji to alter the tone into what I intended from the start.

Timebomb wrote:

I'd go for a Grenadier Alchemist 2, Gunslinger X. At lvl 2, in "normal" combat just shoot/bomb things then when you need to pull out the cheese imbue your weapon with Dreamtime Tea and then put any creature you can hit to sleep for 2d12 minutes, no save, untyped. That should give you enough time to coup de grace them to death. At lvl 3+ you make it a mundane touch attack SoD with no save. For your extracts I might recommend true strike.

Try not to ruin any friendships with McMunchkin. When the rocks fall remember to go out in style, I recommend a Burning Skeletal Dire Badger with Brown Mold tied to its chest (AKA the apocalypse subway)

How do you imbue a weapon with an ingested drug? Am I missing something? If you can get around the ingested to make it injury I'm hooked! Please do tell.

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That being said, let's be lvl 1 Gods.

Step 1) be a level one wizard with one hell of a charisma score. This part really doesn't matter, but you are going to need that diplomacy so buff it any way you can.

Step 2) say Pazuzu 3 times. Pazuzu, the demon Lord immediately knows your location and just like that annoying ex that keeps calling you, if you call him up enough he will eventually come.

Step 3) sell your soul to the demon Lord in exchange for a candle of invocation. Word the deal so that he gains your soul UPON DEATH, NOT IMMEDIATLY. We like our soul, so let's keep it for now.

Step 4) planar binding a genie race with your candle. Get 3 wishes. Be super careful with your wording. Wish yourself a greater demiplane that has the timeless quality and wish it to be populated with Kobolds. Go to demiplane and since it's timeless you stay their to infinity and level to level 20 by killing Kobolds( don't let them know you are killing their dying friends. We want them to work for us.)

Once your level 20. Start a cult worshipping the tiny god. To make the tiny god you need followers, hence Kobolds. Tiny god is a homunculus. With infinite time you can use craft skill to make infinite money and therefore give your humunculus infinite hit dice and therefore infinite hp, ability score bonuses, kill ranks, feats. Then go back to the material plane. At this point no time has past since you were lvl 1 and you have a literal infinite stated homunculus. Have fun, tiny god, have fun.

yea, not going to go with kobolds.
they can be very cunning with their traps. you'r much safer picking an aasimar, tiefling or one of the genie-kind as race and getting any of the specific slimes that deal energy damage that you have 5 resist to.

also side note. calling Pazuzu make you open to possession from him. so take proper precautions.

lemeres wrote:

...unfortunately, that doesn't work. I am not going to bother digging up the FAQ again (darn it, my desire for good references; look here), but the general point is that 'no extra attacks' means 'no extra attacks'. So even if you have vestigial arms, you can still only use two at a time for attacking, even with claws.

The vestigial arms are not increasing the number of attacks, they are increasing the damage modifier on one of the already existing attacks.

Two very different things. You can already use a longsword in your main hand and a shortsword in your off hand. The vestigial arms allows you to two-hand that longsword and carry a shield. Total number of attacks remains the same.

Play a Thri-Kreen Fighter/Psychic Warrior with 2 Gythkas.

The feats you take in the order you take them

2 Weapon
oversized 2 Weapon
Combat Expertise
Improved Trip
Combat Reflexes
Master Craftsman
Craft Magic Arms and Armor
Power Attack
Improved Bull Rush
Shock Trooper
Improved Sunder
Great Sunder
Combat Brute

A Gythka is a Trhi-Kreen Weapon. It is like a 2 Bladed Sword, except with Bastard Swords on the end and not Longswords. So 1d10/1d10

Oversized 2 weapon lets you wield 2 one handed weapons instead of a 1 handed and a light weapon. In the case of a Thri Kreen, she will be able to wield 2 double weapons, the Gythkas.

The Magic Weapons you will craft will be 2 Gythkas, Adamantine, +1 with the Maul of the Titans enchantment. When you Sunder things, it will bypass the first 20 points of objects' hardness. The 'of the Titans enchantment will cause you to inflict Triple Damage when you Sunder (or attack unattended objects).

Greater Sunder will cause the residual Damage from Sundering to go through to the opponent.

Combat Brute will give you a Free Attack after every time you Sunder Somebody's thing (weapon or armor, iirc).

Knockdown will give you a free trip attempt whenever you inflict more than 10 points of damage on 1 hit.

Improved Trip gives you a Free Attack on them as they go down.

Pushback gives you 1 free bull rush/round with a successful hit.

With Shock Trooper, if you bull rush 1 guy into another guy, you get a free trip attempt on both of them.

So, we have an explosive whirlwind of Adamantine with 4 base attacks blossoming out with bonus trips, bull rushes, and attacks of opportunity all inflicting massive damage: 1d10 base. Expansion lets you grow 1 size, 2 sizes eventually, so 3d8. Triple that with 'of the Titans!

This character will be have a DPR in the thousands!

Silver Crusade

If you seek the most individually broken-powerful character from 1st level then you already have it. So far I've seen pun pun, an OP Synthesist, an OP caster who does all Wizard and Cleric spells, and various other individually powerful game breaking builds.

If you seek a PC that breaks the game yet also keeps your [less powerful] allies feeling engaged and important, then you want a Variant Channel (Rulership) archetype cleric of Horus with domains Feather and Growth. Any race, although human gets you an extra feat. Comes out swinging at 1st level and amps up from there.

Feats: Combat Reflexes or Paired Opportunists (optional human), Selective Channel (1st level), Versatile Channel (3rd level, Rulership variant channel comes online), Boon Companion (5th), etc. You are feat starved and want feats Paired Opportunists, Quick Channel, and Alignment Channel as soon as possible.

Levels 1 & 2 - Rely on your huge melee damage (average 13 hp per hit) and 20' reach. Often two or three attacks per round with your longspear, so enormous damage output. While we could bring Dazing Channel online at 1st level, we're instead going to lull the GM into a false sense of security by seeming like just a garden variety combined OP melee build and full caster. Channel positive energy only and seem harmless.

Level 3+ - Negative energy Variant Channeling (Rulership) comes online. This on demand AOE Daze effect trivializes Pathfinder combats. Channel positive to heal and channel negative to Daze and damage. You daze foes and your allies cut them down.

Level 5+ - Your druid equivalent pet comes online. Enlarge your pet to huge and fly exceptionally well. You and your pet together can passively inflict about 120 hp per round on the side, during the GM's turn, without using your Standard Action. Use your standard action for AOE Daze, spellcasting, attacking, or whatever whim calls you.

Here's the 9th level build.

The fact GodsSpeed is 5 years late is another nail in why I'm not a religious person.

To the OP, just play a vanilla bard. Then at least if you're not breaking the game you're at least playing a vanilla bard, which is better.

I haven't had a chance to play it yet, but I made a Feral Champion Warpriest / Adaptive Shifter that ends up with a decent amount of natural attacks.

He's a kitsune so he gets Bite from his race, claws from Warpriest, and Tail Slap from Shifter. And that's just at level 2. Grabbed an Animal Totem Tattoo for Talon attacks and a Helm of the Mammoth Lord for a Gore attack. And I only stopped there because I didn't want to break the 'fox' theme. The Gore attack was one thing as it was obviously coming from the helmet, but wing or hair attacks etc just seemed silly.

If I had wanted just a bunch of different natural weapons I could have also dipped White Haired Witch. There's also the Alternate Natural Attacks option for vanilla Shifters where I could have gone Bull and gotten Gore, Hoof, and Slam instead of Tail Slap. Or Scorpion for Pincers and Sting. And bought several other items that give natural attacks like the Wyvern Cloak or Tentacle Cloak.

I actually have a couple of different builds for this guy. One that assumes the Feral Champion can make different natural weapons sacred weapons using Weapon Focus as per vanilla Warpriest. The second assumes the GM says no to that. And a third build that kinda came about because I was making a leveled character sheet as a backup and it didn't matter what order I 'took' the feats in.

Here's the first two builds, going to level 11. (Take Adaptive Shifter at level 2, then go back to Feral Champion and stay there.)

1: Fox Shape (Racial bonus)
1: Weapon Focus Bite (Class bonus)
1: Weapon Finesse
3: Toughness
4: Dodge. (Class bonus)
5: Iron Will
7: Blood Feast
7: Hammer the Gap
9: Lunge.
10: Monkey Lunge. (Class bonus)
11: Weapon Focus Tail Slap
If Archetype can't use Weapon Focus to create Sacred Weapons, replace Weapon Focus Bite with Claws. Move Iron Will to level 3, and put Improved Natural Weapon Bite at level 5. Replace Weapon Focus Tail Slap with Improved Natural Weapon Tail Slap.

And this is what I got when I made the leveled backup sheet. It goes to level 17.

Feats: 1: Fox Shape (Racial bonus)
1: Weapon Finesse
1: Weapon Focus Bite (Class bonus)
3: Weapon Focus Gore.
4: Weapon Focus Talons. (Class bonus)
5: Weapon Focus Claws
7: Blood Feast
7: Hammer the Gap. (Class bonus)
9: Lunge
10: Monkey Lunge. (Class bonus)
11: Weapon Focus Tail Slap
13: Create Wondrous Items
13: Dodge. (Class Bonus)
15: Iron Will
16: Toughness. (Class Bonus)
17: Familiar Bond
If Archetype can't use Weapon Focus to create Sacred Weapons, replace Weapon Focus Bite / Tail Slap / Talon / Gore with Improved Natural Weapon.

@Heather 540

Sacred Weapon might seem like fun, but it's not worth all the resources you're piling on top of it. Most medium sized natural attacks either deal d4 or d6 damage, which means your five Weapon Focus are effectively worth +1 A/+3 D at best.

I'm not recommending you to go down Warpriest just for Sacred Weapon, but you would save two feats if you take Human Guise->Martial Versatility to apply your weapon focus feat to all your natural attacks.

Blood Feast gives you a situational +1/+1 bonus to one of your seven natural attacks. It's about as worth as one fifth of Weapon Focus for a manufactured weapon build.

Hammer the Gap is a trap option, as the effective damage bonus is far lower than you'd think. Even if all your seven attacks hit (very unlikely) it's still only an effective increase of +3 damage per attack. But it's more likely you'll miss every third/fourth attack and reset the damage bonus, resulting in a damage increase below 1 per attack.

And Monkey Lunge requires a standard action and ends with your turn, so it's not worth it either.

Hm, you've got a point. I'll think of something else in place of Monkey Lunge. Move Create Wondrous Items to level 7 in place of Blood Feast.

I used Warpriest because the archetype gave him claws and the only other classes I could find that did that were Sorcerer and Bloodrager with the bloodlines. Or Barbarian with the rage powers. But those didn't fit the theme of this particular character.

I might make another character that's completely natural weapon themed and add in the White-Haired Witch level. Maybe Half-Orc with the Toothy racial trait and go Strength based.

If only 1 in 400 attacks can manage to hit you, you're "broken" regardless of how much damage you actually do. --You'll nickel & dime the opposition to death eventually.

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