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Full Name

Halstadt Morgrym




Cleric 8








Lawful Good






Common, Undercommon, Dwarven, Celestial, Abyssal, Infernal, Osirion


Slayer of Fell Fiends Protector of the Realm

Strength 12
Dexterity 10
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 18
Charisma 16

About Halstadt Morgrym

Hit Points: 60 (5 from Cleric, +2 Con and +1 Favored class)

Armor Class: 17 (Chain Shirt +1 & Buckler +1)

Initiative +0

Channel Positive Energy (8x day)- 4d6 (DC 17)[4 left for the day)

Fire (Firebolt 8x day - Ranged Attack 1d6+4) Good/Archon (Touch of Good - +4)

Fire Resistance 10

Aura of Menace 30' Foes take -2 on ACs and Attacks for 1 round per Cleric level. The use of the power does not need to be consecutive.


0 - 4 - Create Water, Detect Magic, Light, Resistance

1- 5+D - Bless Water, Comprehend Languages (swap out for Cure Light Wounds on Hroken), Detect Undead, Sanctuary, Summon Monster I, (D) Burning Hands

2 - 4+D - Bear's Endurance (cast versus Suekhan), Lesser Restoration x1 (one cast on Breach to remove strength damage), Spear of Light (UM), (D) Produce Flame

3 - 4+D - Remove Curse (cast swap for Cure Serious), Remove Disease, Searing Light x1 (swap one of the searing lights for Cure Serious), (D) Fireball (cast)

4 - 3+D - Holy Smite x1 (1 cast), Angradd's Love Tap (o/k/a Inflict Critical Wounds), (D) Wall of Fire (cast)

Saving Throws:

Fortitude +8, Reflex +2, Will +10 Add +2 to any save vs. spells!

Racial Traits -
Speed 20'
Darkvision 60'
Defensive Training +4 Dodge bonus to AC vs. Giants
Greed - +2 Appraise w/ goods containing Precious Metals
Hatred - +1 on attacks vs. Goblins & Orcs
Hardy - +2 on saves vs. Poison, Spells & Spell-Like Abilities
Stability - +4 to CMD vs. Bull Rush or Trip
Stonecutting - +2 Perception check to notice unusual stonework
Weapon Familiarity

Simple Weapon Proficiency, Proficient with Gods Favored Weapon (Greataxe), Light & Medium Armor Proficiency, Alignment Channeling (Harm Evil Outsiders), Extra Channel, Selective Channeling, Turn Undead

Character Traits:
Sacred Conduit, Demon Hunter (+1 Attacks vs. Evil Outsiders, +2 Sense Motive)

Acrobatics - 5
Diplomacy - 9
Heal - 8
Knowledge History - 5
Knowledge Planes - 6
Knowledge Religion - 6
Linguistics - 8
Perception - 9
Sense Motive - 9
Spellcraft - 6
Stealth - 11

Melee Attack Bonus: +7/1 (While wielding buckler)

Ranged Attack Bonus: +6

Combat Maneuver Bonus: +7

Combat Manueuver Defense: +17

Melee - Greataxe +1 Spell Storing- 1d12+3 (Crit - 20 x3)
(Spells Stored - Searing Light)

Ranged - Firebolt - 1d6+4

Silver Holy Symbol (Angradd)

Handy Haversack (contains)
Waterskin (2), Torches (10), Flint & Steel, Traveler's Outfit (2), Rations (1 month), Grappling Hook, Winter Blanket, Bedroll

Magical Equipment:
Handy Haversack, Ring of Feather Falling, Headband of Alluring Charisma +2, Boots of Elvenkind, Cloak of Elvenkind, Potion of Extended Displacement

Krythodan - beard-clasp of the Star Tribe, the eldest tribe of the janni of the Osirion desert.

Whenever Halstadt casts an area effect spell or expends a magic device that causes fire damage, he may designate a single target within his spell radius the ‘epicentre target’:

Hal gets to roll damage for the epicentre target a second time – once for everyone in the spell effect taking damage as normal, and then a second roll for the epicentre target.

Hal can choose which of the two damage rolls to apply. In theory, that’s almost always going to be the higher result: Krythodan primary effect is to mitigate some of Hal’s bad die roll luck.

175 GP
4 SP


Halstadt Morgrym - Background, Vitals & Appearance
34 years old, 4'11' 252 lbs. Hal wears his travelers outfit (of dull greens and greys) beneath his chain shirt at all times. His silver holy symbol is proudly displayed hanging around his neck. His cloak of fine quality ha a pattern of the holy symbol of Angradd stiched into it. On his right hand ring finger is a dull grey ring. Hal's hair and beard are blonde and fairly well kept. His eyes are a bright blue.

Hals steps off of the ship and his mind wanders...

Born in the hustle and bustle of the dwarven settlement of Janderhoff, Halstadt?s life almost came to an end very early. As a large baby it took the blessing of the cleric of Angradd (who was luckily present!) to allow both mother and child to survive. Hal's father Grugrump swore that he would observe and honor the God of war all the days of his life. As Hal grew up his father signed on to be a Temple guardian for the priests of Angradd, this was unusual as his father had been a gem cutter, a man of great wealth all of his life. Grugrump, Helga and Hal moved into the temples of Angradd when Hal was a young dwarf. The focus of the priesthood was on skirmish and Hal found the subject fascinating early on.

Younger than he should have he took on duties guarding the miners in the Mindspin Mountains and stood watch against possible incursions from the Darklands. The senior clerics certainly took notice. At twenty-two winters Hal was guarding a caravan shipment from a mining outpost back to Janderhoff when he saw his first combat. In the face of dozens of howling orcs Hal stood fast, all around him, his allies and friends lay dying. At that moment Hal reached down and touched something in his core that had been burning for years. A burst of light issued forth renewing his allies and mending their wounds. The tide turned quickly as Hal?s allies recovered and counterattacked the ambushing orcs.

Hal was brought before the senior clerics of Angradd at the temple of Janderhoff. On that day he was accepted as one of their own. He was touched by Angradd at birth and it was his destiny to combat the enemies of the people wherever it lay.

Hal began to become even more active on guard duty this time as a commander of dwarves and not a simple guardsman. When not training to be a combat commander he was learning with the priests of Torag. Knowledge, his mentor taught over and over again, is power. Discerning the motives of the enemy and in fact even knowing the enemy allows them to be overcome. Though not brilliant Hal picked up languages quickly and excelled in the knowledges that he found most interesting.
Hal was sent after all of his lessons were complete to the patrols of the entrance to the Darklands ona permanent basis. The work was boring though he knew it to be important, his parents were never so proud as when he was assigned to such a dangerous and daunting task. Hal showed his quality as one day five years ago an incursion finally came. Creatures of the dark burst forth in the night suddenly and without warning. With the enemy issuing orders in undercommon Hal was able to understand and counter the initial maneuvers of the raiders. Lines held until reinforcements were able to arrive.

As the battle raged on, the darklings summoned a creature of shadow, a fell fiend that made even the most heroic blanch with fear. Hal again reached inside himself and grasped the power of Angradd, he channeled the power of his god and injured the creature. The light of Angradd vanquished the demon (though it had to shine again and again) finally breaking the spirit of the invaders.

Hal was hailed as a hero he stood with his comrades in their darkest hour and brought light to them all. The senior clerics began to consider Hal as a great asset and set about training him to deal more specifically with such demonic forces. After this training Hal spent time defending the Darkland borders again. He was somewhat dejected to be back here realizing that such incursions were rare indeed they happened once in a lifetime. Hal wanted to strike a blow against the shadow wherever he could and felt that guarding a gate was not the best way.

Two months ago Hal was summoned before the senior clerics of Angradd. They informed him that they were aware of his dissatisfaction with his current position. Hal began to backpedal realizing that if he were to displease the council he would never have a chance to realize his desire. The council chuckled at his distress, "Do you wish to strike a blow against the darkness or not young priest!" "More than anything else", Hal responded. "Very well, Osirion has opened its borders to outsiders recently and a "dig" has taken place there. Our diviners believe that some dark force may be freed as this commences. We recommended that you go and investigate this vision. However, you must not reveal any of this information to those you journey with. That is your task do you accept?" "I do?" replied Hal solemly.

Hal's memories fade and he returns to the present time. He stands in the early morning sunrise on the docks of Sothis waiting for a contact who will supposedly lead him to this dig. Hal laments the fact that he spent no time studying the surrounding realm but relies on his internal sense of who to trust hoping that his journey far from home will bear fruit, and just a little adventure.