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I agree Arc. The way the boon is written, most people will want to run a scenario before playing it for the maximum number of check boxes.

I would like to see the ability to stamp a box if you play (with the scenario number) and when you GM a game and report it for verification, allowing a second box to be stamped with the scenario number.

Silver Crusade

I am hoping to run this at my local store to generate more interest in RPGs in general. However, since he is mostly a MtG and Comic book store, he will not be purchasing a kit for Free RPG day this year. Is there any way that I can get a PDF copy prior to Free RPG day for both scenarios, so that I can print/bind/ and prep all the maps? Is this going to be available to VCs that have GMs that will run the scenario to generate interest? My VC is aware of the situation and stated he will try and help out.