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Wait?!? Since when do wounding weapons take out your CON? Wasn't it that they dealt an extra point of damage every turn?

Kyr wrote:

Hit Points represent your ability to dodge, duck, roll with a hit, shake off tough blows etc. AND fighters gain that ability faster than wizards.

Uhm...I don't know... Don't they represent how much damage you took? Dodging and ducking would be if the enemy didn't beat your AC. Maybe you're referring to the vitality/wound system(a.k.a. the cursed one)

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't D&D a game?

You're wrong, bub. D&D ain't just a game, it's a state of mind(lol)

I keep meaning to add a defense bonus system. I've always disliked the fact that, even aside from armor issues, there's nothing about a character's skill or martial training that has anything to do with how hard they are to hit.

They way the AC RAW work, your character just sort of stands there while an opponent is trying to hit them.

Yeah, I know what you're talking about. I guess we have something in common about our dislkes of the ac rule...

Dragonmann wrote:

The problem with having armor absorb damage, is that to maintain realism, you have to track damage to armor. Or do you think it is realistic that armor remains pristine no matter how much damage it absorbs?

I don't think you'd need a rule for armor hit points. You could just tell them that if they get hit by that Zeus' lightning again his armor will get destroyed. Cuz if you wanna make a rule for each little error in D&D,you're DEAD!!

Rambling Scribe wrote:
Franz Lunzer wrote:
Rhothaerill wrote:
Rambling Scribe wrote:
Armour making characters hard to hit instead of absorbing damage. Makes no sense.
As to armor making people harder to hit, I just look at it as they are still hit if the attack roll is close to the armor class number, but the weapon just clangs off the armor or shield instead of causing damage.
... just as it is meant to be.

Sure, explain that when the storm giant's club 'just clangs off the armour.' I don't buy it.

Also, to me it removes and interesting aspect from play; right now, if your DEX is high, it is never worth it to take heavy armour. If armour would count as DR, you would have to weigh whether it was better to get hit less often or take the max dex penalty but take less damage per hit. Cool game effect lost due to unrealistic rule.

Yeah, thats the main problem...maybe develop a set of new rules that makes heroes without armor and with good DEX be capable of dodging hits(and therefore avoiding the whole attack, maybe with a percentage dice). I haven't figured it out yet so....

Hmm.... I wanted to use it only for DR with no bonus to armor. But then the pcs' defense(or ac) would be very low... Maybe given them a defense bonus based on their class and level? That counterbalances it, I guess....If you get to use this chart, tell me how did it go.

Rambling Scribe wrote:
Armour making characters hard to hit instead of absorbing damage. Makes no sense.

SOOO0000ooo true, but then if armors gave DR, what would happen to the Dr given by magic or natural armor? Would they stack? WHy not? An that would be the next problem.

I even created a chrat for dr from armor(since I didn't like the ones in the Iron Heroes' book). Here it is :

Padded /1
Leather /1d2
Studded leather /1d3
Chainshirt / 1d4
Hide /1+1d2
Scale mail /1+1d3
Chainmail /1+1d4
Breastplate /1+1d4
Splint mail /2+1d4
Banded mail /2+1d4
Half plate /2+1d5
Full plate /2+1d6

I remember I had a chart for magic and masterwork armor, but don't where i put it... I hope this helps, bro.

I have a question for the Dungeon staff. I'll be moving to another country in 2 weeks(so between the end of june and beginning of july) and I'm afraid I won't be able to get the last issue of my subsciption, which would be # 150. Any suggestions in what should I do?(could I use the subsciption $ for that issue to maybe order something else?)
L.G. Mota

So far the best "rpg movie" was Lord of the Rings, and though it was good, it was boring as hell. I'm sure Dragonlance could beat Frodo and his fellas easily with the right people.

R-type wrote:

Animated. :( Why not live action?

I wish it were a huge expensive hollywood blockbuster directed by Ridley Scott or something like that. Still might be good if done right.

Animated as in cartoon kinda movie? That would suck...

Rambling Scribe wrote:

I've done a couple of things in my current campaign:

1) I use spell points. I've modified the number of points per day to not require a chart and played around with a few other things. I don't use psionics, but wherever a spell has a boostable psionic equivelant, I use that as the spell description. I made cantrips free, so that they can cast them endlessly, meaning a wizard always can cast acid splash or ray of frost. (I ditched cure minor wounds and replaced it with 'stabilize' which brings a dying charcter to zero hit points and stable).

2) I let wizards cast any spell they know. They still have to study their book or they start losing access to spells over time, but they don't have to prepare. I let them use metamagic with no increase to casting time.

Now that's pretty cool. I was thinking of doing the same thing. The wizards from d&d are kinda lame. A wizards should be feared because of his knowledge of magic and that stuff but it seems they can only be cool in books( Raistlin!!).

Let's pray I'll get mine : )

Nicolas Logue wrote:
I've read posts by a "repoman" on another board...can't remember which, mabye RPG.net that were insanely "I HATE PAIZO!!!" for no reason whatsoever...I think this is spam of the highest order.

I HATE PAIZO!!!......ahh, just kidding..... XD

I actually thought it was alright. It's true that Keith Richards appearence didn't make any sense, neither did the Calypso thing(why did we never heard of that hook before?!?) but hey, look at the bright side, at least they ressurected Jack-though I wished he had survived the fight against the krake, which would have made him the super pirate who survives a fight against the kraken.

I didn't like that Jack didn't have the guts to become the new captan of the Dutch, but still the movie was pretty funny and action-packed(ship battle in the whirlpool!!)
Well, if there is a Pirates 4 and 5, and I hope that it will, I hope Jack hooks up more with the hot chick, and that he kills the stupid william turner(who shoul'd have died a long time ago)

OR...he's just a very weird elf who likes gold mines? : )

MrVergee wrote:

Your players also have to understand that, if they go after the rod, they will leave their current quest unattended. Seeing how this is their main objective, you should really steer them in this direction. If they really want to get the seven parts, you could make that into an epic campaign, once the AP is finished. In that case you could get the boxed set, but only as inspiration. You'd be doing a lot of hard work yourself.

It makes me sad that the rod of 7 parts doesn't play a major part in the adventure at all. I mean, why to introduce one part if you know they're not important in the adventure...?

Bloody Root wrote:

I did not like it.

The effects were awesome but the fights were played out like a video game. Didn't like em.

The story was too big and seemed rushed. The acting from the two mains (Peter and Mary) sucked for the most part. I think they are tired of the characters, and to me at least, it showed.

The few stand outs were J. Jonah Jameson..hilarious as always...Bruce Campbell (Spelling??)...and the scene with the EMO Peter was hilarious..best part of the film by far.

I wouldn't watch it again. Once was plenty.



What is this???

I was thinking of not making the pcs a part of an organization, dunno, it sounds too railroaded... And im brainstorming a little(imagine the pcs in the mall full of zombies, like some game for the x-box?)..

Also, some adventures about mystery and assassination would be cool...i DON'T KNOW, D20MODERN seemss like the only genres you can play is horror, mystery, sci-fi

WELL, STAY AWAY FROM SPIDERMAN 3, EXCEPT IF YOU LIKE A (BIG) TWIST OF COMEDY IN THE STORYLINE(it was hillarious, spidey dancing jazz?!? Emo spidey?!?) I laughed a lot, and it reminded me a little of Borat at the restaurant scene.
Anyways, if you thought this movie was funny, GO WATCH HOT FUZZ!!!!

I was thinking of surprising my players with an adventure for d20 modern or future, but I think it's probably gonna be modern, since I bought star wars d20 last year and they really want to play that game, and I think d20 future and star wars are too similar, so I'll just go with d20modern. Anyone has any suggestions for topics? I wanted to start a resident evil campaign but am afraid it might get dull. Whatdyu think?

James Jacobs wrote:
Pathfinder won't be for everyone, but there's more to it than an adventure you'll only play once. Check out the Pathfinder Blog post for a breakdown of all the other support material you'll be seeing in each volume. In the end, though, I certainly understand your feelings of betrayal and anger. All I can really ask is for you to check out Pathfinder when it hits the shelves in a few months. Until then, we're hard at work making the last few issues of Dragon and Dungeon as awesome as we can.

By the way, what will be the first adventure about? And is it that each book has one adventure or each book has a chapter of that adventure?

One question: how did you start your campign? A rip-off of a resident evil game, where each ps controls an important character, like leon and etc; or you created your own "version"?
I want to know how did it go b/c I was thinking about doing it, dming a RE game, but wanted to know if who'd done it had any troubles and how was it.

Wow, that'd be awesome, but doesn't think would happen.

"Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt"

Jian Ke wrote:

Well, since it has a Resident Evil feel, you probably should have the green herbs and possibly the red and blue ones too. You might want them to find a file or diary or something that explains their use, as it'd be meta-gaming on the PCs side if they just grab a green herb and use it.

Heh, if you really want you can even add the typewriter tape as an artifact that allows you to rewind time if there is a TPK or some other disaster. Again you'd need to introduce it before hand so they know they can do this. Maybe some sort of odd rant in a memo from a bad guy or something about how he's going to cut off the funding for such a stupid project.

Adding the type writer would be kind of weird though.

windnight wrote:
SO what was meant by "you are eating the ullolok?" That was weird.

the ritual to become the god of gaming consists, at least in part, of cooking and eating the Ulok.

Hmm. apparently downer is unintentionally joining the apotheosis. It's an interesting bluff thats being run...

but hey, I could be wrong. =D

I thought the ullolok was some kind of a statue-not a living thing(although he certainly likes to bite people's fingers}

SO what was meant by "you are eating the ullolok?" That was weird.


Anyways....gamers today seem weirdos who don't shower and are unable to start a conversation. Today, our "little" group of 15 are starting a fight against a red dragon(ancient one and we are all lvl 5)
I tried talking to them for some strategy but no one can really talk....Well, I guess the language of the dice speaks for itself?!?
And yeah, we're toasted.

YIAKEES!!! I'm a blonde smurf!!!

Humm....there's something wrong....it's like I'm seeing smurfs and pirate talk everywhere....

So far, my greates villain was Balabar Smenk from the Age of Worms Adventure Path. He's crooked, he's bad, and he's got money up his $%$.

The pcs managed to capture him and the Ragnolin dwarf, but 1 week later Smenk was nowhere to be seen, while Ragnolin was dead, his throat cut.
It doesn't take a cleric to guess that this won;t be the last time they see Smenk.

Fizzban wrote:
EMO is When referring to a person's personality and attitude, most definitions of emo hold that an "emo person" is candid about their emotions, sensitive, shy, introverted, broken-hearted, glum, and often quiet. Emo personality is also often connected with writing poetry, which addresses confusion, depression, loneliness, and anger, all resulting from the world's inability to understand the author.

Humn...interesting...it makes me wonder if Shake-spear(that's the coolest way to spell it) and the other famous poets were kinda depressed too. And why the heck do we study poems anyways...

kahoolin wrote:
I have no idea what's going on. Why did Mr. Shiny split into two guys?

OMG, clones! They're out to get you! A conspiracy!! Stay on your toes.

Crap...today is March 27....>_<

WOW...that's got a lot to do with rpg...emos....

Grimcleaver wrote:

In my campaigns you get two attacks per attack column for fighting with two weapons. .

What do you mean by 'per attack column'?

Gurubabaramalamaswami wrote:

Everywhere I go on this board (and EZBoards and ENWorld) people are talking about their rouge characters and rouge NPCs.

Rouge is something sold by Mary Kay/Revlon/Covergirl that the ladies put on their face (i.e; makeup).

A rogue is the latest incarnation of the D&D thief and is a playable character.

ARGH!!! WHAT THE HELL IS A ROUGE CHARACTER?!?! I hate when I've know idea of what people are talking about... ):

MOulin Rouge?

What's a vestige? : )

I'm scorpio!!! How do I find out my Chinese one?

Well, don't think that this really matters and I don't really care if my players are white, black, pink, etc...

Even though D&D have lots of rules, if you compare it with other RPG(Gurps, etc"), I think D&d is the easiest one. I tried once learning Gurps but ,WOW, tons of advantages, quirks, etc, blablabla.
And we DMs can always use house rules and/or change some of the rules to help our games.

What's a speed factor?

Tiger Lily wrote:

4. House rules are great...

I rediscovered D&D because of a DM that had used house rules to take the game to new levels I had never experienced as a player using RAW.

Now you made me curious...

In my game everyone knows that gather information=wasted skill points. "Just go ask the guard what he knows, jee"

I was at Borders when I saw one book about Rokugan and I really liked but first I'd like to know more before buying it. I'd appreciate if you guys posted any info about it or any websites I should look for. Other thing: I saw that there was another system than D20 for Rokugan.. How does that work? What's Void, clans, etc. blablbala...

TheDrone wrote:

It seems for quite a few skills the DM rolls secretly (Disguise, Disable Device... etc.)

So in what cases to you do this if at all? I can see it for a spot, listen, or survival in some cases, but disguise and disable device? It seems like you're taking the PC's actions out of the PC's hands. If someone gets hot and you roll a 4 for his Disable Device check, well that just seems silly.

React to me!

Heck no!! You can't let them roll their own disable device tests or you take the surprise from it. If you do it secretly, they won't know for sure if the rogues disabled the trap, and if someone gets hurt it's fun to see everyone cursing the rogue. : )

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