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Saves: S +0, D +2, C +2, I* +5, W* +6, Ch +0; Res Corr (Wis) Fear | Init +2 | PPerc 13; PInv 15; PIns 19 | Spd 30' | Insp: Nah |


HD 6/6 Shadow 1 | Status: Normal | Arrows 4; Bullets 20 | HoaH 2d8+Wis 4/7 (SR) | SchIns 1d6 (LR)


HP 26/53 | AC 13 | Acr +2 AnH +3 His +5 Ins +9 Inv +5 Lor +8 Med +8 Perc +3 Rid +5 ShL +5 Stea +2 Sur +6 Tra +4 |

About Gylwinth of the Crimson Moon

Gylwinth of the Crimson Moon
Female Dúnedain (passing for Beorning) Scholar (Master of Healing) 7, Harrowed

Passive Perception: 13; Passive Investigation: 15; Passive Insight: 19.
Init: +2
AC: 13 (Dex, Leather Jerkin)
HP: 53
Saves: Str +0; Dex +2; Con +2; Int* +5; Wis* +6; Ch +0. Advantage on corruption saves.
Speed: 30 ft

Dagger +5, 1d4+2, Thrown, Range (20/60)
Off-hand Dagger +5, 1d4, Thrown, Range (20/60)
Shortbow +5, 1d6+2, Range (80/320)
Sling +5, 1d4

Actions in combat: Attack, Cast a Spell, Dash, Disengage, Dodge, Grapple, Help, Hide, Improvise, Ready, Search, Shove, Use an Object.

Acrobatics (Dex) +2, Animal Handling (Wis) +3, Athletics (Str) +0, Deception (Cha) +0, History* (Int) +5, Insight** (Wis) +9, Intimidation (Cha) +0, Investigation* (Int) +5, Lore** (Int) +8, Medicine** (Wis) +8, Nature (Int) +2, Perception (Wis) +3, Performance (Cha) +0, Persuasion (Cha) +0, Riddle (Int)* +5, Shadow Lore (Int)* +5, Sleight of Hand (Dex) +2, Stealth (Dex) +2, Survival* (Wis) +6, Traditions* (Int) +4.

Bonus Actions
Two-weapon Fighting:

Proficiency Bonus*: +3
Str: 10 (+0), Dex: 14 (+2), Con: 14 (+2), Int: 14 (+2), Wis: 16 (+3), Cha: 11 (+0) (27-pt buy; Dúnedain: +1 Con, +1 Wis, +1 Int, +1 Chr; Virtue +1 Wis, 4th: Virtue).

Tool Proficiencies: Herbalism kit, Pipe
Weapon Proficiencies: All simple weapons
Armor Proficiencies: Light armour
Language Proficiencies: Speak, read, and write both Sindarin and Westron, the Common Tongue.
Skill Proficiencies: Dúnedain (History, Survival), Harrowed (Lore, Investigation), Scholar (Medicine, Lore (replaced with Riddle), Insight), Friends to All (Traditions), Path of Wisdom (Expertise in Medicine and Insight), The Weapons of the Enemy (Shadow Lore).

Bonus Virtue (lvl 3): Expertise Lore.

Dúnedain Virtue: Sterner than Steel
You resist Shadow corruption better than most, for your spirit is resolute, and your mind is not easily overthrown. Raise your Wisdom score by 1 point. You have advantage on Wisdom saving throws against Corruption.

Dúnedain Virtue: Dauntless Guardian (See the Unseen)
You have been raised in a land dotted with desolate ruins and burial mounds. You have heard the dead whisper with cold voices out of lonely barrows, while ghostly lights dance on haunted hills. There are few among mortal Men who know more about evil spirits or fear them less than you do... When you first select this virtue you learn how to See the Unseen. You may later reinforce your spirit with Strength of Will by learning it as your undertaking during a Fellowship phase. Finally, you reach the stature of a true Wraith Bane by training as a new undertaking during a later Fellowship phase.

See the Unseen
It is said that the Elven-wise can perceive shades and wraiths that are otherwise invisible to the eyes of Mortals. You have been taught to recognise the signs that betray the haunting of a restless spirit. You are automatically aware of the presence or proximity of ghosts, shades and wraiths of any kind. A successful DC 15 Intelligence (Lore) ability check yields additional information on the nature of the haunting.

Strength of Will
In moments of fear, your will can strengthen your heart, so that you can withstand the great terror awakened in all Mortals by the denizens of the Unseen world. When an Undead creature forces you to make a Wisdom saving throw against Corruption or any effect that may cause the Frightened condition, you may add your proficiency bonus to the check. If you roll either a 19 or 20 to pass the check, you can allow a number of companions equal to your Wisdom modifier to pass their own checks automatically.

Shadow Weakness
Lure of Secrets.

Your dream often grants you riddles, verses and visions that not only directly aid you on your quest but also tangentially give you an insight into people and places that may only be peripherally related to your dream. Whenever you enter a new community or meet a person of note, you may have a flash of insight about their relationship to your dream. For example, if you are meeting a lord for the first time you may recall that a dream-verse indicates that he acts honourably, which likely means that you can trust him. Similarly, you may walk into a community with a vision of their friendly faces turning to abandonment and even betrayal when they stand with others in the face of Shadow.

Hands of a Healer
1d8(2d8)/lvl, short rest. If you can touch a creature, you may expend one Healing Die per action, instantly granting them hit points equal to 1d8 (2d8 healer) plus your wisdom modifier, up to their maximum. If instead you tend the creature for at least 10 minutes, binding their wounds, treating them with herbs and poultices, and offering soothing words, then you may multiply the 1d8 (2d8) by your proficiency modifier. Then add your Wisdom modifier.
Alternatively, you can spend a Healing Die to cure one disease, neutralize one poison, or remove one condition affecting a single target. Conditions are removed instantly, but poisons and diseases require the creature to take a long rest before they are removed.
The types of conditions you can cure are limited when you first gain this feature. You can remove the Frightened, Paralysed, Stunned, or Unconscious conditions. At higher levels you can cure other conditions, described below.

News from Afar
You know many things that are hidden from most and tidings of distant events tend to reach you with astonishing speed. The source of your knowledge is obscure and you do not explain how you know the things you do to others – it is enough that what you know is true.
At the start of each adventuring phase or after spending time in a Sanctuary, the Loremaster should inform you of one or two events of importance occurring somewhere in Wilderland.
Scholars always know a little bit about everything and the Loremaster should regularly give you rumours or information based on your appropriate Passive ability checks. For more clarity you can always make an active ability check to learn more about a person, place, or event. Once per Adventuring Phase you can add +5 to one of these active ability checks.

Tongues of Many Peoples
You know a little of many languages. You can hold a simple conversation in any of the tongues of Men or Elves, and know a few common phrases in the tongues of the other peoples – enough to offer a greeting, shout a warning, or insult someone.

The Path of Wisdom
At 2nd level choose either Medicine and one skill proficiency, or Medicine and proficiency with a herbalism kit. Your proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability checks that use either of your choices. (Medicine and Insight) Whenever you gain a new skill proficiency, you may move your doubled proficiency bonus to the new skill, to reflect your change of focus.

Improved Healing
When you choose this speciality at 3rd level you become an expert at treating injuries. Whenever you use the Hands of the Healer feature to restore hit points, you roll 2d8 in place of 1d8.

Healing Lores - Healing Herbs
You have studied herb-lore in great depth, and know secret techniques to cure illness and poison. A creature now only needs a short rest to recover from disease or poison when you use your Hands of a Healer feature.

In addition, you have learned far more than the common uses of healing herbs and are capable of using them in more potent forms, or in new ways. When using medicinal herbs, use these effects instead of the normal effects of the herb.

• Athelas: Burned into a powder and then boiled, this herb produces a cloud of vapour that removes a level of exhaustion from a number of creatures equal to your Scholar level.

• Hagweed: Ground into a paste, dried and smoked in a pipe, hagweed eases the spirit and cures 1 Shadow point. A Master Healer can only cure 1 Shadow point using hagweed per year.

• Kingcup: A poultice of kingcup applied to a poisoned wound draws the poison out and heals any damage the poison has caused.

• Reedmace: Dried, powdered and inhaled, reedmace allows a person to stay awake and aware for three days without the need for sleep or food. After that, the Player-hero gains two levels of exhaustion.

• Shadow-thorn: Once double brewed and strained, shadow-thorn produces a wet residue of plant matter that can be used to perfectly mask a creature’s scent, giving them advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) ability checks for three days.

• Water-lily: If dried and ground into a fine powder, white water-lily can be baked into sweet cakes. These cakes invigorate and revivify, allowing a single person to gain the advantages of a long rest while taking a short rest, provided the Player-hero also gets a good night’s sleep.
If boiled down to a syrup, red water-lily creates a potent but evil-smelling liquid. Few who know of this use readily produce this remedy, for while it does grant the Player-hero +2 to attack and damage rolls for an hour, it also generates a red anger and 1 Shadow point.

Webs of Deceit
Your insight and learning is sufficient to manipulate others with well-timed words (or theatrics and cheap tricks). At the start of any interaction, you may make an Intelligence (Insight) test against a DC of 15 + the target’s Wisdom modifier. If successful, then at any point in the conversation, you may gain advantage on any one skill check through your scholarship and preparation. You might, for example, make a cryptic reference to some secret known only to a few people, or remind the person you’re talking to about the deeds of their forefathers, or raise your staff to dramatically startle a flock of crows to underline your words. You might palm a firework, or arrive in just the nick of time.

Shadow of the Past
You find deeper meaning in the long history of Middle-earth. If you remind another Player-hero of a relevant tale from the history of their people, then that character gains one Scholarly Inspiration die, a d6, which they may use to add to any roll. Once you have used this feature, you cannot use it again until you have taken a long rest.

Healing Lores - The Weapons of the Enemy
You know how to counteract the various poisons Orcs use. You can cure certain terrible wounds inflicted by the evil spells or weapons of the Enemy, such as Morgul-knives or the Black Breath of the Nazgûl. Additionally, if you do not have it already, gain proficiency in the Shadow-lore skill.

Base on standard for Martial
Leather jerkin, Daggers (2), Shortbow, 40 arrows, Sling, 20 Sling bullets, Herbalism kit, Healer's kit, Pipe, Tobacco, Chalk.
Dúnedain: A dark hooded travelling cloak, travelling gear for the current season, a backpack, a belt dagger, boots, 3d6 silver pennies, plus choose any two: a ring or jewel that is an heirloom of your line, a pipe and pipeweed, a well-made blanket, a wide-brimmed hat, a stout walking stick.

Spring and Summer Travelling Gear includes appropriate garb, backpack, blanket, mess kit, a flask of oil, a pouch, 50’ hempen rope, 5 torches, a waterskin and a whetstone. With rations, this gear weighs 49 lb. and if purchased, would cost around 9s.

Autumn and Winter Travelling Gear includes appropriate garb, backpack, bedroll, hooded lantern, mess kit, a flask of oil, a pouch, 50’ hempen rope, a waterskin, and a whetstone. With rations, this gear weighs 54 lb. and if purchased, would cost around 18s.

Dry herbs: Athelas (one dose), Hagweed (two doses), Kingcup (two doses), Reedmace (one dose), Shadow-thorn (0 doses), Water lily (Red) (one dose), Water lily (White) (two doses).

Wealth (1 gp = 20 sp; 1 sp = 12 cp; 1 gp = 240 cp)
0 GP, 11 SP, 0 CP.

Age: 30
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 145

Gylwinth usually carries herself in an unassuming manner, crouching to reduce her height and feel unimposing. Her green eyes speak of compassion and patience, yet her frown tells of a turbulent past and of a worried heart. Her chin stays low and receded, conveying a peaceful demeanour, yet her callused hands remain tense and gathered, speaking of a collected and kept fierceness.

She dresses as a woodsman. A heavy cloak of leather, mud splashed and fraying, keeps the rain off her back and her bow. A satchel by her side carries her only possession, each item a gift with a history, which she often tells to herself when she picks it up. Her favourite one is the wooden bowl and spoon her mother used to eat, which she recovered from her burning house.

Distinctive Qualities: Hardened. You have already seen some of the portents of your dreams come true and, good or ill, they’ve steeled you for what is to come.
Specialties: Dark Secrets. You are certain that your dreams touch the Shadow. You are learning all that you can about it.
Hope: Not everything is pre-ordained; I revel in such moments of uncertainty.
Despair: I believe my dreams are being fed by the Shadow; they are leading me to my doom.

Primary Motivator: Care
Secondary Motivator: Rebellion
Emotional Disposition: Calm
Moodiness: Even-tempered
Outlook: Pessimistic
Integrity: Conscientious
Impulsiveness: Spontaneous
Boldness: Cautious
Agreeableness: Agreeable
Interactivity: Reserved
Conformity: Conventional
Sense of Humour: Cynical
Favorite Topics of Conversation: Herbs, tobacco, healing arts, Shadow, customs of the people, ancient tales, riddles.
Quirks, Habits, and Oddities: does not wash very often, but smells like the land, smoking the pipe, stops paying attention to people to look for portents, omens.
Hobbies and Enjoyments: Hunting, solving riddles or finding meanings to omens, smoking a pipe.
Favourite Quotes: "The Wind carries you!" "The land can heal you, if you let it." "Let your heart feel the wind, let it feel hope." "Darkness keeps to the corners."

Brief History
Gylwinth grew up among a loving family, the daughter of Galëane and the Beorning Odoric. This was before things change, before Darkness crept ever slowly across the land, and before Orcs found them. Her mother, Gaëlane was a renowned and well loved healer, perhaps because she could not heal her own afflictions. She lived in her chair, her legs asleep since puberty, spending most of her time on her front porch. She was deadly with the bow, and Gylwinth often ran out to pick up a shot quarry they would prepare together for their meals.

All these things, Gylwinth learned from her mother, who was convinced her daughter would fall prey to the same ills. Yet times had changed, and the blessing or curse took on another shape for Gylwinth. Instead of her legs falling asleep, it his her head that exploded with cryptic visions and her heart that filled with forebodings. She felt the calling of the New Age, and nurtured it, and learned to tame it.

When the Orcs came, Gylwinth was out hunting. Her mind and her heart together told her of doom descending upon them and she ran home, but darkness had already passed by and burned everything. She hunted the Orcs across the land, and one by one plucked them, though it almost killed her. As she traveled, she also saw how the land had changed, and realized that, alone, she would never fix things. She saw a red moon in her sleep, and it turned into a shield. She saw the House of Elrond, of whom her mother had spoken as a house of learning.

For a year now, Gylwinth of the Crimson Moon has walked the land, keeping her ways quiet, helping the people only subtly, towards the House of Elrond, hoping to find the Red Shield and learn the healing arts of the elves.