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I was thinking about different characters interpretations of their Gods and religion, and thought I could use it as the basis for a writing exercise practising voice and character. I decided to come up a group interested in religion on Glorian as a format thing. They aren't really for anyone exactly, but I thought I'd share it here in case anyone is interested in reading it. Feel free to use any of the ideas in your game. I don't mind getting any writing feedback on these.
Let me know if there are any particular deities or philosophies you'd like me to try, but I'll write these when I have the time and an idea, so erratically and possibly never.
Hopefully someone'll get something out of this.

Details of the group and its members:

Fellowship of Divine Truths:
Fellowship of Divine Truths
An interfaith society dedicated to the cataloguing of the various forms faith takes, with particular attention paid to obscure faiths and practices though all perspectives on faith are valued. Based in Absolom, all three founding members are still the most active, though the society is slowly growing.

Monk of Irori LN- Abram Qual
Male Human Cleric 2/Monk 2 of Iori
An Absolom native, he was inspired by his gods interest in history and knowledge. He also hopes that by better understanding the nature of divinity more might be learnt about his god’s ascension. Has a somewhat cold and detached demeanour and his writing style is plain but meticulous.
Cleric of Shelyn NG- Chamia Ontanic
Female Half Elf Cloistered Cleric 3
Spent the majority of her adult life secluded in a Taldan monastery and perfecting her art (Illustration). Since venturing out, and coming to Absolom, she has become fascinated with the array of faiths and rituals she has seen. Believing that faith itself is an inherently beautiful thing, she hopes to come to understand the appeal of, and beauty in, other forms of worship. She comes across as charitable but naive, and her writing style is descriptive, verging on florid. When not on assignment, she spends her time compiling the Fellowship’s notes into illuminated manuscripts for archival.
Cleric of Sarenrea NG- Ieina Genro
Middle Aged Female Human Rogue 4/Cleric 3
She converted later in life than most. Believes strongly in redemption and cooperation, and that understanding is essential for both. Independently wealthy from her previous life as a merchant, she provides the funds for the organisation. Her genuine interest and charming demeanour comes across in discussion, but in her writing she tries just to provide appropriate context with out colouring her readers’ interpretation.

Pantheist CN- Heuaxit Ancauldian
Male Gnome Expert 5
A former leather worker who’s colour was fading. A friend suggested religion as a solution, and while looking for a faith to join he became fascinated by the variety and intricacies of religion in the inner sea and so far the search itself seems to be keeping the Bleaching away. Non-judgemental with a knack for odd questions.
Inquisitor of Geryon LE- Leric Theed
Male Human Inquisitor 2
Although neither liked nor trusted by the rest of the Fellowship, he is nevertheless keen to uncover and document heresies, seeing them as the holy works of his masters. He is also interested in muddied or uncertain aspects of various faiths, where heresy may be easily introduced. He is under a mark of justice to not introduce falsehood to the archive, or to deceive subjects of interview. Both smug and sycophantic and in writing, his tone is snide.

First up, Gorum. I'm thinking Groetus or Zon-Kuthon next.

Edit: I should clarify, I'm not saying that the views expressed represent the only, or even typical attitudes of followers. I might even include multiple different interpretations or overtly heretical ones.

Apologies if this is in the wrong category, I'm happy to repost it somewhere more appropriate.
Full disclosure, I've been thinking about alignment a fair bit recently because of a discussion somewhere else and it reminded me of a gaming anecdote I want to share. I do have a point though I swear, bare with me.

OK, when I were a lad I was playing a game of AD&D (this was the 2000s, btw, I'm younger than this makes me sound) in a fairly low magic world based on the Roman empire (It was awesome, except for the tendency every character I played to die right before they'd be useful to the party). Wizards were uncommon, elves and gnomes weren't PC races and outsiders were basically myths. Even the existence of Gods was open for interpretation. (None of this would have sold the game to Lil' Gug, but it was worth it just to see the GM role play the strange looks our MU got for trying to swallow live fish every time he cast identify)

In a setting like that, our GM didn't feel the need to have us select our alignments during character creation, as a lot of the rules that depend on it wouldn't be coming up a lot. We went about our adventuring lives in a fairly mercenary fashion. I was going through a phase of favouring Thief/fighter half orcs, so fairly gleeful with the backstabs ect. and everything was fine. Then we were making a deal with someone we didn't know we could trust and our cleric (who alone amongst us was obviously LG) decided to try 'Detect Evil' for the first time. We all nodded at what a good plan this was, then stopped and looked at each other with growing concern. There was a moment of quiet, until finally the GM asked us each to write down what alignment we THOUGHT we were on a slip of paper and hand it to him. We each stared at our scrap in silence for a while, before one by one my party mates wrote two letters, folded their paper and handed it to the GM. I honestly had no idea what to write. I obviously wasn't Good, exactly, but how 'not good' was I? Did the thing with the kobolds count? I mean they were evil though, right? Wait, this character wasn't alive when we collapsed the mine. Maybe I'm Neutral? Though there has been a lot of theft and deception, maybe CN? I'm definitely not CE, but NE? I could see the argument. People were waiting on me, so I ended up just writing all three and a question mark.

There was another long silence as the GM read each of our answers in turn, then looked at the player, down to his notes and back to the player, weighing our character's actions with what the scrap said. It was like having died, and finding out there really was a reckoning at the end of it all. Whatever the ruling was would have sever repercussions for our party; it's one thing to know your friend isn't the sweetest cherub in the world, but another to know they were in the same category as assassins, monsters and fiends. It's a hell of a thing to know about yourself. We all shared one last nervous look as he turned to the cleric and answered. "You sense one evil presence." I wasn't the only one to shout "From where!?"

The point is, I never felt alignment mattering more before or since. When I'd written it down in the past, it had ceased to be very important and I didn't think about it; So long as I didn't do anything excessively evil, I was comfortably Neutral Good and it wasn't a concern. This was the first time I realised how different alignment looked from the other side of the sheet, the first time it felt less like something you just were and more like something you Earned. I'm not gonna pretend it made me a better person or anything, but it definitely made me a better role player.

So yeah, what I'm saying is unless its vital straight off the bat, maybe try not having your players pick alignment next time they create characters. Obviously not as a system wide rules thing or something that'll work on every table, but it created one of the most memorable moments in a already memorable campaign and can have some really interesting results with the right group.

Sorry if this ran on too long, but 'Maybe leave Alignment till level 5ish? It's neat, try it.' didn't seem like it got my point across.

So, I was reading through druids, and was leaning leaf order for my Elf (felt thematic), but noticed something that put me off that option. Presuming I've been taking order feats when available, I'm completely locked out of the 8th level feats. Now admittedly that happens to other orders at certain levels, but generally they drop down only one level and have a variety of fairly strong options (for instance Storm born at lvl 14, can choose from Healing Transformation, Nature Sense or Primal Summons, all lvl 10) but Leaf Order have presumable already taken Green Empathy, and don't meet the prerequisites for the other 6th lvl feats, leaving Steady Spellcasting or Thousand Faces as their only options. Both are relatively weak abilities comparably, being half the druid's current lvl. This wouldn't be such a problem for me if they had an exceptional ability earlier, say 6th or 4th lvl, and this re-balanced them to be on par with other druids, but it's not like Green Empathy seems above the curve at all.
Have I misunderstood something?