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Talschornvox looks between the group, noting the placating words and also the disparate directions each speaker tries to take the conversation.

"I think it would be best if you return to your shard and consider your course." she notes solemnly, "You may return two days hence. I will forgive your rude behavior this time. Know that, in the future, using magic in the domain of another without their leave can be considered a great insult... if not an open act of aggression."

She then gives a nod and turns to return to her lair.

To be clear I am not upset about Eochaidh's actions or the player's ooc comment.

The woman stands up from her chair and narrows her eyes at Eochaidh, seemingly more insulted than threatened. Very insulted. As he completed the spell she glowered at everyone present. "There will be no more spells cast in my home." she said in a low voice that grew deeper as she spoke, "Or you will see my true form, and then you will not feel... wonderful I assure you."

Not sure how that's my fault, but if you poke the dragon I promise what happens won't be.

People liking to haggle or at least convince themselves they are getting a deal is most of the reason Sears went under.

In this case that is just enough.

Eochaidh senses that what Talschornvox finds so pleasing is the prospect of haggling. A strange practice of city merchants and their customers where both give a listed price or trade and slowly argue their way to a middle ground. Often with both leaving with the idea they had gotten the better end of the trade. Even stranger is considering why a dragon of all things might have any experience with the practice.

"We will see." the woman who was a dragon replied to the druid, but her focus was on Alden as he spoke.

"If you die or am imprisoned I will need to renegotiate." she began, "With the new powers in control, or those left. We can include such a clause, but I will not hold to boundaries and nonaggression if such a drastic change occurs."

I don't think (Neither does Talschornvox.) that there is any way in hell the party will actually hand over all the etherium they come across. At it's lowest value that is 500 GP of crafting supplies toward magical items every time you merge shards. Not to mention it's other properties.

...and that's assuming the amount doesn't scale in some way.

"If you are in charge of the shard, or making peace with those who would wish to be, certainly you will come across treasure and items of worth." the lady responds, "Or would you rather I ask a yearly tax?
If twenty percent is too much for you to tolerate, I suppose I could make a counter offer in good faith. Fifteen percent, and a piece of art or knowledge of my choosing."
A thin smile comes to her lips, and her eyes show her naked amusement.

Knowledge: Arcana or Sense Motive for those who have it trained.

"You assume you would be welcome in MY forest." the dragon tells Eochaidh. Going off his earlier read of her, he can tell she is being purposefully antagonistic.

She listens to Jaxom explain the group's history to her with an impassive look. "An interesting story." she answers cagily. It isn't entirely certain what effect his story had. The lady had not given the group much information herself this conversation.

"I may be amenable to you taking the gems. As well as mutual respect for our borders." she tells Alden after a moment as she gets to the point, "In return for proper tribute. To begin with, I would see a fifth of all valuables and this new material the merging of shards create."

She lets her demand register before she continues. "In return, I would prove benevolent and would allow your group to consult with me on how you should act going forward. I would also promise to remain neutral to any conflict you encounter. Though I would never favor such pitiful creatures as goblins regardless." she reasoned, and gave Jaxom a meaningful look.

"If those terms are suitable, I would be content to give you the gems to do with as you please." she relates, "Though depending on your actions I may wish to renegotiate such a contract in the future. To both parties satisfaction, of course."

The woman gave a very unladylike huff, almost a snort at Alden's suggestion. Then calmed. "I can draft a document myself." she stated flatly, "I do not need some village chief or whatever peasant you call a leader to witness it's signing. If you are trying to stall me, I may just find it more efficient to eat the lot of you."

The dragon looks at Alden as he speaks, and her eyes narrow very slightly at one point. "Should I be afraid of an army?" Talschornvox reasons, "That they might starve themselves in their barracks with no source of food? Or fear a wizard anymore than another dragon? I can assure you there are more dragons that pose a threat to me than trifling wizards." Despite her distaste over Alden's point the lady does seem to consider his words.

As she does consider his reasoning Kevan and Eochaidh read her carefully.

???: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (6) + 7 = 13

Kevan feels something is off about her words and actions, but can't place it. Eochaidh on the other hand...


The dragon's actions thus far have seemed very deliberate. Too much so to just be reacting to the situation. You get the distinct feeling this is all somewhat rehearsed, with the great lady Talschornvox having already decided her course. The idle conversation was more likely a reflection of her honest heart.

She again takes the lull in conversation to regard Rabbit, and there is no harshness to her features when she speaks to the halfling. "It is a wonderful thing." she speaks of the etherium, "I have only just witnessed it, but already I see a shorter lived race could spend a lifetime merely seeing what they could craft with it through mundane means."

With that exchange and a moment to sort out her feelings she again regards Alden. "I can certainly think of less troublesome creatures to have running about than a paladin of Erastil." she concedes, "So long as they give their word that my domain would be left alone. I would think that we could discuss terms."

The lady listens intently to Rabbit, and as he speaks he can see her thinking. Going over his words even as he stumbles through speaking them.

Go ahead and roll a diplomacy check for that little speech.

That thin little smile returns. "Do you know how long I could experiment on the curious metal you brought into my shard?" she asks with a hint of playfulness in her tone.

Talschornvox's head remains fixed in Rabbit's direction as Alden speaks, but she glances sidelong at the paladin. Listening quietly to him, and then to Eochaidh while waiting on Rabbit to produce his passenger.

"What an adorably ill-tempered rabbit." she says with the same thin smile. Then her features still and she looks among the assembled group. Seeming to evaluate them more closely while Rabbit gets out the gift for her.

"I thank you for your kind words." she says to Eochaidh, " It is more to my taste than is natural, but even the Fey are known to shape nature to suit their whims. To be honest I have used little magic here.
Each of these plants is local to this area, with the exception of the plant that is the source of my namesake. The land is still being shaped, and I have worked on it ever since coming here."

Then she slowly turns to look at Alden again, and she meets his gaze with a intense stare. "What makes you think I desire this shard combined with others?" the lady asks in a stern tone. Her expression remains cool, and her eyes carry that intensity until Rabbit produces the parcel.

She carefully plucks the twine from the tan paper wrapping of the parcel and opens it delicately. As she notes the contents her head tilts slightly to the side. Her expression turning quizzical at the rich fur within.

It was a rich purple color with spirals of blue that seemed natural. Tugging the garment out she noted it to be a half cloak, and after a cursory glance she rose from her seat to try it on. The half cloak had the claw of a large cat hook across the front of the collar to serve as a clasp, and the fur seemed to puff around the dragon's shoulder to make it look all the more plumed and exotic.

"I have never known someone to make a cloak from a dweomercat." she mused softly. She then removed it and set it back to it's open packaging. Softly petting it into place a few times and considering it as a shop owner might consider how to present their newest fashions.

Settling back into her chair she looks the group over and turns her attention back to Alden.

A few minutes later the woman returns carrying a fifth chair for her guests with a pair of high pillows atop it. She sets it down around the table and splits the pillows between two different chairs, pausing to give a meaningful look to Rabbit and Kevan before she returns to her seat.

"I am indeed Talschornvox." she says in the same quiet voice, "Please, have a seat and join me for tea and snacks." She extends an arm out, the lace adorned sleeve of her dress loose around the forearm.

Along her wrist were a few more delicate green scales. The placement seemed consistent with what the group knew of Norian. Though it was uncertain what it might mean. She patiently sits and waits for everyone to be seated, if indeed they choose to do so.

"I would ask you what your intentions are in coming to my home." she began again before giving a thin smile in Rabbit's direction, "...and what did you bring along with you that squirms so little one?"

The woman turns to look at the group as they approach, her features a picture of serenity. Around her temples, her collar, and the nape of her neck were small emerald scales. Her eyes were a deep and almost unnaturally green. As the party draws near she stands from her chair and smooths her dress.

"One moment please." she says softly. Only the utter quiet of the space keeping her voice clearly audible. As if she were speaking no louder than absolutely necessary to be heard. She then turns and walks into the opening under the tree.

Around the table are four chairs outside her own. Atop it is a set of teacups on saucers, a stack of tea plates near a tray with cookies and biscuits, and a tea kettle with thin wisps of steam coming from the spout.

You can, of course, try and interrupt her if you wish.

GuardYourPrivates wrote:
The opening in the stump lay hundreds of feet away, but Alden was able to spot a carved wooden table there. Sitting at it a feminine form in a pale white dress and auburn hair. Eochaidh, getting a keener glance, noted several pieces of flatwear on the table, perhaps cups and what he thought might be a teapot.

Going to bed, but eager to see the party's action and respond after I get off work.

Okay, big post incoming. Start off rolling for Jaxom I suppose.

Perception: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (4) + 7 = 11

As the group travels it was easy enough for them to keep their general direction toward the large clearing and giant tree stump that was their goal. Alden keeps them moving without incident, and Eochaidh walks just off his right shoulder to watch for any potential mistake.

The forest is loud with the sounds of animals, many not wary of the group at all. At one point a fawn scampers from the brush and turns to regard the paladin curiously. It begins to amble toward Alden, only for it's mother to emerge a moment later and guide her child away. Looking back with what seemed a condescending glance before the pair departed.

After marching until the sun was moderately high in the sky and glimmering down through the canopy the trees started to grown thicker. Their heavy trunks grown closer together and forcing the party to walk in a serpentine path. Rabbit identifies these thick trees as oaks, and Alden remembers them from his vision of the shard from before. The thick layer that bordered the trunk. Eochaidh noted they were odd things, treated to some kind of magical growth that made them sprout up with uniform bark and sculpted boughs.

As the group steps into the clearing beyond, they are treated to an amazing sight. A carpet of wildflowers a good ten feet thick ringed the clearing. Blues and purples and blushing reddish hued flowers. Again, the two party members of a natural inclination identified them as common and harmless variety.

While from the sky Alden had seen glyph like patterns of intertwined moss and grass the group now saw that it was more than that. Dozens of different exotic grasses and varying shades of moss littered the ground, carefully manicured and growing as verdantly as the great oaks.

Eochaidh looked over the moss and grass calmly, until he noted that several of the moss variety were wildly toxic and would waft a plume of acrid gas if stepped on. If the group approached they would have to stay to the grass. He also noted that there was peppermint sprouting in places near the grass, likely to ward off animals from stepping over the moss.

Looking into the open sky beyond Jaxom and Kevan spot no threat from the sky. Other than the layer of gray clouds that covered the sky. A reminder that the weather of the shard was winter, the cooler air from the day before showing that the newest shard was succumbing to the new climate.

The opening in the stump lay hundreds of feet away, but Alden was able to spot a carved wooden table there. Sitting at it a feminine form in a pale white dress and auburn hair. Eochaidh, getting a keener glance, noted several pieces of flatwear on the table, perhaps cups and what he thought might be a teapot.

So I assume the group is moving onward to the home of the dragon? If so I would like players to list what they are looking for and how they are navigating. Perception and survival checks depending on your actions, and a Knowledge: Nature check in advance from those trained. I apologize for the late response, had a poor weekend and got sick off what I ate yesterday.

As Rabbit considers the needs of the pseudodragon the thing looks at him and makes a light chittering sound. Despite it's ability to speak telepathically it didn't communicate with Rabbit, but scampered over and crawled around his body up to his shoulder. It nestled against him and took it's rest.

Just a reminder that Norian did provide the party with a package in case they wanted to give the dragon a gift. Feel free to keep interacting if you desire, or we can continue when you're ready.

The party discusses their plans as they bed back down to rest. No more trouble interrupts them, and in the morning they awake cold but ready to continue.

Sarana listens to the group, looking on several occasions as if she meant to speak, and perhaps a bit overwhelmed at the level of socializing she was meeting. Her calm remained, but she seemed obviously less comfortable being around so many people this long. When she has a moment she considers what she has been told and then, with a look to each member of the group, she begins carefully.

"I greet you all... and I apologize for my demeanor. I do not often approach your kind openly." Sarana explained, "If this gem is so valuable then Talschornvox would surely have claimed it. This is her domain."

She remains quiet for a moment, apparently wanting that statement to be heeded before she would continue. "This is her domain." she repeats, "She guards this forest with more strength and wisdom than I do, and if you wish to settle and claim this land she will likely not be as... indulgent as she was with those two men. They lived as animals these last three years, for they were no threat to the lady or myself. Animals that had not needed to be culled. Until now."

With that said Sarana stepped back quietly into the gloom. Her glorious robe catching the light of the moon brilliantly. "She can be bargained with. On her terms." she cautions the group, "If you prove friend to the forest you may come and see me at the pond you were making your way to. I ask only that any visitors approach the shore alone. Talschornvox lairs under the central tree of the wood. There you will surely find she has your gem."

A final, slow nod brought the woman's head down. As she did her shoulders seemed to slump forward. At the same time her form diminished. Her cloak drew tight around her body and started to blend into her before wings sprouted from her sides. Her angular features smoothed into her neck, which thinned and elongated. The woman's body shifting into the form of a swan. With a plaintive cry she turned and hurried in the other direction, flapping her strong wings and lifting up through the canopy.

Since Rabbit didn't specify and since luck is only a round per cackle I'm going to say you don't still have luck.

The woman looks to each member of the group, tilting her head slightly to directly glance over each. Her expression is calm, and her voice even as she speaks. "My name is Sarana." she offers in greeting, "I watch over these woods, though I am not their master. Know that great peril will await the world of men if they disturb these lands overly much. How is it that you came to join together our... disparate places?"

After a pause, she glances down to Kevan before smiling faintly and bending at the knee to take the offered hand.

Eochaidh recalls, at the sight of her glorious cloak, that she must be a Swan Maiden. They are noble fey who can change shape and protect unspoiled wilds and live among lakes or large ponds. This is likely the woman that Alden spotted. They are known to avoid humanoid races and arm and armor themselves to keep safe.

As Alden looks over her he spots no trace of evil, and the woman glances up as she senses his gaze falling over her. "That is impolite paladin of Erastil." she says smoothly, "You should ask someone before you do such a thing."

I will be out of town for the next few days, and likely will not be ablet to update until Sunday night at the earliest.

The miscommunication was on my end, not discord. Anyway...

The first werewolf had been facing Alden squarely, realizing the paladin to be the main threat as he could cut through it's resistance. The little dragon's breath had shocked him, and in that moment of hesitation Alden hacked across at it. The blade shimmered along it's edge, flashing as the steel sliced through the air. Though Alden initially felt his blow might come in shallow, something changed in his movement at the last moment he could barely perceive.

The paladin's sword came in a downward, diagonal arch and met the hulking werewolf's arm just under the shoulder. Cleanly slicing through bicep and bone, and continuing down between ribs to slice through the torso unimpeded. As it came free a gout of blood spilled from both wounds. The werewolf slumped back... fighting to stay upright before it's knees gave out and it slumped to the ground. A few more shuddering breaths escaped before it lay still and it's eyes glassed over. It died in shock, mouth open and features frozen in an unbelieving stare. A moment later the body shrunk back to the form of a man and fell over in a heap.

The party's camp remained silent for several long moments, and the background noise of the forest remained stilled as well. Then, one by one, the wildlife that was active made itself known again. An owl hooted, birds of the night rustled branches, and a gentle wind swept through to remind everyone how cold the season now was. Even if the forest was untouched by the blanket of snow in the rest of the shard.

Then, four hazy blue lights appeared in the air around the group. Flickering blue flames that bobbed about at head level and softly illuminated the space. A woman stepped out of the shadows beyond that light a moment later. She was tall, standing around six feet in height, and draped over her form was a long cloak covered in pristine white feathers. A silvered shirt of chain caught the light between the drape of her cloak, and she pulled the hood back to reveal her face. Her features were angular and pretty, with a regal nose and bright blue eyes. Her shoulder length hair was platinum blonde, braided and tied off to one side of her head.

"You did well to defend yourselves against those two." she stated in a soft tone, "None had to fear them these last few years, so I left the wicked beasts alone. I am glad you are safe."

Her mannerisms and grace seem somewhat off, and her beauty and fine equipment seem uncanny at first glance. Might she be fey, or perhaps something else? Knowledge: Nature checks for those trained.

Bit of a miscommunication on discord. It is Alden and then Eochaidh.

- Jaxom
- Rabbit
- Kevan
- Enemy2 (Very Dead)
- Alden *
- Eochaidh
- Enemy1 (-8, -3 STR)

@Kevan Nimblefingers What are your actions?

Jaxom Buhr wrote:

Almost stunned by the pure destruction from the little dragon thing.... He snarls at the werewolf, "So Runt, we don't really want to kill you. Stop fighting and you don't have to die!"

Talking is a free action any time, right?

Yes, but there are limits to how much you can believably say during a six second round of combat.

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The little dragon-like, life-like thing hops down from Rabbit's shoulder and skitters around into a position where it deemed itself able to only hit the second werewolf. Rabbit was left to briefly wonder why it wasn't helping with the initial one, when it opened it's tiny maw and a wide spray of acid spewed out in a fan before it. The forest around the werewolf hissed as stinging, potent acid burned away grass and shrub. Even the rocks were scoured and turned pock-marked. The impossible area covered by the tiny creature highlighted well why it had not aimed at the first werewolf, so surrounded by allies.

Breath: 6d8 ⇒ (3, 2, 6, 8, 6, 8) = 33
Reflex Save: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (7) + 2 = 9

The werewolf shudders, body trembling and seizing as it's fur smoked. Flesh had been eaten away in spots down to the bone and it's great snout was half skull. The creature shrank as it collapsed face first onto the ground, turning back to a man. A very dead man.

The first werewolf snarled, but his eyes were wide in panic.

Wow, those rolls definately went in the party's favor.

The little green construct sat on Rabbit's shoulder, leaning in and giving a quizzical look to the halfling. It seeming to ask permission for something. A soft voice came into Rabbit's mind then. "Should I breath on them?" it asked.

It's entirely possible. The party got the jump on them and surrounded the two, so flanking isn't difficult. I'm working on maps still. Hopefully we will have them going forward.

It couldn't hurt Eochaidh. :3

- Jaxom *
- Rabbit
- Kevan
- Enemy2
- Alden
- Eochaidh
- Enemy1 (-8, -3 STR)

Current space in initiative after post = *

The lead werewolf turns to swipe at the paladin, whipping his longsword around horizontally...

Longsword: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (3) + 5 = 81d8 + 4 ⇒ (4) + 4 = 8

...which Alden managed to duck without much effort, focused intently on his foe. The werewolf then lunged about to snap his jaws down toward Jaxom's collar...

Bite: 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (6) + 0 = 61d6 + 1 ⇒ (2) + 1 = 3

...which the practiced brawler leaned back from and countered with a jab to the jaw that didn't seem to faze the beastman, but still countered the attack.

I'll point out that Rabbit's ray lowered each attack by 1 and lowered potential damage output by 3 here.

Just shy of the DC Rabbit. Nothing more to learn from that roll.

Fortitude: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (17) + 6 = 23

As the ray hits the broad, hair covered chest of the werewolf he sucks in a sharp breath... and then breaths out some of the blackness through his snout. "Wretches... all of you." he growls.

Kevan strikes him a moment later, thrusting straight and true with his rapier, only to have the blade bend back nearly to the hilt against the tough musculature of the beast. Surrounds as he was, the werewolf paid the blow no mind.

Sorry, they have some serious DR.

Fortitude: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (10) + 5 = 15

As the other man looks at the pile up on his companion he focuses again, snarling as his body also starts to deform into a wolf-like humanoid. As his snout opens wide he also lets out a tremendous howl. Bringing the number of werewolves fighting the party to two.

???: 1d4 ⇒ 4

Just a reminder, no way @Rabbit isn't awake now. No checks needed.

@Eochaidh- Not sure about special attacks, but with that check you know werewolves transmit their curse through their natural bite attack. As well as wolves being able to trip a target with their bite.

Jaxom's reinforced punch into the werewolf's solar plexus catches the brute by surprise, but even so it feels like he was punching rock. The body of the unnatural beast barely shows damage. The man-beast looks down at Jaxom with a snarl. "Runt." it growls back.

That doesn't confirm, but as I ruled before a natural twenty doesn't need it. ;)

Rabbit and Kevan are up!

@Eochaidh: As the transformation did not succeed it would be impossible to tell what he was attempting. I'll have a spoiler over a knowledge check if it comes to pass.

Alden's sword cuts down the front of the first man's chest, raking a wide cut from the shoulder on one side down to his ribs. Had the blow carved lower he might have disembowled him with the diagonal slash.

"You runts!" he snarled, "I'll eat you while you're still breathing!"

Fortitude: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (12) + 5 = 17

He starts to go through the same process as his companion, but his is a complete thing. His muscles growing thick and coarse black fur growing over his tough frame. He howls in pain as the bones in his face crack, his snout extends, and he takes on the features of a wolf! His fingers elongate, and his nails extend out into fierce claws as well.

Knowledge: Nature DC12:

These are werewolves! Men afflicted with the curse on lycanthropy! They have gained bestial features and abilities, and can spread their curse via bite.

More information might be gleamed with a higher DC hit.

Kevan is quick and nimble, dashing past the first brute and sticking him from behind, causing the man to snarl like an animal. His ally notices this and snarls as well, but for a different reason.

Fortitude: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (2) + 5 = 7

His muscles bulge obscenely, painfully as his body starts to shift. Only to recover and leave him grunting in pain as whatever he was attempting failed. "No games brother, transform and tear them apart." he calls to the one Kevan had just struck.

Alden & Eochaidh are up.

Seems I missed your initiative and Rabbit's failure. Rabbit will join the combat the following round on his initiative. There's no way he isn't waking up by then. Well, seems I have only myself to blame, so enjoy the 20. :D

Correct Jaxom. That leaves Kevan acting before our first enemy.

It is a shame to not see kobold on the proposed racial list. To allow tieflings and dhamphir a place but not the noblest of races. Shame indeed.

Everyone thank Kevan for stealing the DM's twenty.

Going to roll initiative so we can get this party started.

Kevan Initiative: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (20) + 3 = 23

Your gambit paid off I suppose.

Initiative Order:

- Jaxom
- Rabbit
- Kevan
- Enemy2
- Alden
- Eochaidh
- Enemy1

Remember standing from prone is a move action. No one should be outside their normal movement range from them.

When did everyone get decent at perception rolls?

Both show very clearly as evil.

The first man scoffs, glancing back to his partner. "Listen to the noble stag lover." he growls out from deep in his throat. To which the other man responds with a wicked smile. "I haven't eaten stag in a long time." Both then square up and reach for their weapons.

Everyone roll for initiative. You will join the order once you are woken up. I'll say getting woken up by Alden speaking loudly is a DC15 perception check. Otherwise I'm sure everyone will wake up after the first round of combat. :3

Initiative: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (9) + 5 = 14

Initiative: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (18) + 5 = 23

A pair of men were lingering on the edge of the camp, trying to creep in among the shadows, but Kevan spots them as they approach. Both of them wear only the thinnest scraps of clothing, and they both have longswords belted at their hips. Being spotted, they both draw closer openly. Neither seems afraid of Alden or Kevan.

Seeing them more clearly, their appearance is wildly unkempt, and you would think they hadn't so much as bathed in the last three years. Kevan notes the man standing further back has dried blood from his chin down across his chest. It was clearly not his.

"So we have newcomers." the lead man noted, "Not like the swan or the dragon. Looks like we finally get some decent prey."

Alden and Kevan take the first watch as the sun sets and the gloom of evening approaches. The local wildlife is quiet, with the occasional sound of birds flitting about or squirrels leaping through the tress. The forest they were in lacked the snowfall of their home shard, but the air had chilled here as it evened out to the local climate.

Wherever this forest had been it must have been warm the year round, as nothing was yet covered in snow at the time of the merge. The animals were suddenly spooked with the prospect of winter, recognizing it on an instinctual level if nothing else.

Dice!: 1d6 ⇒ 2

No name was given. It was simply summoned and passed off to you.
Going to just do a quick roll for the sake of seeing if you lot encounter anything...

Percentile: 1d100 ⇒ 49

If applicable...: 1d3 ⇒ 1

The group sets out and makes decent time. Mostly retracing their steps so they can rest at a good location to make camp they had already spotted.

Watch order?

"You needn't worry about it." Norian remarked casually, "It's not alive."

The expedition turns back and returns to the village. There is a general sense of unease from everyone. Martin decides to take his family to the inn. Norian and Bartholemeu also move over to the inn, with the monk promising they would look out for the sheltered populace. To which the tailor looked supremely put out by.

Norian just can't catch a break from lizard people and dragons I swear...

The sorcerer then gets an idea. He starts rummaging through drawers before returning with a package for the group. "Never visit a dragon without a present." he reasons, "If it's metallic you should be fine. If it's black, white, or red run. Green and blue might be reasoned with."

"Especially if it's green..." Bartholemeu adds to the tailor's frustration.

Norian then plucks a scale from the pouch at his side. It was small and emerald colored, and he begin to chant and move his other hand around it. Arcane power drifted off his fingers like mist, glowing first amber and then shifting to green as it suffused the scale. It began to glow brightly and swell in size until it was the size of a large melon. The smooth surface then shifted into dozens of individual scales. Finally, it's form shifted, unraveling into what looked like a cat sized draconic creature.

It has emerald scales and a sharp little stinger on it's tail. It had two finely pointed horns atop it's head and it's teeth were small and needle like. Norian held it out to Jaxom. "Help be their eyes, and look out for Rabbit." he instructed the lithe little creature, and it responded with a light chirp.

The party has a friend to aid them for a while.

"I have no intention to fight a dragon." he continued, "But I can shelter people if there is an attack... assuming the dragon isn't too strong of a caster."

Looking at the distance traveled through the forest and the party likely leaving early in the day I will say it is late afternoon when you return and early evening by the time everyone is secure at the inn.

I don't see any reason you couldn't take a ten on that Alden, which would be enough. You could also have assistance in all likelihood.

The large pond is the closest point of interest, with the ruined hovel roughly the same depth into the forest but further away. The large tree stump is deep inside the forest near it's heart.

I am working on getting a mapping software to handle combat maps and the world map. I will like get it on Monday and have a shard map available for everyone sometime in the coming week.

Rabbit could tell you the general information about dragons. Armored scales, breath attacks, an arsenal of natural attacks, and a variety of magical powers that varies based on the dragon. They were also very resistant to magic and certain elements.

Looking at scent it is mostly used to follow tracks or locate nearby creatures. It also mentions being useful for following trails. Unfortunately for our druid there are no further tracks, no trail, and the creature is not nearby enough to smell either. He could tell that the scent is fresh, and that it seems to just linger near the print. Giving some credibility to Jaxom's claim that it flew.

Base DC to identify a creature by type is 10 + CR + 10 so I'll say Rabbit has the bare minimum of the creatures type with a 20.

There were no broken branches or disturbed nature to indicate the passing of a huge creature. Something hard to believe given the growth all around them. But then, looking at the huge clawed footprint, Rabbit understood there might be a reason for that.

This was a dragon's footprint. A huge one. It was several inches deep in the soft soil.

Eochaidh senses no creatures of the type he was keenly aware of. He briefly considers attempting to track whatever made this huge footprint, but a quick scan reveals that this lone track is the only one in the area. It was almost as if the creature had purposely left the single print in the soft soil between the surrounding trees.

You all were worried about fey. Hah!

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