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Andrew Umphrey









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Prepare yourself for an interesting profile.

I'm Andrew from Minneapolis. A big pathfinder fan currently GM-ing home games of Strange Aeons(book-3) AND Shattered Star(book-2) AND Abomination Vaults (book-2).

In campaigns I am currently a player, I have:
(Shattered Star) 5-Dwarf ZenArcher - Cavendish Steingut
(Homebrew)9-Dwarf HolyGun - Hermano
(Giantslayer) 14-Svirfneblin Geokineticist - Pigpen
(Mummys mask) 12-Human Mutagenic Mauler - Omar
(War for the Crown) 15-Human Silksworn Occultist - Ichabod

Books: Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, Weaveworld, Wheel of Time (what an awesome ending if you can get through it all)
TV: Eagleheart, Dr Who, Legion, LOST(except the horrible final season), Arrested Development (Motherboy!), Miami Vice
Movies: Fletch, Donnie Darko, Memento, Inception
Music: Chameleons UK, Robyn Hitchcock

Freelance projects:

Daughters of Fury

Outland Entertainment
The Great Bazaar
The Villain Codex I: Foes for Fledgling Heroes

Rusted Iron Games
Deadly Gardens: Star Blossom
Deadly Gardens: Ghost Spore Swarm