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Just looking for an update on this pending order. thanks!

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Noticed there was some interest in another thread regarding the establishment of close proximity kingdoms (or settlements as referred in the blog), so I wanted to break that discussion out into its own thread. Specifically aiming at discussing the top end Settlements and the strategic and logistical implications, I went to the blog and re-read some of this:

Goblinworks Blog wrote:

Settlements—In order to create a player settlement, a fort must be advanced using a special settlement construction process. Before this can begin, the hex must be cleared of any watchtowers or forts owned by any character not a signatory of the settlement's charter. Building a settlement requires massive amounts of resources and extensive amounts of time.

The features of a settlement are varied and warrant their own separate dev blog. Since we do not expect the first player settlements to be introduced into the game until well after launch, we'll reserve those details for now.

and also this blog regarding the production of goods, but specifically the Settlement Input and Settlement Output portions as the various types of inputs and outputs are divided up by Easy-gather, and PvE-sourced categories.

i've been left pondering what sort of ramifications exist at the fusion of these two concepts. Given the size of a hex, how large/small a group can we realistically expect to control an entire hex. From an archived thread we find the area of a hex breaks down to about .51, with the sides of about .71 miles. Even when you consider the 15 seconds to a minute timeframe (for travel and time passage, not actual gameplay), It seems to me a rather considerable number of people would be required to completely secure a hex. Being able to protect your borders would be a challenge, much less invading a neighboring hex and waging war with another settlement (even if Fort sized or smaller).

Anyone else have some thoughts on the matter?

There seems to have been an error with this order, as I intended to purchase the Song of the Serpent PDF and the new Pathfinder Tales: City of the Fallen Sky. Instead of the City of Fallen Sky, my email confirmation is showing the Prince of Wolves PDF (which I purchased many months ago). Also, the City of the Fallen Sky pdf isn't available in My Downloads, although Song of the Serpent is working fine. I'm not certain if the error was with me in not reviewing the order pre-purchase, or if there is an error on the linking of the new book. As the price is the same, can I have access to a download for City of the Fallen Sky pdf, instead of Prince of Wolves (twice :D).

Thank you for your time

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I'd like to present some community suggestions to the developers of "Stuff" we want to see when we log into the game on Day 1.

For my part the first thing that comes to mind: I'd love to see a dramatic spread of varied terrain, with significant elevation changes, verdant forests both dense and sparse, streams and rivers, and most importantly, the ability to access all areas of a undeveloped hex. I'd love more than anything to be able to see a great wall of stone and be able to jump my character on to its face and work my way to the top. If I find something other than an awesome view at the top, I'm triple excited. Conversely if I want to stick my face in the muck of the bottom of a river, I'd love to see some mechanics and abilities that support that, or that I might even derive some resource from.

I'm so irrationally excited for this game, I'll stop myself here before I cast Wall of Text for 10k damage to your attention span. If I could request one thing of the community, post only what you DO want, not what you don't want to see.