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Attack Longsword: +5 Damage: 1d8+2 | Primal Roar 2/2 | Second Wind: 4d4+4 1/1 | Inititiative +3 Perception +10 Diplomatic +12 Sense Motive +11 | Hero: 2 | Matalars-Boon: 1/1
HP & Armor & Saves:
HP 33/33 | AC/T/FF 17/11/16 | DR 4 | Fort +5 / Refl +4 / Will +3

Helping out Ornthalas with the digging by switching time to time digger, Bhalur speaks after a some time "I do not know if I am a proper priest but I am an acolyte of the Dragon Matron. Nothing relevant to healing or divine magic although I know some of the members in our church can do some of that."

Continueing digging and then switching again with Ornthalas "If you still do not mind, I can offer some prayers for her soul and wish that Dragon Matron watches over her soul and... um, whom do Waeldfolk pray to if I may ask? It never hurts to include prayers to others also." Bhalur adds as he tries to find some small sticks from surroundings.

Coming soon back with a bunch of sticks and then searching for a small amount of stones, Bhalur begins his minial construction of a small shrine. First sticking the small wooden sticks in a squareshape, deep in the ground and after that the stones in the middle.

Making a small stonetable, a grude one, he finishes it with a moss over it and as a final touch, lays the rest of the bundle of sticks above the alter to form kind of shelter to protect it.

" As I said, I am not a powerful priets but I can only wish a good rest for her soul. I hope that this place will be protected and kept in its condition, ever remaining and sheltering the final resting place of this poor woman. May this place protect other tired travelers from the horrors and evil of creatures lurking here, may it bring comfort to them who are weary of their travel. May their thirstiness be washed away and do not evil befall on them" praying on his knees in front of the small makeshift altar.

Shaer watching all this over from Bhalur head, oddly not moving and just eyes glimmering, as it watches the whole seremon passing by. As Bhalur finishes, Shaer takes off and soon disappears to sky. After a while Shaer appears again and lands on her shoulder like she never was away.

His hand touching Shaer head and petting it as he turn toward Ornthalas "Bhakiris believe that we can hear the Nature, Dru'uth. I share the connection with Dragon Matron but... whoever it is, I wish and hope and believe, that this place will be watched over. Nature is all around and we all go back to nature. Now the Gosd and Goddesses watches over it or Dru'uth" a sad smile on his face, Bhalur speaks with a low voice "Maybe in time this place will be forgotten but at least the Nature will remember it. It will be discovered again but it will always remain here, protecting her remains"

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Attack Longsword: +5 Damage: 1d8+2 | Primal Roar 2/2 | Second Wind: 4d4+4 1/1 | Inititiative +3 Perception +10 Diplomatic +12 Sense Motive +11 | Hero: 2 | Matalars-Boon: 1/1
HP & Armor & Saves:
HP 33/33 | AC/T/FF 17/11/16 | DR 4 | Fort +5 / Refl +4 / Will +3

"Convcing is not a problem. It was Church of Matalur which prevented the influence and war of evil dragons and promote the goodness and happiness between humans and "good-aligned" dragons". Our church have influence to make them worry. I do not really have much desire to start to play with human politics so I would rather force them to do that." Bhalur grimmly states, unusual for him

"We exist, Acolytes of the Dragon Matron, to fight against these kind of threats from dragons and ensure there shall no be another war like there was before. My calling demands me to try my best to ensure that no sacrifise will be met or somehow try to prevent this vision from happening"

Thinking about their position and at least possibility of the two places regarding Rhiallas mission "Actually, Mournstone and Ylphaun are exactly in our way till Wyvernwaeld. We can visit both cities along our way and it wont cost us any time. To Mournstone we can take a barge, and from Mournstone to Ylphaun we can ride with horses. How does that sound?"

Bhalur bringing map with him and showing others the planned route

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WS: 31 BS: 30 Str: 32 T: 46 Agi: 31 Int: 60 Per: 30 Will: 36 Fell: 34 | Movement: 3/6/9/18 | Initiative +5

Drifting back to the past Rhud was once again inside the huge rooms of the merchant-class ship. Somehow once again those damn inquisitors and their pesky squadron of servants were able to track him down. This time he was sure to take them out and take everyone to damnation!

Setting his bombs carefully in key locations as well preparing to soon head to Gellar Field room to blast that damned thing off. He would sooner get them all to Warp than being taken alive and tortured.

Connecting to the machines and servers of the ship and forcing the doors to be closed Rhud was cackling madly as he was thinking about his brilliant plan. Setting timer and bombs to tick, Rhud had to hurry towarsd the Gellar Field room and begin to blast that damn thing. Somehow those Inquisitors were also in this ship when they took off to Warp and had hided themself till the Warping.

Seeing people and ships crew Rhud broke the machinespirits and controls of security, causing slaughter around him as he kept walking. Arriving after a while to the room, where the Gellar Field were and protecting the ship from Warp, Rhud began his work. Mashing bits and computers down, throwing some grenades to cause destruction.

The warning signs popping up and everything turning to red as the alarms went off, Rhud was enjoying this show. Whole ship of people, items and especially believers of False Emperor were going to die along him in this trip. The strange feeling and the effect of Warp was soon practically everywhere, the cold feeling of something supernatural was on move.

It did not take a long time until strange phenomenons began and screams started to carry along the halls and compartments. Inhuman cries of something non-human were heard as the terror of daemons began to spread all around. Laughing and moving towards some of the escape capsules in a far distance Rhud came face-to-face with his pursuers. Standing against Inquisitor and his psykerwitch Rhud took a mad posture "Hahahahahha, no one shall escape alive! I will not bow down to you or anyone" as he began to charge at them with his Power Axe high above him. For the next moment the world slowed down while both his enemies were yelling something uncomprehensible in a slow motion. A black mist appeared out of nowhere and engulfed both of them. Disappearing as fast as it had appeared, no traces or bodies were left behind. Not questioning his luck Rhud continued his run with his mad giggling and soon found himself in one of the capsules taking off.

Drifting out and looking at the shimmering Merchant ship from his window Rhud was delighted "it is perfect... the burning and destruction, the scurrying of insects hihihihi" as the confusion and excitment began to take its toll and he soon fall asleep... only to find himself later in this strange ship

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Also ready!

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Uff, I really really forgot how damn hard WH40k can be for Roleplayers. Absurd amount of information and data to be found heh

Also, everyone can copy paste my research from here and get it on their own statsblock -> only have to change your main weapon according to your specialty. Plus I can even convert the "monster" statblock to GM with all the required power armor/gene-seeds stats for further reference since these do also give a lot of bonuses to Space Marines

Part 2 S&T&S:

Solo Mode Defensive
Go to Ground [Rank 1]
Tactical Spacing [Rank 1]

Squad Mode Defensive
Pack Tactics [Space Wolves]

Astartes Heavy Bolter
Heavy | Range 150m | Rate of Fire –/–/10 | Damage 2d10+10 X | Penetration 6 | Clip 60 | Reload: Full | Special: Tearing

Astartes Bolt Pistol
Pistol | Range 30m | Rate of Fire S/3/– | Damage 2d10+5 X | Penetration 5 | Clip 14 | Reload: Full | Special: Tearing

Astartes Frag Grenade
Thrown | Range SBx3 [12] | Rate of Fire S/–/– | Amount: 3 | Damage 2d10 X | Penetration 0 | Special Blast (5)

Astartes Krak Grenade
Thrown | Range SBx3 [12] | Rate of Fire S/–/– | Amount: 3 | Damage 3d10+4 X | Penetration 6 | Special: –

Astartes Combat Knife

Melee | Damage 1d10+2 R | Penetration 2 | Special: –

Astartes Heavy Bolter with Backpack Ammo Supply. Devastator Bonus

Ammo Clip Size: 250

The Heavy Bolter is an excellent weapon for dealing with pretty much any foe, especially when combined with the wide variety of requisition-able alternate ammo types available for any weapon that fires bolts. Heavy Bolter rounds are more expensive than standard Bolter ones but that's to be expected. The Backpack Ammo Supply increases the weapons capacity from 60 to 250 which is a considerable increase.

Power Armor bonuses
+ 10 to Awareness Tests Sight & Sound [Due to Auto-Senses[Helmet]]
+ Dark Sight trait [Power Armor[Helmet]]
+ 1 Movement
+ 10 Test vs Toxic Quality & similar effects
+ 6/6 doses [Ignore Critical Effects for 1d10 rounds]
+ 20 Strenght [on SB calculated after Unnatural Strenght multiplier]
+ AP 10 Body / AP 8 All others

-200 EXP Ballistic +5 [replacing that Marksman]

100 EXP Left

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Well, we do gather some interested here which is nice. You may want to look / advertise the game in the Application thread for games. That could get some more potential players.

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Attack Longsword: +5 Damage: 1d8+2 | Primal Roar 2/2 | Second Wind: 4d4+4 1/1 | Inititiative +3 Perception +10 Diplomatic +12 Sense Motive +11 | Hero: 2 | Matalars-Boon: 1/1
HP & Armor & Saves:
HP 33/33 | AC/T/FF 17/11/16 | DR 4 | Fort +5 / Refl +4 / Will +3

As Bhalur watches the ongoing event of Feast and hearing Rhialla speaking Bhalur decides to aid her and give his own word.

Standing up and looking around him as he bellows from deep within I dont know about you people what you value or what is important. I dont pretent to understand you or to know what this place helds, have hold and what is to come. Further I am outside and even further from that, a Bhakiri.

Pausing and continueing after a moment However, I am in service of Dragon Matron, an acolyte and we are tasked to protect and assure the people of good things to occur and to do them. So far I have not asked anything for myself or my group. and spreads his arms towards the people but I ask you now for one thing: You all dream of better place and future. Now you have a chance.

Looking at the people and now distain appearing in his voice but you clearly JUDGE people what they WERE, or where they COME from. IN a same way, I COULD JUDGE all you for what you and thinking. I could not have cared less about you or have helped. However I did it... not because I HAVE TO, not because it is a rule. Understand this, that I did it because i wanted to. As my friend and companion spoke, do not let old blood and race of others define what we are. Let the actions speak for themself.


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Attack Longsword: +5 Damage: 1d8+2 | Primal Roar 2/2 | Second Wind: 4d4+4 1/1 | Inititiative +3 Perception +10 Diplomatic +12 Sense Motive +11 | Hero: 2 | Matalars-Boon: 1/1
HP & Armor & Saves:
HP 33/33 | AC/T/FF 17/11/16 | DR 4 | Fort +5 / Refl +4 / Will +3

Bhalur Background:

Bhalur is a huge black-furred Bhakiri with a pure white antlers growing from his head. Towering over his companions with his height and his deep bariton voice, he is acting as a voice of the group.

Bhalur grew up as a single child in the city of bhakiris, Tirvala. Growing up along the other kids and learning from his parents and druid elder about the world and balance of Dru'uth he came to respect his heritage and the world around him.

As the time passed, Bhalur grew quite fast compared to other kids and there was something unnatural with him as he understood more complicated things faster than it was normal as well able to express himself more deeply instead of just saying what he wants. At somepoint his parents left him as it was normal for people suddenly disappear due to them finding their true nature or meaning in the world. This however did leave some scars on the growing young bhakiri which he is still not able to explain.

As an adult Bhalur earned his surname in the coming-of-adult ritual as he had life-threatening fight against a wildboar during night. Dodging and hitting the boar as much as he could he was slowly able to exhaust it but he was also at the end of his with. As he miss-stepped at last moment, Bhalur fell down on and rolled hastily with fear in his mind. Dropping down from the cliff and the wildboar chasing him down they both ended up in the big wild growing thornbushes black and sharp as needles. Fighting against the pain and bleedings Bhalur kept out of the wildboar and kept stabbing from the ground with this makeshift spear as the Wildboar trashed itself against the thorns just making it bleed more and more.

As the morning came the Elder watching over the trial found him later next to the dead wildboard in the middle of the blackthorns. How fitting is this.. Beautiful yet sad. Black and furious yet kind and beautiful, resting between this wildgrowth of blackthorns. As Elder approached he noticed the dead wildboar near Bhalur and hurrily approached fear in his mind. The thorns opening in front of him and revealing the tired and hurt young bhakiri next to his prey the Elder released his worries and smiled as he crouched next to Bhalur You, my young bhakiri, have earned your surname and what a fitting it is. Hence you shall be known as Blackthorn.

As the years passed Bhalur left from Tirvala to find out more about the world and maybe his own calling. During his travels in a nearby villages, towns and forest he found out more than he imagined and rarely for Bhakiris, he was adapting quite fast to the culture and ways of ”humans”. His excellent way of finding new friends along towns and peaceful approach to situation as well chatting nature made him popular among taverns. In one of these taverns he met acolyte of Dragon Matron, who set a burning flame on his hearth.

Not truly knowing what it was and how but Bhalur had first time desire in his life to know more about this Dragon Matron and his hearth signaled to follow this desire. Following his instructor to learn more abou the wonders of Matalar and his effects on this world Bhalur had truly found something what he could ”desire”.

After couple of years Bhalur had received something that was a rare gift, a pseudodragon from the Dragon Matron. Something was born at that moment in his soul at that moment, a desire to nurture this moment and provide the opportunity for others also to learn. He did find out during his times and youth that Bhakiris had much more to learn to others but they too had much to learn from these humans. Also the gift of really belonging somewhere or having something, anything was aweburning. He was not perfect, he was not the best but he would strife with his personality and passion forward like a single patch of Blackthorn, protecting that what was important

Finally got it ready. Some new information about Bhalur and a bit of his ambitions.