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HP: 36/36  |  Martial Maneuvers: 5/5

AC 23, T 14, FF 19; CMD 23 (25 vs. Grapple); Fort +5, Ref +6, Will +0; Init +2; Percept +6

About Grommuk Breakmarrow


                           B I G   C I T Y   F R E A K S
      G R O M M U K   B R E A K M A R R O W
                              HULKING  SMASHER

Grommuk Breakmarrow
Male Orc Brawler 4
CN medium humanoid (Orc)
Favored Class Brawler
Favored Class Bonus +4 Hitpoints
Init +2; Senses Darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +6
Hero Points: 2


AC 23; Touch 14; FF 19 (+5 Armor, +4 natural armor, +2 Dex, +2 Dodge)
hp 36 (3d10 [28] + 4 [Con] + 4 [Favored Class])
Fort +5, Ref +6, Will +0


Speed 30 ft.
Melee slam +12 (2d6+11/x2) or unarmed strike +12 (1d8+8/x2) or greataxe +11 (1d12+10/x3)
SMASH! slam +10 (2d6+17/x2)
Ranged javelin +6 (1d6+7/x2; 30 ft.)
Special Attacks martial flexibility (5/day)


Str 24, Dex 15, Con 12, Int 8, Wis 8, Cha 8
BAB +4, CMB +13 (+15 Grapple), CMD 23 (25 Grapple)

  • [Brawler] Improved Unarmed Strike
  • [1st] Power Attack
  • [Bonus 2nd] Dodge
  • [3rd] Weapon Focus

    Skills (12 -- 16 [Ranks] - 4 [Int])

  • +5 Acrobatics (1 [Ranks] + 2 [Dex] + 3 [Class] - 1 [ACP])
  • +8 Climb (1 [Ranks] + 5 [Str] + 3 [Class] - 1 [ACP])
  • +8 Intimidate (4 [Ranks] - 1 [Cha] + 3 [Class] + 1 [Mask] + 1 [Trait])
  • +3 Know (Local)
  • +6 Perception (4 [Ranks] - 1 [Wis] + 3 [Class])
  • +8 Swim (1 [Ranks] + 5 [Str] + 3 [Class] - 1 [ACP])

    Languages Common, Orc
    SQ Traits (Bred for War; Bullied; Heavy Hitter), Maneuver Training (Grappling +1)
    Racial Abilities Darkvision, Ferocity, Light Sensitivity, Weapon Familiarity (falchion, greataxe, orc weapons)


  • Base: +1 Str; +1 Dex; +2 Natural Armor
  • Slam (2d6 damage)
  • Improved Damage: Slam
  • Improved Natural Armor: +2 natural armor
  • Reach: Slam (+5 ft)
  • Bleed: Slam (1d6)
  • Ability Increase: Strength (+2)


    Starting Gold: 300

    Combat Gear:

  • greataxe [20 gp; 12 lbs.]
  • javelins (3) [3 gp; 6 lbs.]
  • chain shirt +1 [100 gp; 25 lbs.]
  • battle mask (+1 demoralize opponent) [50 gp; 2 lbs.]
  • armbands of the brawler (+1 Grapple checks) [500 gp]

    Other Gear:

  • masterwork backpack [50 gp; 4 lbs.]
  • belt pouch [1 gp; 0.5 lbs.]
  • bandolier [5 sp; 0 lbs.]
  • bottle of applejack [4 sp; 8 lbs.]
  • silk rope, 50 ft. [10 gp; 5 lbs.]
  • trail rations, orcish (3 weeks) [21 gp; 21 lbs.]
  • waterskin [1 gp; 4 lbs.]
  • Explorer's Outfit [0gp; 8 lbs.]

    Coins 4Pp 2662Gp 6Sp

    Carrying Capacity:
    Light (153 lbs. or less); Medium (154–306 lbs.); Heavy (307–460 lbs);
    Current Load: 95.5 lbs [LIGHT]


    Drawback (Mark of Slavery):

    His time spent under the tyranny of Chelaxian overlords taught Grommuk well the price of failure. Such were his punishments that it has bred a permanent instinct in the orc's very being; a subconscious drive to please masters that are no longer such. Failure draws forth a brief panic, as if he still expects punishment for his failure.

    Effect: Whenever you fail a skill check, you take a –2 penalty on any skill check or attack roll you attempt before the end of your next turn unless it is a part of retrying the failed skill check.


    Heavy Hitter: Honed by long years of manual labor, blood sport, and what training his time at the Grand Lodge afforded him, Grommuk's fists are as hard as iron, capable of easily shattering rock and bone. Benefit: You gain a +1 trait bonus on damage rolls made with unarmed attacks.

    Bred for War: Even as a child, Grommuk's captors intended to rear him as little more than a guard dog and pit fighter. To this end, his physique and temperament are well suited. His immense frame and broad features make him a true menace to contend with. Benefit: You gain a +1 trait bonus on Intimidate checks and a +1 trait bonus on your CMB because of your great size.

    Bullied: Grommuk can still feel the sting of the whip and the tug of his chains; the spit of his betters still damp across his face; the creeping cold of too many nights spent alone on the road with no adequate shelter to warm his bones. He has no wish to return to those times, and will fight to his dying breath to prevent a return to such a state. Benefit: You gain a +1 trait bonus on attack of opportunity attack rolls made with unarmed strikes.


    Had his captors known the full measure of Grommuk's potential, they would have likely earned themselves a far higher price for the transaction that led the orc to enslavement at the hands of Chelaxian aristocracy. Standing tall, proud, and mostly upright, Grommuk soars to an even seven feet in total, rounding out a stature that sends most hands reaching for a weapon upon catching sight of the brute. His facial features are mostly concealed by a vaguely skull-like mask of taut, notched leather that sits affixed to his face by a thin network of straps that wrap around the back of his shaved head.

    The overall quality and condition of Grommuk's clothing and gear is consistent with what has been his miserable lot in life thus far. Though functionally sound, pieces are mismatched and subjected to heavy rethreading or patchwork. Nicks and gashes plague his armor in a multitude of locations, while questionable stains seem to have found permanent residence on every last thread of his simple woolen garments. Thick, well kept tusks jut out from jowls that frame a square, prominent chin. His almost-snout of a nose is thankfully safe behind the confines of his mask. Of particular curiosity, however, is the mangled ruin of the orc's ear tips—a past cost of his thinking himself a human in the presence of a Lastwall expat.
    Ht: 7'0"
    Wt: 400 lbs
    Age: 18
    Hair: Black; Grommuk keeps his head and face shaved clean.
    Eyes: Gray-Blue; proof of his Dead Eye Orc bloodline.
    Skin: Emerald Green


    Birthed to blood of green and wrath,
    eyes dead
           Descended from a tusk most proud
           Who carved through knights rivers red
           Boasts abounding, true and loud
           With perfect stock to bed
           In battle then was Grulduk crowned

    Eyes on battle remain too eager,
    stray far
           Distracted by pursuit of glory
           As sun stole sky away from star
           Ripped away from sire's story
           Legacy behind iron bar
           In lands possessed: devil's priory

    Stripped of pride and family and race,
           Failures marked by painful sting
           When cruel owners appraised
           To past life he longed to cling
           Stern devil-sworn dispraised
           An old self purged to nothing

    Then came Canny Dresk: wisened half-blood,
           Whose fists bit like the thunder,
           Made to war as if a creature
           In pits bones rent asunder
           Paragon's body his only feature
           Nearly lost to myriad blunder

    When captors sought city at world's center,
    by ship
           Came by surprise roar of cannon
           Andorens drawing swords from hip
           Shackles broken, Grommuk abandoned
           Alone, adrift, on errant trip
           Behind, a sinking galleon

    Empire once-glorious arose before him,
           Succor found when near the end
           From Flowers of Dawn clandestine
           Carried then to desert land
           Cradled by hands Qadiran
           While flesh sought to amend

    True freedom and life restored to green-skin,
           World no longer so bleak
           River Kingdoms found with luck
           Proves to all he is not weak
           The gladiator beyond the ruck
           Still great glories seek

    Tymon-Home secure until called upon by,
           Gruzbulg finds the younger
           To impress and remove blinder
           In Grommuk instilled new hunger
           Seeking city of many fires
           And Grand Lodge with much wonder

    Dreams die hard to tides of intolerance,
           Picked upon—ridiculed
           To be found nowhere, justice
           Inside heart is venom pooled
           Lodge without moral compass
           An orc too easily fooled

    To number among those to whom paths,
    are found
           Simple task of protection
           Across seas ruins abound
           Darker deeds avoid detection
           To destination, ship never bound
           Again lost to sea without direction

    Pitiable cries fell on deafened ears,
           Rebuffed, ejected, left adrift
           Even as truths were cried
           To darker deeds a sudden shift
           An orc redeemed had died
           Came to rest in mucky drift
           Discarded all his pride
           Violent beast again his gift
           He failed, although he tried

    Stanza Breakdown:

    First Stanza: Grommuk was one of the middling orc children to Warlord Grulduk Lance-Breaker of the Dead Eye Tribe of Belkzen. His mother was Krulga Bloodbearer—an orcish woman of good stock that Grulduk used to breed strong children. Grulduk Lance-Breaker was a paragon among his kind, ferocious and brutal and a clever tactician. His name was known even among the shining knights of Vigil, where it carried with it the weight of dread well deserved.

    Second Stanza: A mercenary slaver ring based out of Cheliax called the God-Fiend's Hounds were responsible for Grulduk being deprived of his offspring and mate. Weaving spells of illusion and enchantment, they convinced the powerful warlord that a regiment of Lastwall cavalry were in the area. After he led his warband away to overtake the supposed interlopers, God-Fiend's Hounds went to work. Kruldoga and all of her children—including Grommuk—were taken absconded with and sold to various Chelaxian parties.

    Third Stanza: Life as a slave was difficult. Grommuk had the misfortune of being sold to a particularly vile member of the Thrune family, a young Duke's scion named Asperion. It took his torturers a long time to break his orcish prize of the pride his father had instilled in him. He still bears the scars of those times.

    Fourth Stanza: Even as a young orc, Grommuk was taught how to fight properly by a self freed half-orc gladiator, "Canny" Drusk. Entered into various pit-fights owing to his immense stature, Grommuk spends several years subjected to fights both public and private, nearly meeting his end several times in the higher stakes matches. He learned how to fight to stay alive in these years, and it forged him into a finely honed killing machine.

    Fifth Stanza: Enroute from Westcrown to Absalom, a vessel transporting Grommuk is attacked by a contingent of Andoran freedom fighters. As the Chelish vessel sat sinking in the Inner Sea, all of the slaves were brought aboard the Andoran vessel—all, save for Grommuk. Left to meet an end at sea due to an unwillingness to tolerate an orc nearly the size of an ogre among them, Grommuk is forced to climb into one the slave frigate's lifeboats before everything sinks. He spends nearly two weeks adrift at sea with dwindling food and water.

    Sixth Stanza: His vessel finally washes up on Taldan shores, Grommuk half starved and dying of thirst. He is discovered by a group of Sarenites near Demgazi at the border between Qadira and Taldor, and offered respite for the first time in his existence. Though operating in secret in Demgazi, the Sarenites eventually relocate to Katheer, and allow Grommuk to accompany them.

    Seventh Stanza: Grommuk is set on a kinder path by the Sarenites, though ultimately elects to find his own path in the world. At their urgings, and with their continued generosity, Grommuk manages to find passage aboard a river vessel sailing North up the Sellen as far as the River Kingdoms. He hears of the gladiatorial arenas of Tymon, and thinks it an easy means to support himself financially. He also figures it will be the least likely profession to turn down a huge orc.

    Eighth Stanza: He earns some clout and respect amongst the gladiators of Tymon, as well as enough of a wage to comfortably support himself. An orcish Pathfinder called Druzbulg fattens his purse after betting and winning on one of Grommuk's matches. After the event, he pays Grommuk a visit. Impressed with his manners and tact during their brief dinner (skills learned during his time spent as a Chelaxian slave), Druzbulg sets Grommuk on the path to Absalom and the Grand Lodge, going so far as to write him a letter of commendation as means of getting his foot in the door. Grommuk can hardly believe it; the Pathfinders are respected the world over. It's an opportunity he couldn't pass up.

    Ninth Stanza: Unfortunately, his fellow applicants do not share Druzbulg's opinion of the large orc. Grommuk is ridiculed, chastised, and humiliated on a regular basis, all because of his race and nothing else. His demeanor is hardened by the bullying, the first step in a hasty downward spiral.

    Tenth Stanza: The other aspiring Pathfinders would not allow him the opportunity to cement his membership. Grommuk's Confirmation was a simple affair—all knew what purpose the orc would be best suited to. All that was required of him was travel to a ruin with a group of accomplished Grand Lodge Society members and deal with whatever creatures the delve had to offer. He never got the chance. They finally went too far. The captain of the ship who intended to bear Grommuk to the ruin was paid well for his complicity; the ship veered off course and remained stationary for the entirety of the night. It was not until the morning that Grommuk discovered the treachery—the sprawl of Absalom's harbors still easily within sight. His fellow applicants had learned of his trial and colluded against him. He was outraged.

    Final Stanza: His excuses were ignored and his pleas never entertained. No reprimand was forthcoming for those who had done wrong. Grommuk eventually said "f*&+ it" and wound up wandering aimlessly in The Puddles of Absalom. The local thugs learned quickly to leave the colossal orc alone after he brutalized the first few dumb enough to attempt mugging him.


    BROKEN: He's not been around for terribly long, but the nature of the world and of the people inhabiting it has already shattered any hopes or dreams Grommak may have once claimed—any chance the orc had to rise above his crude origins. Subjected to one injustice after another, culminating in his utter failure to satisfy his Confirmation into the Pathfinder Society, Grommak has thrown in the towel. He's come to terms with his existence as a bone crushing slab of meat, and has stopped pretending to aspire towards anything otherwise.

    IMPOSING: Grommuk is a physical specimen and he knows it. He has little else going for him and he knows it. Being polite and playing nice has never worked for him. Threatening violence and inflicting pain has.

    UNSCRUPULOUS: His eyes once held insatiable curiosity. Now they simply regard the world for what it is: Harsh. Brutal. Uncaring. He no longer pursues an elusive ideal that can never be achieved. He's spent enough time being the chump; a monkey dancing to the tune of other men. Grommuk simply lives for himself now. If that means breaking bones to put food in his gut, so be it.

    BLUNT: His Chelaxian masters had given him a decent education. After escaping their shackles, he thought it would come in handy; integrating into society would no doubt be easier for one who could comport himself with a shred of dignity and etiquette. What he found, instead, was mockery and derision. It was as if he were putting on a ridiculous dance in a comedic act. He's abandoned any semblance of refinement since those days and now favors a more straightforward demeanor.

    QUICK-TEMPERED: He doesn't always go out of his way to look for a fight, but even the slightest hint of a threat is enough to send him off the deep end. His past frustrations and failures rubbed down his patience to a nub, and now he finds things grate on his nerves easily. Given his short fuse, it's no surprise Haigen Topkick hired on the orc as a collector.

    Fame: 11
    Prestige: 11
    † AoO †

    5' reach, 1/round