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Yes. I used it almost verbatim. I converted my material to a Golarion-based campaign so I didn't have to worry about naming a layer of the Abyss; instead only naming the region where Adimarchus, the demon Occipitus, and the chunk of Celestia came to rest. Since Occipitus' skull would be a major landmark, it made sense to Adimarchus to name that area of the Abyss after his dead general.

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I used almost the exact same placement DM. While the map depicts the mountainous regions of Sargava as dry and arid, similar to physical maps of the US Rocky Mountains. In fact, when you drive/hike through, you see a lot of green water. That's how I explained the differences in map view vs. what players see in descriptions of various places in the campaign. Beautiful work on the player's guide by the way.