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Monk?/Wizard?/Eldritch Knight?




Lawful Neutral



Strength 20
Dexterity 13
Constitution 16
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 14
Charisma 6

About Grûndaev

Background & Death

Grûndaev was raised by his father, Aazos, a shaitan and devoted follower of Irori. They lived in an ruined temple of Irori set high in the Zho Mountains.

Upon coming of age, he was gifted the Staff of Jani'ah, a three section metallic staff adorned by an fist grasping a brilliant gem. Normally a six-foot staff, with a quick twist, it can separate into three pieces, connected by light-weight chains. The bottom of the staff is sharpened to a point while the head of the staff is a fist clinching a .

Sent visions by Irori, he traveled across Golarion bringing balance and enlightenment as he was able. Throughout his travels, he opened himself to the mysteries of the cosmos, learning to transform himself into a more perfect reflection of Irori with arcane magic. He continued with these studies of mind and body until his demise.

He died over 200 years ago, betrayed by his friends, He was imprisoned in a cage and submerged in a deep pool of water in a subterranean cavern. Knowing his death would come soon, Grûndaev centered himself and accepted his fate, knowing that while he had not completed the path upon which he had started, he had committed himself to it and was true to his convictions.


Grûndaev Is calm under pressure. He speaks slowly and a rhythmic cadence. He refers to those that he respects by their title and given name, but to those he does not respect, he refers to them simply by thier race.

The syntax of his native tongue, Terran, is SOV; subject, object and verb. He tends to speak common in the same manner.

He is dedicated to Irori, praying every morning and every night. When he rests, he aligns his body so that his feet always point towards his home. He keeps detailed maps of his location and is always searching for information regarding the history of the lands he travels.

He is honest to a fault. Speaking his mind, often before he thinks of how those words may affect those around him. He is distrustful at first of those he meets, but, given time, he builds strong bonds with those that prove themselves loyal and committed.

He respects those that hold title or position above him and demands it from those beneath him.

He is idealistic and stubborn. He has spent decades observing the world to form his opinion of them and is not swayed easily from his beliefs.

He has a gentle nature about him. He’s fascinated by nature and the beauty of the world. He often draws that which inspires him in the margins of his scrolls.


His spell book is tattooed upon his bodies. The dark indigo ink meticulously in scribed into his flesh.

Standing just 5 feet tall he is well muscled. His skin is a light gray flecked with white and earthen tones. He is hairless, with eyes as green as emeralds.