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Great, thanks for all of the help!! I appreciate it. I hope you have a great day and holiday season. :-)

Good evening. The charge for $53.80 went through. I need Paizo needs to refund my account $50.00. When an I expect that to happen. I hope immediately.

I am having issues with my payment processing and also attempted charges from Paizo for more than I need to pay. The first and second decline were for $3.80 and the last was for $53.80. I have credit applied of $50 and would like to just get this order processed.


Funny enough there is a "fight" between a Mind Flayer, Red Dragon, Beholder, and a young Elminster in Elminster Making of a Mage. The fight is described pretty well and all of the adventurers with Elminster were more scared of the Beholder than anything else. Also the Beholder was able to use the anti-magic eye and still use rays. Just saying.

You may rest again thread.

Bump for this because I too would like to see some responses as to specific design goals.

@rknop well worded and asked post. Thank you for taking the time to be thoughtful and respectful in both your questions and feedback. I do understand that Paizo will have a twitch Q&A but for me the forums are easier for me to look through and put time aside for. I can skim a forum post if need be and since my data is run from my phone I don't have to stream anything.

Again thank you rknop. Looking forward to hopefully hearing from Paizo designers about your OP.

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I made my first Wizard last night and had an incredibility hard time with picking spells. Flipping back and forth was tedious. The biggest issue I had is that powers and spells are in the same area. I believe there should be a section for spells and then a section for powers.

When you are looking through the spells and just looking at the traits such as Evocation or Illusion to find your school you tend to stop dead when you get to a trait section that has no school. Then you realize, oh wait, this is a power... It is jarring and makes finding spells rough.

I also know it has never been done in the books but it would be nice if spells were (not in the spell lists but spell section) laid out as such with headers for each level:

All Cantrips by alpha

1st Level Spells:
All 1st level spells by alpha

2nd Level Spells:
All 2nd level spells by alpha


You could then just do Powers by level & alpha or just alpha.

Just my opinion from someone who doesn't usually play a caster but then when I wanted to had a confusing time finding information, more so than in 1st edition.

Fumarole wrote:

Am I the only DM who asks players to make saving throws when there is nothing to save against? Sure, they don't know the roll is mechanically meaningless, but do it often enough that they're not quite sure which rolls are real and which are fake and the metagaming decreases dramatically.

Player paranoia does increase for a bit, though, especially if you just ask for their modifier and make a secret roll. This helps greatly in games where the players being paranoid is more immersive, such as in horror games/situations.

LMAO I had a GM in PFS do this to our group at a con during a scenario and we were so freaked out by the end of the game it was great! One of the best games I have ever played suspense wise.

On a note for secret rolls in general. I like them. I have no issues with a GM rolling for me. It makes it more immersive for me and as HWalsh has said being an experienced player, sometimes we just figure stuff out and then I loose some of that feeling when I know meta information.

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@Dire Ursus I have played it and can tell you so far, from what I experienced and feel, can be expressed by the OP's subject line. I play it and I just kind of feel empty. I had some fun playing it but sometimes during and the entire time after, something just wasn't right. I will need to play more but overall, my current opinion is staying with 1e for homegames/PFS for when I want a more tactically immersive rpg and 5e for when I just want to relax and rp more. Or other systems when I want something different.

I will continue to playtest 2e with an open mind and see where it takes me.

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You mean the lore that is published in, core books, monster manuals, supplements, and companion guides throughout 1e? The same lore that also give them negatives to Cha in multiple books and call them out as ugly and destructive, basically a blight to all races? I can't find an inconsistency with the lore and entries in the books. I am actually curious because I never got that from anything published for the Golarion world setting.

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@PossibleCabbage You do realize that Golarion Goblins stat array as a monster class has them at: "Str 11, Dex 15, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 9, Cha 6"

and the race guide at:

"+4 Dexterity, –2 Strength, –2 Charisma: Goblins are fast, but weak and unpleasant to be around. "

In no way were Golarion Goblins ever Charismatic. This is a complete 180 from what they were in terms of Cha. If anything they need to become more intelligent and more charismatic to start "fitting" in to society in my opinion which would have had me drop Cha negative and give a Int bonus. Then just adjust Dex down one to balance it.

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I am for the +Dex, +Int camp as well!

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I said this in my Giant Totem post. I believe all classes should get a set number of skills to be trained in, say 6 but the player gets to pick which skills those are. I think each class should then get to pick either 3 signature skills of their choosing or get rid of signature altogether and give each class 2 skills they are experts at. This way it gives diversity to every character.

Giant Totem is bad and definitely not one of the better ones. I got to play it last night and it the negatives from the totem outway the benefits. You can check out my post here: and my review about it. The benefit also only applies during rage for the large weapon which I forgot to add to my review.

Ah I see that now. So that actually is another negative to the Titan Mauler Class. At this point there is not actually a great benefit to large weapons except the double conditional mod for rage. Which is extremely lame.

Okay so I wanted to add some feedback for the "Titan Mauler" Barbarian since I played one to level 17 in 1e PFS and played a level 1 I built in the 2e version last night.

1st off, the fact that the Giant Totem is the only rage totem to have a drawback for its ability is really disappointing. I get to double my rage bonus... so at level 1 I get 4 temp hp (I have con 16), +4 rage damage total by doubling my +2, and a large weapon granting me a +2. However, I am sluggish 1 which means between rage and sluggish I have the following penalties:

AC -2, Attack -1, Dex Checks -1, and Ref. -1. That is a lot of penalty for what I am getting, which isn't much.

Having to spend an action to activate rage is also a bummer. Entering Rage should be a free action. I am not sure if I like the length of the new rage yet. This will be more of an issue at higher levels when fights take much longer.

I think all classes should have the same number of signature skills. Only having three for the Barbarian, why? I could easily see Acrobatics, Athletics, Intimidate, Lore, Nature, and Survival being signature skills. In fact, I think every class should get 6 signature skills but can choose their own 6. This would help vary experiences within classes.

Large Weapons should not double in Bulk. With a 18 Str. I am encumbered at 9 Bulk. If I wanted to go with a Large Greataxe that would 4 Bulk. That is almost half my bulk just for the weapon and if I want two large weapons because I want a slashing or bludgeoning weapon I have hit encumbrance. This forces Titan Maulers to bastard sword as their best weapon for only 2 Bulk.

So far that is all I have for criticism on drawbacks of the class. As for pluses:

I like some of the rage feats I can select such as Acute Vision. Taking the Natural Ambition Feat to get Toughness is a must for me.The damage output seems pretty good. My Titan Mauler, while raging, does a minimum of 11 damage on one hit to 66 damage on three hits not including crits. So the damage output is there or can be there.

With three actions I can move really far and still take a swing which is nice. As a Barbarian I can do a lot more than just move and swing now. I can move, swing, use a skill. I could hit, skill, hit.

You can actually skip answering the zero hit point questions. I had that issue. I selected I never went to 0 and then it asked on the next two questions what happened to get me to 0. You can leave those blank and move on.

A backpack just allows you to put 4 Bulk in it. It doesn't give you extra Bulk. So lets say I find a treasure hoard of coins that is 4 Bulk, I can fill my bag with it. Otherwise I really have no way to carry it.

Yeah except ranger archers aren't great either because you lose a lot of archer feats that only a fighter gets. I have a 2e ranger archer I am planning on playing and it seems underwhelming.

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I was just reading this and coming from someone who played to level 17 with my Titan Mauler in 1e this is both lacking and disappointing. I was hoping to rebuild. Only doubling your rage mod is weak as is a barbarian not being able to benefit from a bard's inspire courage. Rage should not be a conditional modifier or inspire courage shouldn't be. This totem leaves a bad taste in my mouth for the future of the titan mauler.

This is for PFS Discord Server.

I think the $15 credit is a nice gesture and a good part of Paizo's customer service, however, to play devil's advocate only offering it to orders that were delayed seems like all people should really only order from Paizo. If something goes wrong Paizo will fix it but if you decided to support a FLGS or ordered through another platform and your order was delayed too bad, things happen, next time order from us.

Once again, playing devil's advocate above. I appreciate the offer to those on the website and personally don't care about the credit. The above is just one of the ways it can be looked at.

Paizo Team wrote:
This delay doesn't impact preorders placed with retailers; most of them should have already received their products for release tomorrow.

This statement may not exactly be true. My local retailer is not getting their shipment now until tomorrow and wont have it available for sale until tomorrow night or Sat. They told me their distributor is having issues getting the product. Not sure it is related to Paizo/Amazon thing or not.

1.) Barbarian: Titan Mauler but would like better mechanics as others have said.I have a level 17 in PFS and he is awesome.

2.) Samurai: Sword Saint, love this for making the class have the ability to study this style for flavor and mechanics. For a speed class though it should apply dex to damage and attack for the katana. I had to dip swashbuckler just to get it.

3.)Witch: Winter Witch, like this archtype and Prestige Class, however it is kind of has underwhelming abilities. I understand not being able to take spells with the fire descriptor but there should be an option to change the descriptor to ice.

4.)Rogue: Knife Master because I just like it.

5.)Wizard: Sword Binder, just because Wizard with Great Sword... With a dip in Titan Fighter.

Completely agree with this

Mark Seifter wrote:
Trimalchio wrote:
Mark Seifter wrote:
Trimalchio wrote:

While it's funny when the random bugbear fumbles, it's incredibly frustrating for a highly skilled fighter to drop his weapon every third combat.

This is true, and it's why there is normally no worse effect of critically failing with your weapon attack roll; you just miss, same as failing. It's not just attack rolls: when it didn't make sense or caused problems, there isn't always a separate critical failure effect (and not everything has a separate critical success effect if a success already gets you what you want from the action).

To clarify, are there monsters wherein missing their AC by 10 or more will cause a 'fumble' event to occur. Can we get an example of the fumble effect, and how it would effect you when swinging a sword, shooting an arrow, and casting a spell with an attack roll?

Bloodrealm has the right idea. Basically your character might have an ability that allows you to capitalize on an enemy's critical failure in some way. You might also have an ability that gives partial effects on a failure (or when the enemy succeeds a save) and no effects at all on a critical failure (or an enemy critical success), in which case you also do care about failure vs critical failure but not because something laughable and bad happens to you.

I really like this idea and am looking forward to using this both as a GM and a player.

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Trimalchio wrote:

I just want to emphasize, missing your attack roll already sucks, to further double down on punishing players is not fun for anyone, I never been at a table, and with over 20 years I've been at lots of tables, where players wanted to play with fumble rules.

Does the wizard casting magic missle get a fumble chance? How many monsters with fumble rules will hurt the wizard catching scorching Ray, or have fumble rules just another way to punish players who made the mistake of playing the fighter or the rogue.

What rogue will want to search for traps or attempt a disarm traps when. Fumble rules are on the table? Just have the Uber sorcerer with resonance to spare use the monster summoning wand to trigger the trap.

I really can't get over what a colossal design mistake bringing back fumble rules are. Find another way to give monsters cool reactions. All you're doing his making people feel even worse when they roll badly.

Your experiences and others are different. I have played multiple games where we use fumble rules and love them! It adds a lot of fun. Have a weapon snatched out of my hands because I biffed a roll seems awesome. Now I have to think and react with my next action or turn.

Vic Wertz wrote:
Gozer "Bone Splitter" wrote:
Not sure if this was mentioned somewhere, I could not find it. Will the deluxe edition of the playtest book be like others that are leather? By that I mean no artwork on the cover just black leather and embossed words? I would be really interested to know before I pre-order. Thanks!
It will be much like the Limited-Edition versions of the Starfinder Core Rulebook or Curse of the Crimson Throne. We'll release a mock-up image before we begin taking preorders.

Thanks for the information! As much as I like leather bound books the cover art, colors, and logo of the playtest are amazing and I think I am going to go with that.

Not sure if this was mentioned somewhere, I could not find it. Will the deluxe edition of the playtest book be like others that are leather? By that I mean no artwork on the cover just black leather and embossed words? I would be really interested to know before I pre-order. Thanks!

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thflame wrote:

The only things I am concerned with are:

1) Using a Shield is an action (and the implications of this on TWF)

Someone specifically trained in the use of a shield should be able to attack and defend simultaneously without much effort. I don't mind this being a mechanic for someone who is not proficient in shields, but for someone who is, you should get your shield bonus automatically, and the Shield Reaction should just be one of your reaction options.

2) Opportunity Attacks being only a default option for Fighters and requiring something similar to a feat for other classes.

This just feels like something anyone should be able to do. I get that anyone CAN do it by spending one of their Actions to prepare an attack, but this doesn't make sense to me.

I am already envisioning an instance where one of my players is standing next to a caster who is casting a spell that will ultimately kill a character.

GM - "The necromancer starts casting a spell."
Player - "I hit him!"
GM - "Do you have the Attack of Opportunity Reaction?"
Player - "No. Do I need it?"
GM - "Well, as per the rules, only fighters can make AoOs, but there is a feat."
Player - "I have to have special training to do this?" *Reaches over to the guy sitting next to him and Gib-Slaps him*
Player 2 - "Hey, don't use me as an example!"
GM - "Well, you see, if I let you make an AoO without having the special fighter training or the feat, then I am devaluing the fighter's class feature and that feat, so I can't let you do it."
Player - "Fine, let's just continue."
GM - *clears throat* "The necromancer finishes his spell. Roll a Fortitude Save."
Player - *rolls dice* "15?"
GM - "Sorry, that's not quite enough. Finger of Death kills you."
Player - "SON OF A @#$%&!!!"

I keep seeing people go off about only fighters having AoO's. They are not the only ones. From what I am getting every class will have "AoOs" of one sort or another. In your example the player may not be able to "attack" him if he is not a fighter but if he is spellcaster or someone in the party is, they can reaction with counterspell. Or maybe you're a Monk so you can't "attack" but your reaction is a comabt maneuver. Who know's at this point.

Also in your example, literally, the necromancer takes a 5' step back and still casts it in PF1e, you fail and die. No change unless you are a reach character. We do not know even how reach will work with what we have heard either.

Edit: Also in PF2e from what we are seeing the caster could still take an action for guarded step and then still cast the spell negating the AoO. This new system seems to allow more options for "AoO's" such as a party member who can counterspell saving you from a distance (speculation) instead of only being able to attack with an AoO. In PF1e that same wizard that counterspells in PF2e would not have the opportunity to save you. (Once again anything PF2e is a little bit of listening to what has been played and the majority is speculation).

At the DEVs. Not sure if this was mentioned somewhere, I could not find it. Will the deluxe edition of the playtest book be like others that are leather? By that I mean no artwork on the cover just black leather and embossed words? I would be really interested to know before I pre-order. Thanks!

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Kurald Galain wrote:

Narrow situational bonuses are annoying (e.g. +1 to bluff checks against elves in Lastwall, or whatever); basically too fiddly to bother remembering.

This... So much this!

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If you listen to the playtest on glasscannon one of the characters crit fumbles a skill on society. He gets incorrect information, but the other characters are able to correct his mistake. Taken in that context I really like the crit fumble of skills idea.

BigNorseWolf wrote:

This came up in starfinder discussion.

Please be aware of Expressio unius

[New Latin, the explicit mention of one (thing) is the exclusion of another]
: a principle in statutory construction: when one or more things of a class are expressly mentioned others of the same class are excluded

Which basically means that if you say "no purple dragons" and don't mention any other dragons, you're implying that other colored dragons are fine (even though technically you haven't said that). so if you do something like say "spells affect this creature normally" you've implied, or at least left the door open to, the idea that spell like abilities supernatural abilities feats etc don't. if something is or is not supposed to work a certain way spell it out. the more you require rules lawyering to read the exact text the more the exact text gets away from the rules.

If I remember correctly from the KnowDirections podcast, spells, spell-like abilities, and the like all are considered spells period. They are working on getting rid of the "functions as" terminology. This would fix the whole "spells affect this creature normally" because all of the spells and the abilities are spells. Don't quote me but I am pretty sure that is how Logan put it. If you haven't heard the podcast it is really informative for the little bits we know.

Flavorful and Upgraded

1.) Samurai
2.) Ninja

Plus what Mathias W said.

Mark the Wise and Powerful wrote:
(Stuff) I should, for example, be able to buy a PF2 Bestiary book at a discount because I already own a PF1 Bestiary book.

I whole heartily disagree with you on this. It will not be the same, it will not be the Bestiary 1 with different stats etc.. These books will have to go through all new layouts, additions, artwork, writing, flavor, and more. Nothing is invalidating your PF1e collection. It is still usable and they are not out to "screw us" as you may think. You are not forced to by this product and you are not forced to stop using PF1e content.

PCs HP point are derived from class and ancestry in P2e. For example a human fighter in the podcast (i think) had d10 for class + 8 for being human and 1 for con for a total of 19.

Malk_Content wrote:

I'm hoping the trend of success and failure by 10 or more is applied to skills as well. That way we can have DCs that don't escalate drastically while still rewarding characters who invest heavily in certain areas.

E.g Character A has +10 in Athletics, B only +2.

They are attempting to climb a wall with a DC of 15. B only has to roll a 13+ to do it. It might take him some time, but its not impossible. A Only has to roll a 5+ but the more important thing is that if he rolls a 15 and there for gets 10 over the DC he gets to not only climb the wall, but do so twice as fast!

If this is applied to all skills it could be very nice.

It is for now. In the Glasscannon playtest a character was given false information because his society check critically failed, but the other players were able to correct him because they did better.

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Terquem wrote:
I don't believe it is good for me to have these kinds of discussions with other people. I obviously do not understand this game as it is played. I am a relic.

I hope you do continue to have these conversations with the community. I understand it can be frustrating and there will be a lot of times where people wont agree or understand your point of view. However, without a community of varying opinions and understandings one doesn't promote growth. I appreciate your understanding and point of view and learn much from everyone I debate with, which also helps me grow as an individual, player, and GM.

In the end it can help me see something I may not have seen before or come to a different understanding/interpretation of the rules I never saw before. The whole point anyway is to work towards a better system as a community going forward into P2e.

Terquem wrote:
It has been my experience (perhaps you think I am being deliberately obtuse) that what this statement really means is, "I want to only fail if I roll a 1, while I want the monster to only succeed if you roll a 20"

I may not be understanding you correctly but I don't believe what your saying is necessarily true. This is because in PF your PC is not the only character that gets those bonuses. It scales on both sides, PC vs NPCs, Monsters vs PCs. Sure you may have a +25 to your Stealth but I have run creatures who had a +25 perception ultimately cancelling those bonuses out.

Edit: So I don't see how that is people saying I want to always succeed above 1 on the die and opponents to only succeed on a roll of a 20.

As for static DC's like knowledge checks and the like, in a home game, as a GM feel free to adjust those as they see fit. I play a lot of PFS so that is not possible. I have always looked at it as the skills you choose to improve upon is your hard earned training and studying. GM: "Make a Knowledge: Religion DC 30." Cleric: "Sure I get a +20 because I invested my time and energy into it." Fighter: "I dabbled in a little research when I was younger (took a rank) so I can try the check as well wit a +4." In the end those bonus are what differentiates characters and show what your character has worked hard to achieve.

Blake's Tiger wrote:
Gozer "Bone Splitter" wrote:
Also, no one is being penalized since there will still be PFS1e play and support. There will be more chances to help and support organized play where you can get new boons and that's the fun.

This is not specifically true. While I have learned that it is not specifically untrue, they have made no decisions about what support will be provided beyond bookkeeping.

Also, it is very lodge dependent whether there will be PFS1e play.

Yours? Sure.

Mine? Not likely.

Yes, that is understandable but what I was referring to was the comment about this being a slap in the face from Paizo. The individual lodges are making the choice to continue playing or not. Paizo is not saying stop playing or stopping anyone from continuing PFS1e. So, if it is considered a slap in the face (and I am by no means saying it is), its the person that perceives it as such because the lodges are not running PFS1e. This is what is causing feelings/reactions and not Paizo.

Also, I just re-read my quote and I did not intend for it to sound like I know Paizo is going to continue support with new boons etc... for P1e, I was referring to being able to put in time and get boons in P2e.

Sorry for the confusion and you are absolutely correct, we only know that bookkeeping will continue to be supported at this point.

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Gary Bush wrote:

I see lots of folks asking for very high level content. Keep in mind that encounters at those high levels are very long and complex. It would be almost impossible to scale an encounter at high levels that can be completed in a 4 to 5 hour slot, let alone 3 encounters plus an optional.

If you have ever played a tier 10-11 special at a Con, you will understand what I am saying.

If the campaign was to go past the current 12-15 tier in 2.0, we as players will have to accept longer adventures that may take up to 10 hours to complete and multiple sessions for the same rewards.

That is very true, with the current rules. However, with the new rule set and combat this may change, making higher level combat more viable and quicker, at least more than it is now.

ItsJustAce wrote:
CHAAAAANG!!!!! wrote:
I would like to see at least the race boons carry over. Most people do put forth a good amount of time and effort to acquire them and it be a shame to not get to use them.

I agree, I'm all for level playing fields, but maybe we could implement the race boons at a later time?

There are just several people who have dedicated SEVERAL hours to this organization and the boons they received were there thanks. I just feel like it's kind of a slap in the face to say, "Thank you very much for the last 5 years, but we're starting over from scratch so it doesn't matter how much work you put in everyone's on the same playing field now."
I get it, they want to get new people interesting in the game and that's great. But, I feel like pathfinder will lose many veterans in the process.

I think race boons are the worst of the boons to carry over and I have a lot of them. Receiving boons for dedicated service is great and that is why we received them, but this is a new system/rule set. They may not even want those races as usable anymore in PFS. Also, no one is being penalized since there will still be PFS1e play and support. There will be more chances to help and support organized play where you can get new boons and that's the fun.

I have almost never bought an item from a chronicle sheet and think besides having it for special items not normally found or out of fame level items, and items like wands with charges it should go. I would love to see a boon/ability/token whatever on every chronicle instead of some of the ones I have that have nothing but unusable loot. I literally have multiple chronicle sheets I wish I could throw out because they are all loot and provide no benefit to my characters.

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I believe the boons should not carry over. As others have said, having a fresh start for all with everyone on a level playing field is great. Since 1e characters will not carry over why carry anything else from that edition over?

@Sprada I believe it will all depend on your local lodge but I know our location will be running all three (1e, 2e, and sfs) until interest is lost. Our store doesn't decide what we offer our lodge and players do. Paizo has said that they will continue to support 1e PFS play.

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I like the idea of removing factions as a whole and implementing the departments as Trscroggs said. However, for me scrolls and spells are too similar and with the addition of the alchemist being in the new core, maybe an overhaul of the departments to something like alchemy/magic/swords or the like and allow for the PCs to choose which department they are working in that scenario. Furthering progress with rewards down the line after reporting these and having a total that must be met by all of society IRL. Also, having tasks assigned by the department/area you are working for and only having three would tidy things up and have the benefit of the Pathfinders actually progressing the lodge and not their individual faction motives. You know: Explore, Report, Cooperate. :-)

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1.) I would love to see content up to level 20. Even being able to retire the character at 21. I have a hard time finding home games to be in and 99% of the time never get to play characters at higher levels. Being able to try out a level 20 power a few times would be great.

2. I also agree with tightening the tier levels up.

3. For me the 3xp system is fine because if you want to play longer all you have to do is slow track and if we get content at higher levels that is even more time with that character.

They are, but I have played with the same flip mat in different scenarios that don't mention them at all. Also, nothing an expo marker can't blot out. :-)

I am running this tomorrow and have to ask... Why are there torches around the shrine? It really makes no sense that creatures that thrive in darkness are okay with light coming into their dark shrine. Just a thought. :-)

phantom1592 wrote:

I wonder if there's a difference when you get into organized/society play? I play with the same groups of close friends I have for 20 years or so, so it's easy for me to either see People/game as one entity or chose friends over the game... But if your playing with a different group every week???

I think it would be a lot easier to see the game as being above whoever you're playing with. People don't matter, I'll just find a different group, it's all aobut the character kind of thing...

As someone who has been playing PFS on and off since 2012 I can say that I do not see it that way. You don't always play with a different group.

Because of work and life I am usually unable to devote the amount of time needed to a home game. I love playing and interacting with people in general and a lot of thought and heart goes into my characters. PFS has been wonderful, both in meeting new people and gaming with regulars. Even with a two year break and coming back I still play with friends from 2012. In fact, we sometimes build characters and parties that go through scenarios together when we can swing it. We have a very active group that continues to grow.

One of my characters in particular just went though AFI with a group he started with back in 2012. It was a cool concept to think that even though years had separated are Pathfinder team, our last mission, for the most part, with our characters was together as the same group.

The people I have met and the friends I have made though PFS has made the "game" even more real and fun for me.

I still have not seen a shipping e-mail for the items that are in stock... This is becoming a little ridiculous... I also have not been charged for my bigger order. I was just charged for the Mini that was out of stock...

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