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Do we have any extra information yet on when scenario downloads are going to be fixed?

I was planning to run one of the season 10 scenarios but this outage seems to be quite resilient. Paizo needs a download mirror site...

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I'm unable to view my cart or checkout.

I believe the bug may be caused by moving a save for later item into the cart (which failed) and then attempting to add the same item from the page which possibly caused a duplicate. That damn Harsk shirt!

If you could remove the duplicate or clear out the cart i would be very happy and able to shop again :)

(I sent an email as well but haven't heard back so apologies for any duplicate reports).

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We've all been there. A froghemoth or kraken or random tentacle beast has just grabbed a PC with one of its tentacles and is pulling him in to swallow.

The player intuitively wants to slash at the tentacle to free itself and you have to tell him sorry, it doesn't really work like that (without home rules). The PC can just do damage or (futilely) attempt to break the grapple.

Its kind of a wish list request, but I hope PF2ndEd will be able to handle this common GMing scenario much better than its predecessor.

Its possible this may fall under some sort of called shot rules or such but hopefully it will be in the core rules and can be applied to PFS.

Anyone else have some common situations that you currently have trouble adjudicating as a GM?

Attacking tentacles are my #1 but a definite #2 would be PCs jumping on creatures backs and if there's a quick rules entry it would help me out a lot :)

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Get rid of no replay!
I'm sure this has been debated in the past, but I hope people in charge take another look. And I also know that there are a lot of workarounds around this with evergreen scenarios, core campaign, and GM star replays, but at the end of the day I am still turning away people from playing.

Why? We should be doing everything we can to make it easier to encourage participation and turning away veterans because they've played an older scenario seems counter-productive to me with little benefit.

No Replay seems to be solving a problem that doesn't really exist.
Players already want to play new scenarios. If that wasn't the case then they would replay the evergreen scenarios indefinitely. I still think you shouldn't be able to replay the same scenario on the same pc, but wouldn't it be nice to always know that you can show up and play without having to look through a long list of your play history stored in excel spreadsheets or pfstracker? Or even worse, find out you have to leave after a scenario is switched to accommodate lower level pcs and you've already played it.

Change restriction to applying credit from a higher level scenario from level 1 pcs to level 1-2 pcs

The recent change of allowing higher scenario rewards to level 1 pcs rather than just the 1st chronicle restriction has been really nice. So nice that we should expand it to level 2 as well.

The rewards of 500gp and 1xp will still be the same but will allow those level 2 pcs a way to get their pcs into the 3-7 tier. This will allow pfs groups like mine, which don't always have enough people for 2 tables, the ability to run higher level scenarios as well as the 1-5 tier and please both groups of players instead of tending to always just run 1-5 tier scenarios so we don't leave the rotating batch of new players out.

Adding a way to downgrade a scenario to tier 4-5 might be nice as well, but i haven't thought about any repercussions that would bring.

What about you? What pfs changes would you like to see?

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I am slated to GM a scenario this weekend but due to conflicting schedules it looks like my venture captain won't be able to drop off the printed scenario for me to run. I asked him to email the scenario to me so i can print and prep it but he thinks that emailing the digital copy would be violating NDA or other PFS rules.

It is a season 8 scenario but one that anyone can buy already so i don't see any issue with early access or such. I will probably prep one of the season 6 scenarios that i have (humble bumble :) instead, but it would be nice to be able to use a print service or simply email the scenario in the future rather than the strict security that we have now.

So that being said, is my venture captain being overcautious or are you really violating PFS rules by:
- emailing a scenario?
- using a print service like UPS store to print the scenario for pickup by another member?
- is faxing the scenario ok? faxing to an email address?