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Does a range single target heal require an attack roll?
The wording seems to imply that it does...

I'm also interested to see how saves are going to be specified. The listing above doesn't mention the kind of save (or that one is required at all), just a - for 1ed eyes - random block of results for a save.

That being said, I like what I've read a lot.and I am really looking forward to the latest rules,

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I guess in this case, the drone can't shoot. It has to use it's move action to hover, and if it fails the check at least move at half speed.

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Java Man wrote:

Under the fly skill we have a penalty for failing a check by 5+ for a winged flyer, no other listed penalties. This makes me think that the default penalty for failing a check is the same as most skills: you don't succeed at doing the thing.

Now let's look at the faq, what it says is that while paralyzed you fail the check to hover, and therefore fall. I picture paralyzed flying guy's turn going: I can't move, I auto fail the check to stay stationary and am forced to move, this contradiction only leaves falling as a legal option.


Your explanation on the skill check is what I supposed, I was just unsure due to the reasoning given in the FAQ. Your interpretation makes sense, and I'll use this as my new default when the question arises.

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Trish Megistos wrote:
Given that the condition is failing your fly check and not necessarily falling unconscious I see a strong argument for falling regardless.

Why? The rules say you only fall if you're a winged creature (which I read as: using your wings to fly).

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This seems to be a pretty trivial question, yet I have been unable to find an answer.

The rules for Fly (skill) read:

If you are using wings and you fail a Fly check by 5 or more, you plummet to the ground, taking the appropriate falling damage (see Environment).

If I am not using wings to fly, there seems to be no penalty listed.

OTOH the FAQ says, that if you are under the Fly spell and fall unconscious you automatically fail your fly check and thus plummet, which seems to indicate that the quoted paragraph above should not be limited to winged creatures.
On the other hand it is.

And it feels understandable why winged creatures would fall in this case, less clear why a magically flying creature should fall, so my gut tells me to go by the RAW.

Are there any resources I could check to get clarification on this issue?

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I so want to the Goblin starship robbery double spread image as my background...

Or as a poster.

The art in that book is amazing.

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What are the SPs for the enemies in into the unknown? HP are listed, SP seem to be missing.

Also, it says how to change the encounter for 4 pcs. For how many pcs is the adventure designed?

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Colette Brunel wrote:

I had built my solarian as best as I could: Strength 18, Dexterity 14, Heavy Armor Proficiency, Weapon Focus (advanced melee weapons), a tactical pike, and hidden soldier armor. Unfortunately, this left me with exactly 1 Resolve Point, and made Black Hole and Supernova nigh-unusable. This means that for all intents and purposes, my character was a...

Sorry to ask: You didn't put any points in your main stat, yet are saying that you made the character as good as you could?

Basically, you gimped your character, because you had the idea that the two stats you pushed "should be" more valuable. And got proven wrong.

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are there any resources detailing how police and courts work in Absalom?
if PCs get in trouble, what are they facing?

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Rogar Valertis wrote:
Gisher wrote:
Haladir wrote:

Perhaps we should shy away from referencing real-world religious figures when talking about game mechanics.

Just sayin'.

This game is thoroughly riddled with mythology: titans, angels, elves, gods, etc. I don't see why references to this particular mythological being should be different from those to any other. Would you have the same concerns about other demi-gods like Hercules or Perseus?

Just sayin'.

Possibly because for some of the people dwelling here what you reference as "mythological beings" are real figures and they might be offended by your comparisons?

Btw I believe your comment could possibly be a good example of int vs wis...

Treating all the religions alike is the best way to handle this.

Pathfinder takes elemets from christian, persian, greek, hindu,shinto and many other mythologies.

You shouldn't treat one different than the other, just because it's your preferred faith, or if you believe it's the preferred faith of other visitors.

If you believe in one religion all the other are just myths.
So, for a person believing in the aesir, both Christian and Greek mythology is just that: Mythology.

Back to the original topic:
Int helps you to learn and remember. That's why skill points depend on int (that's the learning part=. And why knowledge is int based (that's the remember part).

Wis helps you to see the current state of things, make immediate connections between stuff. WIS is the connection from the World to you. How you percieve things. How you catalogue and register stuff.

Cha is the connection from you to the world. How you communicate stuff.

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I was actually talking about multi-classing not stacking.
There goes the simple way to implement my character concept ;)

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Let's say I want to multiclass with the same base class, but different archetypes. Is this possible at all?
If so, how would that work?

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What do you want to play?

While you can min/max, normally you would start by getting an idea for the character you want to play, and then continue by choosing spells that would work for the character/ character concept.

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Sorry for the thread necro.

Any idea why there are no Mists in area 4 (besides to ensure the ranged battle doesn't get too hard)? The mists influenced the opponents here and in the lavatory next to this area, they are only "almost absent" in area 4. Any fluff reason for that?

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When selecting the heirloom weapon trait, shouldn't it list "dwarven" weapons as well (if you're dwarven), since dwarves treat dwarven weapons as martial weapons?

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I just edited that one in:

Also, I figure that:
The bonus attack from cleave will allow me to do another cleave (if I have greater cleave), the bonus attack from cleaving finish will not trigger another cleave, even if it was "triggered" by strike down from the cleave.
How am I supposed to resolve my attacks in the case that I get bonus attacks from cleave and cleaving finish?

Thanks a lot, you guys are fast :)

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Currently trying to figure out how stuff is supposed to work.

Power Attack is not a special attack action. It simply allows me to take a penalty to my attack roll to get a bonus on my damage roll.

So I should be able to combine that with Cleave, which is a special attack that needs to be announced. Cleave allows me to attack a 2nd foe on a hit

Cleaving Finish on the other hand simply triggers when I strike down a foe, and also gives me another hit.

Let's say I declare a "power attacking cleave" and strike down my foe.
I should now get 2 additional attacks at my full BAB. One from cleave, one from cleaving finish, am I correct?
Since Power Attack is active until my next turn, I should get the affects on al 3 attacks that round, right?

Also, I figure that:
The bonus attack from cleave will allow me to do another cleave (if I have greater cleave), the bonus attack from cleaving finish will not trigger another cleave, even if it was "triggered" by strike down from the cleave.
How am I supposed to resolve my attacks in the case that I get bonus attacks from cleave and cleaving finish?

Are the following assumptions correct?
a) I can combine power attack and vital strike, but not vital strike and cleave
b) I cannot use vital strike for the attack I get from Cleaving Finish or cleave, since they are "melee attacks" not "attack actions"

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Oh thanks :)
I even own that book.
Did I mention that the way the information on Gods is split up is kinda a pain in the south?

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The moment you know he has two attacks is the moment one party member is pretty likely dead dead. Humanoid with 2 attacks in low tier?

The move & ready works once. Your ready. You hit. He hits. Next round: You're pretty much dead dead. The guy has 19 AC, evasion, resist fire 5. 19 HP.
So your BAB 1 + 18 STR char will not even hit 50% of the time.
The 2nd person in the fight will get invisible, cast Summon Monster and heal and buff.

Again, the damage mod alone is enough to kill most lvl1 chars.
Single attack: 1d8+6. 10 Average. That's enough to drop a d8/d10 char with a single blow. The d6 chars should not be in melee range, I guess.

My warpriest had @lvl1 AC 17, 13 HP +6 to hit.
So, he might have survived two hits. Using his normal tactics ( Chaaaarge!) he would have eaten the full attack in round 1. And survived if Avg damage had bean dealt. Unconscious on a good damage roll, and most likely dead if both attacks connect.

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Eric Clingenpeel wrote:
You're right, the base game doesn't require deities, however the world of Golarion does. There's an in world reason people don't go around saying they're clerics of Aroden and actually having divine powers to back them up. In Golarion the gods grant divine powers. That's why PFS requires deities.

Often the domains are kinda important for the character concept.

There's no real sky/ thunder god. Gozreh gives you Weather and Air, but he's a Sea God.
There's no god of War & Magic. Or War & Knowledge. Which are typically pretty common combined domains if you look at earths patheons. War & knowledge go hand in hand, ask Sun Tzu. Or Odin. Or Athena.

There's no "Earth goddess" at all.
There's no deity with the Earth domain that also includes strength.

And even if you look beyond the pure domains, some of the Gods have really strange portfolios.
Like a goddess of prostitutes, virgins and friendship. Of course is the emphasis on the sexual part (if you look at the deific obedience).

Honestly. The amount of WTF/min rises when looking at the Gods of Golarion.
I am also not a big fan on how the information is split up (with regards to source books).

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Regarding difficulty:

Just played "Before the dawn" in Tier 1-2.

There was a guy in the bar (w/ the sanguine pit) that has two attacks with +6 to hit and 1d8+6 damage.
Let's assume he rolls 1s on each, we have 14 points of damage.
How many Level 1 PCs do you know that have more than 14HP?
A fighter could get close to that, a barb might have slightly more.

That's minimum damage and with a +6 he's also very likely to hit ;)

If that guy rolls avg damage, it would be 20points of damage.
So, how many lvl1 chars with 20HP do you know?

Let's look at lvl2 chars:
In PFS, d8 chars are considered frontliners. Lvl2 d8= 13HP. With 14 con and HP bonus for fav class: 19HP.
A d10 class: 16HP. With Con 14: 20. Two more HP: 22.
So, it could actually take one strike.

d12: 19HP. Con 14: 23. Two more HP 25.

So, if the guy rolls avg damage, a Barb would still be standing. Ok, with 5 HP left

And there's also another person in the fight...

I'd really like to understand what the idea behind that encounter was....

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Oh, and sling bullets are listed as ultimate equipment instead of core...

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This tool was great before and gets more and more awesome :)

On the spells pages: What part of the spell is searched? I wanted to make a core character and tried to search for "Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook" since that's the text after the "source" label, but I get an empty result set.

Hm... maybe a switch on the first page to make the char a CORE character, and then listing only the stuff from legal sources ( ) would be perfect, but I have no idea how much trouble this would cost...

Oh, and you might want to change the order of "skills" and "languages."That way you'll first put points in linguistics and then select the languages. Right now you need to select your bonus languages first, then, 3 steps later, you add ranks to linguistics, backtrack to languages and add the remaining ones to then jump forward again.
It's just a small thing, but I think it would make the user experience a bit nice ;)

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Sorry for the thread necro, but I am currently prepping this myself.

With regards to GM Torch's lair, maybe the fact that he has a dry lair down there, adds to the fact, that the water can't drain fast enough.

General rules questions:
I am supposed to run this "as is", right? Does that mean I also use the 3.5 creature traits and 3.5 feats?


Would undead be immune to crits?
Does Nessian use the 3.5 version of combat expertise? It states in the module that he takes the full -5 to attack to get a +5 to ac, which is quite different from the pathfinder version of the feat.

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Let's say I want to conceal a weapon, say by magical means, what are my options?

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I am not sure, what the actual problem is.

Are you angry, because you can't play as X, or are you curious and want to know what the balancing reasons might be?

In the latter case, some extra information might be helpful.

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Well, the first thing that happened in my game was somebody talking to the sphinx in draconic. Guess what languages Ika doesn't know? Right. Sphinx and Draconic.

With regards to the "attraction" - well, I am not from the US. Naked bodies are not really taboo in Europe, so naked breasts are way more common here and are not considered raunchy unless presented in a "sexy" way. So, TBH, it didn't even cross my mind, that simply "being" would be enough. And I had a hard time imagine a sphinx doing a sexy dance in the tent.

I like the idea of portraying her like a sexy Hanibal Lector.

Another problem occurs if the PCs get the "The sphinx is with us on her own agenda and has her own private wagon" story. Esp. if they want to talk to her in her private wagon, since I don't think, there actually is one. I was winging it last time, and it worked out, ok-ish, I guess.

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I'd like to build a character, that is close to the Druids from the "Iron Druid Chronicles" books. So far, I think a sorcerer with sylvan bloodline might be the best way. Any other ideas?

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What does the Sphinx actually do to be considered an attraction? She's "performing" and "breaking free" when in the main tent... but besides that? It's hard to imagine a creature like a sphinx doing stuff a lion would normally do... that doesn't seem right.
What does she do when she is in her cage?

Also, what happens if the players want to talk to the Sphinx outside of the normal schedule? What do the carnival people tell when asked what the Sphinx is doing when she's not on display?

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Are there sites that help with all the talenst and infusions? Like allowing me to filter by element?

I'd like to build a dwarfen geokinetecist and so far I am totally befuddled as how to actually do that.
And reading the book again and again doesn't really help, since it seems that you can do pretty much everything with that class... it's a bit overwhelming.

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I think you should discuss less the "attack" part of the rule and more the "effects a foe" part ;)

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I'd suggest a Warpriest for lot sof oomph and added utility.

STR: 17 DEX: 12 CON: 14 INT: 8 WIS: 13 CHA: 10

Still not a real meatshield, but with the ability to heal yourself and 20% concealment via darkness domain, you should be fine.

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... a long time ago, we had a "club of healing."
I'd dealt 1d8+STR_MOD as non-lethal damage, and healed the same amount of lethal damage. Non-lethal damage cause by the club of healing can only be removed by rest.

I could see how you could crit heal with that...

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If a barbarian takes the "berserler of the society" trait, teh etxra three rounds of rage are not displayed on the main character sheet.

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Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:

We know from the description of total concealment on page 197 of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook that "You can't attack an opponent that has total concealment, though you can attack into a square you think he occupies." Then it goes into the miss chance.

So, you say, that that scar hex errata cannot work?

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I am new to the series, and would love to get started. What order should I get the audio books?

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James Jacobs wrote:
The fact that we're 100 volumes into the Adventure Path, and the fact that Dungeon's readership was on the rise, combined with the fact that there's no way any one group can play ALL of those adventures, and combined with a lot of my own research and observations over the years makes me think that the group who reads adventures for fun and/or inspiration and/or as a surrogate to replace the fact that they don't have an active game at the moment is, perhaps, a majority, not a minority, of those who actually run/play the adventures.

I know I bought and read a lot of adventures even while not GMing.

That's another reason I'd prefer the more dramatic room descriptions with monsters :)

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Hexes don't have a "target" in their description.
Unless LoS is specified as part of the hex, it's not needed.
You can run, but you cannot hide.

There are even stranger things going on, like single creature hexes referencing spells with an area target, etc.

We have a hex that requires LoS (evil eye). For others, it's enough to know that the creature is there and within range.
Some hexes are even passive.

Scar and evil eye are pretty good examples, that if there is a requirement, it's listed. You need to touch somebody to scar him. You need to see him to give him the Evil Eye- unless he's scarred. If somebody is scarred, I can use every hex on him, if he is within a mile of me. In theory even hexes I could normally only use on myself. An if I have split hex, I can also target another creature with 30feet of the scarred, as long as I know it's there...
Because magic.

Hexes are pretty strange. Powerful yet limiting. Which makes them interesting. Cool. Frustrating.

For both sides (GM and players). This includes gms recommending to cheat when it comes to hexes ("my bad guy will always make the save").

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When I want to buy an adamantine flail, do I treat it as "always available", or do I go by cost? It is mundane, so it should be always available, right?

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Just wanted to point out, that you have two religion traits.

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Michael Eshleman wrote:
You are also not required to take a GM chronicle for a scenario the first time you run it. You can forgo taking a GM chronicle and then if you run the same adventure again later take a GM chronicle at that time.

Why would that make a difference?

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Let's say I have a couple of GM chronicles.
Do I need to apply them in the order I mastered them?

Imagine, you have a 1.1 character.
You have chronicles for tier 1,1-2,1.
If I have to apply them in order, I could not apply the last one, since the char would be level 2 already. If I could apply them 1,1,1-2 it would be fine.

How is this handled?

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He could hate apples. You know, because android.

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That's sunds pretty cool, but I want to play the char in PFS, so only paizo material that is listed as legal for play is an option for me.

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Have to look up a lot of archetypes now :)

Dark Archive

I was thinking of taking existing encounters with a problematic description and re-writing them, but I am not sure if this is ok for copyright reasons.

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What would be the best way to build a char that wants to hunt and collect monsters?
I am thinking of a more serious Pokemon inspired char. Can be useless in a fight (by himself) since he relies on having the right monster for the occasion (hopefully), but should have some social abilities (in the most ideal case).

I'd love to have "Face" from A-Team with pokeballs or Oracle with Pokeballs.
It would be for PFS, so PFS-legal would be very important.

I was looking through my books, but with the growing number of books splitting up classes and archetypes, it's getting pretty hard. And looking only maces you focus on some aspects very easily (that's why I love browsing books for stuff like this).

Hunter seems to be the class with the best animal companion. But what If I don't want the best single, but a range of more versatile companions?

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amethal wrote:
Glord Funkelhand wrote:
Here's a small story why I want the change in the format:

That reminds me of the Minas Tirith episode of DM of the Rings.

DM of the Rings

Yeah, I think it's pretty common.

It almost has to happen, using the current format.

@Rusted Iron Games:
Only glanced over it.
I'll give you my 2cent once I had some sleep :)

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Felyndiira wrote:

Just note that it doesn't give you proficiency with the weapon, so even if you do create an exotic weapon, you are at a -4 unless if you can grab proficiency from another source.

It does give you proficiency with the weapon.


You create a melee weapon sized appropriately for you from opaque force.

You are considered proficient with this weapon, which acts in all ways as a masterwork weapon typical of its type. The instant weapon has hardness 20 and the same number of hit points as a typical weapon of its type. As a force effect, it can strike and damage incorporeal creatures. If the instant weapon leaves your hand at any time, the spell ends at the beginning of your next turn.

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