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[AC 22*/29^ TAC12/19^ FF--] CMD 19/+7CMB|F+12* R+13* W+19*|HP85/83|Init+2|Per+30|SM+20|PP/D172/226|Vis/360/DV 60'/Aura/Mind/Danger Sense 60'






6.3 years



Strength 11
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 26
Wisdom 16
Charisma 12

About Gift Fitzroy-Brighthammer

Gift Fitzroy-Brighthammer - Elan-Psion Telepath L14 TN
NEXQIL [Psicystal Informant-L14]
SORUSS [Inteligant Psi-Tattoo Cohort-L12]
HOME-> A Small Extradimensional Demiplane apartment and lab

Gift is an 6'4" Elan IMAGE HERE A psionic construct, body is made of pour glowing blue psionic power. Only her head seems normal, but for the power in her glowing blue eyes. Her clothing is made if an intricate intelligent psionic tattoo Soruss that acts that also hosts her followers. And always hovering close to her is Hexqil her Psicytal.

Gift is complicated, She herself is a walking Hive mind, her followers being part of her personal mind. Fractions of it. Once AI with a constructed body and soul. She was transformed into an Elan construct, a being of pour psionic energy. But now with deep and powerful feelings. Derived form the many minds she as interactive with. Some still held within her.

Speed: 30ft Move/40' flight / 40'Nomad Step
CMA: +7; {+7Base +0Str* +0size +0misc}
CMD +21 {10+7Base +0Str* +4dex +0size +0misc}
Base Atk: {+7/+2Base}
Melee: +7/+2{+7/+2Base,+0Str}
Ranged: +09/+4{+7/+2Base,+2Dex}

Unarmed attack
TH+6/+1 DMG[1d3+0] x2 (B)

While you maintain psionic focus you can manifest shards of crystal as a swift action that last for one round. These blades can be used as thrown weapons if you use them immediately (you are proficient in their use; 1d2 slashing damage, 20/x2 crit, range increment 10 feet).

Init +2; Senses 360 Vistion / Dark Vistion 60' / Aura Sight 120'/ Danger Sense 60' / Perception +30
Telepathy 580' --:Detect Psionics[At Will]
As long as you maintain psionic focus, you can detect other creatures within 30 ft.
using telepathy to communicate, although you cannot determine the content of the communication.

Incarnated Powers[Always on]
Sensurum Powers Always on
1:Know direction and location You generally know where you are.
2:Ubiquitous Vision Your vision-based Perception checks gain a +4 enhancement bonus. Concurrently, you take a –4 penalty on saves against all gaze attacks during the power’s duration.
3:Heightened Vision 60 feet even in total darkness. Your increased vision is black and white only but otherwise like normal sight.
4:Aura Aight effect is similar to that of a detect chaos/evil/good/law spell, but aura sight does not require concentration.
You detect the surface emotions of any creature you can see that is in the power’s area. You can sense basic needs, drives, and emotions. Thirst, hunger, fear, fatigue, pain, rage, hatred, uncertainty, curiosity, friendliness, and many other kinds of sensations and moods can all be perceived.
6:Detect Telepathy(Su) 30'
Additionally, as long as you maintain psionic focus, you can detect other creatures within 30 ft.
Powers Manifest Running
7:Danger Sense[13pp 26 hours]
Your intuitive sense alerts you to danger from traps, giving you a +4 insight bonus on Reflex saves to avoid traps and a +4 insight bonus to Armor Class against attacks by traps.
8:barred-mind personal [13pp 24 hours]

Defance powers, always on
6:Conceal Thoughts
+10 circumstance bonus on Bluff checks against those attempting to discern its true intentions with Sense Motive. It also gains a +4 bonus on its saving throw against any power or spells used to read its mind (such as read thoughts or mind probe). +4 Item resistance bonus on all saving throws against remote view [power, always on]
Powers Manifest Running [Total 47pp]
1:Sustained Flight [13pp 26h][used daily][force] [Flight 40' good]
2:Environment Shield [26 Hours] [9pp] [Always on] [Force]
It can exist comfortably in conditions between -50 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit (-45 and 60 degrees Celsius) without having to make Fortitude saves. Able to breathe freely, even underwater or in a vacuum, and becomes immune to harmful gases and vapors, including radiation, inhaled diseases, and poisons and spells like cloudkill. In addition, the creature is protected from extremes of pressure.
3:Inertial Armor[13pp 13 Hours]


AC [22*/29^] TAC[12/19^] FF[--/--]

Damage Reduction:

Powers Runing
*[Inertial Armor] 13pp AV+10Armor 14hours [26pp a day]
^[Force Screen] 13pp +7AC[Shield] [Force][13mins] [Deflection bonus]

[1x6+1con + 13x5+1con] = 85/85

Fort: +12{+4Base,+1Con+3Item*}[+4Race*]
Reflex: +13{+4Base,+2Dex+3Item*}[+4Race*]
Will: +19{+9Base,+3Wis+3Item*}[+4Race*]

–4 penalty on saves against all gaze attacks during the power’s duration.
Protected from all devices, Powers, and spells that gather information about the target through divination powers or magic (such as detect evil, locate creature, scrying, and see invisibility). Barred mind also grants a +8 resistance bonus on saving throws against all mind-affecting powers, spells, and effects. Barred mind even foils bend reality, limited wish, miracle, reality revision, and wish spells when they are used in such a way as to gain information about the target. In the case of remote viewing or scrying that scans an area the creature is in, such as arcane eye, the effect works but the creature simply isn’t detected. Remote viewing (scrying) attempts that are targeted specifically at the subject do not work at all.


[25 spend]
Str 11 [+0][Base 10][1p]
Dex 14 [+4][Base 10][5p]
Con 12 [+1][Base 10][2p]
Int 26 [+9][Base 10][13p][+2Race][+3Levels][+4Item]
Wis 16 [+3][Base 10][2p][+4Item]
Cha 12 [+1][Base 10][2p]


Perception is a class skill, and + 1 trait bonus
You have a tendency for rash behavior, often disregarding your own safety as you move across the battlefield.
Benefits: You gain a +1 bonus on Acrobatics checks, and Acrobatics is always a class skill for you.
3:Bruising Intellect
Your sharp intellect and rapier-like wit bruise egos.
Benefits: Intimidate is always a class skill for you, and you may use your Intelligence modifier when making Intimidate checks instead of your Charisma modifier.

4:Metacreative Talent
Benefit:While you maintain psionic focus you can manifest shards of crystal as a swift action that last for one round. These blades can be used as thrown weapons if you use them immediately (you are proficient in their use; 1d2 slashing damage, 20/x2 crit, range increment 10 feet). This talent grants no benefit if you do not have the ability to gain psionic focus.

1:Family Ties
Your family is extremely important to you, When a family member makes a request of you, you must fulfill that request or take a –2 penalty on all Wisdom– and Charisma-based ability checks and skill checks until you either do what was requested or succeed at a DC 20 Will saving throw, which you can attempt once per day at the start of each day. If you ever lose your family or lose contact with your family, exchange this drawback for the Doubt drawback.

1:Access Psionic Talent [psionic]
3:Empower Power[metapsionic]
4:Extend Power[Metapsionic][psionic]
6:Deep Focus
7:Expanded Knowledge -Psychoport [1300miles]

From Class
1:Psicrystal Affinity [psionic]
2:Toppling Power [psionic]
3:Selective power[metapsionic]

From Background

1:Improved Uncanny Dodge (Ex)
When Hive mind up, can maifest battlesense for 26 mins

From Items
-:Alertness (Ex)
The presence of a psicrystal sharpens its master’s senses. While a psicrystal is within arm’s reach (adjacent to or in the same square as its owner), its owner gains the Alertness feat.

FROM Weapon and Armor Proficiencyes:
Tech Psions: Unarmed attack, Light weapons, dagger, Fire Arms [Guns everywhere], Energy weapons [Tech everywhere],

====RACE ELAN=====

Ability Score Modifiers: Elans gain a +2 bonus to one ability score chosen at creation to represent their varied nature.
Aberrant Blood:[/b] Elans are of the humanoid (aberrant) subtype.
Size: Elan are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Speed: Elans have a base speed of 30 feet.
Aberrant Nature: Although human in appearance, elans suffer from a nature slightly off from the rest of the non-elan society. They suffer a -1 penalty to Charisma-based skill checks when dealing with non-elans.
Naturally Psionic:[/b] Elans gain the Wild Talent feat as a bonus feat at 1st level. If an elan takes levels in a psionic class, she instead gains the Psionic Talent feat.
Resistance (Su): Elans can use psionic energy to increase their resistance to various forms of attack. As an immediate action, an elan can spend 1 power point to gain a +4 racial bonus on saving throws until the beginning of her next action.
Resilience (Su): When an elan takes damage, he can spend power points to reduce its severity. As an immediate action, he can reduce the damage he is about to take by 2 hit points for every 1 power point he spends.
Repletion (Su): An elan can sustain his body without need of food or water. If he spends 1 power point, an elan does not need to eat or drink for 24 hours.
Psionic Aptitude: When an elan takes a level in a favored class, he can choose to gain an additional power point instead of a hit point or skill point.
Languages: Elans begin play speaking Common. Elans with high Intelligence scores can choose any languages they want (except secret languages, such as Druidic).


Saves +4/+4/+9
Class Skills
The psion’s class skills are Autohypnosis (Wis), Craft (Int), Knowledge (all) (Int), Profession (Wis), and Spellcraft (Int). Nomad (Psychoportation): Climb (Str), Fly (Dex), Survival (Wis), and Swim (Str).

Every psion must decide at 1st level which psionic discipline he will specialize in. Choosing a discipline provides a psion with access to the class skills associated with that discipline (see above), as well as the powers restricted to that discipline, and the special abilities associated with that discipline (detailed below). However, choosing a discipline also means that the psion cannot learn powers that are restricted to the other disciplines (generalist psions cannot learn powers on any of the discipline power lists). He can’t even use such powers by employing psionic items.

Bonus Feats [X3]
A psion gains a bonus feat at 1st level, 5th level, 10th level, 15th level, and 20th level. This feat must be a psionic feat, a metapsionic feat, or a psionic item creation feat. These bonus feats are in addition to the feats that a character of any class gains at every other level. A psion is not limited to psionic feats, metapsionic feats, and psionic item creation feats when choosing these other feats.

Detect Psionics (Ps)
All psions, regardless of their chosen discipline, gain the ability to use detect psionics at will, as long as they maintain psionic focus. This does not require any power point expenditure, and the power cannot be augmented.

Discipline Talents(Ps)
Each discipline gains access to two psi-like abilities that can be used as long as the psion maintains psionic focus. Discipline talents are treated as 0-level powers for all purposes (such as save DC). The manifesting time for a discipline talent is the same as if it was manifested normally, or a standard action if the discipline talent does not mimic a psionic power. These powers do not count as powers known for the psion; to manifest them normally, he must select them as his powers known normally.

Discipline Talents(Ps)
Choose two powers from the following list: conceal thoughts, mind link, mind thrust, telepathic lash.
As long as you maintain psionic focus, you may manifest either of your chosen powers without paying a power point cost, but the power may not be augmented or affected by metapsionic feats. The damage of mind thrust is reduced to 1d6. You may only use conceal thoughts on yourself if used as one of your discipline talents.

Impose Will:[EX]
At 2nd level, as long as you maintain psionic focus you treat your psion level as 1 higher when manifesting Charm or Compulsion powers. In addition, you are treated as if affected by mind link with any creature currently charmed or dominated by you for the duration of the charm or domination effect

Telepathy(Su) 540'
At 8th level, you gain telepathy out to 400 ft. and can communicate with any creature, regardless of intelligence, so long as they have an Intelligence of 1 or higher. The range of your telepathy increases by 10 ft. every psion level thereafter.

Last Respite (Su) 1/Day
At 14th level, once per day, if you are about to suffer damage that would result in your death, as an immediate action, you can shunt your mind into the body of a creature within 30 ft., effectively granting you the benefits of mind switch (Will save negates DC 10 + half psion level + Intelligence modifier) and your original body is left stable, but its hit point total is left one point of damage away from death. This ability lasts a number of rounds equal to your psion level. You must secure a permanent body for your mind, either by healing your original body, through the use of a power such as true mind switch, or some other means to permanently inhabit a body, by the end of the effect’s duration or die. This is considered a mind-affecting effect. You can take this action even if you are unconscious. This ability cannot be used against effects that outright kill or that deal ability damage, only against effects that deal hit point damage.

Detect Telepathy(Su) 30'
Additionally, as long as you maintain psionic focus, you can detect other creatures within 30 ft. Using telepathy to communicate, although you cannot determine the content of the communication.

Powers Known(Su)
A psion begins play knowing three psion powers of your choice. Each time he achieves a new level, he unlocks the knowledge of new powers. Choose the powers known from the psion power list, or from the list of powers of your chosen discipline (if any). You cannot choose powers from disciplines other than your chosen discipline. (Exception: The feat Expanded Knowledge does allow a psion to learn powers from the lists of other disciplines or even other classes.) A psion can manifest any power that has a power point cost equal to or lower than his manifester level. The number of times a psion can manifest powers in a day is limited only by his daily power points. A psion simply knows his powers; they are ingrained in his mind. He does not need to prepare them (in the way that some spellcasters prepare their spells), though he must get a good night’s sleep each day to regain all his spent power points. The Difficulty Class for saving throws against psion powers is 10 + the power’s level + the psion’s Intelligence modifier.

Maximum Power Level Known 7th
A psion begins play with the ability to learn 1st-level powers. As he attains higher levels, a psion may gain the ability to master more complex powers.To learn or manifest a power, a psion must have an Intelligence score of at least 10 + the power’s level.

PP170+56=[226pp a day] [Powers 26/Level 7/ Max Power Spend 14pp]

POWERS [Telepathic Powers DC+1]

Psion Discipline ability x2+1 DC18
01:Detect Psionics 60' [no pp cost]
02:Empathy [Always used]DC21 [no pp cost]
03:Mind Thrust DC21 95' [1d6]

Traded in 2st level Power [^]
Talents: 5 DC18 [Psionic focus] [From Feat]
01:Energy Splash 95' [1d3]
02:Far Hand 5lb 90' 12r [Force]
03:Conceal Thoughts DC21 [Always used] [used daily]
04:psionic-repair [5']
05:float [14r]

1st Level DC19 1pp
1: Force Screen
2: Inertial Armor[used daily]
3: mind-thrust[DMG 18D10 14pp Range 95']
4: Mindlink
5: Environment Shield [28 Hours] [3pp] [Always on] [Force]

2st Level DC20 3pp
1: Swarm of Crystals[14d4 DMG] [No Save]
2: Cleanse Body
3: Every Man [7pp 26 hours]
4: Read Thoughts [14m] [60']

3st Level DC21 5pp
1: Telekinetic Force 230' 250lb RTA [Force] [Tech-Psion]
2: mindhunter 3PP [8h]
3: Danger Sense/[14pp][28 hours][used daily]
4: Concussive Onslaught[14r 14pp 7d6 Force DMG Area 30r range 920']

4st Level DC22 7pp
1: Psychic Reformation
2: Mindlink, Thieving
3: Mind Control [14 days]
4: Fold Space [1400Ft]

5st Level DC23 9pp
1: Incarnate
2: Pierce the Veils [14m]
3: Mind Probe
4: Planar Travel
-: Psychoport[1400 miles]

6st Level DC24 11pp
1: Disintegration [22d6]
2: Sustained Flight [14pp 28h][used daily]
3: aura-alteration [140mins]
-:Genesis [From Feat]
[14pp] [28 Days] [Extradimensional demiplane, 13x[3x10-ft. cubes/level (S)]

7st Level DC25 13pp
1: Barred Mind Personal [14 hours]
1: Bend Reality
-: Metamorphosis
-: Dream Travel
-: schism
-: Mindhunter
-: Memory Modification
-: Mind Thrust [DMG 14d10 14pp range 95']


14x[+2class+8Int]=[140]+[14FC]+[28 Background]+[28item]=[233] [208]Spent

^Autohypnosis (Wis)+30{+14rank,+3Wis+3class}[+10Item]
^Craft(Psionic / Tattoo Items)(Int)+20{+7rank,+8Int+3Class}
^Disable Device+10{+5rank,+2Dex+3Class}
Disguise (Cha)+20{+10rank,+1Cha+0Class}[-1race][+10Power]
Escape Artist*(Dex)+03{+1rank,+2Dex+0class}
Handle Animal [/i](Wis)_+3{+0rank,+3Wis}[bs]
^Perception(Wis)+30{+9rank,+3Wis+3class+1trait}[+10 competence][+4 Enharcment Power]
^Perform (Sing)(Cha)+15{10Rank,+1Cha+3Class}[-1race][+2Item]
^Sense Motive(Wis)+20{+12Rank+3Wis+3Class}[+2Power]
Sleight of Hand*(Dex)+10{+5rank,+2Dex+3Class}
^Spell/Psionic craft(Int)+20{7rank,+8Int+3class}[+2Item]
Use Magic/Psionic Device(Cha +10{+10rank,+1Cha+0Class}[-1race]

^Kn (Arcana/Psionics)(Int)+18{5rank,+8Int+3class}[+2Items]
^Kn (Dungeoneering)(Int)+18{5rank,+8Int+3class}[+2Items]
^Kn (Engineering)(Int)+18{5rank,+8Int+3class}[+2Items]
^Kn (Geography)(Int)+18{5rank,+8Int+3class}[+2Items]
^Kn (History)(Int)+18{5rank,+8Int+3class}[+2Items]
^Kn (Local)(Int)+18{5rank,+8Int+3class}[+2Items]
^Kn (Nature)(Int)+18{5rank,+8Int+3class}[+2Items]
^Kn (Nobility)(Int)+18{5rank,+8Int+3class}[+2Items]
^Kn (Planes) (Int)+18{5rank,+8Int+3class}[+2Items]
^Kn (Religion) (Int)+18{5rank,+8Int+3class}[+2Items]

Concentration [+25][14CL+8Int+3Item]

ACP [0]

-=Non-Standard Skill Bonuses=-

Common, Al, Telepath




Fine Clothing 100gp



Belt: Psionic Tattoo of Dex +4[8.1k]
Body: Psionic Tattoo of Nimbleness[5k]
Chest: -
Eyes: -
Feet: Psionic Tattoo of the Nomad[10.1k]
Hands: -
Forhead -
Head: Psionic Tattoo of vast-intelligence[+4Int] [8.1k]
Neck: -
Shoulders: Psionic Tattoo of Resistance[+3] [6.300gp][Crafted]
Wrists: 2x Psionic Tattoo of holding [6k]
Ring L: Psionic Tattoo of Self-Sufficiency [2.5k]
Ring R: -

Psionic Tattoo of Resistance [+3] [6.300gp][Crafted]
DESCRIPTION: These golden metal studs can go in virtually any piercing and are not restricted to the ear. In addition, a character can wear multiple earrings of resistance and gain the benefits of all, similar to ioun stones. Earrings of resistance grant a competence bonus on saves against a single psionic power, chosen at the time the earring is created. The wearer may, as an immediate action. expend psionic focus to double the competence bonus granted by the earring for a single save against that power.

Tattoo of the Nomad [10,000gp] [TP40' as move action]
Aura moderate psychoportation; ML 10th; Slot feet; Price 10,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.
DESCRIPTION: These black leather boots seem to shimmer when looked at, as if they are constantly moving. When this item is worn by a character with the nomad’s step ability, the character’s nomad level is treated as four higher for the purposes of the nomad’s step ability. If the character is not a nomad, they gain the nomad’s step ability as if a 4th-level nomad.

]Gem of vast intelligence
Head Slot*
[As Headband of vast intelligence +4Int [16,000gp] [Crafted]
Embedded - Nural lace AI core embedded in her android body. meaning her mind is distributed into -
*This item can not be removed without killing Gift.

Skin of Nimbleness: [5,000gp] [Crafted]
This psychoactive skin continually grants the wearer a +10 competence bonus on Acrobatics checks.

Psionic Tattoo of Dex +4 [16kgp] [Carfted]

Psionic Tattoo of Self-Sufficiency [10,000gp]
Tattoo Tagrants the wearer a +10 competence bonus on Autohypnosis checks.

-=Carrying Capacity=- .
Light 0-36/0-76 lb. Medium 27–53/77–153 lbsHeavy 54–80/154–230 lbs
-=Current Load Carried=- 21lb [light]
Starting cash 180,000Cr
-=Money=- 12,000 GP 0 SP 0 CP

Follower Psicystal AIs
Leadership Score 18

Gift followers are Psion-AIs, fragments of her own internal hive mind.
Image here
When she used mind control of her Psionic AIs enters the mind. She can also set them Kn Tasks

Followers [Leadership LEVEL 17] [14 level +1 Cha +2 Renound]
OS psicrystals
Her followers are AI's, copies of the souls she freed from the Soul-Crystal.
Skills Kn [one skill] +10 / SM +10, / Stealth +10 +Level/ Perception [+10+Level]
STATES / Int 10+Level Wis 10+Level Che 10+Level
Fort -- / Ref --/ Wil --

Encoded Form (Ex)
An OS does not have a body. The OS functions as an AI, meaning that it doesn’t have an AC, hit points, or other statistics related to a physical form; it relies on its host robot or structure for those scores. An OS uses its Intelligence modifier instead of its Dexterity modifier to determine initiative.
The OS operates from within technological equipment, requiring access to a robot, cameras, microphones, or other mechanical sensory tools in order to be able to notice or interact with the outside world. An OS is always inhabiting the mind of its master and may inhabit a number of additional items up to its intelligence modifier. It may move from one item to another within close range as a move action, and may activate a technological item it inhabits as a standard action.

Hologram Projection (Ex)
As a move action, an OS may project a hologram image of itself within close range of an object or creature it is inhabiting.
The image may be medium-sized or smaller, can appear however it likes, and can be used to deliver touch powers as a normal psicrystal’s physical form.
However, the holographic image has no senses of its own and must rely on the senses of either its master or any other objects the OS inhabits to detect the world. In addition, creatures are automatically aware that a holographic projection is not real.

Control Robot (Ex) [Cohurt only]
Starting at 9th level, an OS gains the ability to enter and control robots in the same manner it can with objects. A robot is allowed a will save (DC 10 + the OS’ Intelligence modifier + half the OS’ effective level) to prevent an OS from taking control of it. While in this state, the robot gains the Aggregate template, using the OS and its abilities in place of an AI. A robot that an OS inhabits maintains the OS’ share powers, channel power, deliver touch power, and power resistance abilities.

1x 4ed Level Follower AI
1: 3-word personality: - Brave, smart, steadfast.
1x 3ed Level Follower AIs
1: 3-word personality: -
3x 2ed Level Follower AIs
1: 3-word personality: - sulky, funny, chatty.
2: 3-word personality: - Quiet, deep, calculated.
3: 3-word personality: - Sneaky, mean, petty.
35x 1st Level Follower AIs

Gifts Small Extradimensional Demiplane apartment and lab
Tech Lab, bathroom, Bedroom, Small kitchen, food stocks, Coffee maker, clothing, books, computer, artworks.

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