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Or, pick a Pathfinder diety, like abadar, but personally insist on using sidewalks only, as a show of faith. Then find ways to conjure sidewalks, (or even the spell fabricate, just carry lime in a bag of holding, cast create water, and fabricate, poof! instant sidewalk)

But when you simply cannot use a sidewalk, you strap some cement slabs to your feat, or just carry a slab of cement, to show your piety.

Then it leaves it open to your gm, if he ever wants your diety to reward the... obedience :D

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While undead created by any sort of spawn ability lose themselves, liches are transforming themselves, and retain their old, evil personality, I wouldn't make them into an NPC. It defeats the point

Also, while there is no standard way to become a lich, it's not forbidden by the rules, it's definitely in "work with your gm" territory, but there are rules for playing as a monster

They are going to be spending a LOT of their gold.on this.

If your still worried about the lich being too powerful, you can give the other party members some Homebrew artifacts or abilities to compensate for any disparity. And up the difficulty of encounters

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And while these answers may seem unhelpful, there is a lot of truth to them.

I would also add, "good spells" depend a lot in what type of encounters your gm throws at you too, does he favor ambushes or direct combat? Many weaklings, or a few tough enemies? Or is there a decent balance? Do you usually know what your getting into? What kind of party do you have? Mostly melee? Ranged? Other casters?

That being said, as a wizard, you usually don't need the money for armor or weapons, feel free to splurge on scrolls, and expand your repertoire

And while going through the spell list is a lot, here are some tips for evaluating spells in no particular order of priority

1. Does it need a save? Or is there an effect that works, even if they pass their save? If you can get a mean debuffs, without a chance for a save, your in good shape, look at black tentacles, greater black tentacles, and sirocco. Sirocco makes them fatigued even on a passed save, so with a rod of quicken, you can cast it twice in a round, and everyone in a nice big radius is exhausted, it's a brutal debuffs

2.castng time, some spells take longer to cast then just a standard.action, but some can be cast as a swift or even an immediate action! This is part of what makes emergency force sphere so good! But enlarge person takes 1 round, so while still a decent buff, it's one you need to be careful with

3. Who benefits? And how many? In a party full of front line fighter and/or archers haste is an incredible spell, you buff multiple people with extra attacks, accuracy, and ac, and you can do it as a standard action, which is awesome. But, if you have a party full of casters, it's kind of a meh spell.

4.versitiliy, as a wizard, you have to prepare your spells ahead of time, so it's very beneficial to have some spells that can handle multiple situations, this is why grease and summon monster are so good. Grease can help you or an ally escape a grapple, put an enemy prone, temporarily half someone's speed, make them flat-footed or even disarm an enemy, depend on the gm, you can find other creative uses, that's a lot of options you have prepared, and it only took a level 1 spell slot. Summon monster is an excellent choice for the same reason, it may take a while round, but you can summon monsters to tank some heavy hitting enemies, chase down a flying enemy, carry you over a large gap, some even have spells of there own, and you can use a spell slot to have access to any of them within 6 seconds :D

5.howndoes it compare to other spells of similar level. Unpopular opinion, I don't like wall of fire, it's a level 4 spell, that does fairly meh damage, for some enemies, it's not even a deterrent. They run through for a maximum of 1d4+2d4+2d6+20, that may look impressive, and you can deal that damage to multiple enemies (IF they choose to run through the wall, or IF you can force them through it) could have just thrown a fireball as a level 3 spell for 10d6 (seriously average damage is the same, unless they pass there save for fireball, bit it's a level 3 spell, not a level 4) and done similar damage to a group. If you really need to keep enemies from crossing a line, your better off using a level 5 spell slot for wall of force

6.lastly see a need, fill a need. If your party is consistently struggling with a similar problem, find a spell to fix it. If you keep getting shot at, try mirror image, if the party rogue can't get there sneak attack, give them greater invisibility etc.

Anyway, I hope this helps a bit, maybe others can add to this, or I'll think of some other random criteria to rant about, but it helps to really dig through the spells yourself, not just find a list oh, this is good, find out WHY it's good.

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I can't speak for everyone, but when I said it was a nice boon, I was referring to the gradual change, and getting some of the lich abilities early, so rather then a sudden and complete change at the end of a lot of investment, some aspects would be received gradually as they work towards the end :)

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I like the idea of a gradual change, it will help it not feel so jarring when your designing encounters, and it's a decent boon for the player too :)

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I also just realized that the phylactery Costa 120,000 gp to make alone

This does not include the Costa for any other rituals he may need...

But in the end your gm, it's up to you

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Mostly agree, I would say that having a bar 1 always be a failure is fine, becoming a lich is supposed to be dangerous, if high skill was a garuntee, you would see more liches.

But rather then immediately killing the player, I would make them a "forsaken lich" they get to be very scary for a short time (1d10 days) before their soul is inevitably consumed...

As far as 9 goes, why bother having a save? If a paladin meets a lich, they would be nearly obligated to fight it to keep their oath, unless some other duty is pressing, role play what makes sense, but a paladin shouldn't tolerate a lich.

That doesn't mean he has to be stupid, but maybe call for back up, then crusade

My 2 cents :)

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Celebrity bard archtype, or demogoge bard archetype

Either one makes you famous :D

Prabkster bard could be fun too, swap items with nobles to collect your jewlery :D

(Either way, I think bard is the way to go)

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Yeah, posting from my phone adventure, and I feel like I roll a natural 1 every 20 "keystrokes" ;)

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Bombs aren't too complicated thankfully, the base bomb goes against the touch AC of the creature you throw the bomb at, and does Xd6 + intelligence modifier.

Anyone within 5ft, take splash damage equal to the minimum damage if the bombs, with a reflex save to take half damage, so if we have a level 1 alchist, with an intelligence of 18, his bomb does 1d6+4 fire damage on a hit
Anyone within 5 ft takes 5 damage, or 2 if they pass a reflex save.

Of course point blank shot ups the damage by 1, this also effects the splash damage

Where bombs can seem complicated is there are a number of discoveries, and extracts (alcehimust spells) that change them

Targeted bomb admixture (extract)
No splash damage, but you add double your intelligence modifier to the bomb damage, so 1d6+8 no splash

Or explosive bomb (discovery)
Now your bomb does splash damage to anyone within 10ft, and the primary Target needs a reflex save, or be set on fire

There are also discoveries that can make your bomb s deal acid damage, cold damage, they can blind people, nausate people etc.

So long story short, they aren't too complicated, they just have a lot of customizable options :)

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So I would go with either druid it arcanist,druids have a great debuff spell list, and much of it avoids spell resistence and saves

(Just look at wall of thorns...)

And when spells fail, wildshape/animal companion come in

Another option is arcanist, a full arcane caster, but whatninteally like about it, is you can learn any spell, like a wizard, but ince you prepare, you cast those spells spontaneously, it allows you to adapt on the fly, take quick study, and you can even switch what you've prepared, take pitebt magic, and you can boost your caster level by 2 (by spending an arcane reservoir point)

Lastly, items are your friend, get a rod of piercing

look at dweomers essence, it's not cheap, but you can use it as a material component, and it gives you a +5 against spell resistence,

an orange prism ioun stone boosts your CL by one

an other worldly kimono can boost it by 4, 6 when you use the maze effect

A numerogical cylinder is a fun little puzzle, pass your knowledge check with it, and you get a +2 to caster level checks (like spell resistence)

A strand of prayer beads (karma) can get you a plus 4 CL for spells being cast, it requires divine casting, or just use Use magic device.

A moon circlet can give you a +1 during a waxing moon, +2 during a full moon, but it gives a -1 during the wanting moon, so...meh

Other then that, I recommend playing an elf, you get elevan magic, for another +2

With the above tools, you will have a hard time finding monsters whose spell resistence you can't through :)

But if you do...there are traits that boost caster level checks, be adopted by a dwarf, and take strength of the land

Take spell penetration/greater spell penetration

Take deific obediance to nethys (really late level, you can get a 1d4 boost)

And look at spells like splinter spell resistence, it allows a fort save, but you cast it on the DPR charectir, and once a round when they hit, the creatures spell resistence goes down by 5.

There are a few ways to boost save DCs but remember, it's easier to debuff enemies, a cornagan smash using fighter with a cruel weapon can inflict shaken/sickened easily enough, and that's a -4 to all saves right there

If you do arcanist, look at school understanding void, it has an ablility that scales off caster level, and allows you to give a penalty in AC, and saves equal to 1/2 your caster level, it eats a standard action, and only lasts 1 round, but you can open the thing up for an ally, or use a rod of quicken to hit him yourself in the same round

Hope that helps :D

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And I would add as a not, that link did not turn into a wolf with his own power, if you really want to run with this (and I think you should :D) you may need a bit if help

See if you.can get a party member (or a cohort) to play a witch (white haired archtype, or even just the prehensile hair hex gets you a version of midna) then all she has to do is cast beast shape on you and voila, twilight princess link :)

(Bonus points if the witch is a small race, and actually rides you into combat)

(Double bonus points if she takes hellcat stealth, and hides in your shadow)

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hi everyone, new to the forums, but i figured id drop my 2 bits

most people agree that consume magic items is worthless, but i offer an exception,if your willing to grab craft staff (and retrain it after:)

with consume magic items, staves are not damaged, instead

"If used on a staff, it loses 1 charge and the arcanist gains a number of points to his arcane reservoir equal to the level of the highest-level spell the staff can cast using only 1 charge; if the staff has no spells that require only 1 charge, the arcanist cannot consume that staff ‘s magic. No more than 1 charge can be drawn from a staff each day in this way"

so you gain points equal to the highest ability, and there needs to be an ability that cost one charge, but that doesn't have to be the highest level ability

if you recall the crafting guideline for staves

(400 x highest level spell level x caster level) + (300 x next highest spell x caster level)

however as stated:If desired, a spell can be placed into the staff at less than the normal cost, but then activating that particular spell drains additional charges from the staff. Divide the cost of the spell by the number of charges it consumes to determine its final price.

so lets say we have level a level 12 arcanist, he can craft a staff with a level 1, and a level 6 ability, at caster level 12 as follows

(400 x 6 x 12)= 28800, which is already expensive, but what if that ability costs 10 charges? we divide by 10 for 2880 we unfortunately still need a 1 charge ability, and it needs to match the caster level, so (300 x 1 x 12)= 3600

3600+2880=6480 so for 6480 (cheaper with hedge magician, or spark of creation, or both :) ) (and cheaper still if the GM allows you to cut cost in half (as all the pre-designed staves are)

but assuming the worst, your have an arcane reservoir battery, usable once a day to gain 6 arcane pool points :) this can be used 10 days in a row without recharging (though i would recharging whenever you can)

as staves can be made as low as caster level 8, here are the costs of such staves, calculated for the lowest caster level of the highest level ability (thus how any points you gain in one charge)

base price:....................with hedge magician/spark of creation:


if you cut the price in half:


so in short, when you only get 3+ half your level in arcane reservoir each morning, at level 12 you can double that with a little over 10000 gold, even if you dump charisma, (and if your gm lets you price like paizo, for little over 5000)

if you don't dump charisma (you can have a +6 modifier with a headband of mental prowess if you start with a 16) you can craft 6 of these, even the level 4 ones now offer 24 arcane pool points for 22080 (no discount)

in this case consume magic item is worth considering ;D