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I rather like Kess. Not my favorite of the new iconics (Jirelle or Quinn holds that honor), but she seems to be a fun character. I'd love to see how she'd interact with someone like Valeros or Alain (especially since they're both Taldan nobility).

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This is the one class I'm most excited about, and I love this background and the art.

It took me a second, but the item hanging from the chain at Quinn's belt MUST be a nod to Diogenes. The image and Quinn's motivations are just too perfect for that to be coincidental.

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You stand on the docks of the greatest trading city of Freeport. Your journey here was long and uncomfortable, so it's with a sense of freedom that you walk the bustling dockside. Unfortunately, you are not laden down with gold, or even silver. The merchant that hired you on had to cut you loose after his shipment of foodstuffs went bad during the voyage. You were supposed to travel to ports beyond, but now it seems that you're going to have to fend for yourselves in Freeport-at least for awhile.

The action on the docks is mesmerizing. There are ships in port from all over the world, carrying every manner of exotic goods. Sailors and merchants of all races and backgrounds mingle on the wharves, with money changing hands so fast you can barely even follow. The sights and sounds are so overwhelming that you almost don't notice the group of men that casually coalesce around your party. They are a rough lot, scarred and crusty sailors armed with saps and belaying pins. The leader of these scurvy dogs, a toothless man with tattooed knuckles, smiles crookedly and says, "You've all just volunteered for an exciting life at sea. Do you want to the easy way or the hard way?"

Movie plot spoiler:
Roll for initiative.

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The fallen leaves of autumn dance in the cool breeze as the citizens of Sandpoint gather in the town square to enjoy the annual Swallowtail Festival as it promptly begins. The townsfolk enjoy the myriad of food stands and game booths. A group of three Varisians perform a show for the people, casting beautiful illusions to accompany their graceful dances. A somewhat gruff gnome with fiery red hair brings a torch up to his lips spits out a strange liquid, causing a stream of flames to shoot out. Then, with a quick hand, the gnome reaches out and grabs the flames and begins to juggle them with such skill and elegance. As the bright sun shines down onto the town of Sandpoint, the people realize that this year's festival will be a success.