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I have been Gaming since 1982 and have been playing pathfinder weekly in a home brew since 2011 and PFS for a year. I currently enjoy teaching my kids the fun of RPGs with the youngest getting to play my animal companions. Some of the games I have enjoyed over the years are D&D (and all its versions), AD&D, Champions, GURPS, Star Frontiers, Call of Cthulhu, Boot Hill, Gang Busters, Shadow Run, Marvel Super Hero’s, Villains and Vigilantes and a few other I have probably forgotten. I currently enjoy playing pathfinder in pbp format and post 7-12 times a day.


À à - "A" with a grave accent
Á á - "A" with an acute accent
 â - "A" with a circumflex
à ã - "A" with a tilde (Portuguese)
Ä ä - "A" with a diaeresis
Å å - "A" with a ring above (Scandinavian)
Æ æ - ligature 'AE'
Ç ç - "C" with a cedilla (French)
È è - "E" with a grave accent
É é - "E" with an acute accent
Ê ê - "E" with a circumflex
Ë ë - "E" with a diaeresis
Ì ì - "I" with a grave accent
Í í - "I" with an acute accent
Î î - "I" with a circumflex
Ï ï - "I" with a diaeresis
Ð ð - letter Eth ('th' Old English)
Ñ ñ - "N" with a tilde (Spanish)
Ò ò - "O" with a grave accent
Ó ó - "O" with an acute accent
Ô ô - "O" with a circumflex
Õ õ - "O" with a tilde
Ö ö - "O" with a diaeresis
Ø ø - "O" with a stroke (Scandinavian)
Ù ù - "U" with a grave accent
Ú ú - "U" with an acute accent
Û û - "U" with a circumflex
Ü ü - "U" with a diaeresis
Ý ý - "Y" with an acute accent
Þ þ - letter Thorn ('th' Old English)
ß - Eszett (German, lower case only)
ÿ - "Y" with a diaeresis (lower case only)