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Full Name

Gallard Stormeye




Bearbarian 15




Medium - 6'4" 310lbs






Common, Druidic



About Gallard Stormeye

Born with heterochromia (different colored eyes) his superstitious ulfen parents assumed the child cursed and left him for dead in the heart of the Verduran forest. Against all odds he survived in the harsh environment and was raised strong by the wolves, bears, and other animals. He developed a strong connection to the natural world, and soon was more beast than man.

Years later, now a grown man, he encountered a group of pathfinders seeking a lost relic deep within his woods. Although savage and distrusting of humans the group's beautiful leader calmed the man and rekindled the small part of his humanity that remained. He helped the female pathfinder find what she and her companions were after and afterwards followed them as they exited his forest.

Although his instincts told him to forget about the humans and return to his den something in him recognized that he belonged with them. Grateful for the aid he had provided, they escorted the man to the Grand Lodge reminding him what it was to be human along the way.

The wild man's savage nature caused him to struggle with the scholarly aspects of his pathfinder training but he took naturally to the physical portions and he possessed the kind of keen eye and sharp senses that would take him far in the field. Over time he grew to speak, read, and write in Taldane, and after a short two years he completed his Confirmation and began to fill chronicles of his own.

Gallard's greatest moment came during the Shadow Lodge's attack on the Grand Lodge when a great black dragon (CR 15) had descended to keep a small army of pathfinders from interfering in the Lodge's plans. While many of the group fled or looked for ways to get around the beast Gallard and a few other veteran pathfinders charged headlong at it. Channeling the wild strength flowing through his veins Gallard assumed the form of a massive bear and wrestled with the dragon while his companions did what they could to damage it.

Several tense moments passed as the two behemoths grappled but Gallard held his ground even as the dragon's caustic breath burned him and it's claws and fangs rent deep wounds in his hide. With a roar Gallard pinned the great dragon on its back and held it in place long enough for his companions to deliver several mortal wounds to the beast's soft underside.