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Full Name





Fighter (1) Init+4 HP 14/14 AC 16 FF 14 Touch 10 Fort +5 Ref +1 Will +0 Per+0




Medium 6'0", 195 lbs







Strength 18
Dexterity 10
Constitution 16
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 10
Charisma 10

About Gabsen

+2 racial bonus to Str
Gabsen Halrydun
Human Male
Fighter 1
God: none
Favored Class Fighter: +1 HP
Init +4 Perception +0
HP 14/14

Ac 16 (chain shirt+4, shield +1, Shield focus feat+1)
FF 14
Touch 10

Fort +2 (+5)
Ref +0 (+1)
Speed 20
Bab +1
Melee +5
Ranged +1

Longsword +5, 1d8+4, C19-20 (*2)
Warhammer +5,1d8+4, C20 (*3)
Dagger +5, 1d4+4, C 19-20 (*2)
(Base 2+Int 0+ FC 0+ Race 1=3/level)
Profession (soldier)+4
Intimidate +5 (+1 with Trait)
Know Dungeonering +4
Improved initiative
Power attack (F)
Shield Focus

(2d Darkness)Looking for work (chosen skill:Intimidate)
Deft Dodger (+1 on Reflex saves)

Gear &Money
Money 150 GP

Armor chain shirt, Small steel shield
Weapons longsword, warhammer, dagger (*2)

other: Backpack, belt pouch,bedroll, waterskin, rations (2 days), sunrod

GP 3
SP 9
Not bright. Not quick enough. No social skills. Not pretty. Not particulary wise. Not rich. When he was a young boy, Gabsen couldn't be anything the women would like, even less love.
So he enlisted, as soon as possible, after being rejected one more time by the girl he liked. He served first as a regular soldier, for two years, then become a mercenary.
He never got rich.
He still wasn't cute, or bright, or wiser. His social skills were still non existent.
But his physical training payed BIG.
Muscles grew, endurance build.
He wasn't really that quick, but he could read a man's body langage now, react before it was too late and get the upper hand in most fights. He wasn't a fairytale hero. He was no stranger to killing people. He was just himself, and no one could be Gabsen more than him.
Now he was looking for a new job. A few years off the roads, in a big town, couldn't hurt. And with all the trouble in Riddleport, a sellsword was pretty sure to get some employment.
Grim, gruff, having lost his illusions and a good share of his comrades of arms, Gabsen knows he's not the greatest talker. But he doesnt care.Standing there, bulging his muscles is enough sometimes.
He's holding a silent grudge against those men more fortunate in the affairs of love.
He doesn't enjoy to fight, but knows how to end fights.
He doesn't bother much with religion, gods and priests.
He keeps silent about his origins, never telling anything about his hometown or family. Perhaps he has forgotten about them. Perhaps he just doesn't care anymore. He just introduce himself as "Gabsen", never telling his family name if he can avoid it.

Not particulary tall, Gabsen is rather massive. He's got his share of scars. There's still something of the "typical" soldier in his attitude and demeanor. He would probably never rised too much into an army's ranks, but that wouldn't probably have bothered him. He takes good care of his weapons,armor and shield, but his most prized possession is a small pouch, which he rubs in one big hand and smell from time to time when he must takes a decision. No one has ever seen what's inside of the pouch.