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About GM Xynen

What I expect of players at my Table:

  • I expect at least 1 (One) post per day Mon-Friday, and 1(One) post over the weekend.

  • If a player will be away for an extended period of time, I expect a post in Discussion or a Direct Message giving me a heads up, preferably with a quick explanation of how you would like your character DMPC'd

  • I expect every post to have substance. I will not acknowledge posts that consist only of rolls or just one line of dialogue (exception will be made for rolls that players forgot to include in their original post). I don't expect paragraphs of exposition, but explain your roll and how what you're doing effects the current story.

  • I expect my players to let me know when I have made a mistake, or they disagree with a ruling I make. It will help both of us learn in the long run.

  • I expect players to separate Player Knowledge, from Character Knowledge. You can read all the spoilers you want, but it is in the spirit of the Game to have your PC act only on what they would know.

  • I expect my players to have fun, and to tell me if that is not the case, so we can address the issue. It's a game after all, and games should be fun.

What my players can expect of me.:

  • You can expect that I will maintain the above posting rates by holding myself accountable to them, and DMPCing any PC that has not responded to my last post in 24 hours.

  • You can expect a roleplay friendly atmosphere. You're PC has a personality, and I want to encourage you to present that.

  • You can expect me to listen, and to research. I am not perfect, and if I make a mistake, I promise to listen to your side, and when I finally make a second ruling, I will provide links that back up the decision, wether I am enforcing the original decision or overturning it.

  • You can expect me to communicate. If I must be away for a longer than normal amount of time, I will inform the group via the discussion tab so that no one is left in the dark.

How I DM:

I will roll initiative, the occasional Perception, and anything the Scenario, Module, or AP suggest I roll as a GM. All DM rolls will be placed under a spoiler tag. Players are encouraged to peak under the hood to let me know if I have any stats wrong.

Where applicable, I will inform the players of relevant Knowledge Rolls, and include a tiered list of information underneath spoilers.
Otherwise, players may roll however often they wish, with the understanding that not all rolls are applicable to all situations.

Scenario Maps will be hosted on Google Slides. Anything I run that is a longer commitment than Scenarios will be held on Roll20.

How I Do Initiative:

Round 1
Player 1
Player 2

Orc 1
Orc 2
Player 3

For round 1, all bold players may act, then I will roll for the enemies.

Round 1
Player 3

Round 2
Player 1
Player 2

Orc 1
Orc 2

Player 3 is the only actor left with an action in Round 1. Instead of splitting the party into 2 separate groups, and making everyone wait for both Player 3, and myself to post again, the entire party may now act, and I will resolve actions in initiative order, adjusting as necessary to keep combat flowing. This ensures that combats are not needlessly drawn out.


Seriously, this is a Roleplaying Game, let your character shine, and our games will be all the more fun for it.