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Per the subject, I'm wondering if there is a published adventure, paizo or third party, any system really because I can convert it to PF2, that has PCs as undead characters.

I want to run a short one-shot or couple session length where my players can try stuff like the undead archetypes and skeleton ancestry but I need plot and encounter ideas.

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I think Paizo needs to figure out a way to give discounts to people who have purchased hard covers through bookstores. Aren't we always told to support local hobby shops? Yet discounts in a program like this only happen if you buy PDFs directly from Paizo.

I'm one of the many people here with no desire to repurchase content I already purchased. I wish these things could be done in a smarter way but I am just seeing the same old model again.

Thank you Evindyl!

I had originally said the deadline was for October 1!

But no one else has expressed any interest whatsoever... Where are all the PF2 people on the forums? In any case, I am using GM fiat and changing the deadline to 1 minute after you submitted.

Congrats! I'll PM you the discord link.

Evindyl wrote:

Standard HP progression?

Max 1st, then 50%+1?

Assumption: the Uncommon Class choice does NOT count against the allotment

NOTES: Working to try to build this out in HeroLab; w/o the correct base class, but with all deviations/substitutions noted

Yup yup yup, standard HP, standard building rules except for the free archetype.

The uncommon class doesn't count against the allotment since that is assigned.

Tarondor wrote:
I'm interested, but it sounds like Evindyl is -really- interested, so I'm glad you've got him!

You are welcome to apply!

Evindyl wrote:

Pre-approved Uncommon/Rare(s) ... totally stealing this one for my toolkit, wow!

At level 1 I let people pick one uncommon thing no questions asked (and rare if they ask nice). I figure at level 10 you have earned a few more!

1) I'm not purposely keeping the source a secret; I guess it didn't occur to me that people wouldn't know about the psychic... it would only take a google search

2) No, no ancestry paragon rule...

3) build it level by level....


whoops, forgot this!

You get to pick 4 uncommon things (including spells, ancestry, loot etc) in your build. Or a Rare selection is worth 2 uncommon. And your class doesn't count toward it because that is assigned.

Thanks for your interest!

My PBP gaming group is going to run a unique play-by-post game of Paizo's newish module, Malevolence. It is going to be a six player game where the classes chosen are the six new ones-- magus, summoner, psychic, inventor, gunslinger, thaumaturge.

We need 1 person to play the psychic. The module is written for level 3 players but we have all done plenty of low level games and are going to scale it to level 10.

Interested? I am looking for level 10 psychic submissions. I would like an experienced PF2 player, because we are starting at level 10.

1) Please make an interesting level 10 playtest psychic character and post your alias here.

2) Starting gear: 1 9th level item, 2 8th level items, 1 7th level item, 2 6th level items. And 350 gp to spend as desired.

3) Our group needs someone with some healing ability. Take the Free Archetype variant, and use it to pick a healing based Archetype like medic, herbalist, blessed one, or a casting archetype that will only be allowed to use the spells for healing. (The goal is to not increase player power but to enable the group to survive without any standard healing classes in the mix).

4) Background: You have been a part of an adventuring group for quite some time, and have recently been paid for some work with the deed to an old mansion. Told that it will fetch a good price on resale, your group goes to Ravounel to check it out. I don't really need a standard backstory for your character, but give me a paragraph description of him/her and their personality, so it is possible to judge your writing skills.

5) This play by post game will primarily use Discord for the gameplay and then the Foundry VTT for maps. You need daily access to a computer for the Foundry VTT.

6) The adventure is a single book. It will probably last 8-12 months, given the normal rate of play-by-post games. Should be a good time and we have great, committed, experienced, and friendly people!

7) Put your character together by next week, October 1, and I'll pick that weekend.

A friend and I wrote up rules for turning PF2 into a superhero game. We've been running it since September, set in Manhattan, in the Marvel Universe. 6 aspiring superheroes rushed into a bank when an alarm went off, starting a series of events that led them to form a team and eventually stop a city wide catastrophe.

Lots of fun, and it works really well, so far. We are at level 6 now.

So anyway, I'm posting the player/GM guide for the rules on how to do this conversion for anyone who wants a starting point.

This isn't the adventure we are running, just the technical stuff like vehicle chase rules, superhero archetypes, backgrounds, equipment, firearms, stuff like that. The most useful (maybe?) addition are 12 archetypes, that hopefully round out the PF2 classes and archetypes so you can build any type of superhero you can think of.


I'm always interested in more archetype ideas. I think writing them is a lot of fun. If you have a superhero concept that can't be created with PF2 and this guide, post below.

Thanks Garfaulk. Anyone else get a chance to read this document? The couple of comments so far have been very useful. I've included them in the document.

In PBP, you can do fun things like splitting the party.

Ship combat can easily be done with 8 people, as there are so many options of things to be done on a ship.

When the group is on land or in a dungeon, I plan to have them split and explore separately. Paizo sized dungeons are also huge slogs in PBP, and splitting them in half, essentially, can make them go faster than the normal 6 months.

Boss battles can be run as a huge battle with everyone.

It makes sense to double the size of those areas that have everyone fighting at once.

Perpdepog wrote:
Just reading through your post, I'd recommend against making Navigation its own skill. There are already things that interact with ships and ship combat, such as feats from the Pirate archetype, and they all run off Sailing Lore, so making a new skill would only defuse your party's ability to cover their bases.

Thanks for the advice! But I broke Lore (Sailing) down into about 7 different lores so it has other uses. When your whole game is about sailing, it is not useful to have something so general. For the pirate archetype, I will have to change that slightly, perhaps allow the pirate to pick one of those specific lores. I can add that in.

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I'm planning on starting a 2E conversion of skull and shackles, 8 player PBP game some time in the next six months.

To do this I am wrapping my mind around the systems I want to put in place.

I have written a Players Guide that addresses player backgrounds, a new skill called Navigation, Ship Combat, plunder, infamy, weather, and pirate settlements.

It is a work in progress, it is not perfect, and I am hopeful for the community to help with constructive feedback.

players guide link

I have comments enabled so you can add them there, or here on this thread.


Discord is open for "comic book readers" if anyone is interested, and you can type in the peanut gallery and leave reactions on the gameplay posts.

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I've picked the six players and am coordinating with them via PMs, so if you didn't get one than I didn't select you.

GM Stargin-- hopefully you see this before you really flesh out your character and save you some time. I liked your ideas it just didn't fit in with the mashup of the other players that I also liked.

Thanks to everyone for your interest and I hope you find other great games to play in.

I’m wrapping up making decisions here. Several people sent me stuff in discord or other channels so it looks like there are fewer submissions then there really is. So if you are still lurking around I’ll give a day or so yet to get things finished

It does! A good modern twist on a normal wizard, that is what I was hoping for.

You'll have to write all this up in a little biography of course as that is part of the submission.

"GM Stargin” wrote:

could pick up a rogue dedication as Jamal would make for a decent skill/knowledge character if that's what the group needs, or the teleporation dedication. The movement archetypes work like any other dedication right GM? They aren't 'free'?

The movement dedications work like any other dedication, right.

The vigilante archetype is free though.

I don’t see any problems. So far what you have is a pretty basic wizard though. What can you add personality wise or mechanistic wise to really make him pop and be interesting?

Simeon wrote:

Presenting Sir Tiernan Cardew, knight-errant, Arthurian champion, and time-lost stranger!

thank for the submission!

Great to see the entries coming in! Keep it up, people!

Reckless wrote:

Harrington Benedict is a young mutant from the Bronx whose powers manifested at age twelve. His mutations caused bronzed scales to grow over his skin, elongated his mouth and nose into a draconic snout, and caused him to grow a tail. It also permanently stuck him at just over 4 feet tall. Additionally, his physical mutations allow him to see in the dark and track and identify creatures by smell alone.

Thanks for your submission! Looks great!

GM Stargin wrote:
For a new system I like doing things by hand at the start. Do you guys mind if I use this thread for rough notes as I work through the process? Don't want to mess up the thread, or be presumtive that I'm actually picked! lol.

Well it isn't a very active recruitment thread thus far so I am okay with your extra activity. It shouldn't make things too confusing.

All of you, especially you 2e newbs... Consider 2e Pathbuilder app. It is a great character creation step-by-step app. It is free. Only problem is that it is only released for Android.

If you have an Apple phone you will have to put an Android emulator on your computer. That's what I did. (called Bluestacks).

It lets you export PDF character sheets and handles correct calculations for skills and HP, etc.

Reckless wrote:

When reskinning races for mutant/inhumankind, can we alter some of the aspects of the race, specifically appearance (based on previous answers I think mutants using another race have to have some features that mark them as mutants, but can we change the features to something other than pointy ears or whatever) and size if we're using a small race for our abilities and feats, can we change this to medium?

So don't change size; if you want a halfling or gnome you are going to have to be small. I really don't want to mess with anything in the rules that would be considered mechanical in anyway, and size would be one of those.

As for physical features, you can change those slightly to look a little more human, to help you fit a little bit into society. Like a rat folk could be reall hairy and rodent like teeth and stuff but still look a little more human. A dwarf is a fat, short man. An elf would be a really good looking human perhaps but with almost fairy like facial features. I think pointy ears are important to an elf, so you should have pointy ears but you could always go around in a hat. Lots of mutants in marvel wear hats and trenchcoats and what not to just hide themselves a little but people know the truth if they get a good look at them.

Phntm888 wrote:

So, I've ruled out a couple of concepts. I was writing the backstory for my Kree scientist when I realized he was more of an antihero that either leaves the bad guys' bodies in the streets or chucks them in the river and less of a "leave them hanging from a lamp post for the cops" hero. I don't quite think that's the tone you're looking for, GM, so I'm gonna put him on the back burner.

I'm also moving the Wizard concept I came up with to the back burner, as well, since a few people are working on those kinds of ideas and I've got enough other ideas to work with.

The paladin idea would be a good fit, based on other entries so far.

If I can get 6 solid characters I am not opposed to starting the game sooner than the deadline of October 1. I'll give anyone who has expressed interest time to get their character in order though. So if anyone is just lurking out there, you should at least give a post saying you want to submit something.

Ok, loving the concepts. As far as secret identities, I am happy to have a mix in the party. In a perfect world I would take 4 players with a secret identity and 2 without, because I think secret identities are more interesting to play around with in a story, but public identities have their place as well and you tell a different type of story with that, so I am very flexible on that breakdown.

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Geez well you are damned if you do and damned if you don't. I'm not going to touch either subject very strongly at all. Will there be corrupt police? Yes, some. They will not be doing any on screen police brutality but will be more like "in it for the money" types. Will there be racism against players who want to play minorities? Well I can't ignore their experience and pretend like racism doesn't exist because that is wrong but I wouldn't want to hit anyone over the head with it either. It will be a light touch on both I guess. They won't be central themes in any case.

Phntm888 wrote:

It kind of depends on the Inhuman - every one is unique in appearance and the form their powers take. Their genetics are largely the result of Kree scientists meddling with the genetics of humans.

They aren't all that different from Mutants, I suppose, save their powers come about through the Terrigenesis process as opposed to manifesting at puberty.

Sounds good. If you are interested in an inhuman you could treat it more like a mutant category. You could go half-elf to be a very human like inhuman.

I love all those ideas, Phntm. I bet it is hard for you to pick just one! I could definitely come up with storylines for any of those concepts.

Inhumans are a legitimate choice for the marvel universe, and I suppose I just didn't think about them because I haven't read much of those storylines. So they would essentially be aliens who are very human looking then? For those you could pick any ancestry you wanted and have them look human.

Michael Johnson 66 wrote:
Michael Johnson 66 wrote:
Okay, been reading the ancestries and backgrounds. I will see if I can find a nonhuman ancestry that mimics some mutant powers I'd like for Mad Monkey, and if not, he will be a human whose powers come from training in a mystical style of kung fu, and maybe exposure to some rare magical herb given to him by his Taoist uncle to save him from death after the Triad attacked his family's business, Fan Imports in Chinatown.
If this is the Marvel Universe, instead of just the Chinese Triads, it could be the Hand that tried to extort Fan Imports. So eventually, Mad Monkey would try to avenge his family by taking on the Hand ninjas. But not until he knew he and his allies were powerful enough...

roger that. I will definitely incorporate player storylines... i hope to give it the feel that each of you have your own solo comic series as well as your team series...

That's my favorite idea of yours so far, MJ.
In this game, if you want to be a classic Mutant (with altered DNA) ala the X-Men, you'll have to take a non-human ancestry like elf or halfling for example. If you want to be a human ancestry, then you aren't a mutant but rather your power comes from a different source like mystical or accidental. But you nailed it in that the altered DNA usually manifests itself by early teenage years.

As far as Starfinder goes, true sci-fi stuff will happen in the later parts of the campaign and I haven't planned it yet. The early stuff will be street fighter level.

But we will pull inspiration from Starfinder equipment to make it feel more modern.

MJ, you'll definitely want to get the CRB and the new advanced players guide, or at least start a lot of learning on Archives of Nethys.

There is a ratfolk ancestry for PF2 now, in the APG.

As for the Asgardian idea, that sounds like a "reskin an ancestry idea" as an alien. It would have to be something pretty martial. My initial thought is a hobgoblin, orc, or lizardfolk which are all newish PF2 ancestries.

Phntm888 wrote:
GM Mustache wrote:
Phntm888 wrote:
How much would a Tool Kit (Starfinder, 20 credits) be?

Those items seem to be quite a bit better than what PF2 offers in terms of tools. (like getting a +4 to survival skill would be a super amazing item in PF2 and probably cost 1000 gold).

What in particular do you want your tool kit to be used for? It might already exist in PF2 (like a crafter's kit), or I can create a new item if you have another need.

I was actually thinking just a normal, everyday tool kit - I completely forgot the bonuses the Starfinder tool kit provides. For the extraterrestrial concept I'm considering, I'm grabbing the Crash-Landed Ancestry Feat out of the Player's Guide, and I mostly just wanted him to have the tool kit needed to repair his spaceship - even though he doesn't necessarily have the parts. Artisan's Tools would probably cover it.

Absolutely those work for your goals then.

And for everyone, remember that just like the Avengers, most of the team should be human (or altered like mutants). The Avengers only had room for 1 alien (Thor). The game is meant to be grounded in real world struggles and relationships so not everyone can be an alien. I just got a little worried as the last three people are talkng about aliens but I will probably only take 1 alien. You can totally do that but the competition might be tougher. The teenage ninja.. Er...rat... sounds like a good concept as a mutant type, MJ.. The Asgardian concept is a good too, but of course both ideas are highly based on known characters so be sure to give them your own spin.

Michael Johnson 66 wrote:
Johann Kaltgeboren wrote:

hi team, in case anyone is interested, i just opened up recruitment for a 2e super hero game based in the marvel universe. i would be happy to play with any of you in another game!

forum link

Hmm, sounds fun! I'll check out the link. Love the Marvel universe!

i would love to see you play a character, MJ! hope you pursue this!

Phntm888 wrote:
How much would a Tool Kit (Starfinder, 20 credits) be?

Those items seem to be quite a bit better than what PF2 offers in terms of tools. (like getting a +4 to survival skill would be a super amazing item in PF2 and probably cost 1000 gold).

What in particular do you want your tool kit to be used for? It might already exist in PF2 (like a crafter's kit), or I can create a new item if you have another need.

GM_Panic wrote:

Lord P' player here,

I'm in looking at a pc now.

GM would you let in
1: An Andriod
2: Psionics

Cus I have a neet idea for a PC, from the far future stuck here in the past.

Well this is 2e-- and there isn't an android ancestry developed for 2e yet according to my knowledge-- you would have to take a currently existing ancestry and reskin it entirely. Keep all the mechanics but you can rename them and reflavor them.

As for Psionics, you would be welcome to take a wizard or sorcerer or the pre-existing class of your choice and reskin it and the spells you would cast to fit that theme. There are plenty of mental spells available so it doesn't seem like that hard of a lift.

Could be interesting!

Phntm888 wrote:
Further question, the extraterrestrial concept I'm thinking of calls for wielding one or two laser weapons. How much do a laser pistol and laser rifle cost, respectively, and is the listed fire mode the only option, or can an automatic weapon be set to single fire?

According to section 4 of the players guide, the tech pistols like laser guns cost 60 credits (silver) and are single shot.

The rifles cost 120 credits and can be set as single or automatic.

It says this under rate of fire: "Some guns can fire as semi-automatic or automatic. All guns except shotguns and flamethrower can be adjusted to fire a single shot."

Happy to have your interest!

Redblade8 wrote:
When you say "disintegration of the Avengers," do you mean that literally?

no no, the events take place after the cap/iron man civil war. So that is a figurative disintegration. The game is partially based on the movies, partially based on the comics, partially based on the awesome netflix MCU contributions, and just so you know I am not comic book guy and the lore will not be 100% perfect.

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Be a superhero in the Marvel Universe! You will start out as lone hero just learning the ropes in NY City after the disintegration of the Avengers, but soon you and five other heroes will meet as a team to protect the innocent and punish ne’er-do-wells. And what is a superhero without an alter ego? Your normal self will have a job (hopefully), meet people, go on dates, and do other normal person things in non-COVID infected NY City while juggling the masked hero life. Traverse NY City with a range of 6 new superhero movement archetypes, swing streetlights like baseball bats with clarified improvised weapon rules, master guns like the Punisher, and create and use your own super tank or spaceship.

This is based on Pathfinder 2nd edition rules with a smattering of Starfinder.

Paizo produced content will all be allowed, the Legendary Kineticist by Legendary Games is allowed (perfect for superheroes), and others will be considered by GM if presented.

There is an approx. 40 page players guide which applicants will want to read carefully: Players Guide

Looking for 6 players.

This is run in Discord as a Play by Post. I have run 4 games there as a GM, and am in 5 games currently as a character. It is a great environment to do PBP.
I expect dedication to the game, with a 1 post a day minimum and more is better. I will be looking for experienced PBP players only, with a track record of posting with frequency and not quitting games or ghosting.

Application requirements and scoring I'll score everyone on a (subjective) scale of 50 points.

1. Pathfinder 2E Level 2 character based on the player’s guide/interesting character/ interesting reskinning of abilities (10 points)

2. Cool origin story/background//quality of writing (10 points)

3. Enthusiasm/friendliness (based on past interactions or through discussions and tone on this recruitment thread) (5 points)

4. Expected posting frequency (based on GM already knowing you from other games or looking at your other characters on the Paizo forums) (5 points)

5. How your character fits in well with other characters I like. I am looking for a diversity of ancestries for story telling purposes (3 humans, 2 mutants, 1 alien is ideal from my perspective, but I could be flexible) and I would prefer a balanced party in terms of skills and abilities (10 points).

Deadline: September 30 end of day

mark as inactive?

Welcome Balaghara! I'm sure the party will be happy to have you. I'll send a discord link.

Thanks for the submission! I appreciate how closely you tied your backstory to your mutation.

Sorcerer is fine, those bloodlines are fine.

No more tieflings, we have two of those already.

And yes, just pick one set of mutations that fits you best.

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Hello Paizo Boards!

We launched a discord based 16 player PBP game two months ago and it is going well. We lost a player for a life-situation, and need a replacement.

The group is in need of a ranged damage character, either physical or magical. Alchemist, wizard,arcanist,occultist, kineticist, and magus are off the table. Others may also be because in the party of 16, I am trying not to have 2 of anyone class. Please run your class past me before you spend too much time on your idea.

Follow the direction from the original recruitment post, HERE.

With the following changes: Create the character at level 3, with 2000 gold worth of equipment.

Also, you may pick from the following sets of mutations:

Serpentine: Caught in a green energy wave with a passing snake, your DNA mingled with its and left you with several serpentine attributes.
Greater: Cobra spit: As a full-round action, you can spit poison up to 10 feet as a ranged touch attack. If you hit, the target must make a successful Fortitude save or be blinded for 1d6 rounds. The DC of this save is equal to 12 + 1/2 your character level. You can use this ability once per day plus one additional time per day for every three levels you have.
Lesser: Serpent Eyes: You gain low-light vision.
Bad: Hairless: You have absolutely no hair on your body, and are often cold. On fall and spring days when the weather is anything but normal, and every day in the winter, make a Fortitude DC12 + 1/2 character level or be Fatigued for the day.


Leaper: Caught in a green energy the same time as a passing marsupial, your DNR intermingled with its. Strangely enough, you had a fear of heights before you gained this amazing leaping ability, and it hasn't gone away. Going too high up in the air or standing on the edge of a cliff or roof of a tall house, etc makes you dizzy and sweaty! It seems the gods have a very bad sense of humor.
Greater: Kangaroo: Your powerful legs allow you to bound across the battlefield. When you move, you can choose to leap 10 feet in the air over medium sized friend and foes. You go the horizontal distance equal to your movement speed. You provoke an attack of opportunity if you leave a threatened square but you do not provoke an attack of opportunity when you land or as you move. Exception: Large (tall) or larger enemies get an attack of opportunity if you jump through or past their squares.
Lesser: You automatically make any jump going your horizontal movement speed or 10 feet vertical. DC's for all further or higher jumps are reduced by 20.
Bad: When presented by a common place item or situation, you must make a Will Save DC12+ 1/2 character to avoid being shaken. Failure by 5 causes you to be frightened , with a new save each turn. Phobia: Heights over 10 feet tall.


Green Energy Caster. A caster before the bombs fell, you have found that the green energy has only made you more powerful. You are obsessed with it.
Greater: Combustible Radiation: You can lace any elemental evocation spell with Green Energy. When you do so, reduce the DC of the spell by the spell level (max 4) and automatically deal 1 constitution damage per spell level (max 4) in addition to the spells normal effects. Enemies immune to poison are unaffected.
Lesser: Radiation Surge: Once a day, you can release a green energy power surge that gives you a +8 bonus to one d20 roll
Bad: Obsessive: When presented by a common place item or situation, you must make a Will Save DC12+ 1/2 character level to avoid doing something obsessive compulsive. Green Energy: When you see a concentration of green energy, you must enter the cloud and stay there for at least 30 seconds. Being unable to approach will give you the fascinated condition and you will instead stare at it from afar. If this happens in battle, you get a new will save each turn.

Deadline: Sunday night 3/31 or when I see an entry that blows me away!

The heroes make their way back to the Redtooth Warrens to report their success in bringing down the dish.

Surely this will get the attention of the Lord of Rust!

---gameplay moved to discord---
for at least the time being

You should just use that same template.

Yeah sometimes I just want you to be heroes and not be subjected to dice rolls. :)

We are at a good break time in the adventure. Shall we migrate to Discord? We can always come back. I won't close this thread.

You will all have to make the effort of at least moving your quick stats sheet to Discord, like what we do with Prevail.

Like heroes of old, you barely manage to outrun the falling junk. Pieces of metal spray up in the air and blink against your armor, While Zeke, Wulf, Jolga, and Charles run ahead, the half-lame Ton only manages to stay one foot away from the collapsing and cascading waterfall of trash.

Meanwhile, the slow dwarf stays one foot behind the leading edge of trash, and quickly realizes he needs to act fast or be buried.

In a flash, he draws his autograpnel, and shoots it forward at Wulf. Wulf grabs it out of the air and yanks with all his might! Garfaulk is tugged free and goes flying out of the collapsing ravine just seconds before a massive beam would have landed on his head!

Dust billows and you all cough and choke in the aftermath.

You walk out of the complex, but still in the ravine, where you are in range of the detonator and have a nice view of the sh*t show sure to come.

With a *click* from Garfaulk, you watch with satisfaction as explosions light up the sky and the dish. For a brief second nothing happens besides the noise and fire, and you hold your breath gingerly... but then the dish that had caused so many problems for Torch... headaches... an invasion by the android Myranda... too many dead adventurers.... the dish topples over!

It topples over in your direction! It lands with a huge thud on top of the Scrapwall and starts to collapse the Thralls of Hellion's complex. The tall junk walls on either sides of you begin to fall!


ton's reflex+2 aid: 1d20 + 6 + 2 ⇒ (6) + 6 + 2 = 14

Ton desperately lunges for a rung and they slip through his hand... and for the second time in a day, he plunges downward. This time though, no feather fall is coming his direction. With a crunch he lands on his back.

3d6: 3d6 ⇒ (3, 6, 4) = 13

Garfaulk,seeing that Ton isn't dead... continues up the ladder, and at the proper location secures the see-four, using all the charges. He rigs the detonator, and comes back down.

All he needs to do is... push the button.

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